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  1. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    best goal ever!!
  2. Kdogs completed stuff

    Thanks. Tried to think about practical (for a Hunter) but also acknowledge that winter is coming...
  3. Kdogs completed stuff

    So Finally finished the first four of my original Hunters (which were derailed by the winter painting comp). Pretty pleased with how they turned out. Found Egret a challenging mini, Absolutely loved painting Hearne and Theron. I was really worried about screwing up the bases, but they came out better than I hoped for (they look better in person). I tried a new skin recipe for these guys. Wanted it to look a little more tanned than what I normally do, with the exception of Egret who I felt should be paler due to less time as a hunter... I also wanted to do most of the metallics a bronze colour which I find a little more foresty (true word) than silver. As per norm excuse sub par photography, either too dark or too light. First pic of theron seems to be best one (probably as it was the last one I took). First up, my regular crutch. Theron!!! Next up, my hardly ever see the field number 1. Egret!! Followed closely by my hardly ever see the pitch number 2. Chaska!! Lastly my pretty much alway KD'd, TO'd or kicking nads Hearne!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    Hard to pick fav art, toss up between minx, gutter and Decimate for me
  5. All of my Blacksmiths

    cool stuff man. Like the colour of Farris' horse, and the way you have done the inside nozzle on Burnish's flame thrower is cool.
  6. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Took it to be random football hooligans that like to hang out in bars. That or big burly seamstresses...
  7. Salt ftw!

    So... 50mm base?
  8. Parting Blow

    I second what @ningu said.
  9. Falling into a trap

    Well I got one turn with him so not able to judge to much. Fells like a decent pick over the other two as he and Sledge are the main rock in the middle I guess. Hearth works well sitting in between sledge and Alloy as she can give benefits to either of them, but never really considered using her or Farris as captains. My other go to cap is burnish.
  10. Falling into a trap

    Played the following lineup last week: Anvil (Captain), Sledge, Alloy, Hearth, Farris, Bolt into, sBrisket, Mist, Gutter, Minx, coin and Snakeskin. I kicked with Alloy, sledge and Anvil in centre of field Hearth nearby, farris and bolt on left wing, alloy on right. He collected the ball and passed it around a bit leaving it on brisket thinking he was safe their for turn 2. I used SWTIIH to dodge everyone 2" forwards, Alloy took the 2inch melee, charged in tackle, damage, shoot score back to the shadows in threat range of ball and goal, quit footed bolt was yet to go. He went last and kd'd gutter with shoemarang and sat mid field left while alloy was midfield right. Both pressuring the entire field. Due to the pressure on the ball, my opponent went first with sBrisket and took the ball from mist, legendaried to where gutter was and realised too late that trying to whack Farris within cover was a mistake. I countered and tackled and he quit the game there. Basically he could not get the ball and Sledge was just going to saunter over and lay into the KD gutter then goal with alloy and goal with bolt likely for the finish. I thin this is my favorite line up atm, little bit hitty, lots scorey.
  11. Nice work, like the meathook conversion
  12. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    Nothing wrong with the purple bro. That's what I used on her feathers to Stand out from the rest as well.
  13. Mortician Player Summaries

    Brainpan and Memory - One is a dodgy geezer you want to keep away from people. The other is a dodgy murder puppet that you want to tie people up with (also handy for a goal or 2)
  14. What was your first Guild and why?

    My first guild was Butchers cos hey nice art, Boar, and face smashing.... Then Season two rolled around....and so did the Hunters (and Fillet!!!). Season three was Kick off so completed the Brewers, picked up most the Union, fisherman shark 6, More HUnters (), and both boxes of Blacksmiths. Through all of this the Butchers have always held my heart (followed close second by Hunters). I have spent more time with Ox and Boar than my 7 month old daughter. I don't play them as much as I used to (otherwise the game would get a bit stale), but if I have had a couple of losses on the trot I just reach for the old faithful red and grey Butchers and everything seems good.
  15. Vet Minx in May

    Would love furious and 2". The traps look like something bursting through the ground so assume snared at least from them. TBH I would be happy with a 2" melee version of oMinx that drops one trap per turn...