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  1. Damn, that's some awesome tech. @FearLord - I'd say Corsair is almost certainly the best ball retriever in the game. One consideration in the question is that sometimes you'd like to Tackle the ball away from a player to get a Momentum. If a player has Momentus Tackle on 1 and a decent TAC score, then retrieving the ball almost certainly for 1 INF plus getting a Momentum is a really nice option, and many players in the game have this ability which puts them in a similar league. Luckily for Corsair (and as you rightly mentioned above) with a TAC of 6, 2" Reach and a Momentus Tackle on column 1, he's in the Elite of the Elite. Add in his abilities (Close Control, Sturdy) and he's pushing out everyone else in the game in almost all areas except maybe those players who have such a high MOV and INF and Dodges that they can retrieve a ball from an extreme distance. (For example, Shark.) So yeah, he's probably the best. Siren being another good example of such a powerful player, and Obulus being a third (High MOV w Puppet Master is awesome.)
  2. Ryoshi

    We're going to need a bigger boat...

    @MacTuitui Perhaps Hunters will be even further into the "Pitch Control" than the Alchemists, and more towards the 'butcher' end of the murder spectrum? I honestly don't know. Sorry for the delays in updates. Report cards are taking up my free time right at the moment, but they'll be finished soon.
  3. Ryoshi

    We're going to need a bigger boat...

    Totally agree with you @Banjulhu... until it becomes about more than just TAC. Character plays are much harder to get off against DEF 5+ models. That's why I tend to think DEF 5+ is better... but in so far as Math & TAC are concerned, DEF 4 ARM 1 is fairly equivalent.
  4. Ryoshi

    Girl Fight - Cosset v Minx

    @Hazard_Syndrome - Anatomical Precision would have been awesome on Graves. Would it have been TOO awesome? I doubt it, but maybe... actually, I doubt it. I'd like to see him have Anatomical Precision. But yeah, his footballing skills are actually quite decent. Another reason why I like Graves.
  5. Ryoshi

    We're going to need a bigger boat...

    @MacTuitui - Thanks for the input! I was hoping to do a final summary at the end of the player vs. player comparisons in terms of game play, and I like how you put that, so I may just quote that portion for the comparison. @Pangur Ban - I can't agree more. And let's not forget that with Deletion, Overclock and Alternator the Bomb just got even scarier! Charging in to get two wraps means 6 damage, (1 damage = 2 damage under Deletion) then explode for 3 more damage to everything in 3". That's a lot of damage and against anything but models with 2 ARM or Tough Hide should be able to soften up, or murder rather easily. Especially great against most Mascots within 11". @FearLord - Though I agree with you and have come to the same conclusions regarding Salt, I'm also of the same mind that Salt should be a model that I'm excited about and more could be done to keep Salt relevant. *shrug* Salt did better in the above comparison than I thought it would and hasn't died on me in my last few games. Hard to pin down and tough to kill, then punishing if you kill it due to Loved Creature means that most opponents don't even bother. I guess that's a positive. @Insidiously Mad - I appreciate the input. I hope I don't sell Super Shot too short as I believe it is an excellent piece of INF investment. +2" Shot Range and +1 to Kick score for 1 INF is great. Most movement boost abilities in this game seem to cost 2 INF for 2" (with certain exceptions). It costs a Momentum to gain an additional die to Kick in most circumstances. [1 INF cost > 2 INF & 1 Momentum.] That being said, Super-shot only really matters when the model in question spends it and makes contact with the ball. It isn't useful all of the time. As for the quick-strike threat, they can score first turn when receiving the ball while putting a large, Tough Hide, 2 ARM, Reach model in the middle of your pitch, ready to do it again the next turn... and maybe even knock down a player or two while they're at it. Colossus can be brutal, and activation order can be manipulated to engineer (see what I did there???) scoring opportunities that are similar to those the Fish can do. ... SO I've decided that the immediate similarities between Engineers and Fish in terms of a scoring team end there. The next three player comparisons will be different but follow the same format. Then I'll have an "After Thoughts" post that should summarize the teams and their abilities, as well as any further thoughts. Thanks again for any/all input thus far.
  6. Ryoshi

    Girl Fight - Cosset v Minx

    @cacklad - I can agree with you there. The only reason why I was able to survive against Graves was because Kraken is a solid counter. Harpoon him in and he can soak up the scything blows all day long while generating decent Momentum and keeping Graves away from your other players... And as long as Graves isn't getting into my other players, then I'm doing alright.
  7. Ryoshi

    Girl Fight - Cosset v Minx

    That's very true, but in my last game Shark had Gut & Strung Cosset after using his Legendary, reducing her charge range to 1" with 1" Reach. Sadly for me Cosset charges for free, so my opponent activated Cosset, and then Lure'd Angel to within 2". Then proceeded to charge and rip her up a little. It also put Angel to within charge Range of a -4" MOV Ghast. Without Lure she would have just wasted 2 INF. With it, she enabled the Morticians to dish out the pain. Lure is nice when coupled with Puppet Master for extra player manipulation.
  8. Ryoshi

    We're going to need a bigger boat...

