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  1. LouisvillePitch

    Veteran Siren shown at WTC

    Dependent on how new Corsair plays, can have a lot of KD going on verse the enemy making them use a lot of resources to keep on their feet.
  2. LouisvillePitch

    Season 4

    Well looks like from every article written so far for the S4 reveals every team is refocusing on the main theme. This is leading me to believe that Fishermen are going to gain some better kick stats through out the team, and Corsair is going to get a complete redo on how he plays. I am hoping the concept is for Shark to be a lone striker where the team sets him up to score 3 goals, and then Corsair is a facilitator that sits back and makes his team score 3 goals. At least that is my hope, also now that damage 1 on the first column is a thing of the past, maybe we get tackle or dodge option on the first column now.
  3. LouisvillePitch

    What to do about corsair

    As of now in s3, we still have access to Gutter. She loves KD models that are crowded out with her short play book and anatomical precision. For s4 we have no idea what Corsair is going to look like yet to know how he will run with Fisherman. It is less then a month away. I have been running pretty consistently Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana (will replace with VSakana if their ball kill tech is high defense models in cover; Friday) Hag, Siren, and Gutter as my Union option. The list plays pretty well, it can swing from take outs verse goals when needed, but you have to be patient. You can't over advance the bubble of Corsair, if he over extends it makes a mess of the list. The strength lies in the 2" melee zones lowering enemy TAC and crowd outs spiking the damage dice with wraps. A lot of times Siren in on the flank using Lure on models I want out of the action for a turn. When the team I am facing is just nasty at takeouts, I'll still flex to Shark, if I feel Corsair can't handle it, like Butchers led Ox. I reset the scrum with Hag, if they are starting to advantage over my take out ability. When they run VRage Hag is clutch for anti VRage legendary turn. VRage wants to send models in to take advantage of his tech, the activation before he comes in and has sent multiple models for the crowd outs, I just legendary with Hag and move them all out of threats of my team. This forces the VRage player to reset again, and hopefully Corsair has taken a key piece out like Gutter or VFangtooth before he can try again the next turn. A lot of Union players are surprised to see Corsair, they assume Shark. Now the one team Corsair has a rough time verse is the new Blacksmith's led by Anvil, the higher then average armor, the access to VCinder, just deletes Fish faster then Corsair can handle. On a charge under instruction with tool up, Siren is dead. Then you better not bring her anywhere near VCinder again, or they are going to keep getting two free VP again. This match up is all Shark, just keep that in mind. Oh one more thing when kicking off verse Hunters and Engineers always use Siren, with beautiful they are forced to over extend to start their range play tricks, which plays into what we want to do.
  4. LouisvillePitch

    Scapel S4

    She is very very good, she will cause all kinds of havoc in the scrum, and with goal scoring. Though I think she will have a very high learning curve to get the most out of her. Will need to see the rest of the team's adjustments in ordered to get a better perspective on what all can be achieved, but really liking the direction with Scalpel.
  5. LouisvillePitch

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    Agreed, there are 5 other players on your team. Just think she can be good bit of tech to add in your Union 12 now. She gives you options.
  6. LouisvillePitch

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    I was thinking myself of Ballista and Theron. Both are males, so even pre Nimble they need 5's, and with Beautiful ability they'd have to really come up the pitch to hope to KD or Snare. With the momentum rule now for kicking off, she could clear the conditions, or if they don't target her, she could then charge in, tackle, have two momentum, and bonus time a goal. WOOT!
  7. LouisvillePitch

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    I think in some line ups she will be a great kick off model, but this is all dependent on how the rest of S4 shakes out. I can see on teams that want to perform an early character play turn one when they receive, being very annoyed when they can't just range KD or Snare her. This could lead big kick off pressure. It would also free up Mist to not over expose himself from the kick off and be used as a backside goal model at the end of the turn.
  8. LouisvillePitch

    End of Season III

    9/8/18 @Heroes Comics and Games 361 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1349 Registration 12:00, start time 12:30 No fee, prize support being worked out.
  9. LouisvillePitch

    End of Season III

  10. LouisvillePitch

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    Think he is really good, just causes a lot of spacing issues for the opposing player to keep track of. It reminds of counter charge, where it will need to be accounted for through out a turn. Though unlike counter attack I don't think players will always be remembering in a tournament setting when there is pressure on and a clock on.
  11. LouisvillePitch

    The Navigator's Guild

    I think Horizon will be a great setup piece. Most players kill the ball in their deployment corners either by dropping it or putting on a hard model to take the ball away from. Horizon if playable by Fish gives up a model to score early with, trade 4-1 score, and then have a model coming back threatening the ball back into play. Though we will see if he is a Fish.
  12. LouisvillePitch

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    I think just the tackle on a single hit is huge, his character play stealing the ball from 4" out makes the other player trying to kill the ball, have to make smart choices of model placement. I tend to notice players aren't always watching spacing on models 4" out from each other, unless they run into an AOE team. Most tend to bunch, or have a model near by the ball killer. This opens up VSakana for distance stealing, but I think the biggest thing is OSiren on the pitch with him. I think he is going to be good with Shark. Pushing ball retrieval for the Fish is huge and VSakana puts another tool in the box for us to get the ball back in play. Think he is solid all around, I am looking forward to getting him on the pitch and painted!
  13. LouisvillePitch

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    That's why it's a wish lists, LOL, just wishes. Though the first one, where each guild gets it's own identity ability I believe is achievable.
  14. LouisvillePitch

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    My general hope for Fish in season 4. This is for all guilds, like the minors, I would like to see some sort of mechanic that is guild specific for all teams. Maybe it's allowing Fish to pass as soon as they tackle, etc. , just something to create a real identity to the guild. 4s' on the kick stat instead of all the 3s'. For being the guild known for being more football orientated, they kick about as good as most guilds. Engineers are far better passers and scorers with the 4s' throughout the whole guild. I would think Fish would have the kick stat of 4/6 as the norm. Tackles on 2s' needs to go away. Yes Fish with 2' is a thing, and crowd outs can happen if the you put the emphasis into it. The problem then becomes the Fish are bunched up for takeouts. Also most teams keep the ball away by having a model hide on a far flank or in a position away from the scrum. This means a Fish player is going to need to have above average dice verse ball killers to retrieve the ball back with the tackle ability. When the ball killer has close control or gluttonous it becomes even further frustrating to get the ball. Fish really need a non momentous tackle on one or in some cases a momentous tackle on one. This makes it more reliable even verse ball killers to be able to even get the ball back into play. Angel, just give her 2" melee zone, she has a trident, and everyone else has it, what the hell. Kraken, first make him a 3/1 with tough hide. His influence can stay the same but give him counter charge, or furious. That's my big changes.
  15. LouisvillePitch

    Playing into new Hunters

    So I have been playing Fish a bit lately and feel like we are in a bad spot verse Hunters now. I used to drop Corsair into Hunters, and the game seem to be somewhat balanced on both ends, but now with the inclusion of the Falcons' plus VMinx we are in a hard way. When I have played them if they kick off, their first activation seems to be Fahad, they use him to block one drag angle with Corsair. Next Corsair will get peppered by Theron and force an angle to, where I can not drap without some Hag dodges. After this they will use VMinx as their other blocker to Theron or other good targets. With the damage on Corsair, he is trying to drag defense 5 models out of the way. Basically Fahad and VMinx are a moving obstacle with a forest AOE for assistance to cut LOS. That's when I run Corsair. Now when I run Shark I run into gut and string, snare, pin, and snipe issues keeping us from scoring effectively. What have you all been running to be effective against the new models?