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  1. New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Small question... Ratcatcher rookie? Falconers Rookie?
  2. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I believe it sees Avarisse and Greede as two players! (when generating a team)
  3. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    My vote goes to the beekeepers guild !!
  4. Looking for a kind soul going to Steamcon

    Well, I was kind of hoping for the same thing... So First come first serve but if there happen to be 2 people out there... I'll be in your dept... I was also hoping for a 'Skulk' model...
  5. Kick Off - TN check?

    I love it how you complete me...
  6. Kick Off - TN check?

    1) For the Kick Off a model makes a jog, kicks (so TN test) and if you don't like the scatter after that you can redo it. (If the TN-test was succesful) 2) a succesful pass can't be intercepted. an unsuccesful pass scatters, determine where the final landing spot would be, then determine the ballpath. Any model in that path can intercept the ball starting with the one closest to the kicker. At least that's how I play it... So I hope I'm doing it right. EDIT for 1) I thought you were talking about a goal kick for some reason, changed my answer to fit the kick off
  7. A request for brutal honesty (vile swarm paintjob.)

    For me the albino works, the brown rats don't. But it's a great paint job and I'm not one to judge cause I can't paint for sh*t
  8. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Gang Turf has a nice ring to it...
  9. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    We have a deal, but call it something else like I did... like 'What's the password?'
  10. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Don't spill the brew Once per turn when a player suffers the taken out condition and still has INF on him you may allocate that INF to other friendly guild models Heal 4
  11. Story Wise who would Decimate side with?

    Fluff wise it could even be Esters that pulled some strings behind the scenes to kick Decimate out against Tappers will, to undermine him. Who knows...
  12. Guild Ball Tonight

    One day at a time Phil!! After the slow march through the dark, we will be there, at the end, in the light. You just make sure you keep moving forward!!
  13. An unexpected ally.

    Interested in @Sherwin 's thoughts on this...
  14. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    She doesn't have the influence for it? Give the cat a swig of old' jakes and she'll put her claws into anything for you. (I can show you the backscratches to prove it!)
  15. Enguerrand Belgium

    Bienvenue! Welcome! Welkom! Where do you play? Ou jouez-vous? Waar speel je?