    You asked for it, and now you've got it. Mainspring vs. Salt! RELEVANT STATS: -Four differences separate these two mandatory choices. Mainspring is slower by 1 MOV, has 1 less DEF and 1 Higher ARM... but 2 less Health. This makes Salt the better overall choice as DEF 5 tends to be better than DEF 4 ARM 1, and obviously higher MOV scores means better mobility. But Mainspring can be revived should it die... very useful. Verdict: slight advantage Salt PLAYBOOK: -This one is a little tricky. Mainspring has a momentous Tackle in column 1, and a double-dodge in column 2. With only 2 TAC it's rather difficult to get both results depending on your target, but it's still possible... doubly so with a bonus time charge. Still, it's a decent Playbook for a 2 column Playbook. -Salt has a slightly larger Playbook (4 possible results in 2 columns) which gives Salt another Momentous result. Unfortunately the little guy has a non-momentous Tackle on column 2, which pales in comparison to Mainspring. In addition, with the GB result on Salt's Playbook being in Column 2 (and not 1) and with a TAC of only 2, it's very rare that you'd take the risk to try and attack an enemy model to get both the Character Play and the Momentum instead of just spending the 1 INF to use the Character Play in the first place. Momentous dodge on 1 is nice to keep Salt alive but it doesn't really help Salt do anything of value besides avoid being killed. -Verdict: Slight Advantage Mainspring CHARACTER PLAYS: -Super shot vs. Where'd They Go? That's a tough one. -For Mainspring, who has a Momentous Tackle on 1, ball control and shooting are emphasized as a role for this little mascot, so Super shot is great for the bug. Having a 2/6" Kick score that can be Bonus Time'd means that the little thing can actually score if necessary. And though a 14" Threat range isn't great the option is there if it's needed. -For Salt, who has a momentous Dodge on 1, Where'd They Go doesn't really synergize with it too much. It's an amazing Character Play overall, but somewhat wasted on a player that has a 1/4" Kick score and can already dodge out of combat with non-reach models. That being said, I'd never turn up my nose at this Character Play since a 1 INF cost 4" Dodge is simply amazing, and gives Salt a 14" Snap-to retrieval range. It also means that for 1 INF Salt can make an 11" Advance. Pretty fast for a little guy. -Verdict: Tie HEROIC PLAY: -Neither has one. LEGENDARY PLAY: -Neither has one. CHARACTER TRAITS: -Mainspring has Overheat, which directly punishes opponents for killing the little guy... or basically dealing 3 to all targets in 3 should it want to explode. Sometimes this is smart, and the Engineers have numerous ways to turn Mainspring into a smart-bomb. -Salt has Loved Creature. Awww.... so sweet. This helps to keep Salt alive by forcing a more difficult decision on your opponent and sometimes dictating activation order (kill Salt last!). Verdict: slight advantage Mainspring Ryoshi’s Verdict: This is actually much closer than I thought. Between Ratchet's Overclocked and Pin Vice's Legendary & Character Plays means this little bug can get tuned right up to becoming a serious threat. 10" Sprint/Charge with 7 dice means you could relatively easily wrap at least once, followed up by a dodge out of combat, Supershot, and then a shot means this thing can really do some damage and pass or score if necessary. Salt again doesn't offer much to the table but being an annoying to kill, quick stray-ball retrieval unit. If Salt is following around Angel, it may not be able to get to the ball anyway. If it's with Jac, it does alright however... but that's a tough sell. Verdict: Slight Advantage Mainspring. ... For those counting, that's a tie between the Captains, a solid advantage for Velocity over Angel, and a slight advantage for Mainspring over Salt... Luckily the next couple matches will help to restore some enthusiasm for the Fishermanz. Next match-up is Hoist vs. Sakana.
  9. Ryoshi

    We're going to need a bigger boat...

