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  1. What it is? The Highlander Cup is the first official Scottish National Championship, backed by Steamforged Games. This means that the winner will be offered the opportunity to represent Scotland at the Guild Ball World Championship at the next Steamcon UK, with travel, accommodation, and entry fee covered by SFG (provided the event sells out). When & where is it? The event will be held on Sat 25th & Sun 26th May at Scotland's premier venue - Common Ground Games in Stirling (http://www.commongroundgames.co.uk). Full schedule will be posted in advance and we will aim to kick off the first round no earlier than 11am on the Saturday and to be finished no later than 6pm on the Sunday. Tickets? Tickets can be purchased directly by sending £36 via paypal (friends and family) to cablehype@hotmail.com Please purchase tickets by 1st May to ensure we can order all the appropriate prizes in time. All tickets will include lunch on both days. Further Details? A full tournament pack will be issued in advance, outlining how the event will be run. In the meantime, all updates will be posted to the event Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/341922679974018/about/) if you have any questions, please do get in touch with the T.O. - Pasha Korniyenko, on Facebook (Pash Korniyenko), Twitter (@kingpash), or email (cablehype@hotmail.com). We very much look forward to giving you a warm welcome to Scotland in 2019 and give you an event to remember!
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    H: Vet Sakana W: Granite

    Hey buddy, don’t have a Granite but keen to get my hands on a Vet Sakana. Are you willing to sell it separately? Can you cost it up for me including postage to UK?
  4. Kingpash

    H:  Falconer's Sculpt: Vet Hearne W: $$

    I’ve got a really nicely painted Butchers team, if you’re interested. It’s got Kickstarter Ox, Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Boar, Tenderiser, Meathook, and Shank. Comes with s1 tokens too. Based in UK but happy to post them to you. Ping me a message if you want to discuss.
  5. Ladies and gentleboys, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the.. Scottish Team Championship What?This is a Guild Ball Team Tournament, which will follow the most up-to-date format in the OPD. The teams will consist of 3 players, each fielding a separate team. For further details on team formats, check out the OPD: Organised Play DocumentWhen & Where?The event will take place on Saturday 9th June - Sunday 10th June at Scotland's premier gaming venue - The Common Ground Games, Stirling (Venue Weblink).The draft timetable is:Sat 9th June9.00 - Registration10.00 - Round 1 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 2 16.00 - Round 3 18.30 - Round end - time for food & pub! Sun 10th June 10.00 - Round 4 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 5 16.30 - Awards 17.00 - End of event - home time (via the pub!) Where do I get tickets? Tickets are £90 per team of three players, these will grant you entry to the event as well as lunch on both days. Additionally, you will receive some tournament goodies and be eligible for prizes (which are to be confirmed). You can purchase a ticket for your team by sending the above amount to CABLEHYPE@HOTMAIL.COM via Paypal (Gift please!). Tickets will go on sale at 18.00 GMT on Friday 26th January. Any funds sent before that will be returned. There is a strict limit of 32 teams (96 players). Final words This event is designed as a relaxed but competitive team event. That means it will be cleanly run and well organised but with the idea that we are all here to have a great time. It will follow the up-to-date World Team Championship format as close as possible but with a Scottish twist. I sincerely hope to see you all at the event and make this the first of a BIG annual event! Feel free to ask any questions either via the Facebook event or Twitter (@kingpash). Longshanks World Team Championship 2017 details Attendees: Team Timmay (Germany) - PAID - Daniel Schmidtke, Timmy Wishniowski, Snugglebuddy #3 Team Negative Play Experience (Germany) - PAID - Alexander Horn, Werner Schosser, Daniel Knauss Team Steamforged - PAID - Bryce Johnston, Jamie Giblin, Steve Margetson Team Sweden - PAID - Niclas Ledin, Adam Thiede, Ola Segerberg Team Switzerland - PAID - Richard Shuler, Henrik Ekholm, Eleonora Windler Hamilton Howlers (Scotland) - PAID - Chris McSheehy, Gary Kean, Kenny Hall Team Stave (Scotland) - UNPAID - Steven Douglas, Stephen McCormick, Iain Torrance Team Funsponge (Scotland) - SPARE - Trev Moffat, Calum Todd, Pasha Korniyenko
  6. If i'm kicking with Velocity, I usually only give her 2inf. She won't have pressure to grab the ball in first activation (unless the enemy is REALLY close) but if you need it, you can have it from second activation. For this, I would usually put 3inf on Ratchet, use 1 to Tool Up Hoist (who has 4inf for double Blast Earth), 2inf to shoot Blast Earth onto the ball-recovery model (staying within 4" of Ballista and Velocity) and generate momentum to Overclock Velocity. This gives her the option to charge, acrobatic, and score if she gets the opportunity later in the turn. In my opinion, that's the most efficient way to use her for the kick-off. My kick-off team and inf allocation would normally be: Ballista (2inf) - Deadbolt. 3dmg, 1mom. Mother (0inf) - nest marker. Ratchet (3inf) - as above. 2dmg+, +1/-1mom. Hoist (4inf) - 2xBlast Earth. 6dmg+, 2mom. Compound (1inf) - Horrific Odour. Velocity (2inf) - charge, 2x attacks/goal run. 0dmg, 1-2mom. After receiving, this should put you on 4-5 mom, having done around 10dmg to a single model (if you're feeling mean) and ready to score a turn at the top of the second turn. Not a bad place to be and more than most other teams can generate without the ball.
  7. The main advantage that Engineers have over Farmers is that Farmers have no models that can hold to the ball and we have a whole load of models that can easily get it off them. Therefore, I would always recommend to play an aggressive football team against Farmers. My 6 would be: Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Colossus. The last may get a lot of dislike but if you play him on the wings, you'll find that the Farmers can't keep up with them (they generally prefer to bunch up in midfield, 4" away from each other). If you play aggressively, you should be able to score 3 goals against them before they can take out too make of your players. In my opinion, Engineers and Fish are Farmers' worst match up, so the odds are in your favour. Good luck.
  8. It's Friday and the internet needs a wee hint of positivity, so let's steer things into positive shores. Simple question: what do you enjoy most about Guild Ball? For me, it's a number of things. Firstly, I like how well it works in a competitive environment. Coming from a Warhammer background, I do not miss having a new "comp pack" for each event, not the various different restrictions and FAQs, plus different rulings on the same scenario. These used to leave me exhausted at the end of the gaming day, Guild Ball doesn't do that. I could happily play 5 games in the day and still feel human at the end of it. Secondly, I like the size of what you need to bring. I used to cart around a Battlefoam 720 bag to events and still need another box for all my widgets and stuff. GB fits into a quarter size KR case and that has everything I need in it, if I take the bare minimum. Of course, this hasn't stopped me from gathering widgets for every eventuality but I think that's more my own issue than the game! Lastly, I think Guild Ball is just damn fun! I enjoy playing games against new people, growing the community, and travelling for events. I've been here since GB Season 1 and have been doing regular events. I've yet to hear any horror stories to the level of what we used to get in other games systems. Maybe GB just attracts a better class of gamer? WHo knows but I thoroughly enjoy it and I plan to continue to do so for quite some time yet. Now it's your turn
  9. Kingpash

