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  1. Bourbon Trail Open

    It will be St. Patrick’s in Louisville the weekend of the event. The tournament starts before any festivities, so there shouldn’t be any issues. We will be ordering BBQ for those attending the event, so lunch will be provided. Though drinks and snacks should be purchased at Heroes. Below is the registration form. We will enter all longshanks entries from our end. Players will receive a confirmation email and ticket payment request once they sign up. Tournament fees are covering prize support and lunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GrlWhsAFOUL8xt_PoqpnOgEhHG6WGdXG3_w7YKYOLO8/edit
  2. Verse Farmers Tech

    Cosset is hard to get in a list. Her low health pool, dealing with Tater at 5/0 verse female, and the Scarcrow using teleport tricks to steal free charging from her is all tough business. Now against Grange she has worked better for me if they don’t run Jack Straw.
  3. Verse Farmers Tech

    I’ve been including Ghast in my Thresher tech. He helps on the early momentum end, fear limits their momentum, attacks, and his health pool is really good. He also gives us 2” with early KD. If Thresher only early target is Ghast he is only getting three attacks in, and giving us two momentum for it. Still a scary match up but any help is a plus.
  4. Bourbon Trail Open

    March 10th in Louisville Kentucky this year. Registration coming soon. We do have a Facebook sign up as of now. Look out for prize support etc!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/337070876700701/?ti=icl
  5. Finished 1st Tournament

    I usually pushed for at least one goal from Obulus, and then a "Casket Time", the rest are generally take outs. I did attempt a tap in with Dirge, and missed, but had an opening and passed the ball to Casket moving up the field, and had him then next activation do a tap in goal. He scored 8 points himself that game. I didn't have Mist painted at the time, but have used him in the past. Just feel like one goal, a casket, and other take outs work the best for me. I will push a second goal if they don't kill the ball on me, most players kill the ball when Obulus is on the pitch. The Farmer player killed the ball all game, running away with Jackstraw several turns, Mason player held the ball for two turns, because of the fear of Obulus just taking it back and scoring. Once I get to 8, the ball is never scene again, for obvious reasons. Though I held the ball some as well didn't want Flint getting a second score once I was up on points.
  6. Finished 1st Tournament

    Played in a small local tournament. Was 9 players in total, but had very good players in it. My ten was Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Brainpan/Memory, Casket, Cosset, Ghast, Graves, Silence, and Skulk. Round 1 Match Verse Farmers Farmer line up; Thresher, Buckwheat, Harrow, Jackstraw, Millstone, and Tater Mort line up; Obulus, Dirge, Brainpan/Memory, Casket, Ghast, and Graves (Received) This was my most dreaded match up for the day. I found even when I played it perfect, the Thresher "Farmer" team is the hardest by far for me to defeat. Things I picked up during the game. Brainpan/Memory are a constant harassment to Tater's counter charging. Also Casket uses all his tricks all game, he is constantly hitting enemies to trigger Heavy Burden, placing Ghostly Visage, and his rough ground really hurts this Farmer build. I was causing the opponent to waste momentum to glide constantly. Ghast just helped with momentum generating most the game, plus, because most players don't see him often, tend to forget to allocate for the Fear ability. The game came down to the clock in the end, and me activating fast enough to have one activation up on my opponent on the clock. I did miss a crucial tap in, at the end of turn two, which did make it much more difficult the rest of the game. Round 2 Match Verse Union Union line up; VRage, Strongbox, Benediction, Gutter, Minx, and Mist Mort line up; Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Cosset, Graves, and Skulk This match was pretty straight forward. The player was, playing in his first tournament. Not a lot to report on this one, I really was more of a Pundit mode during it. I helped him a lot and did a real amount of teaching. Showing him distances, etc, with VRage's abilities. It was good fun. Round 3 Match Verse Masons Mason line up; Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mallet, and Tower Mort line up; Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Graves, Silence, and Skulk (Kicked Off) The game again came down to the end. After the first turn I realized I made the mistake of taking Skulk and not Brainpan and Memory. I got too excited about Skulk verse Flint, and just didn't think it out. Hammer generally goes for a goal only when it is opportune, and don't push goals all game. It was more of scrum team build. Brainpan/Memory would have served my much better to stop the counter charging. I was able to kick off with Obulus and take the ball right back. One thing I have noticed, a lot of players have forgot the play of Obulus or just Morticians in general which plays to our strengths. The game was very back and forth, I was able to get Mallet in the Casket turn three. I was really able to Casket every game I played. So Dirge had the ball wide of the pitch, but the pack of the rest of my Morts where on the opposite side, because of the threat of easy tap in with the bird, the Mason player sent Hammer wide to retrieve the ball. After that point, Hammer was a non issue most of the rest of the game. I played very patient, and would Puppet Hammer over and over, and making him keep backing away from the meat of the game. My best play was probably using my legendary on the last turn stealing his one momentum from home crowd, with Hammer in position to score a goal. I then killed Marbles to end the game with me having 11 at the time and the opponent having 8. No 4th Round; the pair down loss, thus ending the tournament after 3 rounds. I would have loved to get one more game in. The last game I almost dropped Scalpel, but this was going to be based on if I received on the kick off. I had knee slider and love pulling off, big damage activation from Scalpel turn one, heroic, score a goal, and then dodging 9", then second winding 7". Just really pisses opponents off.
  7. Proving Grounds

    Tournament in Louisville KY, January 28. Standard format, prizes will locally designed plaques, as well as other raffled give away items. The event will begin at 12:00, sign up on thelongshanks.org listed as Proving Grounds.
  8. Verse Farmers Tech

