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  1. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Season 4 Ratcatchers - Share your play experiences!

    Played my first game with them into Blackheart Union other night. Ran with MIasma, Scourge, Vet Graves and Bonesaw. He ran Blackheart, Coin, Minx, Rage, Gutter and Hemlocke Not sure I set up right but went for turn one goal with Bonesaw (who missed but survived (just) to turn 2 for a tap in) Then used some serious Piper jank to grab the ball and score straight away again. Meanwhile the rest of the guys sat backfield just before halfway line, I used Graves to tie up Rage, his KD and they aint tough (thrown on nearby Minx) then used his heroic on rat, Scourge came in finished Rage off, Rat charged Minx sent her running in between Scourge and Graves (in hindsight I should have followed with rat for extra crowd out) then at start of Turn 3 Scourge kills Minx for the win. Only losses were Piper and Bonesaw to conditions at end of T2. Think thats the way ill set out for forseeable just get the goal threats to buzz around focusing attention on them and hope for a goal or two while accepting they will probably die and then try and feed stragglers to the big guys on half way line. Didnt get a real feel for Miasma as didnt do much but think with better positioning she will be really handy.
  2. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    I’m wanting to try a takeout list tonight of Theron, Fahad, Seenah, vMinx, Jaecar and Minerva. Will be tight on influence but hoping it allows more flexibility.
  3. Thats us wrapped up yesterday, few dropouts few additions. Results up at https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1204
  4. Howlers are now known as The Drunken Rat Farmers
  5. Hmmm the howlers need a team name will give you a shout lol
  6. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Match Report plus some Vet Honour chat

    Hi folks, few years back I set up a blog to keep track of my games and thought doing a write up would help me learn a bit more. That lasted for one match......then I sort of forgot. Now a few years down the line with a bit more experience (and a working pooter) I'm giving it a bash. So here's a write up for a tourney warm up game between Thresher Farmers and Esters Brewers. I used Vet Honour for the first time so put in a write up on my thought process as to how to use her with Thresher and comparing her with her peers. Love to hear folks thoughts. Tournament Warm Up – Farmers v Brewers (and the case of VetHonour v Jackstraw) – https://elpundito.wordpress.com/2018/06/08/tournament-warm-up-farmers-v-brewers-and-the-case-of-vethonour-v-jackstraw/
  7. Hi Folks, As most of you might know the majority of tournamnets in Scotland are either Stirling or Edinburgh based so im doing my bit to try and get things rolling in the West! Have a great wee venue lined up where folk can play (and get smashed if they feel the need from half 12 onwards.....) Hit me up if youre interested. The tournament is now sold out but I am now taking names for reserves in the event of a dropout. Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1727421260677651/ 16 person guild ball tourney £15 entry fee (PayPal friends n family to dreggs@hotmail.co.uk to confirm space and confirm guild) 4 rounds Toastie and soft drink included with entry at break time. Licensed bar open from 12.30pm for over 18's Tea/Coffee/Soft Drinks available to buy on arrival. Location is Lodge St Andrew, 38 Kittoch Street, The Village, East Kilbride, G74 4JW Right next to EK train station and free parking on the village Main Street next to co-op. Also 10 minute walk from EK shopping centre. (Respectfully ask that no outside food or drink is consumed in the hall - this is a condition of the let!) Level of prize dependent on turnout but provisionally looking at: Organised Play Kit (Dice!!) Ltd Edition Mist Falconers Box (1st place) Kickstarter Ox 2 x Terrain boxes. (Last and best sportsperson) Any other spot prizes I can source 😁 Usual Tournament rules apply: 45 mins on the clock 110 mins round All models painted unless Farmers/Blacksmiths/Ratcatchers or Falconers 10 person squad (1-2 captains, 1-2 mascots, 6-8 squaddies) All players requested to bring game plan deck, timer, all appropriate tokens and templates. The most up to date errata at the time of the event will be in effect. Rough Schedule 9.30 - 10am - Setup and Registration 10am -12 PM Round 1 12pm - 2 PM Round 2 (lunch orders taken from 1.30pm) 2pm - 2.45pm Break 3pm - 5pm Round 3 5pm - 7pm Round 4 Attendees: 1. Iain Torrance - Butchers or Masons - P 2. Derek Rankin - Alchemists - P 3. James Jamieson - Morts/Ratcatchers? 4. David Warwick - Alchemists - P 5. Martyn Nicol - Farmers - P 6. Adam Bynoth - Fishermen - P 7. Mark Watson - Hunters or Falconers - P 8. Alasdair Johnstone - TBC - P 9. Chris McSheehy - Ratcatchers? 10. Trev Moffat - Brewers - P 11. Fraser McFet - TBC - P 12. Malcolm Green - Fish - P 13. Steven Douglas - TBC - P 14. Allan Gibb - Engineers - P 15. Richard McHale - Brewers - P 16. Alastair Crowe - Hunters
  8. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Irish Guild Ball Championship 2018