    Team event in Scotland!

    Hey folks, In case you weren't aware, we are running a big Team event is Stirling, Scotland on the weekend of 9th-10th June. It will be a 4 round event and will feature some of the toughest (& some of the bravest!) WTC teams around. So far, we have teams from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Steamforged Games, and some of the local Scots! The full details are in the link below. This event will be awesome and it would be brilliant to see you guys there
  10. Kingpash

    Resin Returns

    Let's hope the Engineers is on the front of the line to get resined-up. I would do almost anything for a resin Colossus
  11. From my experience, here are the things that are important: - Good venue (plenty space, not too dark or foul-smelling, refreshments and good staff are a bonus) - Well run (round timings are stuck to, delivering what is advertised, fair rules decisions, no cliquiness) - Good set up (decent mats, nice-looking appropriate terrain, table numbers) Here is what I would consider a bonus: - Relaxed atmosphere (if you're relaxed, people will be more relaxed around you and the whole event will be more fun. Note: relaxed does not mean lax or lazy - stick to your round times and rules decisions) - Food included in ticket cost (it's nice to not have to go far for lunch, especially if your last game run to time but sometimes a breather of fresh air is appreciated also, provided there is a place to grab food nearby) - Freebies & prizes (as long as you cover the basics [1st/2nd/3rd/Painted/Goal], everything else is a bonus. I would caution against overloading on "junk" freebies; however. I have been to events where the size of the goodie bag was considerably larger than the quality of the contents - i'd rather have had a bit of money off my ticket or maybe an option to choose from a selection of freebies) Here is what I would say pretty much takes care of itself: - The Game (Guild Ball is the easiest gaming system that I have had to organise events for. It has predetermined number of rounds, the rules are for the most part clear-cut, and the events practically [and literally, with Longshanks] run themselves) - The People (you can try to discourage douche-like behaviour but unless you babysit every single game at the event, you cannot control how people behave. The basic principle is that most people are nice and the nasty ones don't last long in these communities) Hopefully that's somewhat helpful. Basically, attend a few events yourself, see what you like, imitate the best ideas and try new ones for yourself. Good luck!
  12. Ok folks, I am back and have managed to update the list of attending teams. As you'll notice, it's building up to be quite a gathering! We have teams from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, and even Steamforged own staff! The list includes all the teams that have committed to come but I know there are a number of murmurings within the shadows too. So pull your finger out and get your team into the UK's largest team tournament today!
  13. Hey guys, welcome on board! I am currently away on honeymoon for another week, so this is just a short reply - expect a major update with full team names soon! As to where to stay, the Germans have booked into the local hostel, called the Willy Wallace Hostel in Stirling. If you use my booking referral code, you’ll even get £15 off your stay - https://booking.com/s/38_0/pash7333 The hostel is not bad, it’s very central (can be noisy if there are a lot of people in town - bring earplugs) but it’s clean and cheap, also 5mins walk from the venue. Overall, not a bad place at all. Otherwise, I can also recommend the local Premier Inn, which is close by and a bit more expensive but is a higher standard of accommodation. Google that, should be the Stirling central one. Best thing is, have a look at a few options and get in touch with me directly, ideally via Facebook (Pash Korniyenko) or twitter (@kingpash) for a faster response. Looking forward to showing you guys around and having you join us for this awesome event!
  14. Kingpash

