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  1. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Possible Union card suggestions: Heal: 4. Effect: Gain an additional Goal influence in the following Maintenance phase (so +2, inf basically). Heal: 3. Effect: The model gains +2 Tac for the remainder of the turn when it inflicts the taken-out condition on an enemy model. Heal: 2. Effect: One friendly model gains Shadow Like until the end of the current turn. Heal: 3. Effect: The friendly team may use Defensive Stance and Counter Attack for a combined cost of 1 momentum. Heal: 4. Effect: The friendly team may spend 7 momentum at the end of the turn in order to gain 1VP. Just some thoughts, I could keep going.
  2. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Farmers: original 6. Spirit of cooperation. Union: VRage, Box, Benny, Gutter, A&G, Mist. Most wanted. Result: 12-6 to Farmers (technically 15-6). 1 goal, 2.5 takeouts for the Farmers; 1 goal, 0.5 takeout for the Union. Minion received, scored, and proceeded to lose the grind against the much healthier Farmers in the middle. We bith org took the +VP cards to see what they do. The Union one only came about once but the Farmers one was useful a lot more of the time. To be honest, the biggest difference was the healing rate. Farmers being quite HP-heavy anyway, it was a real struggle to grind through all that health while not being able to heal quite as much yourself. Next time I play this matchup, I'm taking the 3HP card for no other reason than it's not as big a disadvantage. Overall, the game was ok but get like Farmers we're getting lots of shiny new toys and Union got a pack of old shoes to play with. I would prefer if Union has something more interesting to chose from rather than which stick to beat themselves with. Suggestions: give Union something more fun like +2TAC if they've killed someone that activation or even something like ability to buy an extra VP for 5/7 momentum at the end of the turn. Just something to make it interesting.
  3. ***Scottish Events Calendar 2017***

    Updated with Caley Grand Championship details!
  4. Hey folks! Here it is, the big one, the greatest challenge of them all. You gotta remember to pack a pair if you're thinking of competing.. This will be TWO one-day events which will be run as separate tournaments. There will be prizes for those mad enough to compete in both! Here are the details for Day One - https://www.facebook.com/events/267997000377653/?active_tab=about And here they are for Day Two - https://www.facebook.com/events/1952454408335383/?acontext={"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"dashboard"%2C"mechanism"%3A"calendar_tab_event"%2C"extra_data"%3A"[]"}]%2C"ref"%3A1%2C"source"%3A2} Come along to Scotland's biggest event of the year. See you there!
  5. Caley Grand Championship - Day Two

    This is the second day of the Caley Grand Championship - a completely separate event! You can join in either day or both for an amazing amount of Guild Ball games. Please note, times are the latest they will be and we are currently working to get this to finish earlier. Watch the Facebook event page for up-to-date notifications! https://www.facebook.com/events/1952454408335383/?acontext={"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"dashboard"%2C"mechanism"%3A"calendar_tab_event"%2C"extra_data"%3A"[]"}]%2C"ref"%3A1%2C"source"%3A2}
  6. Caley Grand Championship - Day One

    One of TWO one-day events on the same weekend. Attend either or BOTH for a MAMMOTH 8 games of Guild Ball! More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/267997000377653/?active_tab=about
  7. Greetings from multiple places

    Nah, the reference sheets haven't changed since S2, so I can see why they've left them as they are. The changes between S2 and S3 are tiny when it comes to the main rules (like, less than 6 rule changes), so don't worry about them being out-dated. If you're ever about Edinburgh and fancy some games, just give me a shout in advance and I'm sure we can get you a game. There's a whole lot of new players around here who are dead keen to get more experience, so you'll not be the only one!
  8. Greetings from multiple places

    Welcome to the Guild Ball community! With regards to the reference sheets, I've been able to make a small reference card that is about A5-sized by just printing them smaller and missing out one of the pages (I think it was the one with the conditions). Then I laminated it and handed them out to every player at my local tournament. Needless to say, folk found them very handy! Where about in Scotland do you stay when you're not away studying? We're based in Edinburgh but there are several good communities throughout. Best thing to do, is join the Guild Ball Scotland Facebook page for more info. You'll find loads of people on there looking for games and showing off their painting skills. Enjoy!
  9. Original post updated with items now sold. Still got a lot of it left and I would really rather sell it SO I've reduced than the prices on most items. If you're at all interested, please get in touch and make me an offer. Pics of the items in the following links: https://twitter.com/kingpash/status/888030652666400768 https://twitter.com/kingpash/status/888030473582149632 https://twitter.com/kingpash/status/888030252735311873 https://twitter.com/kingpash/status/888029965668802560 https://twitter.com/kingpash/status/888029850015019008
  10. Autumn 2017 Caledonian Cup

    16-man one day event in Scotland's premier venue - the Common Ground Games! more info:
  11. Caley Crush

