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  1. LouisvillePitch

    End of Season III

    9/8/18 @Heroes Comics and Games 361 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1349 Registration 12:00, start time 12:30 No fee, prize support being worked out.
  2. LouisvillePitch

    End of Season III

  3. LouisvillePitch

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    Think he is really good, just causes a lot of spacing issues for the opposing player to keep track of. It reminds of counter charge, where it will need to be accounted for through out a turn. Though unlike counter attack I don't think players will always be remembering in a tournament setting when there is pressure on and a clock on.
  4. LouisvillePitch

    The Navigator's Guild

    I think Horizon will be a great setup piece. Most players kill the ball in their deployment corners either by dropping it or putting on a hard model to take the ball away from. Horizon if playable by Fish gives up a model to score early with, trade 4-1 score, and then have a model coming back threatening the ball back into play. Though we will see if he is a Fish.
  5. LouisvillePitch

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    I think just the tackle on a single hit is huge, his character play stealing the ball from 4" out makes the other player trying to kill the ball, have to make smart choices of model placement. I tend to notice players aren't always watching spacing on models 4" out from each other, unless they run into an AOE team. Most tend to bunch, or have a model near by the ball killer. This opens up VSakana for distance stealing, but I think the biggest thing is OSiren on the pitch with him. I think he is going to be good with Shark. Pushing ball retrieval for the Fish is huge and VSakana puts another tool in the box for us to get the ball back in play. Think he is solid all around, I am looking forward to getting him on the pitch and painted!
  6. LouisvillePitch

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    That's why it's a wish lists, LOL, just wishes. Though the first one, where each guild gets it's own identity ability I believe is achievable.
  7. LouisvillePitch

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    My general hope for Fish in season 4. This is for all guilds, like the minors, I would like to see some sort of mechanic that is guild specific for all teams. Maybe it's allowing Fish to pass as soon as they tackle, etc. , just something to create a real identity to the guild. 4s' on the kick stat instead of all the 3s'. For being the guild known for being more football orientated, they kick about as good as most guilds. Engineers are far better passers and scorers with the 4s' throughout the whole guild. I would think Fish would have the kick stat of 4/6 as the norm. Tackles on 2s' needs to go away. Yes Fish with 2' is a thing, and crowd outs can happen if the you put the emphasis into it. The problem then becomes the Fish are bunched up for takeouts. Also most teams keep the ball away by having a model hide on a far flank or in a position away from the scrum. This means a Fish player is going to need to have above average dice verse ball killers to retrieve the ball back with the tackle ability. When the ball killer has close control or gluttonous it becomes even further frustrating to get the ball. Fish really need a non momentous tackle on one or in some cases a momentous tackle on one. This makes it more reliable even verse ball killers to be able to even get the ball back into play. Angel, just give her 2" melee zone, she has a trident, and everyone else has it, what the hell. Kraken, first make him a 3/1 with tough hide. His influence can stay the same but give him counter charge, or furious. That's my big changes.
  8. LouisvillePitch

    Playing into new Hunters

    So I have been playing Fish a bit lately and feel like we are in a bad spot verse Hunters now. I used to drop Corsair into Hunters, and the game seem to be somewhat balanced on both ends, but now with the inclusion of the Falcons' plus VMinx we are in a hard way. When I have played them if they kick off, their first activation seems to be Fahad, they use him to block one drag angle with Corsair. Next Corsair will get peppered by Theron and force an angle to, where I can not drap without some Hag dodges. After this they will use VMinx as their other blocker to Theron or other good targets. With the damage on Corsair, he is trying to drag defense 5 models out of the way. Basically Fahad and VMinx are a moving obstacle with a forest AOE for assistance to cut LOS. That's when I run Corsair. Now when I run Shark I run into gut and string, snare, pin, and snipe issues keeping us from scoring effectively. What have you all been running to be effective against the new models?
  9. LouisvillePitch

    Louisville Kentucky Tournament

    Standard OPD, will give out rat catcher prize support, plus other goodies. Below is the long shanks link. https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1168
  10. LouisvillePitch


    Standard OPD tournament in Louisville KY, http://thelongshanks.org/events/?event=1153
  11. LouisvillePitch

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Here is something I have been wondering. Each of the new minor teams have a new ability or trait just for them. Will the Church team have a new trait as well?
  12. LouisvillePitch

    S4 arrives october 12th

    I wish season 4 was introduced even sooner! I'm ready to see how some teams shake out with updates. There are teams that needs retooling, and some teams that need a whole scale revision on how they play. Will be interesting to see if any in game mechanics are changed. Would like to see the football killed less and passing become much more viable in the game somehow. Feel like at least in the US, the skew to beater teams has made it really hard to play some of the football teams. At the start of Season 3 which seems forever ago, goal oriented teams had a lot of play, but now it seems the opposite. The hits to Alchemist and Fisherman really hurt the two main goal heavy teams. Not sure where Season 4 will go, but I am looking forward to it.
  13. LouisvillePitch