    Paid up raring to go. Scottish invasion incoming 😁
  9. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Scottish Guild Ball

    Scotland is where it's at.
  10. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Greetings and Salutations from NE Scotland

    Welcome from the Lanarkshire division. If your ever near Hamikton feel free to swing by our club on Wednesday nights.
  11. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Hamilton Howlers (Scotland) League 2016

    Match Report Game week 3 Wednesday 1st June 2016 Alchemists (Gary) v Morticians (James) Team Sheets AlCH – Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Compound and Decimate MORT – Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Silence, Cosset and Rage Coin toss won by Morticians and they chose to receive. Midas stepped up and kicked the ball over the half way line to the right of the centre circle. Turn One Obulus moved out and collected the ball passing it back to Rage for an early momentum. Who in turn played it to Silence, who passes to Cosset before moving toward the halfway line and dropping embalming fluid on Calculus and Flask who had just repositioned in a defensive formation in front of their goal. This put him in range of Midas who charged but was unable to finish him off opting for momentous push/dodges to pull Silence away from his team mates and closer to the Alchemists team. Vitriol charged in but could not do enough to finish him off. Turn Two Morticians win initiative. Ghast charged Calculus who was just in range and lay down some damage knocking her down in the process. Midas the finished off Silence swiftly to try and gain some early momentum. Midas KO Silence – ALCHEMISTS 2 – MORT – 0 Decimate then lay into Ghast and was able to do some heavy damage along with Calculus who was now getting back to her feet. Obulus joined the melee zeroing in on Decimate, Calculus healed up Decimate a little. Flask moved into position to drop a smoke cloud next to Ghast to set up Vitriols charge, however Dirge engaged her to ensure this did not come to fruition. Instead Vitriol turned her attention to the bird and took him out swiftly. Vitriol KO Dirge – 4-0 Rage moved further upfield holding the ball. Turn Three Morticians win initiative Ghast continued to lay into Decimate but couldn't quite do enough damage to take her out. Decimate activated and threw more damage down on Ghast and self healed. Midas charged in and put the finishing touches on Ghast. Midas KO Ghast 6-0 Rage played a through ball for Obulus who used his superior agility to weave in off with a dodge to avoid triggering Compound who was lurking nearby. The captain coolly slotted to ball home. GOAL Morticians – Obulus 6-4 The ball was cleared out the the wing where Vitriol was able to collect before being tackled by Cosset who kicked the ball deep into the Alchemists half. Turn 4 Alchemists win initiative Midas charged Rage but was unable to deal enough damage due to the idiot manager only putting 6 influence on him. Vitriol collected the ball deep in her own half. Decimate charged Rage and was also unable to finish him off. Rage then attacked Decimate who was still low on health only for a Decimate to counter attack and take his last bit of health. Decimate KO Rage – 8-4 Obulus repositioned toward the midfield and not much else exciting happened this turn. Turn 5 Alchemists win initiative Midas popped his legendary to Charge Cosset, then also his heroic for extra damage to take her our. Midas KO Cosset 10-4 Obulus then moved in on Decimate to add the killing blow and popped his legendary to steal all the momentum. Obulus KO Decimate 10-6 Then he repositioned towards the midfield. Low on influence the other Alchemists simply repositioned. Rage had returned to action along with the others except for Cosset who rested up on the bench. Rage moved in from the wing to line up for Vitriol next turn. Vitriol pre empted and charged Rage but couldn't finish him off. Turn 6 Morticians win initiative Obulus activated and charged in on Vitriol to build early momentum and do a little damage. Vitriol then activated to resume the beating on Rage and was able to drop a smoke bomb and finish him off. Vitriol KO Rage Final score Alchemists 12 -Morticians – 6 Alchemists comments Overall this was not the gameplan I had in mind. I originally had Mist in my lineup instead of Calculus but forgot the league rules we are using only allow one Union player in the Match day squad. I had hoped to try and play a bit of football but the fact that Midas never got to true replicate shows how much of a fist fight it was from turn one, I just felt I couldn't afford to let up on the attacks as they were able to gain a lot more momentum and Obulus was untouchable.
  12. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Edinburgh Lurker

    The scene in Scotland is terrific just now. Met a few of the Edinburgh lads at common ground they are top notch. Welcome ^^ (if you're ever in Lanarkshire feel free to give myself or @BigRed a shout as we are 2 of the pundits in that area)
  13. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Scottish Guildball Nationals 15-16 October

    Haha no scoreboard operator ^.^
  14. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Scottish Guildball Nationals 15-16 October

    I'm in though won't find out til the 16/17 SPL fixtures are announced if I can defo be there as may need to work -.-
  15. TheFullMetalAlchemist

    Advice for Game Against Butchers

    Hemlocke is ok if you can keep her away from pretty much everyone but most of the butchers can tear her to shreds in one turn without breaking a sweat. But saying that butchers can do that to most players.....