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  1. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    She doesn't have the influence for it? Give the cat a swig of old' jakes and she'll put her claws into anything for you. (I can show you the backscratches to prove it!)
  2. Enguerrand Belgium

    Bienvenue! Welcome! Welkom! Where do you play? Ou jouez-vous? Waar speel je?
  3. Forum Challenge - Bummer for Bill

    WAAAW. I did not know people read stuff to analyse it in detail this way. I have no defence to put up but this: * I started writing, posted it after I reached 1000+ words. (maybe less than 30') I received no schooling on the subject of 'writing', it is simply something I do sometimes. * I did wrestle with the 1000 limit of words, thus not portraying details to events that could use more depth, I do see that. There was also the 'age of the possible reader' lingering in the back of my head as an excuse not to go into details of how a man can really be a beast. - I figured the age of the mind of whoever came to read this piece would determine how the blanks were filled. * English isn't my native tongue, and although I feel comfortable in using the language, there surely must be some things I lack in using it as an instrument to take readers on a journey. I do want to thank you for putting up the reply. As I see it, your reply means you must've at least liked some of it. Enough to justify freeing up your time to read it (a couple of times?) and construct your ideas about it into the post you put up here. Then again, as your name suggests, you're an insomniac and might have had nothing better to do... What I understand from all this is: don't write about complex issues as an intro to something if you don't have enough words to bring that intro alive. By doing it anyway you do the story in itself an injustice. - Did I interpret your comments correctly? If you would allow me a question or 2... * How come you did respond? (don't shatter my thoughts/feelings here; In my mind you see a robust diamond that needs some work before it can shine...) * What do you do as a job in life? (Who are you to put up this comment? A teacher? A prominent name in literature? Am I about to hold hands with somebody famous?) To give you an insight into my life; I have a lively, slightly twisted immagination. I'm to lazy to actually do something more useful with my talents, as soon as my new found hobby becomes 'a drag' I tend to neglect it, as soon as I hit an obstacle I tend to shy away from the subject all together. Writing is the only thing I've come back to again and again, without actually making it do something for me, other than it producing a pleasurable pass-time. As soon as you make me go back to a writen story to brush it up, it becomes a drag. I write it, and after that it's a thing of the past. Never have I tasted the fruits of lingering on a story and as it is in life, one needs a sweet taste of something to keep doing it. If the reward does not outweigh the effort you put in, you're not going to enjoy what you're doing. You only have one life, why would you make an effort to do something that is not rewarding to you in the end... (In my mind George RR Martin more or less suffers frome these same symptoms) This story came to life, simply because I like the game, I love the fluff and I enjoy writing. It is up here, enjoy it or not, it has it's own life now. If it comes back into my life with a reward, great, if not, fine. Thanks to your reply it might help more serious authors sidestep a trap that I will walk into in the future time and again. For me it is enough to know I might have helped them in that way. So in short, thank you for your reply, your words are lost on me, I hope they help others... ;-)
  4. Forum Challenge - Bummer for Bill

