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  1. Winter Painting Contest

    Ummmm I've started I guess. Did some paint by numbers. But got a few of my 3's and 8's mixed up. Also those 6's look just like 9's when you turn the mini upside down.....
  2. You guys have been spelling it wrong. It's the Wailers guild. Basically a bunch of women that spend their time walking the sea shore and mourning those that have been lost to the sea. They will play a major part in the fluff as the GB world starts coming to grips with the death of the greatest player of all time... Also I was picking bankers as a guild that would be related to the engineers. It seems the Engies are where the money is at right now as far as the Guilds are concerned. Mind you I also thought that we would see the church as a major guild with the bank as their minor so I wouldn't trust any of my random speculations at all.
  3. Wild speculation begins Sherwin indicates more unknown major guilds to come....
  4. Haha that would be an amazing coincidence considering my Story I wrote for the challenge a while back was a Butchers vs Chefs guild match and I mentioned that the Chefs were a minor guild in that. Would be super happy if that was the case.
  5. Musings on Veterans, New teams, and the Future

    I think what you guys have missed is that Salt is actually a Solthecian spy. In S4 fluff he casts off the shackles of his disguise to rejoin his church in his true lion form. On the plus side @Sherwin gets to write that into a cool story. On the negative, he doesn't get to write the version where Salt becomes captain of the Fishermen.
  6. Are we all plastic now?

    I got my first lot of plastics yesterday (Farris and co). Have to say I will be happy if there are resculpts of teams and released in the 6 man boxes they are in now...
  7. Winter Painting Contest

    Snow http://easyscienceforkids.com/how-is-snow-made/
  8. Winter Painting Contest

    Your Santa My Santa Hard to pick a winner right?
  9. Winter Painting Contest

    It's cold outside? Man it is predicted to hit 35 degrees celsius in my area today (arlound 95 farenheit for you Muricans)!!! Will be the perfect nudge to get me painting Skatha though....I'm in (really just want a digital badge).
  10. Not About Guild Ball

    Haha I normally go with the "I told you I was getting these don't you remember?" trick. Usually works a charm and reinforces my claim that no one in the house ever listens to poor old dad.
  11. Quick congrats

    Yes (mic drop).
  12. Quick congrats

    Just wanted to put out a big congrats to Fellow countryman, Hunters player and frequent opponent Peter Williamson for taking on the mantle of Kiwi representing Aussies. He joins a long list of amazing Kiwis claimed by Aussie: Split Enz Peter Williamson Phar lap Pavlova Russell Crowe 2nd is better than 3rd mate. Well done, we are all proud of you back home.
  13. Getting goals

    Only need 2 inf to sprint and Super shot...
  14. Fan-made minor guild

    I'm sure he would but they are just too hot to handle.