    ANGEL vs. VELOCITY RELEVANT STATS: -They both have essentially the same stat line. Good MOV, Middling TAC, Great KICK... but Velocity has a big advantage in terms of DEF 5+ without any strings attached (not bad for a puppet.) Angel needs Salt within 4" to have Def 5+. -Advantage goes to Velocity. PLAYBOOK: -They have almost the same playbook, with a couple exceptions. Velocity has a Momentous result on each column, with a momentous double-dodge on column 3, which is excellent for a Striker with TAC 4 as it means Velocity can Charge while remaining outside of Base-to-base contact and double-dodge out of counter-attack range against a DEF 4 ARM 1 opponent a good deal of the time. Also, having a Momentous Tackle and Double-Dodge on column 3 means Velocity is one of the best ball-retrievers in the game. The Momentous Double-Dodge & Double-Push result on column 4 is just overkill. -Angel on the other hand doesn't have nearly the maneuverability that Velocity has in her playbook, but she's no slouch. She also has the option of dealing 2 damage on column 3, which isn't bad in a pinch. Sadly you don't bring Angel for melee prowess. Advantage goes to Velocity. CHARACTER PLAYS: -Both players have Nimble. However, Nimble is much better on Velocity as it pumps Velocity up to a base DEF 6+, which makes Velocity very difficult to pin down. -Angel has Super Shot, which is a great ability! This makes her one of the absolute best shots in the game as it stands, and is probably the main reason why players take Angel. However, it costs INF like all Character Plays and you'd be silly not to use it if you have the option, making Angel more needy. -Verdict: Tie. HEROIC PLAY: -Neither player has one, so this is an easy category. -Verdict: Tie. CHARACTER TRAITS: -Starting off with Velocity -- Close Control and Reanimate. Both great abilities. Close Control makes Velocity an excellent ball carrier, especially when stacked with Reanimate for a total of 14 health with a free 'remove conditions' as well as DEF 6+ under Nimble. Just awesome. -Angel has Light-Footed, which is excellent on a terrain laden pitch. Tactical Advice [Shark] doesn't help you when Shark is on the other side of the board, but it's a nice +1 INF when you set it up. In addition, it allows Angel to be allocated 5 INF in a turn, which allows her to Charge, buy an attack, use Nimble and Supershot, which I can personally attest to has won me a game. Finally she has Defense Support [Salt] which is kind of okay. -Verdict: a slight advantage to Velocity Ryoshi’s Verdict: -Despite my passion for Angel on the pitch, Velocity is just a better overall Striker. Angel has one particular advantage, which is an 'un-assisted' additional threat on goal of 2" with slightly better accuracy due to Supershot... but Velocity can rather easily make up that difference with the improved Playbook, and is much more survivable to boot. 2 additional health due to reanimate, close-control for carrying, and higher natural DEF means Velocity brings the better package to the table. -Verdict: Velocity is marginally better than Angel as a Striker. If I were given the option, I'd bring Velocity in Fishermanz over Angel probably 5 out of 6 times. (Side note: Angel has the better model IMHO.)
  10. Hey guys, I think we’re going to need a bigger boat… With the release of Pin Vice for the Engineers, I'm feeling the squeeze. I'll be doing a few posts here comparing the Fishermen and the Engineers in terms of foot-balling ability and coming to some sort of conclusion about whether or not we're getting edged out of the top-spot by the newer Engineer releases. First, a comparison between Captains: Shark vs. Pin Vice RELEVANT STATS: -Shark has a 2” further Kick. Shark has +1 Health, and 2” melee. Pin Vice is female (slight advantage). PLAYBOOK: -Strikingly similar. Pin Vice can deal more damage more easily, has a Momentous Tackle, and has more Dodges. Wow. -Shark can use his Character Plays via GB results. Nice. CHARACTER PLAYS: -Quick Foot & Alternator are a toss up. Quick Foot is shorter range and costs 2 INF, but doesn’t deal 3 damage -Gut & String is a nice debuff that stacks very well with Shark’s Legendary. -Deletion is a great buff and gives bonus damage and a ‘free’ Bonus Time but deals 3 damage. -Tidal Surge gives more immediate utility for 3 INF with a 4” reposition, but is a 1x/turn play. -Controller gives more control over activations, allowing a chain-activation at a cost of 3 INF and 3 Health. Opens up some incredible interactions with timing and goal scoring, especially when combined with her Legendary. HEROIC PLAY: -Shark doesn’t have one. -Pin Vice will probably not use hers very often, and it is unnecessary in some team line-ups. LEGENDARY PLAY: -Shark’s “Caught in a Net” is awesome, and a fantastic Debuff with great control. -Pin Vice’s Well-Oiled Machine is awesome, and a fantastic buff to probably her whole team allowing 4” Dodges for free, plus Momentum. CHARACTER TRAITS: -Shark is Light Footed, so better on the pitch with more terrain. -Pin Vice has Close Control, so more offensive as a ball carrier. Ryoshi’s Verdict: -A solid tie. They’re in the same league here. This IS saying something as Shark is probably the best goal scorer in the game. Pin Vice is awesome, and a great boon to an already strong footballing Engineers team. ... Next up... Velocity and Angel
  11. Ryoshi

