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  1. Nox

    [W] Lucky

    Want to buy but also have a resin KS Honour
  2. Nox

    [W] Lucky

    Pls make me lucky.
  3. thanks. thats some nice ideas. want to try it next time.
  4. Hello Guild Members, i've played few games against Morticians and Hunter. My problem is, that they can easily take out my key players. Mallet got 4 Influence, so Theron pinned him, and place a forest template or Obulus puppet mastered someone and so on and so on. Do you have some tips except waiting for Harmony 2? What do you do against these two Guilds?
  5. Nox

    Want: KS Shark

    and up
  6. Nox

    Want: KS Shark

    Hi everyone. I am looking for the KS Shark.
  7. Nox


    PM sent
  8. Nox

    Masons' Goal Markers

    Thats my goal marker