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  1. Compson's Painting...

    wow great stuff!!!
  2. In my day...!

    Back in my day the Gargoyle was always located in the centre room on the board and everyone wanted to be the Barbarian.....
  3. The Shadow Cabinet

    Cool stuff, Miasma looking very Skaven like.
  4. The Shadow Cabinet

    Neither can I....
  5. My Union

    awesome stuff, Strongbox is fantastic
  6. Swissmade is painting Masons

    Really liking the green scheme!!
  7. The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    OMG those turnips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    Man keep this stuff coming, absolutely awesome work!! Love your NMM work, especially on Grange
  9. pundit woes

    Yeah agree and I have run demos at conventions and tournies etc and we ran a league a while back. It will make things easier for me to break through the "life boss" barrier etc and motivate me to do more in the GB world etc
  10. pundit woes

    Hey guys, I'm sitting here on a slightly coldish Autumn evening (actually it's an unseasonably warm 19 degrees celsius) at the end of the world feeling a little frustrated. I am hoping someone can help out or at least give me a false sense of security/reassurance. I appreciate this may not be a topic for the forums but not sure where else to go with this to be honest. So the frustration is because I applied for pundit status in early Feb (2nd of Feb) and so far have not heard anything back (other than confirmation of application email). I had all these hopes of running a launch event for the Falconers and getting in a couple of small tournies as well. I sent an email to the generic SF games feedback address and they responded within 24 hours basically saying to wait I'll hear back soon, that was over a month ago now. We only have 2 pundits in New Zealand (which, fun fact is geographically bigger than England), and they are both located in the same city at the top end of the country. There is not much of a national scene and I would like to change that. Especially given that we have some decent local players. One of my weekly opponents came 2nd at worlds last year after winning the Aussie Nationals, and another just came back from the states where he came 3rd (albeit thanks to the bye). For all the pundits out there, how long did it take for you to get a response etc? If any of you are able to help with my frustration that would be great. I don't mind if it is a sorry we don't need you as a pundit right now response, or even a you suck and got all the answers wrong response, I would just like some sort of response I guess. So frustration vented for now...
  11. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Any chance you can explain/tutorial this method? Not really ever come across it before and you gave me a cool idea for a spare mini I have (its not an otter).
  12. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I'm out..... Although I could do a fully Turquoise otter.....
  13. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Uh oh... will there be badges involved??
  14. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Chocolate Ox (Llama makes me think Pinata. Not sure why though...)