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  1. Bourbon Trail Open

    We are knocking on the 20 door right now! If you have any friends you haven't registered make sure they sign up!!!
  2. Bourbon Trail Open

    March 10th in Louisville Kentucky this year. Registration coming soon. We do have a Facebook sign up as of now. Look out for prize support etc!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/337070876700701/?ti=icl
  3. Pelage

    From the Pod Cast, she seems very good, and is great piece to add to the control theme Morticians. I can see a lot of strong combos with her. The basic one is Casket, with foul order, ghostly visage, she can keep safe till late turns, when I think she wants to show up, right before your beaters go in beating. An interesting thought would be Cosset, with Pilage, one could forgo crazy if the target Cosset is going after is under the effects of singled out. Also Obulus goes back to his old form, with a reliable single out, he gets back to his strong beat stick mode. At TAC 7, and 7 influence he is now swinging at 21 damage (under tool up) at a single target. I am really digging her. I can't wait till the official card is out, so I can really start testing her out. Think she makes my 10, but could be a 6th on a regular basis. What are you guys thinking?
  4. Bourbon Trail Open

    A bunch of prize support is on the event page now! Go check it out!!!
  5. Bourbon Trail Open

    Getting some good prize support. Check it out on the facebook event group. Also gamescience is making some choice items for the tournament as well. The registration fee is covering all the prize support plus lunch (BBQ) for the players attending. Make sure to register. https://www.facebook.com/events/337070876700701/?ti=icl
  6. Bourbon Trail Open Warm Up

    Will be posting on the Facebook event page some more prizes. The plaques for 1-3, best painted and best goal are almost done. We are looking at Goal Markers as well, and some very cool dice custom Bourbon Trail Open dice. Be sure to keep an eye out for more stuff to come!
  7. Bourbon Trail Open Warm Up

    Having a tournament on Feb 24th at Heroes Comics and Games in Louisville KY. Start time is 12:00. The event in on Facebook and Longshanks for those interested. Enjoy! http://thelongshanks.org/events/?event=816
  8. Bourbon Trail Open

    Registration for event covers lunch and prize support. https://www.facebook.com/events/337070876700701/?ti=icl
  9. Bourbon Trail Open Warm Up

    Getting some good prize support. Check it out on the facebook event group. Also gamescience is making some choice items for the tournament as well. The registration fee is covering all the prize support plus lunch (BBQ) for the players attending. Make sure to register. https://www.facebook.com/events/337070876700701/?ti=icl
  10. Bourbon Trail Warm Up

  11. Rat Catchers

    Looks like more stuff on the Rat Catchers is getting put out a little at a time. I'm liking the Disease mechanic, though against the Farmers, it's not as impressive. With Harrow's 2 heal ability a turn, it negates the Disease ability for their team, but penalizes yours. Now if the team has access to poison or burn to stack conditions it could be a thing verse Farmers. Though making general healing more momentum verse Farmers could help. I see it as a really nice mechanic verse most other teams, especially melee based teams that like to bunch up. Cool thing is Hemlock won't be as available soon to other teams, so that is even more of a bonus. What do you all think so far, of the Disease condition?
  12. Morticians post rat catchers

    Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Casket, Ghast, Skulk, Brainpan/Memory, Pelage, and Bonesaw (I will miss Mist in this spot!)
  13. Morticians post rat catchers

    Yes, choosing to be snared is great fun, really digging her so far. Have just vassal play tested using Cosset as a proxy, but plan to start testing her against other players in my area. Just sucks we won't have her for a few more months. Also need to start testing Bonesaw again, because I have relied on Mist for my main striker. I don't even have Bonesaw painted yet.
  14. Played 2nd Tournament

    Other then the Fish game felt like the teams I ran into had access a take out a turn. Think Casket is a monster to remove and forces more effort to get rid of, and then Ghast gives me a 2" with early knockdown. Ghast, fear, also steals an attack and against certain killer types it can save a takeout. Players constantly during time turns forget the extra influence allocation for fear, but found the combo of Ghast/Skulk killing the ball is really great. What I will do is give Ghast the ball, and have Skulk put out at least Horrific Odor. This creates for most strikers to tackle the ball the need to have at minimum 4 influence. They will need two to get the ball off Ghast, they can't buy a second attack to dodge off him because they then need two to kick the goal. This leaves them engaged, and if I have at least 1 momentum, I counter attack, and hopefully KD. If they pull off the goal, their striker is in a bad way, if they dodge after the goal, Skulk engages, and then Ghast beats the hell outta them afterwards. Most players just don't think about the combo, it's two extra influence to keep planning for. Playing at 12 isn't bad, I push an early goal, and I am at 13 pretty fast after turn or two. When I played Fish, they had to constantly load up Shark, between Puppet, and the Ghast/Skulk combo, there was turns he just couldn't even attempt a goal. He ended up sacrificing models to just trigger fear, which is fine with me.
  15. Played 2nd Tournament