    5-round one day event in gloriously sunny Edinbugh. Still got spaces left, come and join us if you're free! more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/455726281433457??ti=ia
  12. Right folks, having a clear-out so got lots of Guild Ball goodies for you. Prices are for individual items and do not include postage. Happy to post anywhere in the world, just get in touch and we can work out a total cost for everything. I am more than happy to discuss a deal if you combine multiple items! I've got pics for everything, just get in touch if you want more details For sale: - Full Alchemist Team (mostly metal), painted to a table-top standard, ready to play. (£120). o Midas, Smoke, Flask, Naja, Katalyst, Vet Katalyst, Vitriol, Venin, Calculus, Mercury, Compound, Crucible, Harry the Hat. o Muse on Minis tokens incl. Broken Egg writable blanks. o All S3 cards for each model. - Full Brewers Team (metal), painted to a really good table-top standard, ready to hit the table. (£110). o Tapper, Esters, Scum, Quaff, Mash, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, Vet Spigot, Stoker, Stave, Pintpot. o Muse on Minis tokens incl. Broken Egg writable blanks AND Pinpot specific tokens. o All S3 cards for each model. - Tater (metal), undercoated and assembled. (SOLD). - Decimate (metal), brand new in box (BNIB). (£5). - Avarice & Greede (metal), BNIB. (£15). - Quaff (metal), BNIB. (£5). - Mist original sculpt (SOLD). - Ltd Edition Rage (SOLD). - Ltd Edition Kickstarter Tapper (resin), BNIB. (£30). - Ltd Edition Kickstarter Obulus (resin), BNIB. (£30). - Fishermen starter set (Shark, Angel, Siren), basecoated. (£10). - S3 plot deck & tokens. (SOLD). - S3 Guild player cards. (£1 per team). - Standard template set. (£5). - 8x AOE templates. (SOLD). Get in touch if you’re interested in any of it and we’ll work out a deal!
  13. ****Scottish Events Calendar 2017**** Hey folks, Realise that not everyone might be aware of it but we actually have a really active and very competitive Guild Ball scene in Scotland - who would have known?! So if you fancy to test you mettle against the likes of the current King of Ireland (Frazzers) or the former Vengeance winner (Jimmy), the consider getting yourself up for one of our wonderful events. Here's just a glimpse of what we' e got lined up on the calendar: Sun 25th June, Caledonian Cup 2017 (CGG, Stirling) - 16-man Sanctioned tournament. SOLD OUT - taking reserves. Event fee £15. Link - http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/36655-caledonian-cup-2017-25-june-stirling-sold-out-taking-reserves/#comment-110304 Sat 8th July, Hub Ball (Games Hub, Edinburgh) - 16-man Sanctioned tournament. Tickets £10 - https://www.facebook.com/events/1497775916970511/ Sat 29th July, Caley Crush (RAF club, Edinburgh) - 5-round Sanctioned tournament, space for 32 players. Tickets £15. More info - https://www.facebook.com/events/455726281433457??ti=ia Sat 14th Oct, Caley Grand Championship (RAF club, Edinburgh) - this will be Scotland's largest Guild Ball tournament of the year! Two separate one-day events, chose to attend one or both! Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/267997000377653/?active_tab=about and https://www.facebook.com/events/1952454408335383/?acontext={"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"dashboard"%2C"mechanism"%3A"calendar_tab_event"%2C"extra_data"%3A"[]"}]%2C"ref"%3A1%2C"source"%3A2} If you need advise on travel, accommodation or anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We really do have a fantastic local scene and we'd love you to be part of it! Cheers, Pundit Pash P.S. If you want to stay in touch with all the updates, why not join our FaceyB group, "Guild Ball - Scotland" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/441819702644705/). Looking forward to shooting the proverbial with you all soon ?
  14. Welcome to the Games Hub's very first official Guild Ball tournament - Hub Ball!This event will be a 16-man, 4 round Guild Ball tournament. It will be following the current Regional Cup Organised Play format, found on (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5912ec2959cc686aabba1e47/1494412333399/Guild+Ball+Regional+Cup.pdf)Timetable:10.00 – Registration & set up10.30 – Game 112.20 – Break (20min)12.40 – Game 214.30 – Lunch & Best Painted/Best Goal Voting (50min)15.20 – Game 3 17.10 – Break (20min) 17.30 – Game 4 19.20 – Awards 19.30 – Pub time! Tickets will be limited to the first 16 signed-up entrants. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased directly from the Games Hub on the day. Your ticket will include prizes from the official tournament pack and lunch. If you want to sign up, please get in touch directly and check your name on the list below. The TO for this event will be Pasha Korniyenko. If you have any questions, please get in touch directly via Facebook/Twitter (@kingpash)/Pigeon post. See you all there! Keep on ballin' Pundit Pash For up to date list of entrants and for more info, please check out the event page on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1497775916970511/