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  1. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Regarding vHearne, I'll race you to the finish... (mind you I still have bear, wolf and animal man to do)
  2. The Navigator's Guild

    Windfinder sounds like a name my 7 year old would call someone who walks around searching for Farts .
  3. Hi all, I want to do saliva/drool/spittle effects on one of my minis. Have seen a few tutes on youtube. All of which involve UHU glue. guy at my LGS suggested PVA and a clear paint by Tamya but can't find any examples online of the results. Does anyone have any suggestions not involving UHU glue? Has any one tried this PVA/Tamiya clear paint technique? Cheers.
  4. Kdogs completed stuff

    So after being hit by the photobucket hand of doom I have scrapped my old WIP thread and will be chucking up my completed minis here. Only the butchers at the mo (Meathook is about 80% done) but will be followed (rather slowly) by Hunters, Union, Fish, and the kick off set. So here we go in no particular order.... Apologies in advance for poor photography skills, lack of any painting ability and the hodge podge way the pics will show up
  5. Kdogs completed stuff

    Thanks man, no night theme intended but I'll take it...
  6. Crappy Job eh?

    Skatha's personal WC???
  7. Kdogs completed stuff

    So finished Jaecar and Fahad over the weekend. Not my greatest work. Love Jaecars pose and his base, but they combined to make some very unenjoyable angles to try and paint. Fahad I wanted to make it look like it was walking through the jungle at midnight so went for a purply kind of sorta shade highlight thing that I don't think worked/shows up in the pics (black background doesn't help). I also managed to do a bit of fast terrain as well (being sick ups productivity massively). I have noticed just now that I need to do some tidy up to Jaecars hands and right side of the face but will still chuck the pics up so I don't have to (cringe) try and take more... So just have Seenah, Snow, Ulfr and vHearne to go and they all officially have paint on them so...
  8. Veteran Captain Salt

    Anything on the back of the card? Not that it needs anything!!!
  9. My Kick-off Brewers Team

  10. Kdogs completed stuff

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to trying the darker tone on a few other players as well.
  11. What do you do with your redundant cards?

    Haha, I am hoarding mine with the absolute certainty that I will possibly, maybe, perhaps, find something to do with them in the future...
  12. Kdogs completed stuff

    So in somewhat of an odd one for me I have finished a mini within 4 weeks of the last one I did . This time up it is Zarola, who while I love on the pitch I found an absolute mare to paint. She is my first ever attempt at dark skin tones and you can't really see the highlighting all that well in the pics. As usual critiques and advice (for future jobs- I'm never going to repaint a mini) more than welcome. Just Jaecar and Fahad to finish off in my "Summer/Autumn" hunters theme. Then Seenah will bridge between this scheme and the one I did on Skatha for the heralds. Unfortunately I am struggling to remember what I mixed with the blue to darken the tone a little I should take stock from my wife and write my recipes down I guess.
  13. Far_Traveler's Guildball Models and Terrain

    Mate your output rate is insane.
  14. Welcome to the painting forums. As stated above, practice makes perfect. Can't wait to see what your conversions are going to end up looking like.
  15. If I were to place three jawbone traps within an inch of an opposing player and they moved would they trigger all 3 and take 6 damage? I am assuming yes but just wanted to check.
  16. Vet Honour?

    I can see the headlines now. Farmers field first ever Trans player...
  17. Veteran Minx Speculation Thread

    I think she goes 7/9 with 2", looses furious but will be a 2/4 inf. I'm thinking she keeps hunters mark and screaming banshee. Looses marked target for a CP that allows here to put out extra traps/move traps around. The rest is all gravy really.
  18. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Answer to the original question: NOPE!!
  19. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    And the award for best commission requested by a Kiwi goes to david cameron. Great work. Love the Friday conversion and you have the Luckiest Lucky around...
  20. vGutter card shown

    Unless the new minor guild has access to snared then I will feel it hard . My only union pick since her errata has been minx. She makes every Hunters and Butchers squad without thought. (Edit I have been weaning myself off her lately...). On the plus side I do get to rekindle the season 1 relationship I had between Ox and Gutter.
  21. vGutter card shown

    Tried vGutter on Saturday. Solid. Not ball bashingly amazing (although I was playing into Shark fish so had to go chasing players outside the owner). Took out Sakana and then pushed him off the pitch next turn. She was almost a little too quick for Ox though...
  22. I have been trying to avoid Union players lately (early getting used to not having them as an option). When I do I go with Minx, regardless of who my captain is. Snared is handy to have, as is screeching banshee etc, and they combo up well with butchery and Ox's legendary. In terms of expanding, it is totally up to you I mean why not get the full squad? maybe grab Fillet to give you the extra choice of captain and Boar is great under Ox. It's really no difference who you run etc so long as you are getting consistent practice and learning how to play your team into others via trial and error (or success).
  23. Veteran Captain Salt

    Would be more convincing (or not) if we could see the card.....
  24. There is no such thing as an unpainted mini, some are just less advanced along the painting track than others...(or so I tell myself daily)
  25. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Wow your Skatha colour scheme is heaps like mine, only better!! And white hair, man I hate painting it, but you've nailed it!