    Played in my second tournament now with the Morticians. It went four rounds, will give the breakdown on my match ups. Round 1 (Mort on Mort) My picks: Obulus, Dirge, Skulk, Ghast, Casket, and Graves Opponents: Obulus, Dirge, Mist, Brainpan/Memory, Graves, and Casket Won 12-0 (Casket time, goal, and two other take outs) I felt like in this match up I knew it would be a mirror, Scalpel doesn't like on the 2" melee with KD's. When he picked Brainpan and then Mist, I knew if I played heavy 2" with a lot of counters to him wanting the get at least one Casket Time off in the game I would be okay. I was able to isolate and kill most the game, kicking off helped my Obulus a lot because it got him up the board, we both Heavy Burdened each others Obulus's a lot. Though I felt I had way more hitting power on my side of the pitch. I just out grinded him and once I Casketed his Mist, his biggest goal threat was taken out of the game. This really swung the game in my favor. Round 2 (Mort on Union) My picks: Obulus, Dirge, Skulk, Ghast, Casket, and Graves Opponents: VRage, Turtle, Mist, Benediction, Gutter, and Minx Won 12-4 (Casket time, goa, and two other take outs) I've played into this match quit a bit against really good players and felt like I knew what to expect. I also have played Union a lot as well. I was able to early on isolate Minx for a casket time, and this heavy burden Gutter. This left Ghast as the only model in the Union players threat range. With Fear, and Rising Anger I was able to keep Gutter out of combat, thus negating Red Fury, and then took her out. Later Obulus was able to create a goal him self, while the rest of my team just jacked up Benny. The opposing player did miss a tap in goal with VRage, after I knocked the ball out, and it scattered to him. All in all a good game. Round 3 (Mort on Fish) My picks: Oddly the same Opponents: Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Hag, Sakana, Siren Won: 12-8 (Casket time and all take outs) I played cat and mouse all game. Think for two turns Ghast held the ball an inch outside the goal, with Skulk doing his thing. This made the Fish player use a ton of resources to just try and get the ball back. The game was played in my deployment pretty much the whole game. I casket timed Siren, and all the rest where take outs. Was a slow grind of a game, and did all I could to keep that last goal from happening in the process to winning. Think I puppeted Shark on three turns just to keep him out of the action most of the game. Which worked out because he had to then load Shark up, just to try and get back into the game. Tough match, always is for me against Shark led Fish. Round 4 (Mort on Farmers-or really Thresher) My picks: I finally received so switched out Skulk for Mist, the rest stayed as they where Opponents: Thresher with Donkey you all know the rest Lost 10-12 (Two goals and a take out) So I think I lost the game because I was really dumb on the end of the turn I didn't pre-measure Thresher's threat and left Mist in a position to be killed on the following turn. At this point the game was 10-6. My influence allocation was stupid as well and I think this comes with tournament fatigue. The Mort's have so many options to do things in wonky ways that sometimes you just over think shit. I knew Mist was dead and that would give him the 8, and I brain farted Jackstraw movement ports. Once his turn started I realized my mistake. I could have loaded up Graves, with 4 influence, and sprinted base to base, tackle the ball and kicked it into dead space. Instead I was so focused on the take out of Thresher once I knew he would commit to Mist, that I didn't see the Scarecrow goal coming. Think that was my biggest screw up all game. Felt like I played it well. Used Casket to heavy burden Thresher for three rounds, tying him up on taking Casket out. Used Ghast as a momentum generated and unmasked on Thresher to push him out of position. Though even when playing great on Thresher, there seems to always come the point where his take out train starts rolling and there is no stopping it. Took out Tater early to negate him, scored with Mist, and even setup a goal with Ghast (LOL). I had multiple models in threat to close the deal, but like I said forgot the Scarecrow. Had the clock on my side too. Here is the thing, the other player did great, and took advantage of my mistake, so good on him. Was a good game regardless, think I am getting better at Thresher, but still is a pain to play into. Got 2nd in the Tournament!
  16. AdeptiCon Winter Warmup II

    Almost would be tempted to go to this over Adepticon. Really not liking that the GB championship game is on Friday and not Saturday!
  17. Morticians post rat catchers

