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  1. Working with "Green Stuff"

    Glad you asked the question @Malritch as I have begun my first ever green stuff conversion (using the term lightly) to create a special snowball for Skatha and have found that it is not as easy as the kids playdough etc to make do stuff. All the hints and tips etc here will be used in the work I try to do going forwards.
  2. The Baron's WiP

    Yayy the lavender avengers!!
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    As the whole GIC exercise is about rebalancing plenty of players over on the butchers thread are predicting a lot of people being miffed about this card. But look at it this way, rather than thinking it covers their weakness, view it as rebalancing the guild in a way that thematically fits in with how the guild is designed to be played. That is aggressively and in the opponents face, it enables the butchers to butcher more effectively.
  4. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Much happier with the new versions of these cards. Glad to see the +1 VP nonsense gone. These GIC actually feel fairly balanced and for the 6 teams I play I would happily use any of them. Glad that SF games actually had the grit to say hey maybe we got these a little wrong lets try again.
  5. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    So I actually think the GIC are a lot better all around. Doing away with the +1 VP craziness feels much better. Happy with the Balance, a few minor tweaks here and there but on the whole I think the cards balance out fairly well. People are discussing how OP the 2MP counter one may be but you know what in terms of balancing the teams (from an overall non Butchers perspective) I actually think it is about right. As a team butchers don't really have a great counter power level and are super vulnerable to counter attacks themselves. in saying that, I am looking forward to early fillet activations again.
  6. Blacksmiths (:

    how do you even find the time!!!!!!
  7. Blacksmiths (:

    As normal I like the paint job, but I can't say I am that enthused about the mini itself...
  8. Error?

    Ah yes I apologise, the werebear and the werechicken
  9. Error?

    He is a werechicken that Harrows trait is 100% aimed at because lets face it no one is going mascot vs Harrow when there are easier targets on the field.
  10. Hunters win the Canada nationals?

    Yeah the other Hunter player in my group recently won a fairly serious event over in Oz with the Hunters.
  11. Kdogs completed stuff

    So flurry of painting activity today. Finished Meathook (not my favourite work) and for the sake of it painted up coin (must be the single quickest mini I have ever done!!). This also means I am finally finished with the Butchers!!! Wow and it only took 19 months! As usual I welcome all feedback, criticism etc So after 19 months here is the result of my Butchers Journey. Given my lack of experience, then ability, then motivation, then available time I am fairly happy with the way the team has turned out.
  12. Hearth Preview

    What about standing stagger (although probably better off on a brewers player)
  13. Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    really nice job on Bushel, and that cock....amazing
  14. Adventures of a splayedpaintbrush

    Geez Flint misses one goal and just falls to pieces
  15. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    Nice, now you gotta carry it on with the rest of the team...