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  1. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Just finished a commission, painting the new Blacksmiths box, and decided I needed to get round to finding a new host for my images. So, below, are team shots for the newer teams not seen since Photobucket started charging loads, plus a few of my older team shots for prosperity Blacksmiths Farmers Hunters
  2. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    The bases for the Falconers are wood filler, mixed with black ink (to make it a bit thinner and easier to manipulate) then Citadel's Agrellan Earth over that, with some dry brushing. The cacti are from Pegasus (and there's some on eBay at the moment - search for large cactus terrain pegasus)
  3. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Wanted a wee project to experiment with some colour shift paints from Greenstuff World (this is Martian Green, a purple green shift). Steamcon sale, had Blacksmiths for £20, which was ideal
  4. Yes, quite a few of us have noticed that, similarly had no warming, and have emailed in to Support. No reply yet (has been 2 weeks for me). I had £10 still to spend....
  5. Grenoir

    Best Wishes for SteamCon UK attendees!

    Personally I would say God Tear, on a hex based board, is a board game (much as I would for Shadespire, Aristeia, Blood Bowl). You need a specific printed play area for play, you can't just play it on a blank surface. (I realise GB straddles this nicely by needing the few pitch lines but otherwise having free direction of movement in any increment of inches). I think there are some similarities to God Tear with the play area style, though it has a hint of Shadespire with some card decks; an influence mechanic (a bit more like Warmahordes than GB); and coloured, scaling dice, similar to Aristeia. I nice melange, blending cool aspects of many games, plus some brilliant looking models.
  6. Grenoir

    Best Wishes for SteamCon UK attendees!

    Had a go at the Redline demo - soooo excited for it, though if it goes to Kickstarter it'll be 2020 before it's out! It had a hex arena, like God Tear, so yes, a board game.
  7. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Realised that with waiting so long to get Minerva sorted I hadn't posted my Falconers, so here they finally are;
  8. Grenoir

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Totally agree - 4 games today and took them both every game. Goals, blood, and death a plenty
  9. Grenoir

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I need to cut three, so with the few slight nerfs and the 1" melee he just falls into that group for me
  10. Grenoir

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I'd agree with that 12, though I might think about taking a Hearne out to get Fahad in (just to suit my play style) Had a "pre-season training match" today - basically Hunters vs Hunters with no duplicates and only one Hearne. My Skatha, Ulfr, Snow, Vet Hearne, Seenah, and Minerva faced off against Theron, Egret, Zarola, Fahad, Vet Minx and Chaska. My team had a turn one goal with Ulfr then Skatha worked on getting the ball for goal number 2. Turns out Zarola is a great ball holder vs her and I couldn't get the results I needed to dodge in without setting Unpredictable off though. However, I really liked the fact there were options with the inclusion of her blessing and legendary to work around Unpredictable. Seenah definitely felt like a bear in this game and Furious was not missed. In the end though, Poisoned Arrows, Arrows to the Knee, and a free Shotgun blast per round took the game to 12-9 to Theron. We both really enjoyed the game, and how the Guild feels for S4.
  11. Grenoir

    Tournament Trays

    Bear in mind your tournament limit goes from 10 to 12 in season 4, so it may be worth holding off until manufacturers adjust their top plate (eg above, only has space for 10 models)
  12. Totally agree on all points!
  13. Grenoir

    Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    Yep, got to agree those corn and sheep are spot on and fit in very nicely! Nice work on the team! By the way, is the ADG, of your forum name, your initials? As they are mine also
  14. Grenoir

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Coming in May according to Leodis Games. Not sure I like the new Harry sculpt, though I prefer Pride without the plinth;
  15. Totally agree on both these points Happy to see so many new poses too, as i can pick and choose my favourite from a range. Was never that keen on the original Obulus but the new resin and the Steamcon early bird versions are perfect for my taste.
  16. Grenoir

    The Goal Post Thread

    My Union/ Solthesian goal
  17. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    I just got this one and one other for a Ratcatchers goal, so was happy with the price for that (probably wouldn't choose them to base a whole team though!). The base itself is nice - sharp detail, and small details too. The scale of bricks in the wall wouldn't match anything else I've seen with regards Masons Guild scenery but on it's own like this it works well with the model's scale.
  18. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Yes, that's right, one of their Victorian base inserts
  19. Grenoir

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Finished my custom goal post for my Solthesian/Union team
  20. Grenoir

    vMinx card shown

    Is this correct? I thought if you were knocked down you no longer had a melee zone. As Marked for Death is range "S" I was taking that to mean it is on VMinx and then would apply to anyone in her melee zone that another player declared charges on? It wouldn't work therefore if she was knocked down with no melee zone. Or is the play 'put Marked for Death on enemy in VMInx's melee zone' and then anyone that charges that one model gets the bonus?
  21. Grenoir

    Veteran Minx Speculation Thread

    Hmm, thinking what's in the name "jawbone trap" - do they trigger pushes, as people caught in the trap call for the teammates to save them? (Thinking of that scene in Predators with Danny Trejo) And yes, looking forward to seeing the reveal on this Vet. the most
  22. Grenoir

    Falconers pics

    Had some pics appear on FB for the Falconers - looking nice... and that poor, poor "ball"
  23. Grenoir

    Veteran Decimate

    Looks great! Though a double Push on 2 plus the Heroic and you could be pushing someone 8". Not sure if that's a bit OP? Decimate for Brewers seems to be a much stronger and more interesting change than Gutter for Butchers! Hope they keep this trend going for the rest.
  24. Grenoir

    Vet Minx in May

    So Leodis Games posted this, this morning - a box set coming with all the Veteran ex-Union plus Honour (so I guess Vet Seena will be the Steamcon model?) Looks like Minx gets a trap token! Coming in May
  25. Grenoir

    the figures

    Box 1 was was awful for flash with me though box 2 was okay - flash quantity seems to vary wildly between boxes but would be good if they could get that under control, as the bad ones are really bad and not the standard I'd expect from SF