    Cosset has moved to the bench for me. With Farmers having so many ways of engaging her, she is just locked in, and then killed multiple times within a game.
  18. Morticians post rat catchers

    Agree though she is a better Cosset I believe have to test her out. Again, I am sure everyone is tired of hearing it, but just do something to make Bonesaw viable on a consistent basis is the bigger issue.
  19. Morticians post rat catchers

    Skulk has been doing well for me as a whole against score focused teams. I am really looking forward to start testing Pelage. Both Captains will really like her, and think she is a better option then Cosset is as of now.
  20. Bourbon Trail Open

    Have posted some of the prizes we have so far for the event. Don't forget to register and pay, this covers the prize support, and lunch at the event this year! Looking forward to seeing everyone, and stay tuned for more gear to come...
  21. Rat Catchers

    Hopefully the disease caries are immune to the effects. At least then they can put it out but then not have it put right back on them.
  22. Rat Catchers

    I kinda of hope VGraves pack master ability ends up including Squeak too as well. Hopefully Squeak has poison as well, with VGraves being Vileswarm heavy it hurts his whole back card with his new team. Maybe this is why they are just showing the front of his card as of now with the kit. Maybe the back has some new coolness?
  23. Bourbon Trail Open

    It will be St. Patrick’s in Louisville the weekend of the event. The tournament starts before any festivities, so there shouldn’t be any issues. We will be ordering BBQ for those attending the event, so lunch will be provided. Though drinks and snacks should be purchased at Heroes. Below is the registration form. We will enter all longshanks entries from our end. Players will receive a confirmation email and ticket payment request once they sign up. Tournament fees are covering prize support and lunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GrlWhsAFOUL8xt_PoqpnOgEhHG6WGdXG3_w7YKYOLO8/edit
  24. Verse Farmers Tech

    As the thread states, this is a post trying to figure out the best options to deal with Farmers. My assumption is we will be seeing a lot of Thresher and his main build in tournaments. They are the new hottness, so lets be constructive on what's working for you. For me the corner stone so far is four models. Obulus, Casket, Graves (1), and Brainpan/Memory. Below is why I use these certain models. Obulus: Taking turn one momentum from Thresher with his legendary and set up a much needed "Casket Time" on him if you set it up. It also steals the momentum for a counter attack with some of the models you have to take out. He also can either bring in models for taking out, steal the ball, or just make Thresher walk out of threat before he activates. All good stuff. Also find with Tater having def 5 and 16 health, Scalpel struggles to remove him with a single activation. Casket: Rough ground limits the counter charge, Ghostly Visage limits the counter charge, and heavy burden neuters movement on Thresher. Also Casket is a beast to take out, and will take a lot of effort from the Farmers to bring down. One thing I like to do is place the Visage out in front of him 4" then sprint Casket into it towards Tater, thus cutting 6" of charge away from the counter charge. Once in the spot I bonus time a heavy burden onto him. Setting up a Casket time sometime into the game is huge as well, the Farmers really rely on interaction from each other, and taking a piece of that interaction away is crucial. Graves: With the Farmers health pool, and built in healing, you need the tool up ability. Plus his early tackle, and bleed are all good abilities. He also gives the list a 3/6 kick. Brainpan/Memory: It's all about Memory. He clogs charge lanes, engages counter charge models, and gives us a momentum pass set up if we receive to get ahead enough for the initiative roll. I attack with them some, but really the dodges into counter charge models and the crowd outs is his biggest use. Making them waste resources, with a team that brings a lot influece, helps as well. Now this is a side note model, Silence, I love him but the Farmers are deceptive defense team. You think they are on the low end but they aren't in the Thresher build. Thresher is a 4, Tater 4, Peck 5, Jackstraw 5, Harrow 3, and Millstone 3. This means the models you want to Tucked and Shutout aren't going to be reliably hit with 1 dice plays. You are going to have to bonus time. There isn't always the opportunity to do this. Also even with the odds against a 4 defense model on two dice is 75%, to me that's too big of a gamble to waste the first activation in a turn for. I suppose Shutout on Harrow wouldn't be bad causing them to loose tool up and a harvest marker placement before they activate Thresher and Tater. Though still not sure if that is worth loosing an activation for. Let me know and others what is working for you! Good Luck!!!
  25. Verse Farmers Tech

    Cosset is hard to get in a list. Her low health pool, dealing with Tater at 5/0 verse female, and the Scarcrow using teleport tricks to steal free charging from her is all tough business. Now against Grange she has worked better for me if they don’t run Jack Straw.