    Future of the (UK) Masters

    As someone who has run Masters events in the past (on a Scottish level, for WFB), I can appreciate how frustrating it can be when the outcomes don’t match your expectations. I can see what you wanted to do with it and I love “Masters-style” events. However, I think the main difference between systems like the old WFB and GB is that there weren’t any prestigious events vying for attention like the Masters events did. Now there is the British Champs, along with a whole host of other National Champs, World Champs, Champ Champs etc. The point is, GB is a different beast and having seen this event being run twice, I would be sad to see it not happen again but I would also understand why it isn’t feasible. Maybe just not at the moment? Maybe it just needs another time to come around.
  15. So, after a couple of weeks of rabid planning and back and forth, here is who we have commitments from so far: 3x Teams from Scotland 2x Teams from Germany 1+ Team from Sweden Plus more on the peripherals. Who else is keen to join this truly international Guild Ball fest?
  16. Hey guys, Just wanted to signpost any future new players to the wonderful hub of the Scottish Guild Ball community: the Guild Ball Scotland Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/441819702644705/ On there you will find details of where the local clubs are in Scotland, who your nearest Pundit is, as well as find out about upcoming events. On top of that, you'll see folk posting up their progress pics, arranging games, and general banter as can be expected. Check it out if you're in the area and get in touch if you need any help! Cheers, Pundit Pash
  17. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, folks! Very excited to see who’s coming to represent
  18. Kingpash

    Maximizing a striker line?

    What are you trying to achieve? Are you just trying to find someone to use up influence and give you some momentum so that you can control who goes first (and control when to score goals)? If so, go with someone who has lots of Tac and early momentus results. Decimate is brilliant for this, she will generally convert 4inf into 4+ momentum and she’s mobile enough to be a decent midfielder/goal threat. It really all depends on what your plan is and what you’re looking for in a model.
  19. Only a few days left until the tickets go on sale, folks. Very exciting! Please remember to include your team name and the name of each of the three members of your team when you book your ticket. Tickets available on Fri 26th Jan from 18.00 GMT. Don’t miss it!
  20. Yeah, I remember you mentioning that before. I looked at moving it but the weekends either side just don’t work for one reason or another, so bad to stick it to these dates. You’ll just have to come to the next one. Enjoy Download!
  21. Hey folks, So, given that Scotland is the centre of the Guild Ball universe and there’s an event on here every weekend, I decided to take it up a notch. I am proposing to run a team event in Scotland next year that would be a warmup event for the World Team Championship. It would follow the same format and national teams would be invited. Other interested teams who fancy their chances are also welcome to attend. The proposed date is 9th-10th June, although not yet set in stone. I would be keen to hear your thoughts. Would you be interested in attending? What do you think of the idea? The stage is yours.
  22. Folks, your wish has been granted! Scotland will be hosting its first big Team event and here are the details: This is a brilliant time to visit Scotland, lots of places to go and see. Make a trip of it. Feel free to ask any questions. Tickets go on sale Fri 26th Jan 18.00 GMT!
  23. Kingpash

    Scottish Team Championship

    Scottish Team Championship That's right, it has finally arrived! The biggest UK Team event of the year, a perfect warm-up for the World Team Championship 2018. Find out more: Scottish Team Championship