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  1. Engeeners vs Morticians

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm French and I'm not good so in the language of Shakespeare, I go through Google translation. Recently I played against the Morticians & I lost 2 times, I have trouble managing this team. Obulus is very boring with Puppet Master & I find that Cosset, oGraves & Brainpan hurt a lot. Here are our 2 Rosters: Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, oGraves, Brainpan & Skulk Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Locus, Hoist & Ratchet I thought Ballista was the most suited against Morticians thanks to Minefield, I avoid Cosset's charges or at least make him think if she gets Crazy. He is beefier than Pin Vice with Tough Hide & generates more Momentum with Momentus Inspiration. I played Locus the last part thinking I needed more of the 2 '' Melee Zone, but eventually Harry is better suited for this kind of mission. It was the first time I played it & I did not find it really good, it's slow, it does not fit well, its Character Plays are situational & in the end Gravity well not worth a real scrum 2 '' . Colossus is very good, mixed zone 2 '', Tough Hide, he is there to occupy the ground and if need be mark or open paths through Unexpected Arrival. Hoist still does his job, he plays the ball, he duplicate Blast Earth, he uses Burrow, he cash well, short of positive. Mother, nothing to say & Ratchet the same. Finally my concern comes from the fact that I get bogged down in the middle of the field after Puppet Master. Then with Cosset, oGraves & Memory it's Hiroshima on a player every turn .... To break this I thought to wait with Hoist & Ratchet to finish with 4 Blast Earth & 8 pvs on everyone, since they are generally very close to each other. Unless you throw bad dice, it could calm down end of turn 1 especially they are all 4+ DEF. I wonder if Pin Vice would not be more playable against them, with Deletion & Controller? With Deletion I can go from 8 to 12 pvs (Blast Earth) & Controller allows me to activate Velocity without taking a risk of a Puppet Master & lose the ball. If I get the ball I can score a turn goal 1 & thus gain the advantage over my opponent level points, then I'm waiting for the Snap Shot with Velocity. If someone already has experience against the Morticians, I'm interested.
  2. Robo Ratchet

    So no interest to throw it on him to charge for free ....
  3. Robo Ratchet

    So, he throws it on him & will be able to charge the tour for free, but not this turn?
  4. Robo Ratchet

    Exact: Rachet take 3 damages if he use Blast Earth, but not when he cause damage play book.
  5. Robo Ratchet

    Wrong: Rachet takes 8 damages for Controler & Deletion. 2 Basic + 1 for Tooled Up & +1 for Deletion, which is 4 + 4. Why Rachet can not use Overcloked on him even?
  6. Pin Vice vs Midas

    Tour 1: I win the Toss & decide to receive the ball that Vitriol sends skilfully to the opposite side of Hoïst in the middle of Pitch. I advance Colossus who recovers & passes Pin Vice recessed while slamming Momentum to move it back. Each places his figs without engaging too many people, on my right Rachet, Hoïst & Pin Vice are grouped behind a wall while face Vitriol advance quietly. On my left Naja & Mist advance without meeting vis-vis then. In the center I place Colossus & Harry to face Katalyst, Midas & Mercury. Katalyst finds himself on Colossus & he sticks pies for the cum KD. At the end of the turn I easily managed to slam 2 Blast Earth on Katalyst with Hoïst to make him lose 8 pvs. Tour 2: K-Az wins the initiative & activates Vitriol under Clone running on Ratchet concealed by the wall & begins to slam the donut to dodge & get close to Pin Vice. In the center Katalyst, Colossus & Harry play on the right hand, left hand each turn to know who will be the most KD of the game. On the left The Mascot & Mist continue their fantastic ride when at Mercury it will ignite Mother. I wanted to load Vitriol with Pin Vice to put it Taken Out, but K-Az dissuaded me between the counterattack & Clone ... .. Tour 3: K-Az still wins the initiative & starts by activating Vitriol which easily steals Pin Vice from the balloon to swing it back to Mercury. I can not get back with one of my players & Mist quietly share his first goal. I find myself with a lot of players on fire. I enter the center of the field & the ball deviates to the right not too far from Mercury. I activate Pin Vice which runs under Alternator while taking a Parting Blow by Vitriol who manages to make 6 successes on 7 dice to 5+ !!!! Finally I get the ball anyway telling me that the next round I will score. Tour 4: I'm still losing the initiative & Mercury is trying to take the ball, but between Close Control & Counterattack it will not succeed. I activate Pin Vice & send 5 pots on Mercury to generate a max of Momentum, I advance me wedge at 4 '' of the Plot, shot & Goal !!!! K-Az commits to Midas who goes up the ball easily & Mist will once again score a Goal. I re-enter towards the center & the ball finishes next to Hoïst. I decide to activate it by duplicating Long Rachet Bomb to make a pass to Pin Vice. I roll the dice, the pass is a success, I make a fly volley with Pin Vice at 3+ because I'm 4 '' from the Plot. I tell myself that you never know & I slap Momentum for a bonus time. The 5 dice roll ...... And I do 1,2,3,2,1 !!!!!!! FUCK I did not get there ... .. Naja come back to his goal to try to recover the ball the next round. Tour 5: I still lose the initiative & Naja grabs the ball & there I tell myself that I'm in the shit. But luckily K-Az this Clock & on is already at 8-6 for him. Naja launches Hypnosis on Pin Vice & Short with the ball. On my side I manage to place Goad on Midas & to stagnate between Colossus, Harry & Mother. Mist back in his camp leaving Rachet alone, the points go to 8-10 for me. I charge Midas with Pin Vice without doing too much damage, some activations later the game ends at 12 vs 8 for my Engineers. Sorry for my English.....