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  1. Dogmantra

    Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    Could we have a way for the module to calculate influence based off what pogs are on the board for each team? Would be kinda handy.
  2. Dogmantra

    Season 3 - Brewer's changes?

    phew, Tapper still gets his tactical advice from the cat, I can keep playing in good conscience. I actually really quite like these changes. Makes you think a bit more about activating Tapper.
  3. Dogmantra


    A&G is my favourite player and the models are super cool, so I like to run 'em even when they're not necessarily optimal. I do often try to get Greede to do more than just sit there as an extra activation. Other than his wounds and low kick range, he has some pretty appealing stats. I've managed pop out to score moments before where Avarisse starts the turn with the ball, hands it off to Greede as he detaches and I get a goal, but there are a couple of pretty big hurdles. First is obviously Greede dies easily, and he's tended to get killed after scoring when I've done this in the past (although a 4vp trade for 2vps can be worth losing Greede). Second is keeping the ball on Avarisse is really difficult too - only 3+ defense with no armour makes him an easy target to tackle. I've had some success keeping Greede alive running with the Brewers though, and just making sure everyone is on the floor when Greede's around. Sadly, keeping him safely hidden does seem to be a bit more optimal - I've given away 2VPs pointlessly too many times to really suggest otherwise.
  4. :c I will raise a glass of my favourite carbonated beverage in your honour
  5. Google Maps says it's about 45 minute walk - just over 2 miles. The M2 and 1c buses both stop right near though, and that only takes about 15 minutes.
  6. Just under a fortnight to go, there's still a few spaces! It's not too late
  7. Dogmantra

    Dealing with Compound's Rush Keeper

    I've scored goals vs Compound using Greede, you run him into engagement then Where'd He Go away. The only trouble there is that you've left Greede somewhat open to being charged by Compound when he next activates. It's a bit harder, but you can also run into engagement and try to get dodges or pushes off him, although Gluttonous Mass makes it irritatingly expensive.
  8. Strongly leaning towards it. It was either three 12vp rounds or four 8vp rounds but after a quick poll of local players they seemed to prefer the former, and since it's their event I deferred to them. Would definitely consider the switch if lots of people wanted it though.
  9. Hi folks, having recently been made a pundit and helped to kickstart the local Guild Ball scene, I'm holding my very first tournament held by the lovely people at Entoyment in Poole. We're trying to make it as accessible as possible since many local players are quite new to the game, so it's a great opportunity for all you veterans to try out a new team or strategy! The basics: Saturday the 6th of August, 10am - 6pm. 16-player 3 round tournament, played to 12VPs. Fixed team of six for all three matches. £7.50 entry (£10 on the day), with vouchers & a trophy, as well as a raffle for a Proving Grounds mat. There is no painting requirement. Facebook event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1460972587261613/?active_tab=highlights And the full tournament pack is available here, including full regulations & guidel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByyDtuPYwmLBZ09GT0txeXNfSEE/view Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Store 361 Ashley Road Parkstone Poole Dorset BH14 0AS There's local parking as well as a bus stop just down the road, serviced by plenty of buses. I hope to see you there
  10. Dogmantra

    [modelling question] Greede is too heavy!

    AHA! I have figured it out. My problem was I assumed that the harness "panel" was supposed to cover up a hidden compartment and be glued on. I now realised that you stick one magnet into Avarisse's chest, one to Greede, and one to the empty harness, so you can swap them out. That makes much more sense! What an absolutely brilliant design. A&G is probably my favourite player.
  11. First off, props to Steamforged for making probably the coolest mini I've come across in Avarisse and Greede. I love that Greede is magnetised by default so you can stick him to Avarisse. My problem is that the magnets are a little bit too weak. I can get Greede to stick, if I put him in a slightly odd position, but moving Avarisse anything more than incredibly gently has him fall off. I used all three magnets. What it looks like the problem is is that the ring on the front of Avarisse's harness is a bit too thick, putting too much distance between the magnets, and making Greede fall. I was thinking of filing it down but I don't want to ruin the model if there's an easier way. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it?
  12. Hi folks, one of my fantastic local game stores is holding a massive demo day on Saturday the 14th of May, with loads of different games and systems being available to try out. As the local Pundit, I'm demoing Guild Ball from 2-6pm, but there's a whole host of systems available to try out, from 10am onwards. Here's a link to the Facebook event page if you're interested https://www.facebook.com/events/667842540021210/ You can find Entoyment at 361 Ashley Road Parkstone Poole Dorset BH14 0AS There's local parking, and the nearest bus stops are only a short walk away, serviced by the 18, 1c, 15 and the M2. Even if you can't make it down on Saturday, I hope to see you sometime soon, and it really is worth checking out the store, one of the best I've been too!
  13. Dogmantra

    Future Mascot ideas

    Shortly before most of the S2 stuff got previewed/spoiled, I said I wanted a mascot that was just a kid. My suggestion was make Stoker into a loving father and his daughter is the mascot just running around wearing a brewers shirt, drinking ginger beer. I stand by that.
  14. Dogmantra

    Playing against the hunters

    Seenah is amazing for getting momentum off, even if you can't take her out, Def 2+ is nice and knock her down for a free bonus die.
  15. Dogmantra

    Team construction

    From the season 2 pg 10 paragraph on constructing a team: In a typical game of Guild Ball there are six Guild models per team, including a Captain and a Mascot. The most important member of a team is the Captain who determines the Guild for which the team plays. A team may only have one model with the [Captain] type. A team may also only have one model with the [Mascot] type. All other models selected must be able to play for the same Guild as the Captain model. Each named character is unique and can only be taken once per team (bolding mine)