    It was still early morning, Bill lay awake listening to the screeching call of the rooster, commanding the sun to come up and pushing away the darkness. But there was no pushing away the darkness in Bills head. The war had cost him everything, his parents, his sister, his home. Too young to take up arms and fight back he had wandered around, from meal to meal, from dirty alley to wet gaps under bridges. The only thing the war had not taken was his life, and he was spared on numerous occasions. The first time when soldiers set fire to the house: Mother took up his little sister and ran out, as soon as the sparks came dripping down from the roof, set alight by a few torches thrown up there. The door to safety and freedom was kicked open, only to find lust craving evil men on their front step, awaiting the inhabitants. One of them grabbed Bills sister, two others took his mother and hauled them both away, chased by his father who commanded him to flee and go towards the church. Bill was never a good boy, and so he chased after his father, witnessing how his dad was jumped on from the back he screamed in warning. Too late. His father got stabbed in the back by a shortsword and fell to his knees. Bill bellowed a war-cry, giving his victim ample warning of his arrival. The brigand turned about and butted Bill in the head with the back of the shortsword that took the life of his father. Bill went down, face first in the cobbled street and felt in the distance how a foot came crashing down on the back of his head. Several teeth cracked, as did his nose. The iron flavoured blood poored down the front of his face and filled his mouth. Trying to stay focused Bill could make out the shapes of men, holding down his mother and sister, through a haze he heard them scream. A shrill contrast to the low rumbling laughter and grinning sounds the men made, saliva dripping from the corners of their mouths as they forced themselves upon the women. Hours passed before Bill regained contiousness to find his dead parents and lifeless body of his sister, clothes of the women tattered and smeared with blood and dirt. Yet more hours passed before time started again in Bills life and he buried them under some rubble producing a cross from the debris. A second time his life was spared was when he stumbled upon soldiers fighting. One of them spotted him and raised an axe that missed his head by a hair. It would’ve split his head open if it was not for the arrow that pierced the soldiers neck and made him trip. A voice called out to him instructing him to flee the scene. A third time it was a member of the physicians guild that found him, curled up like a ball under a bridge. Boiling up inside with a fever, coughing his lungs out, he saw the world through the haze. He shrieked as he could make out a shadow closing in on him, not knowing it was his saviour this time and not one of the men assaulting his mother and sister during the flashback he experienced. A loud bang disturbed his musings and the sleep of his fellow rookies, he sprang out of bed as if launched by a catapult and grabbed his gear before the voice bellowed: “Rise and shine lads! It’s a new day and you have much to learn still! Out in the yard in 2 minutes for the morning drill!” The owner of the voice never showed his face. Marbeille next to him had clearly been awake too since she was getting dressed , slowing Bill down as he admired her curves. Aware of his watching eyes she hastened to cover herself up. What was he thinking, the lovely Marbeille was out of his league, as the daughter of a reknown beekeeper. Still when their eyes met… The dorm started living, as an ants-nest that was disturbed and soon he was in the yard doing push-ups and sprinting back and forth amongst his peers. Some of them there hoping to escape the life bestowed on them by birth, looking to do something else than what was expected, others because their parents wanted a superstar Guild Ball player in the family. And yet others, like him, not sure how they got there but with nothing else to do. All were equal amongst the rookies, until you showed skill. Skilled rookies were soon to be scouted by guilds on the lookout for players. Bill noticed from the corner of his eyes that Mallet was there, talking to some others and he did his utmost best to shine in the football game. He got teamed up to play against Marbeille but made sure to avoid having to go near her, lest he should have to tackle, or hurt her… At best Bill was an average football player, a descent distance to his kick, but no real accuracy to be amazed over, his fighting skills were lacklustre at best. He was strong, but had a good heart and held back so not to harm his peers. He received a pass and sprinted forward, hoping to impress the scouts, and Mallet in particular, but ran headfirst into the defence and got a blow to the head making him sway on his feet. The defending midfielder tackled the ball with ease and passed it to Marbeille, who skilfully received the pass and dodged forwards to make a counter attempt. Bill never knew what happened and when he shook his head he could notice a female sprinting past him, but it was all a blur still. Two men from his team moved in to stop Marbeille and they squashed her inbetween them knocking her down. One of them stumbled on top of her, the other laughed in an evil way bringing Bill back to where he lost his parents. A rage came over him and he shook off the haze, only to be blinded by his rage. Both men went down, each under an arm of Bills. His fists hammering down on their heads as if he was beating a drum with the rhythm of his heart. Shouts fell upon deaf ears as orders to stop were lost on him. It was Mallet who plucked him of the two and with a slap to the face brought him back to his senses. “What have I done?” Mumbled Bill “You beat up two of your own team, rookie.” Answered Mallet, and he continued: “And you made it into the Masons guild training programme” “I’m an apprentice to the masons after beating up my own team?” “Well, best not to do that again, …” a grin lurked around Mallets mouth as he pushed the boy in front of him towards the administrations office to get the paperwork out of the way. Mallet wasn’t going to let this beast get stolen from under his nose…
  5. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

  6. Captains

    What would help out brewers is a 'hag' like player, who can make your players dodge out of activation...
  7. New Brewers player

