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  1. This is the correct answer. Just a typo, I'm afraid. It should be an "Area icon" rather than a "Nearest icon." We will get this clarified in the next update to the FAQ.
  2. Hey Folks, I just wanted to let you know briefly that I'll be fading back to the shadows, at least for the time being. I'm about to move to a new home, then I have a work trip almost as soon as I arrive there, then I have to fly out to a friend's wedding... It's a busy, busy time to be sure. At some point in the future, I plan to be back for more discussion on the game and on the various expansions. For now, though, I leave you in the capable official answer hands of @alxndrhll. We've also got a great community already coming together here who know the rules as well as we do at this point. Have fun!
  3. He'll turn so his butt (also known as his "back arc" in rules terms) faces away from you. He'll try to move back 1. He'll hit the wall and stay in that node. In this game, "no damage" and "0 damage" are equivalent. I appreciate a good semantic debate as much as the next guy, but 0 damage simply isn't "suffering damage." You are correct that the Bleed condition is focused on multi-wound targets in contrast to the Poison condition that focuses on single-wound targets. I would not recommend the Kukris for a battle against a bunch of single-wound targets.
  4. D_C

    Assassin Starting Armor

    lol. That might be the most relevant part to an Assassin, but the actual requirements are: STR: 10 DEX: 14 INT: 0 FTH: 0 And the armour stats are: Block: 1black Resist: 1black Dodge: 1dodge
  5. Block and Resist "reduce the damage" a model would suffer. If a model does not suffer damage after factoring in Block/Resist, then it has not suffered damage. You don't add any red cubes to your character board or wound tokens to the enemy model or trigger "when it suffers damage" effects. EDIT - This answer also applies to the Ember question. If you would suffer 2 damage after Block/Resist, then that's 2 damage (not 3). @Ashraam is correct on both counts. No, you don't have to be in range before the attack portion of the weapon ability. It works the way it says it does in the rules. When you roll towards a boss, you reach the boss from the direction you rolled from. When you're already under the boss's feet, you have more tactical flexibility of what direction to roll.
  6. Weapon effects do not "use up" any of the normal aspects of your activation. If you recover stamina from a weapon ability, that doesn't replace recovering stamina at the start of your activation. If a weapon includes a shift icon, you still have your normal movement.
  7. It's perfectly fine if "highest" is a tie. Whatever the highest stamina cost is on the weapon, reduce that number by 1.
  8. D_C

    Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    I refuse to choose! (Either that or I'm indecisive.) I like all 4 starting classes for different reasons, and that only gets worse when I start considering the other 6 classes. Even my least favourite classes out of the gate, Thief and Deprived, have some *really* compelling reasons to take them!
  9. Yes. Yes, you can... you monster. (Assuming, of course, no other enemies kill you while you whittle him away with your sword of frosty goodness.)
  10. You do not gain above the max. Correct. The max is the max. No, they do not re-spawn during heat up. Any roll modifiers are cumulative. It doesn't matter what is rolled on particular dice within the roll. (Consider a 2Black-1 weapon with +1Black from a gem. There would be some really weird/annoying tracking if we separated it out that way. You just throw the three dice, add 'em up, and subtract 1.)
  11. Regain Health and Stamina normally. Reenter the encounter normally. It's still 2 encounters. You just have to face double Gargoyles.
  12. D_C

    Favourite Character so Far?

    Ornstein has a couple of 3s, but most dodge difficulties are 1 or 2.
  13. Correct. Outside of "node limits" for models on a node, models friendly to each other do not push each other around.
  14. D_C

    Attack cost

    Yup. That is correct.