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  1. masterkdog

    Kdogs completed stuff

    So update so far, all my painted dudes and dudettes (minus basing on a couple of them) ready to go. Next up will be the Smiths... I suck at pictures so No flash With Flash
  2. masterkdog

    My Union :)

    So much white and flesh (my two worst enemy colours).
  3. masterkdog

    First tournament need to do some theory balling

    Well here is the rundown of the tourney. https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1116 took me the rest of the week to drive back down etc. Fairly pleased with how it went (minus the last thirty seconds). First up vs Kick off Masons I ran Fillet, Princess, Meathook, oBrisket, Boiler and Shank. This was a pretty fun game and I had a chance to finish it earlier but Brisket fluffed a bonus timed super shot from 4.5" out by rolling 1, 1, 2, 3, 3!!!! Fillet picked up MVP by managing to get 10 out of 12 points. I also had a moment in the game where all 6 masons were bleeding . Second game vs Morts was a great one. Scalpel, Vileswarm, Silence,Pelage, Ghast and Graves. I played Fillet, Princess, Meathook, vBrisket, oMinx and Boar. The game was great with me pulling ahead early and my opponent coming back with some great in out take outs from Scalpel. Ultimately it came down to the initiative (which was a dice roll after cards), I won it and vBriskit walked over and took out silence and had enough left to slot a goal as well (if it was necessary). Third game was an odd one for me. Playing into Esters, Quaff, vDecimate, Friday, Spigot and oHemlocke. I took, Fillet, Princess, Shank, Boiler, vBrisket and Meathook. I started poorly by standing Boiler, Princess and vBrisket side by side which Esters just loved and so too did Hemolcke... Luckily I managed to play cagey enough the rest of the game to edge ahead for a bit and heal them. Now going into this round, me and my two regular opponents from Wellington were the only players who had gone 2-0. This being my first tournament I did not realise the significance at first of winning, and therefore forcing a tie break with the winner of those two (and a fourth round for everyone else). Anyway back to the game. It got super tense at the end and my brain went to mush with the possibility of another win and ended up with me making a couple of basic mistakes (not healing players etc) and my opponent clocking out. It was 11 all and he managed to jiggery pokery himself to a spot where he was able to take out Princess (one of the players I forgot to heal ) and he picked up the win with about 15seconds left on his clock.. All in all fun tournament for my first ever outing. Also please that the other Butcher player managed to pick up two wins as well and keep the great guild in mid pack with me
  4. masterkdog

    My Guilds

    ha i just assembled and primed my fish too, then put to the back f the painting queue behind, smiths, masons, union and brewers...
  5. masterkdog

    My Fish

    awesome job on jedi gretyscales
  6. masterkdog

    szendroib's guilds

    The owl on Chaskas shoulder is ace, as is Hearnes Badger.
  7. masterkdog


    I actually quite like the cards. In regards to the balance of them, I also feel this is relatively ok atm. I have played games where I have played 7's or 6's just to get the initiative but in the end I have lost out due to my opponent making better use of the lower inf higher buff level cards. I myself came back from 10 2 down thanks to netting 4 mom from my opponent scoring twice. Could just be the way we play here in wellington where most of our games are quite tight. Decisions are now made around what the card actually means for us in game rather than just inf value.
  8. masterkdog

    szendroib's guilds

    Nice stuff, if they fix colossus pose (not confident after the Hunters resculpts) I might actually pick up engies
  9. masterkdog

    National French Tournament - 10 man roster

    While I am yet to acquire her. I have proxied vGuts in a few games and find her good value. 2" is nice, your abovementioned stuff also nice. Being able to actually net 2MP out of Pelage is nice.. I find holding her off till last and going to get 4-5MP can really set you up nicely for next turn. Much like oGuts
  10. masterkdog

    National French Tournament - 10 man roster

    Nice stuff mate. Can't believe Dave is pretending to not be a Kiwi...
  11. masterkdog

    Kdogs completed stuff

    So while I have been quiet on the painting front I have been doing some stuff. About 75% done on vHearne and 40% done on Seenah, then hunters will be done. I have however managed to finish a goal (very basic) for my first ever tournament this weekend, had a play around with some blood effects and have finished Ulfr and Snow (still need to base them). So quick goal (this was speed painted for me, painted it in 2 days!!) Here is my blood effects test on Meathook And my not yet based Ulfr, who I found really fun to paint (Thriller dance pose aside), had a play around with skin tones and probably didn't get it right but oh well, it was an experiment.
  12. masterkdog

    My Brewers - first ever painted minis

    great stuff, who you going to do next...
  13. masterkdog

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Veteran Calculus is going to be terrible because Smoke betrayed her and cut off her long hair that gave her super powers ...
  14. I'll one up that. Legendary play: From New Zealand. Target player from another country wins the Australian nationals and comes second at the world champs. Wait for it.... (We have a bigger contingent going over to Aussie nats this year as well so you boys better be wary....)
  15. masterkdog

    The Watch

    Did Sherwin just give us a hint to the Blacksmiths minor guild? (or another major guild)... I tell you, if she’d discovered the game before the iron? Well, she might be in the Watch still, playing on their team. Their loss though, and our gain. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/27-6-2018-the-blacksmith-guild-ferrite-iron Or am I slow on the uptake and we already knew about the watch having a team?