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  1. Folks, your wish has been granted! Scotland will be hosting its first big Team event and here are the details: This is a brilliant time to visit Scotland, lots of places to go and see. Make a trip of it. Feel free to ask any questions. Tickets go on sale Fri 26th Jan 18.00 GMT!
  2. Ladies and gentleboys, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the.. Scottish Team Championship What?This is a Guild Ball Team Tournament, which will follow the most up-to-date format in the OPD. The teams will consist of 3 players, each fielding a separate team. For further details on team formats, check out the OPD: Organised Play DocumentWhen & Where?The event will take place on Saturday 9th June - Sunday 10th June at Scotland's premier gaming venue - The Common Ground Games, Stirling (Venue Weblink).The draft timetable is:Sat 9th June9.00 - Registration10.00 - Round 1 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 2 16.00 - Round 3 18.30 - Round end - time for food & pub! Sun 10th June 10.00 - Round 4 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 5 16.30 - Awards 17.00 - End of event - home time (via the pub!) Where do I get tickets? Tickets are £90 per team of three players, these will grant you entry to the event as well as lunch on both days. Additionally, you will receive some tournament goodies and be eligible for prizes (which are to be confirmed). You can purchase a ticket for your team by sending the above amount to CABLEHYPE@HOTMAIL.COM via Paypal (Gift please!). Tickets will go on sale at 18.00 GMT on Friday 26th January. Any funds sent before that will be returned. There is a strict limit of 32 teams (96 players). Final words This event is designed as a relaxed but competitive team event. That means it will be cleanly run and well organised but with the idea that we are all here to have a great time. It will follow the up-to-date World Team Championship format as close as possible but with a Scottish twist. I sincerely hope to see you all at the event and make this the first of a BIG annual event! Feel free to ask any questions either via the Facebook event or Twitter (@kingpash). Longshanks World Team Championship 2017 details
  3. Scottish Team Championship

    Scottish Team Championship That's right, it has finally arrived! The biggest UK Team event of the year, a perfect warm-up for the World Team Championship 2018. Find out more: Scottish Team Championship
  4. Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming

    Full details on Facebook events: FaceyB
  5. ***Scottish Events Calendar 2017***

    Here's another one for you, folks. Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming - 17th Feb, Games Hub Edinburgh. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999486763657482/
  6. That's right, you thought that there aren't enough Scottish events on the calendar already this year? Well, here's one more and this one is going to be hard core METAL! Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming - Saturday 17th Feb, Games Hub Edinburgh This will be a 16-man tournament to celebrate the launch of the new Blacksmiths box. The tournament will follow the OPD structure, with the only amendment being that we require fully painted teams UNLESS you are using the brand new Blacksmiths. The painting standard in Scotland is without par and we are bringing out our best painters for this one. Expect some impressive paint jobs - follow more details on Twitter (@kingpash). Full up-to-date event details are on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999486763657482/ The event is also live on Longshanks: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=754 Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  7. Who do you take into farmers?

    We have a decent regular Farmer player, so I get games against him quite frequently. I’ve found from bitter experience that you can’t outfight them, so no point trying. They have too much health and healing abilities, so my primary strategy for beating them would be football. Nobody does football better than Blackheart. Yup, not even Brisket. While Brisket has some nice stats, she’ll not likely be able to get a second goal. Blackheart will get you a goal and threaten another pretty much straight off the bat. Go with him. Your mascot choice is really up to yourself and depends on what you’re looking for. Box is best with VRage but works with Blackheart. Coin works for both and extra inf is nice. So, you have your captain and mascot sorted. Time to fill out the rest of your team. I’d say that Mist and Decimate are a shoe-in at this point. Mist is the best non-captain striker in the game, Decimate is phenomenally manouverable and able to steal the ball and get it to your goal scorers (Blackheart, Mist) or run and hide it in the corner in time for the next turn. Also, she’s able to provide you with a guaranteed 1-4-1 momentum, often more. This helps you control who gets to pick the initiative phase. After that I like to pick flex slots and this really depends on personal preference. Harry or Benny are good as one choice, giving you extra range on your goal-threats and both providing some decent abilities and are generally ok to be left unguarded for a turn or two (although be careful thinking that Harry is safe - Thresher will happily take him out in one activation). Lastly, I like to go for a support piece. This can either be Hemlocke (although I wouldn’t recommend Blind on Thresher - he can kill you easily without the extra Tac. Harry’s Goad is a better control tactic) or Snakeskin/Minx. Snakers is another pretty decent midfielder, able to steal the ball from miles away and get it to a goal-scorer. She’s a bit soft though for my liking, so I would rather opt for Minx. Free charges, able to get a goal from the starting line for 1 inf (with some set up), great for hit-and-run tactics that farmers hate. Try her out. My my best recommendation for dealing with Farmers is not to play their game. They love teams that clump up and go at them together (Brewers, Butchers, VRage Union), so do the complete opposite - spread out and don’t give them more than 1 model for Thresher to attack each activation. That way you’ll bleed points much slower than they can earn them. The Farmers greatest weakness is that they have almost zero tech for Ball defence - they can’t stop you from getting the ball from them. Use that to your advantage. Good luck
  8. Roster: VRage, Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Decimate, Harry, Benny, Snakeskin, Gutter, Hemlocke. Results: Tapper Brewers (12-1 win), Farris Blacksmiths (12-4 loss), Thresher Farmers (12-4 win), Fillet Butchers (12-8 win). Finished 4th/16. Thoughts: I played Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Decimate in all four games. They provided me with a “core four” that I could build a team around and used the last as flex slots for whatever else I felt I needed a boost in, so it was between Harry/Benny and Snakers/Gutter. Unfortunately, Gutter was the most disappointing overall. I just don’t feel she’s warranted without VRage set up. With him she’s amazing and worth concentrating on; without him she’s barely worth giving influence to due to her lack of manoeuvrability and combo-results on her playbook. Snakers was a close second on the disappointment scale. I took her twice and found that I didn’t have enough inf to give her to let her do much. Best she did was threaten to steal the ball back but by that point I already had Decimate/Mist/Blackheart threaten a goal run. I reckon I’ll swap her out for Minx, as she can do much the same but more efficiently (Furious, momentous damage, free Snare), survives better without activation overall, suits hit-and-run playstyle a bit better and is just damn good fun to use. VRage is nice to have on the roster and I do like using him but I find Blackheart a better captain due to being able to get himself out of trouble very easily. VRage is easier to control and I prefer being reactive rather than trying to figure out how to control my opponents team. Overall, looking forward to playing them again at the next event! What are your experiences with these?
  9. Stunning, cheers. It’ll be interesting if your call on this is the same as mine was
  10. Hey folks, Couldn’t see if these have been previous asked, so here’s a few Union questions: 1. Captain Brisket is using has the ball and is using her legendary to “teleport” next to another model. Can she drop the ball and have the other model pick it up before that model uses her Legendary to make a 6” dodge? Both things happen immediately, some timing breakdown would be appreciated. 2. Blackheart’s Legendary – do you chose one benefit (e.g. +1ARM) and apply to each eligible model or can you chose a different benefit for each model (some dodge, some take the ARM buff)? Thought I’d group them to save having to have multiple threads open. Cheers!
  11. Actually, the venue I have In mind has a place that sells deep fried mars bars literally across the street. You’d never be more than 10 meters away from a heart-attack all weekend
  12. It’s probably that deep-fried Mars bar that’s still pumping though your veins.. Sounds grand. You’ll get to experience summer north of the Wall. Bring your winter jacket and a good pair of boots - there be wildlings here..