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  1. Poetica

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    masons as a good match up seems odd. Vet Harmory pretty much shuts down snare where you need it.
  2. Poetica

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    yeh for sure, 4/2 is pretty solid in most cases. either way, hes doing alot of dmg and worst case you are making your opponent deal with him. which is fine, because you have 5 other players that can do work.
  3. Poetica

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    I usually dont give him more than 1 to run with and shoot for free. He can hit his MOM 2 if you need him to but then you are prob committing a 3/1 model into a fight (not usually smart) but to each their own. hes really good in the mirror as well. Shoot minx so her buff goes away (she wont be engaging anything). I havnt found a match up yet to NOT play chaska or the bear.
  4. Poetica

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    Theron, Fahad, Chaska, vMinx, Seenah, Minnerva(or oHearne) Chaska and Seenah alone can kill a team
  5. Poetica

    S4 Theron 4+ Takeout list

    You may think about Minerva for eye spy and harrier. I would have to crunch the numbers but she may be a bit better than one of the others. (dunno just a thought)
  6. Poetica

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Vince, I agree with your logic. But I think you are missing a few pieces to the puzzle. first off, Vet honour should not go in all lists just to be clear. I think she fits better with grange than thresher, and I think you only play her when you want to cage up (which if I’m not mistaken is how you play 90% of the time) lets just assume you are playing Grange, ploughman, and vet H and harrow. Again, keep in mind you have went “full Chicago” and have prob killed the ball somewhere and have prob barley moved off your deployment line. The idea is you want them to come to you. (Which is smart is some cases. You know which cases are good and bad) Geange can go, do his thing, prob KD someone and put up HL and ideally give tough hide to something that’s being threatened. (4 INF maybe 3) and at this point, Vince you already screwed up. (You forgot your harvest marker :-p) Ploughman can go and either just lay a roughground or 2 and be done or push some people around if you really wanna put him in the mix. at this point you have spend MAYBE 5-7 INF. You have tough hide up on someone, HL is up, someone was/is KD and you prob still have the ball on the chicken in your bag basicly. Harrow can go lay a marker for free (you remember this) it’s on the roughground that you so conveniently placed and BOOM, magic. 2 for 1 sale. Tool up someone, attack someone, dealers choice. Momintus double harvest marker on 1 seems good! Up to you. Let’s assume you don’t do anything else but tool up someone. you have 3 markers down. (Well you have 2 since you forgot granges) enter vet honour. She picks 1 up (for free), places in back in the rough ground. BOOM another flash sale. 2 for 1. 4 markets down for nothing. You have either 1 or 2 roughground stl choice from. (Which actually extends her range) that being said these would be bunched up a bit if you only have 1 rough ground. But realistically not much worse than how you usually play it. And since fallow is there (I’m sure) she’s gonna scoop up 2 of those. You can prob just put tape over Vet Honours playbook as I doubt you ever use it, but it is there I suppose. Not all models have to be able to kill something, or shoot a goal or “theaten” something. I submit to you this list Grange, Peck, Vet Honour, Ploughman, Harrow, Fallow. Again, don’t be silly and play this into things that will exploit you for what your lacking. (Millstone) this would be a tank list. Harrow heals for free (don’t forget Vince) tough hide where you need it. Outlast them and grind it out. She’s a lot better than you think, if you step outside of the box that you have build yourself into. You’re a great player, figure it out.
  7. Poetica

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    more movement "gotchas" or a good striker
  8. Poetica

    Game Plan deck discussion

    careful with your sound logic, the internet will burn you down for it. Tell you flat out you're wrong then 2 months later act like the conversation never happened while they are taking your advice. believe me....i know
  9. Poetica

    Game Plan deck discussion

    Mark my words, they will be changed because of imbalance sooner than later.
  10. Poetica

    Game Plan deck discussion

    I feel tha you should be on the clock as well, but there is no way to have both clocks running at the same time. Unless the person with the most MOM must pick first. i think the cards in general are a cool idea, that being said I feel like, like the GIC, it was rushed out the door. The cards themselves are adding a luck factor into the already high luck factor of a Dice game. You can just lose a game because you drew bad cards and the other guy had good cards. (Good being +4>) after several games I have found the text is massively less important on 90% of the cards than the ability to either go first or second. You can no longer plan for the future beyond the turn that youre in with any reasonable hope. Again, if your holding all >3 cards, and you REALLY need to go first (depending on match ups, board state, and a million other things) you either just flat out can’t, or you never DEF stance, counter attack or heal, in hopes to make the MOM at least close. my solution, change the amounts from a max of 7, to a range of 1-3. Everything can stay exactly the same. This is not only taking away MOST of the luck factor (not all) and still giving you a chance to swing the initiative based on how you play the turn. guild ball is a dice game, luck is always a factor, but way add more and more factors to winning and losing base on things that are out of your controll. Might as well choose captains then Play ship captain crew, and see who wins. Would save a few hours and would more or less the same out come. Maybe depending on your world ranking you could get another roll.
  11. Poetica

    LVO guild ball?

    I didn’t see anything on the site for guild ball at Las Vegas Open. Anyone know any info on this?
  12. As the title reads. When you take condition dmg in the mainrance phase. Do they trigger simultaneously or individually. I ask because of the GIC for alchs "chemical resistance"
  13. Poetica

    Harry the Hat!

    i really doubt it will be "the same harry", that goes for all players. Im sure they have a few tweaks to fit "that guild"
  14. Poetica

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    When the first round of cards were released i was so excited. The idea of this was very interesting to me. I kinda of already know what captain i play into other guilds. This was one more thing to kind of play with and set up, which i like. To me it feels like some people sat around a table, drinking, and sparked this idea. That person sold everyone else on the idea and started rattling off ideas. they got about 12 ideas out that were solid and then realized they needed more to flesh out a set for all guilds and then through some stuff together. Some of these cards are obviously WAY more powerful than others, and i understand you have to look at the big picture not just the cards in a vacuum. but still. I feel that these cards will scare newer players off and you will see guilds be more popular based on their cards not their players. (we may start to see ALOT of brewers on the final tables now) I think these GICs are a slippery slope for power creep. This could be 1 more thing SF will need to errata every so often because it wasnt tested correctly or long enough. over all i think these cards need more work and more time on the testing table. Great idea, just not thought out enough.