    Welcome to the brewers corner! It looks like you play the fighting game and have fun with it! But don't forget this is a football game, so goals will get you there! If you ask me all brewer players are good picks to buy, but look at them first and think about who you would want to remove from your team to put the player you're looking at in. Most people will advise you to take out Stave. But I like him - especially against the lower def-teams or teams that like to stay close. If you want to play a more football game consider picking Mash, Harry the Hat or Avarisse and Greede. If you want to up your fighting game I would say PintPot is a good pick. VetSpigot is a bit of an unknown to me so I can't really give you any sound advice on him. I miss regular Spigot to much when fielding this guy. Stoker I love in a team with both Mash and Stave. I play Stave in the back ready to measure distances from the edge of the pitch to models that are on the flank. Barrel lob (Stave) them closer and Howzat?! (Mash) or wrap and double push (Stoker) them off the pitch. Quaff himself is added to this team to up the TAC (for Stoker or Mash usually to get the playbook result I want) He's also a decent pusher. You can add in who you want for the other two slots * Tapper and Hooper can clean up the middle if you fight. And bring you the 2" reach models most teams don't like to see. * Tapper and ogSpigot are more of a toolbox, but smart players will seek out Spigot as he's an easy target to kill and if you spread out too much, you can't protect him that well. On the other hand Spigot is a beast if Stave/Tapper gives him a floored target. * Esters and Harry change the game to a more 'control the pitch' with fire and rough ground. Burning makes Stoker a killing machine, especially with Ester's song on him. Play around with ideas! And think of that one line from the A-team (if you're old enough to know it) 'I love it when a plan comes together!'
  8. Captains

    In a vacuum Tapper is indeed the better player. Still, I would not set Esters aside... She does buff her team up with her free song(s) making the team better at what it does. She does not need the entire stack of Inf on her to do something, Tapper does. In this way she enables her team to do more. That said, I am a Tapper player and only fidget about with Esters on the occasional 'let's try something new - urge'. ATM (and this is a deadmans chest idea here, not fielded it yet) I'm thinking about fielding Esters with Mash and Harry the Hat as a 'forward' team to walk into the free snapshot-trap. (moving Esters away if there is nothing to disrupt that free snapshot turret) I would play Quaff for 2nd wind on my strikers Friday and VetSpigot who would hopefully score me some goals - either by themselves or through Mash. I might switch out a player - not sure who yet - for Stoker, but as I said this is all theory... So to answer the question in the first post: Bring Esters for a fun game, take tapper to compete.
  9. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    how about 'charcoal' and 'carbon' 'Brittle' and 'rust'
  10. Tactics v. SeaBrisket

    I take it you haven't tried to set up the free snap shot turret? It is very situational and for that reason I tend to no longer take Harry myself. I get drawn into my play style to much and away from what's actually happening on the board. I would try to see if Stave works for you. Once a model comes to get the ball off Mash but is out of range to be pushed off the board with one activation, the barrel lob might do the trick (make sure the model activated, or you have a favourable amount of MP to enable a first activation lob) If Stave doesn't work out for you, there's always Hooper to go with Tapper, or Stoker to try the same trick as Stave by charging him in (his double push on one with a wrap is 4" worth of pushes!) For the union player I'd try adding Rage if he want to go more down the beat-down route or Snakeskin if he wants to play ball.
  11. Want to win stuff?!

    Lest it get to their heads I was going to say: aussies are the best. But as they are so full of themselves already; My lips are sealed!!
  12. Tactics v. SeaBrisket

    If you want to goad AND stay in guild; there is vSpigot. But I pretty much agree with @CurlyPaul If you know it's coming, get ready to counter and look for a take-out with your other players, should put you to 6 against his 4. Then again, if he's bringing a lot of fight with the Trisket, he might have set up for your countergoal to even out the odds - in that case I'd look to kill the ball with Mash.
  13. Markers

    I usually mark it on the player card after use, much like I keep record of health on the cards.
  14. No love for rage?

    I agree with all @Calum Todd said. Rage is great as long as your opponents don't figure out how to 'shut him down'. I stronly agree with the 'IF you take union' In my mind Brewers are the guild that don't really want an out of guild player in the base 6. But yes, Harry can be usefull (I love that he gives you MP when he's hurt, brewers need that MP to go Heroic all over the place), as can Avarisse and Greede (they bring you an extra goalthreat). Only I find A&G are starting to let me down more and more as the opponents have an easy kill (and 2VP) with Greede + Whenever your opponent will see the chance to make sure they're not base to base at the beginning of their activation, you bet he's going to push Avarisse around a bit.
  15. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    That's what I thought too, but Wilki1979 seems to be doing well (or at least that's his statement) So I would've thought it only fair for him to bring his tactics forward for us 'bad brewer players' to copy. IMO the brewers didn't change much either, but the game in itself changed around them, so maybe playing them like we're used to is wrong. I'm still hoping to hear how Wilki1979 pulls it off.