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  1. Shudder


    I look forward to future events, in saying that, I'll be at CanCon... playing Warmahordes, but would love to meet everyone down there. CanCon is always a good time meeting up with people I rarely see and meeting new people.
  2. Shudder


    Thanks guys. I actually joined the Facebook page at the same time as writing up my introduction, but thanks I had my first official game on Thursday (I lost of course), and it was definitely a nice refreshing change, I still love Warmahordes, but mixing it up definitely doesn't hurt. Bring on more GB games!
  3. Shudder


    Hi Guys, My name is Kyle and I'm from the land down under (Australia). I come from a Meta highly involved with Warmachine/Hordes where a few of us have started to dabble into GB for a change of pace. I play Circle Orboros in Hordes so I have chosen the Fishermen guild as they seem to have the play style I like (movement shenanigans and score power etc) See you guys around the forums, Best regards, Kyle.