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  1. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Has that bit about commission painted models being ineligible to win best painted always been in there? I didn’t catch it before.
  2. Are we all plastic now?

    Not a fan of the twelve man box plan. Would rather see two sixes for ease of entry for new players Am a fan of the idea of an additional limited metal Shark sculpt, as he’s the one from the plastic box I like the most so people having that bonus Shark means I could probably get my hands on the plastic one without rebuying the whole thing.
  3. Are we all plastic now?

    If/when they redo the old models in plastics I would much prefer them doing the two pairs of six mans like they have the Farmers and Smiths.
  4. Steamcon USA Keynote

    My understanding was that Harry resculpt was part of the Church box, as he was shown during the talk about future Minor Guild boxes, not during the potential plastic resculpts section. I’d put the Church box contents at Brisket, Pride, Grace, Benediction, Spigot, and Harry. Harry would most likely be one of the two who’d play up, and Mist probably plays down.
  5. It was only a six Influence Grange, don’t make them think I was cheating! But yeah, when possible trample all their flowers. It’s a hard thing though because if you spend too much time doing that you aren’t doing what You need to do to win, but one dodgy player or mascot running thru the backlines can really annoy them. Also spread out. Farmers want to get together and Scrum it up. Use Corsair/Kraken to drag them out of position. P.S. Next time I’m killing that stupid monkey First.
  6. Limited Edition Model List

    Tater isn’t just con exclusive, he was also in the first Farmers launch kit. The upcoming second Farmers launch kit has an onion ball and a hay bale goal post.
  7. Better than the others who’ve had them available for longer.
  8. Gold edged cards?

    Yeah, I put almost zero value in fancy cards because of them being rendered useless by errata. I don’t even play with cards anymore but instead use an app on an iPad.
  9. The resculpts are still carrying the same bulky weapons, they’re just shown at an angle that makes them hard to see, so you instead focus on the added fencing sword that’s in clear view.
  10. Please sir. Everyone knows that Fishermen are the true worshipers of our Lord and Savior, Salt.
  11. VP, MOM, Goal trackers/counters

    I’ve got a big d12 I use to track my score and a big d10 I use for momentum.
  12. Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    Mildly disappointing as I was hoping to get the box early at Steamcon, but I do love this model so I think I’d want to wait and get it thru the FLGS.
  13. Corsair and Gutter took the Midas and his Alchemists out behind the woodshed (literally, we were using my Farmers’ terrain) for a beating. Meanwhile Salt and Vitriol played actual some actual football, scoring five goals between the two of them. Back to back scoring activations on bottom of three and top of four by Vitriol gave the game to the Alchemists, 9-12.
  14. What vets do you want to see

    vSalt NEEDS to happen!
  15. Rookie Tournament?

    Or was it maybe just a tournament for newer players?