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  1. Sryth

    Gencon 2015

    I am an Indy local and haven't missed a Gencon yet. It would be awesome to have a meetup it may even be possible to grab some open tables and get a game in there are usually some open tables throughout the event.
  2. Sryth

    Hello from Indianapolis

    I have yet to miss a Gencon and I am pretty sure we can find a place to get a Drink or two.
  3. Greetings from Indianapolis IN, I have been playing tabletop miniatures games for about ten years now everything from Confrontation 3 to Warmachine. Warmachine is my current go to game because of the solid rules, I can see the same potential in Guild Ball and can't wait to start getting in more games. I also love running tournaments and convention events and hopefully in the future I can get involved with that as well.