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  1. Hello, Does Seasoned Briskets play "Route one" need to roll against the opponents DEF? Target enemy model that holds the ball. This model may than jog... Is the play against the enemy model (roll) Or does it affect only herself (autosucceed) Thanks in advance, Kim Pipers
  2. Mordred

    Reinforced plating

    Thanks! So no luring, seducing :-)
  3. Hey guys, read through the earlier thread of reinforced plating. But could not find a definate answer. I always assumed effects are debuffs or conditions marked by tokens. But does reinforced armor negate all plays? Like fir example puppetmaster or lure & seduce? These are imho no effects Thanks in advance
  4. Mordred

    Knockback and taken out

    MilitaryCoo, Luitenant, Thanks for the clarifications! I updated the person I misinformed recently. Perhaps for a future edition of the card, one can replace "in addition to a successful attack" with "in addition to a successful playbook result" :-) Edit: Which the clarification did, but I misread it :-) #whoops Thanks in advance, Kim
  5. Mordred

    Knockback and taken out

    For me the essence is, where does the taken out occur, and is the model removed from the pitch
  6. Mordred

    Knockback and taken out

    Odd, I ruled wrongly for this at the WTC than :-( The collected clarifications say the knockback happen after the attack has been resolved The rulebook than state, check for taken out condition The card reads that the target enemy model (which is than removed, I assumed) is pushed away and you folow up My question is than, did i misread the collected clarification (this and the rulebook I took along), or is the model removed at point 4 and not 3? Than I need to update one of the Germans 😊
  7. Mordred

    Superior Strategy & OPT

    It's once per turn not per activation, i suppose people where sleeping during those matches :-)
  8. Mordred

    A&G taken out

    Same as before I would think, you get 2 VP for taking out Averisse and the model with Greede attached is taken off the pitch.
  9. Guys, Regular Guild Ball tournament:* Regional document rules (Roster of 9)* 4 or 5 rounds to be discussed on this page* Painted models* 16 Contenders Tiebreaker: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/games-of-guild-ball-summers-coming/feed Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/379072739153100/?acontext={"action_history"%3A[{"mechanism"%3A"hosting_card"%2C"surface"%3A"dashboard"%2C"extra_data"%3A"[]"}%2C{"surface"%3A"dashboard"%2C"mechanism"%3A"hosting_tab"}]} Wkr, Mordred
  10. Mordred

    New Lawyers

    Congratulations guys!!!!
  11. Hello, A & B are correct imho, C is not. The first lawyer qoute is about deployment (start of the game) so that would refer to picture A.
  12. Hey Jamie, Brewers are my first love, but I'm currently struggling aswell with 'em Anyhow, this my idea, but than again, I'm the best tournament player :-) Tourney 9: Tapper Scum Quaff Hooper Pint Pot Friday Stave Original Spigot Mash/Harry/Stoker Matchups: Vs Fast goal scoring (low HP teams) (Shark Fish, Alchemists, certain Union line-ups, etc...) No burst damage needed, so go for Quaff bringing extra dice towards attacks Stave... You're up! nothing disrupts a goalscoring team more than ranged KD's and ball scatters Tapper, Quaff, Stave, Pint Pot, Mash, Friday Conditions, slow damage all over the place and the occasional goal threath Each individual can put the hurt on low HP models Taking out models over 2 turns, put the pressure on. Vs High damaging & tough teams (Butchers, Masons, Corsair Fish...) Tough hide and burst damage, taking out is crucial Tapper, Scum, Hooper, O. Spigot, Pint Pot, (Friday/Stave) Awareness: Winning momentum races, to start next turn The drunks are easely hit, so you're not gonna win momentum races that often (can happen occasionally) So spend momentum, healing vs tough hide guys is a bitch :-) Heroics are good to use You're up second, learn to live with it Pressure on as many fronts as possible, avoid being clutched in the middel of the pitch Opening play's: Receiving, I generally setup the Friday misile over the center of the pitch for a goal (2 successfull passes requered, 1 for a Beer, 1 to shoot at the goal) Kicking with Tapper and subsequently followed by the Scum misile (And hopefully generate enough to start turn 2) Wkr, Kim Pipers
  13. Yeah, I've done that aswell :-)
  14. Mordred

    Tenderiser's ground pound

    Sid is correct imho :-)