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  1. CrusaderEm

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    Yeah I was gonna say, those are really valid reasons to change her. Very informative.
  2. CrusaderEm

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    Chisel is my favorite model, and I felt the same when I saw her changes. 'She lost everything that made her unique and interesting to play,' I thought to myself. Remembering the good ol' times though, I decided to put her on the pitch and give her another go. She did great. After the game(I won on my last activation, last swing with Mallet, score 11-10 with 2 of my players on fire and poisoned with 1 health and vKatalyst on 5 health. Barely made it.) I completely understand the changes, she's still great, but admittely a lot more bland and her strategy lacks a bit of depth it used to have. I guess in conclusion, I will always have a place in my heart for the original oChisel, but the new oChisel isn't so bad.
  3. CrusaderEm

    Getting ready for farmers

    I dunno. I'm kinda losing my mind over here waiting for them. I've had the money to buy them just sitting in my savings since February.
  4. CrusaderEm

    Getting ready for farmers

    Thanks! I spent way too long sewing it. There are enough tiny rejected burlap heads in my apartment to set off some red flags at the CIA.
  5. CrusaderEm

    Getting ready for farmers

    It's anyone else getting prepared for the Farmer's Guild to arrive? Setting up my goal post and a few harvest markers.
  6. CrusaderEm

    Second wave - mascot +

    Don't even get me started on the tiny bulldog that just dealt 9 damage to Tower in one hit with nothing but the Owner buff.
  7. CrusaderEm

    Second wave - mascot +

    I dunno. Have you looked at the alley cat vs the panther? Same stats across the board but Scum has higher tac and damage higher on the playbook. This is a magical land where a house cat can take out a leopard rather easily.
  8. CrusaderEm

    Second wave - mascot +

  9. CrusaderEm

    Influence Generation and Cycling

    This. You beat me to it. It forces the opponent to make some tough choices. Do they not go in on Windle because there's a marker there and they don't want the 7 Tac beat down? Do they charge over that marker by the 3 guys, or go for the easier opponent but not take out the marker? Markers also can block dodges behind you if placed out of initial charge range, because they do take up that space. They can be used as bait. And as @TeabagNationsaid, even if your plans fall through, it's still another influence for next turn. I'm more excited about this team with each day that passes. I wish they'd just let us pre-order already.
  10. CrusaderEm

    Second wave - mascot +

    You ever try a game with Colossus? How are you supposed to even fit that dude on a base without hanging halfway off it?
  11. CrusaderEm

    Theme Songs for the Guilds

    All AC/DC themes, go: Alchemists: Touch Too Much Brewers: Have a Drink On Me Butchers: If You Want Blood Engineers: TNT Farmers: Beating Around the Bush Fishermen: The Jack(?)/Shake a Leg(Corsair? I dunno I'm stretching here) Hunters: Night Prowler Masons: Let There Be Rock/For Those About to Rock/Hard as a Rock Morticians: Hells Bells/Back in Black Union: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Just what I can think of. Also for Guildball in general: Play Ball
  12. CrusaderEm

    Theme Songs for the Guilds

    Skeltonwitch!!! Always nice to hear of another fan. I feel like masons have the advantage here. There are a lot of songs about rock. I don't play butchers, but I play against them a lot:
  13. CrusaderEm

    What's the best attack you've ever made?

    My best attack had to be Chisel. In her debut game she got tooled up with about 2 HP left, and was engaged by midas. She uses a momentum to heal herself to 6 and goes crazy and pops sadism. With a stack of 3 inf, she declares an attack and midas declared counter. She gets enough successes to deal 3 damage, heal up to 4, and throw feel my pain on midas. He counters dealing only 1 damage, dealing 2 to him and healing me back the one. It was at this moment that he knew he'd #@&+ed up. Chisel beat him down 2 more times, healing up to 6 and leaving him on 1 from full. Midas later got bopped once by Mallet for the takeout. Chisel is amazing.
  14. CrusaderEm

    Greetings From Cambridgeshire

    Welcome to the pitch!
  15. CrusaderEm

    Windle, the Indolent Slacker

    I agree with @missing1leg. I doubt it carries over to things like character plays. The wording sounds like it specifically means things like 2<< results.