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  1. Joel

    Clocked out Against Farmers

    I’ve had just one game against farmers - I took: shark, salt, angel, Sakana, greyscales and Hag i was 8-3 up when time stopped play (not on clock, but vassal froze up and stopped working for my opponent). Goals from greyscales and shark with both in turn 2 as I kicked instead it received. His 3 came from a takeout of the Hag with Windle. hag was amazing though - she was knocked down by grange and also engaged by Windle and managed to dodge out, stand up, legendary them both aside to make a gap, jog through the gap to get the ball and pass it to shark to set him up for the second goal - for a grand total of 1 inf. I was in a position with shark and greyscales to threaten a 3rd goal too when we had to stop.
  2. Joel

    How to buff Angel?

    I’ve been running one team, regardless of matchup, since Jac hit. Mainly due to not having the other fish models painted (until now!) shark, salt, angel, greyscales, Sakana and Jac most if you are probably throwing your hands up in frustration or disgust at that team - but necessity has been the mother of invention so to speak. in this team angel scores late turn 1 when I receive - and is then parked in snapshot threat range as others have outlined above. She attracts a couple of opposing models trying to murder her, and this generally opens enough gaps on the rest of the field for shark, greyscales and Sakana to score 2 more by the end of turn 2/first activation of 3. Salt and jac cover the back door and collect the ball. Angel has been excellent for me, but then I’ve never tried anything else
  3. hi all, i asked Jamie for the reasons behind kraken not bring changed with the other big guys. He was kind enough to take the time to explain things. He was also willing to let me quote him, so here you go: So, There's more to each of these points but I'll summarise (in no order of priority): 1) publicly there isn't a consensus on Kraken. Some people don't like him but an equal number do. We appreciate the 'meta' is young so this is not a main pillar within our reasoning but it's a valid point. 2) - our internal playtest groups do have consensus that Kraken has a place within the Fishermen team and some games he will be used some he won't (a good model for use with a sideboard) 3) The 'big guys' that were left untouched all have more to their game and an emphasis on damage soak, and they do this extra function reasonably well. Boar is a damage and efficiency monster, Stave has the reposition tool of doom and momentous KD on the 1 column and Kraken has his harpoon, release the kraken and momentous KD on the 1. They all perform a job that we want them to reasonably well. 4) we accept that while Guild Ball is doing very well for a young game it is imperfect (or it wouldn't need errata!) there are few models in this game that we wouldn't change if we had the approval to edit them all. Mostly in small ways but the point stands. We had to draw the line somewhere so we categorised our changes and prioritised them. The ones we made are the ones we deemed to have been the most important to the game right now and in it's immediate future.
  4. I thought this was the case - thanks for checking Dave
  5. Joel

    Sneaky sneaky Steamforged

    You didn't really need 8 models though. I could write down a list that mentions 2 union players, but nothing forces me to actually produce the models - I'll just use the base team However, models so pretty that it's hard to resist. I now own the entire range bar one model.
  6. Joel

    Who to buy next...?

    There isn't a weak link in the engineers team, so if your funds will stretch, get them all eventually. I'd say start with mainspring and ratchet and possibly gutter.
  7. Joel

    Ratchet & Mainspring having a blast.

    First part listed by the original poster isn't quite optimal Ballista gives mainspring second wind turn 1, ratchet overclocks it. The mainspring runs 14" up the board and explodes - the enemy gets 2VP but NO momentum as they didn't have an active player taking it out. However, the more I play, the less I detonate mainspring at all - it's a pretty good kicker, runner and tackler. Ratchet instead spends his time throwing blast earth out, generating momentum or long-bombing the ball or healing velocity and colossus.
  8. does tough hide prevent damage done to a model that repositions while within Ballista's legendary minefield aura?
  9. If the range on a character play is "P" then the attacker has to use the play against the target of the attack. Otherwise they are free to use it against other models in range.
  10. Joel

    Terrain - Obstruction

    as I understand, yes, she is still within 1" of the terrain and therefore gets cover. Its rather abstract, but its how the rules read.
  11. When salvo causes DMG he gets to perform a 1" dodge. If he deals just one DMG to a player with tough hide, does he still get the dodge, as the damage has been prevented?
  12. Joel


    she's the prettiest of the mortician models IMO, and that's in a team where you're spoilt for choice when it comes to pretty.
  13. Joel

    The Kick Off - engineer style!

    you see, that makes me think more about mainspring - I want him in the opponent's face to go bang! anyway. another thing to consider is that engineers have lots of ways to free up the kicker model from engagements with their ranged plays - and even access to second wind for extra movement. this really makes me consider adding decimate to my roster so that I have 2 second wind opportunities I can take advantage of.
  14. I believe the target spot you pick has to be inside the base of a friendly player for you to gain momentum. snap-to doesn't count.