    Girl Fight - Cosset v Minx

    Cosset because Lure is a thing.
  12. Ryoshi

    Ryoshi's Reports

    Okay, had a chance to relax a little and since my memory on the two games is a little foggy, I'll post the highlights here: Game 1: Fishermanz - Shark, Salt, Angel, Kraken, Siren, Sakana (my first game with Sakana, so I'm excited to see what he can do) Morticians - Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Graves, Ghast, Cosset Highlights: I win roll off and choose to receive. Ghast kicks off, Sakana runs up to receive the ball and kick back to Angel and promptly misses his first pass. Obulus pulls him in with Puppet master and attacks him once. Sakana uses Poised to counter-attack, but Obulus dodges out of melee range. Ghast charges Sakana and rips him up before finishing him off with some help Turn 2. Shark receives the ball from Angel, dodges up, charges with a movement boost, shoots and scores (4-), dodges out of the way with a Knee Slider. Silence lights Siren and Kraken on Fire for most of the game. Kraken infuriates my opponent by knocking down Graves and Harpooning Ghast into melee with him, getting around the INF cost penalty, and then KDing him repeatedly, turning 3 INF into 2 momentum and a 4 health heal for a couple turns. Cosset proves dangerous during Shark's Legendary by using Lure to pull Angel into melee range and beating up on her. (Didn't see that one coming). Obulus scores a goal from a long distance away. Siren dealt 8 damage to a KD, Crowded out Cosset in a single turn. Angel pops one in the net with a Bonus Time'd Supershot and Shark takes out and crowded-out & wounded Cosset and Dirge, proving once again that he's a mega boss. Disappointments: Salt did next to nothing (got lit on fire once I believe.) Sakana did nothing of value. (Victim of circumstance and a single poor roll.) Graves didn't have a chance to shine, as he's very dangerous to squishy Fish, but Kraken is a very strong counter that he just couldn't avoid. After Thoughts: Really happy with Kraken this game. His 2" reach helped achieve some Crowded-out bonuses, tanked pretty hard, plus his Harpoons were useful. He didn't do a lot of damage (a few points to Graves) but did a great job of holding up a few opponents who couldn't risk taking Parting Blows from a KD on column 1, especially Ghast who I find to be generally difficult to deal with. Siren was there in case I needed her and posed a serious threat down the left flank should the situation arise, but also managed to dish out some serious pain to Cosset during an important turn. Turns out 2 damage on 2 can add up, even with a lousy TAC of 3. Shark just took the reins and went aggressively into score and did a great job. Angel didn't do as well as usual, but was okay. She ended up with a goal, and she didn't die, so that's all I can ask. I was pretty disappointed with Sakana, so subbed him out for Greyscales in the rematch game, as I'm still looking to get something good from Old man Scaley. Obulus is still very scary and I underestimated him... again. (A trend that doesn't seem to end here.)
  13. Ryoshi

    Adventures of a Corsair

    I'm starting to wonder more about Corsair... I tend to win all of my games with 2 goals 2 takeouts. Shark tends to score both take-outs, but I think Corsair would do this much easier... hmm...
  14. Ryoshi

    New Errata (Chain Grab and Blind)

    Hey now... Kraken deserves more credit than people give him. I just finished two games tonight where he was amazing! Reach and Harpoons? Yes please! ... @Captain Sparks - I'm nervous about the Blind against my Fish. Angel is good for only one reason... kicking. If she's ever tagged by Blind (and with DEF 4 it's likely) she'll be useless. I'm obviously in the camp of thinking Blind still has lots of use. Ugh... -2 / -2" to Kick Scores... Screws Shark up too.
  15. Ryoshi

    Ryoshi's Reports

    Just finished a couple games against my favourite Mortician opponent! They were nail biters, and one game was completely nuts in showcasing exactly how crazy Obulus can be when he puts his mind to it. Still, the Fishermanz did not disappoint ... well... actually Sakana had his first showing ever on my team and it wasn't exactly stellar. I need to take a rest and think about what went down in each game as I'm just too worked up at the moment, but suffice to say they were very fun, and my opponent was both courteous and gracious at all times (Thanks man!). Both reports will be posted in short time. Stay tuned.