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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    The painted sculpts are up on the blog now - 50/50 on my like of the models so far. Piper, Pelage and Skulk look great, though Scourge, Maisma and Squeek look a bit off (what's going on with Maisma's hands??). Hopefully we'll see them from some alternate angles at some point. The ball token makes me think of Eddie Izzard's taxidermist sketch
  2. This content seems to be blocked?
  3. Winter Painting Contest

    Woo, it's so pretty
  4. Well I got Santa Graves and his 8 reinde...rats finished this week so I guess I can start the ball rolling You'll hopefully note there is a Rudolf rat
  5. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    Which is totally understandable but it would be nice if they conveyed that (the cost vs quality vs intended use of the print) either when suggesting use of Printmakr for what was produced in the sculpting session, or anywhere on the Printmakr website. Steamforged always seems to fall down with lacking good communication. Have no knowledge of costs for quality 3D printing but high cost, with 3 month wait, with £6 postage all just pushed me away. I've actually placed an order with Shapeways, in the most expensive plastic option they had for wargaming and, as it was my first order, I got free shipping. Was £7.18 and should be delivered the first week of Jan
  6. So I had a blast, creating my own Ball token at Steamcon (brilliant to have a go and was such a great addition to what we could do at Steamcon ) and was looking forward to getting my bespoke ball printed via the new Printmakr system. Steamcon finished the 18th Nov. Yesterday I was at last told my Ball token was in a queue and should be done in 4-6 weeks time (so around Feb). Today I was sent the invoice - £30 for my Ball token (inc £6 postage), and this was a special deal offer for those that attended Steamcon. I've decided not to go with getting my creation 3D printed. Disappointed that it's turned out to be such a long process (roughly 3 months from finishing the file) and to be so expensive for a tiny Ball token (plus the P&P seems massive). Thought I would pass my story on as, with no previous experience of 3D printing and nothing with regards price or timescales on the Printmakr webpage, I thought it might be insightful info for others.
  7. Are we all plastic now?

    Totally agree, though could equally eBay the non-Shark, SIrens and Greyscales models if none of my friends were interested. What I wanted to mention though was "can't we have someone other than Shark for an exclusive extra mini?" If this box is made there'll be Regular, Kickstarter, Plastic, and Chibi versions of Shark and they mention offering another metal one in the box - how about a variant sculpt of Corsair instead?! (or Angel, Jac or Sakana; the models whose sculpt looks unchanged in the plastic box?)
  8. Are we all plastic now?

    Video of it has just gone up about it (link on main homepage) - would be all 12 plus goal, terrain, and possibly extras (metal exclusive Shark) for $100
  9. Steamcon USA Keynote

    Muuucchhh better! Thank you!
  10. Steamcon USA Keynote

    Yes, such a shame - can hardly hear anything, and can't see a thing on the screens. Anyone able to post a summary with some screen shots?
  11. Mold line removal on SFG plastics?

    I've used a moldline scraper with both Farmers and Blacksmiths boxsets and found that to be better than a hobby knife. I've painted the first Farmers set twice (moldlines on everyone but not too bad); the first Blacksmiths set once (was awful, and was putting me off getting further sets, but a friend had a much better experience with his); and am just painting up the Blacksmiths second set which thankfully hardly has any, so has restored my faith a bit.
  12. Wild Speculation on Minor guilds

    With it being 2 players from the major Guild that can join each minor, I wonder if we'll see something linked to Kraken and Siren, fleshing out the pair's hidden backstory with a link to a different Guild?
  13. Steamcon UK venue feedback

    Yep, totally agree - not sure how I made it through the seminars on Sat on the wooden benches! Great weekend but the venue was really poor!
  14. GuildBalloween

    Mine shipped yesterday - first time I've actually had an email confirming postage. Ordered a few minutes (/moments )after the early access email arrived
  15. GuildBalloween

    Interesting - Dark Harvest box set has alt. cards for the gravestones. Blackheart is dead = alt. Blackheart card; Snakeskin is dead = alt. Snakeskin card; Greyscales is dead (?) = alt. Salt card.......why not an alt. Greyscales card, is he possibly not really dead?