    As the thread states, this is a post trying to figure out the best options to deal with Farmers. My assumption is we will be seeing a lot of Thresher and his main build in tournaments. They are the new hottness, so lets be constructive on what's working for you. For me the corner stone so far is four models. Obulus, Casket, Graves (1), and Brainpan/Memory. Below is why I use these certain models. Obulus: Taking turn one momentum from Thresher with his legendary and set up a much needed "Casket Time" on him if you set it up. It also steals the momentum for a counter attack with some of the models you have to take out. He also can either bring in models for taking out, steal the ball, or just make Thresher walk out of threat before he activates. All good stuff. Also find with Tater having def 5 and 16 health, Scalpel struggles to remove him with a single activation. Casket: Rough ground limits the counter charge, Ghostly Visage limits the counter charge, and heavy burden neuters movement on Thresher. Also Casket is a beast to take out, and will take a lot of effort from the Farmers to bring down. One thing I like to do is place the Visage out in front of him 4" then sprint Casket into it towards Tater, thus cutting 6" of charge away from the counter charge. Once in the spot I bonus time a heavy burden onto him. Setting up a Casket time sometime into the game is huge as well, the Farmers really rely on interaction from each other, and taking a piece of that interaction away is crucial. Graves: With the Farmers health pool, and built in healing, you need the tool up ability. Plus his early tackle, and bleed are all good abilities. He also gives the list a 3/6 kick. Brainpan/Memory: It's all about Memory. He clogs charge lanes, engages counter charge models, and gives us a momentum pass set up if we receive to get ahead enough for the initiative roll. I attack with them some, but really the dodges into counter charge models and the crowd outs is his biggest use. Making them waste resources, with a team that brings a lot influece, helps as well. Now this is a side note model, Silence, I love him but the Farmers are deceptive defense team. You think they are on the low end but they aren't in the Thresher build. Thresher is a 4, Tater 4, Peck 5, Jackstraw 5, Harrow 3, and Millstone 3. This means the models you want to Tucked and Shutout aren't going to be reliably hit with 1 dice plays. You are going to have to bonus time. There isn't always the opportunity to do this. Also even with the odds against a 4 defense model on two dice is 75%, to me that's too big of a gamble to waste the first activation in a turn for. I suppose Shutout on Harrow wouldn't be bad causing them to loose tool up and a harvest marker placement before they activate Thresher and Tater. Though still not sure if that is worth loosing an activation for. Let me know and others what is working for you! Good Luck!!!
  9. Morticians 10

    The ten I have been running is as follows Obulus Scalpel Dirge Casket Cosset Brainpan/Memory Ghast Graves Skulk Silence I may regret Ghast, but feel like against Blacksmiths he hurts them with their lower influence pool, also teams who want to do multiple character plays with certain players, and the rising anger has came in clutch during some games where he is played. No true striker is what hurts me most, can't figure out how to clear a spot for Mist, he was in the spot I had Silence, but with lower defense teams Silence has been a big swing player for me. I use Scalpel and Obulus as my main scorer of goals in either of my builds for six players.
  10. When to Casket?

    Good points by everyone. I just nervous pulling the trigger, I see the take out there, and am always tempted to wait to lure in a better target. I do find if I can get a turn two casket time, I generally win the game. Turn three seems to be a real big turn for the momentum of a game and being up an activation and influence is a huge difference maker.
  11. Scalpel or Obulus

    Scalpel spreads the field more I feel against Corsair, and she can have Cosset lure early activated models, Scalpel goes in and kills then second winds out of Corsair's threat range. Though Obulus plays into him as well. Also stealing Corsair's influence and loading say the Hag up and tentacles works nicely, really screwing him up, and what his list wants to do.
  12. Scalpel or Obulus

    No, I’ve kinda prefer kicking off except verse Honor. Think turn one last activation leading into turn two is huge, but that’s just myself.
  13. Scalpel or Obulus

    Looking at different match ups, and want to see if you all feel about the same way. I'm not looking at a build using Union, since that crutch will fade soon. How do you all see the match up verse certain teams/captains? Alchemist: Midas-Obulus and Smoke-Scalpel Blacksmiths: Think it's Scalpel alone she does a lot of hurt and only needs the tool up to rip into them pretty bad. Brewers: Obulus for both but don't think Scalpel plays bad into them at all Butchers: Obulus, he is hard for them to hold down, and can set up Casket time, plus steal a turn with his legendary play Engineers: Obulus for both Farmers: Again feel Obulus really messes them up, though Scalpel into Grange isn't bad Fishermen: Shark-Obulus, and Corsair-Scalpel Hunters: Can I pause and just say this is my most hated team to play, they slow the game down to a crawl, and suck all the fun out. Think Obulus likes both, but Scalpel does well. Mason's: Hammer-Scalpel and Honor-Scalpel (this is by far my hardest match up, not sure about others) Union: I play all Obulus into these three guys.
  14. When to Casket?

    During many games, there has come a time of deciding to Casket Time, or hold it for later. It is one of the hardest decisions to make, I feel like opponents see it coming, and will put a model in place for it, that creates a lost activation, but also isn't that important to their list as a whole though. This has recently led me to holding the Casket Time for a better model, but there is a fear that if I don't pull the trigger, I could loose those points. My question is do you all just take it as soon as possible or hold it for better targets?
  15. Proving Grounds

    Regional Cup format Louisville KY @ Heroes Comics and Games