    Faction or other specific line up choices

    I dropped Bonesaw once, and it was because I was playing Blacksmiths using Furnace to clear conditions. I assumed disease wasn't going to be a thing, as well as KD's, poison, or bleed. With that in mind, once I knew I was receiving Bonesaw came off the bench. Set up a goal one with him, and then won turn two to get the ball back with Piper, and set up a goal two. Eight points from him seemed legit enough to use him. So my use was based off a striking team that had condition removal. Could see him into Brewers if I receive, and they have Esters, or Union Brisket with Hemlocke. Maybe Fisherman Shark, because they ain't going for kills in the game, so might as well have the little extra goal threat.
  14. LouisvillePitch

    1st Event

    Think the first game was a wash due to being a new player. Though it was some little gotchas, think they have play. The biggest is Ratacasym, plus the damage output of Scourge, think everyone thought it would be like playing Fish, and weren’t a team that could take out as much as they do. I never felt overwhelmed in the match ups. Like there was no way for me to win any of my games. I’m tempted to run them again the next tournament I go to. I think with more practice I’ll make less mistakes. Again played solid, though didn’t hit Alchemist or Masons myself. Like to play into them to see how I counter their play.
  15. LouisvillePitch

    1st Event

    So decided to play Rats at a tournament, and had fun playing them. Here’s a light breakdown of the games. Brewers round 1 This was a newer player he used the kickoff set, so really hard to judge how this matchup played, I would assume against a seasoned player they’d play Ester’s gun line. I was able to lock down Stave, performing a grave digger/snack break. Graves is good, but wish he was a TAC 6 still, don’t know why is TAC went down in the veteran version. I created two goal runs with Piper one after receiving with Graves, and one with Pelage. Won the game on top of three. 12-0. (Line up for Brewers, kick off Rats Piper, Squick, VGraves, Miasma, Scourge, and Pelage) Morticians round 2 Obulus, wasn’t as concerned with this match up, I’ve played quit a bit using Morts, so felt I had advantage. I received and went on the set up a goal run with Pelage, I thought having her into the back line of Morts would be good, she just walked or ran setting up dilemmas most of the game, and with Scourge in their face they didn’t mess with her much. This game was Miasma double rataclysm crazy. Think every turn I did it twice, and felt like an Alchemist player using a big gun followed by VKat, but it was Miasma/Scourge. I got a mascot snack break, two take outs from Miasma/Scourge combo damage, and a second goal by Piper himself. 12-2 (Line for Morts Obulus, Silence, Dirge, Cossit, Ghast, Graves; Rats Piper, Squick, VGraves, Miasma, Scourge, and Pelage) Hunter round 3 Theron, this is the match up I felt was going to be the hardest. Was playing a good player and Hunters just really mess with my plans. Pin on Scourge is hard to deal with. I did go for a goal turn one with Graves, but Minx, was able to tackle off the ball and dodge away from me. Had to settle to on beating her up some. They forest port and Jaecar midnight offering took out Miasma. I was playing down two points round 1. Though I had Minx between Scourge/Graves. Hunters used Pin on Scourge to keep him from Minx. So I used Graves pushes and Pipers to get her back to Scourge. Scourge even had to pass to get there. Took her out, got the ball and Scored with Piper. They returned goal with Hern, 6/6 at the point.I had the momentum and then between Scourge and Graves I took out Theron, and the mascot. Then I was a dumb dumb. Graves was bleeding with three health, he had 4 momentum, and was engaging Squick with the ball. I should have used Piper’s heroic to push Hern out, and then sprinted Squick using reverie, the used my momentum to heal Graves. But forgot the bleed, so on the maintenance phase loss Graves score was the went 9-8, then he won initiative, got the ball from Squick in cover, and got the double dodge to goal range, shot and made it. Think I could have won, but good play by my opponent and bad inexperienced play by me cost me the game. 9-12, (Hunter line up, Theron, fahad, Hearn, jaecar, minx, zarola; me the same). In the future think I grab the ball at kick off with Pelage, if they head hunt her they gain no momentum and I keep Miasma active turn one and gunning more. Blacksmiths round 4 Furnace was the captain. This list was anti conditioning, they ran Burnish, so I ran with much sadness Bonesaw. Figured I wasn’t going to disease the way I wanted so went all in goals for the most part. I received and got turn one goal with Bonesaw setup from Piper, dodging behind a barrier at the end of his goal run to protect him. They then threw in and Alloy went for the goal. This allowed me to throw back out at the end to Piper. Score 4-4. The second turn did Piper dilemma, they had me come up, so I legendaryed to their goal forcing them back to their goal post, and all mine as well. I got some momentum from a couple of attacks, and passed to Bonesaw. Used reverie and scored a tap in with Bonesaw. 8-4. Well he then decided to kill the ball and make it a drag out scrum. This is where Miasma/Scourge combo became huge. The apprince models got blown up and Scourge finished off, took two turns to make the last four, but I ended up winning. 12-8. I almost had a third goal with Bonesaw stealing the ball but missed the kick. It would have been 12-6 if he had made it. Hard match up for sure! (Line Blacksmiths, Furnace, Burnish, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, and Cinder; Rats but took out Pelage for Bonesaw.)