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  1. Grange list?

    Played and won a tournament this past weekend. My list was Grange, Peck, Tater, Windel, Harrow, and Jack. Grange, Windel, and Tater press forward and bully the field. Harrow hangs behind, trying to stay within 4" of Grange, and using Tooled Up about half of the turns. Meanwhile Jack sets up on one wing trying to keep the opposing team on the other side of the big three from him. Eventually he gets the ball and scores a goal, either with Harvest Markers he set up in a previous turn or with some from Grange's Legendary. Every game was one goal and three take outs, thanks to the always hungry Windel.
  2. Masons Decimate

    By itself it's an ok looking model. As a veteran version of Decimate I think it fails to really tie to the original in any real recognizable way. Should really have at least kept the paired swords.
  3. The Pitch, Ep.1 (a new US podcast)

    Why even run events if you can't rig them in your own favor?
  4. Ploughman

    Wish he had Tater's Make It Rain rule to let him use Furrow on Parting Blows. Would really make his board control more interesting.
  5. The crab is from one one of the Reaper Miniatures aquatic packs, had to carve the original molded on base off of it though. The shells and starfish are sculpted from brown stuff.
  6. "Kick Off!" Pitch Size

    When I played on a Kick Off! mat over the weekend I measured my deployment line and rather than being short it was actually ~10.25" from the edge of the mat.
  7. Don't have a shot of it by itself handy, but here's a group shot with my team. Think I want to strip and reprint it though
  8. Hasty opinions on Hag

    Been using her on my team of Corsair, Salt, Jac, The Kraken, Hag, and Gutter. She's very handy for games where I kick off to put Corsair in range of the enemy deployment line to Rough Seas the ball away or just Harpoon one of their players. Her legendary is then great later in the game to set up a killer Gutter turn of Scything Blows to take out multiple players.
  9. Advice on a Corsair line up?

    I've been having stupid fun with Corsair, Salt, Jac, Kraken, Siren, and one other which was most recently Gutter. Jac and Salt are my scoring duo running up one board edge while everyone else keeps the opposing team busy and on the ground.
  10. Alright, that's what I thought but there was some confusion as to if it was supposed to benefit other the loaner and the receiver with its wording.
  11. How exactly does the Big League card Poisoned Chalice work?
  12. Which Siren?

    Only had a few games with Fishermen under my belt but I'm playing them in the local Big League. At the moment I've got a plan for Corsair, Salt, Kraken, Jac, Sakana, and one of the Sirens. The idea is Salt takes the Ball up a flank with Jac as a bodyguard while the other four kind of scrum it up in the middle. Harpoons to drag people into my mess in the middle, and if opponents move for Salt then Jac shoves them off the Pitch. My debate is whether I want Siren, who adds Lure for an additional means of dragging victims in (with a longer range to boot), or vSiren who can instead help the survivabity of the scrum with Dread Gaze and herself be more survivable with the def5 and Escaping Fate, costing her her 2" melee for it though. Thoughts?
  13. They did a "Who's The Boss" styled format for Guild Ball at MuseOnCon this past weekend. If you don't know what the means, it's you bring a list as normal, but no captain. Each round you randomly get a new captain, with the stipulation it can't be one from your declared faction. First round I had Scalpel, who while she doesn't do much for Alchemisrs was hilarious because the opposing Brewers had Smoke, who did ziltch all for them, and I kept using Scalpel's Tormented Agony to move his Influence onto her. Lost on time however because I hadn't used a clock in awhile and severely mishandled mine. I think I'd have had it otherwise. Second round I got the new Hunters captain vs Morticians running Midas. His pseudo Momentous Inspirstion was handy, though it required an Influence to be spent and he had to activate first to use it. Was great when he Pinned a loaded up Ghast and moved behind a barrier leaving Ghast unable to engage anyone. Won that one. Third round I got Ox vs I can't remember at all. Having all the AOEs and Intensifies do +1 damage, +2 on his Legendary turn was just sweet though. Ox himself didn't do much. I think that might have been another or maybe the Midas game because I remember Ox was annoyed by Unpredictable Movement. Either way Ox accomplished a bunch just by standing around and looking pretty.
  14. If she goes first, she dies, and bleed goes away. If she goes second, they bleed, keep it, and then she dies.
  15. Updated Reference Cards

    Only the ones not being targeted by the Character Play. Do note that AOEs do not Target so they'll always be Crowded Out by all opponents even if the AOE is touching them.