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  1. Hylo

    Want: KS Shark

    Still looking? @Bildo
  2. @HellvisPresley Take it with a pinch of salt as blind is pretty useless now as mentioned. @Wazatdingder Consider yourself lucky, i'm of the opinion that Fish are one of the strongest teams right now, the scoring game being much better than the take out game. she definitely warrants an include as a tech peice. They are an all or nothing team, if they haven't got access to the ball they aren't doing anything but when they do my god. With the changes to blind i'm considering them myself since i'm not sure the directions Alchs are moving in works for me. @Skuloth I mean it's really situational to be honest, i won't tend to allocate mist anything unless he is making a goal run. He generally needs to charge to tackle and generate momentum because of his low tac, then he needs the capacity to buy WTG and shoot, so you're looking at a 4 inf investment to get the most out of him. He's quite often more of a threat than a workhorse of the team. As a general rule i will tend to load 2-3 players up and then split the remaining between 2 useful characters. I'm a big believer in giving max to the characters i want to accomplish things. In my teams, cascading- Does midas have a silly aoe ability, if yes, fill. Fill Vitriol, she has the best damage threat and one of the best scoring threats on the team, why wouldn't you. Do i have a playmaker this turn, I've won initiative and said character is in range of the ball and then 2 dodges to shoot/Kill a weakened character for the game. Fill. Does my ball-carrier need inf for defensive tech/dodges to leave melee etc. Give non aoe Midas 3, at worst two for his legendary, HB etc. Any remaining influence, split between workhorse characters. Lets say Decimate and Snakeskin, both have from memory 2 damage on 2, 3/6 kick and good speeds and TAC. When i allocate in this way i'm looking at ideally 2 INF each to maximise things that may happen in the turn. Midas falls in to this category too when you're using him as a damage dealer against a football team, he's not good enough to warrant filling at all, but he's okay. In that situation Decimate is better.
  3. @SkulothAbsolutely, Snakeskin is a ball handler, especially around Fish. It is extremely difficult to keep the ball away from them but I've found her to be the best bet. Her damage results are also in no way bad especially when you consider the efficiency of the first influence because of poison, making her again useful against Fish. I believe all the characters that can grab the ball off of a nimble/clone snakeskin are male. Shark & Greyscales currently. Being DEF6+ is a bit helpful, especially with sharks tackle on 3 from memory. The only thing to watch out for then is Siren, best defense being leaving no easy play maker within range and ideally snakeskin being on the opposite side of the pitch. She's so successful carrying the ball incidentally that i'm usually not hiding it at the back, i'll be advancing along the field with her. Looking to get the goal to finish the game, thereby limiting the fish's exposure to the ball. *As an uodate, blind is now toss and generally not worth the slot. Lazy game design, they've destroyed its viability instead of having an actual useful ability on two of their players.*
  4. Hylo

    Blind Nerf

    Maybe this depends on your usage of blind, was it to help handle ball carriers? Because mine certainly wasn't. Or do you mean the effective .5 increase in range? In a denial skill, -4 MOV -4 TAC in an aoe is infinitely better than -2/-2 as a single target. Its a nerf. Sorry pal.
  5. Hylo

    Blind Nerf

    Bad players will ALWAYS find something to moan about you know that. I feel like there was a risk/reward element previously, now there isn't really a reward. I'd of been happier seeing it stay as previous but losing one of either TAC or MOV personally at least that use as a denial play would still be there. I feel like this change likely kicks it out of being useful enough to warrant a spot in my 6. The really simple way of figuring out the relative strength. Were Alchemist's ruling the roost and becoming an unstoppable force off the back of blind? No. Were all players who had access to Hemlocke playing her in every game? No. Were even a majority of Alchemist players running double blind? No. (Nor was i) It's entirely possible creatively you've decided to not have Blind play any meaningful part in the future of the game and i could understand that. It just seems a weak option in that case when you could have replaced it. Also, this was a brilliant option time-wise, going in to season 2. Card reprint, to finally look at the character's that are so way below the par they aren't even being used. Katalyst for instance. Amongst the many.
  6. Hylo

    Blind Nerf

    It's a huge nerf, it's destroyed Blind as a character play i would build in to my team. Previously i'd take Hemlocke as one of my six to help handle the Tapper's and Boar's and to dissuade people from grouping up in to death balls, yes she's not building me momentum, she's a risk at 10hp and of course she can always fail to hit but she's also helping keep my players alive and able to score. Now, 1 dice, 1 target, -2 tac. It's far too weak for me to consider her in that role. Not to even mention Calculus. I predict even the good alchemist's getting kicked around a lot more by the fighting teams now.
  7. Hylo

    Turn 1 Goals and Goalies

    Just have shark run dodge and shoot last activation, worst case scenario you lose initiative and shark still doesn't die. Not to alchemists, so have him activate first with full stack and legendary, G&S everyone else and you're in a great position for the rest of the turn. My first thought anyway.
  8. Hylo

    Defence Vs Masons double activation

    A good option would be to blind whoever is being loaded up with all the buffs. Whether that requires passing to gain the 4' dodge or what. Tricker vs Chisel than mallet as usually Chisel will walk/second wind to engage as the first activation whereas mallet will often move into position to charge.
  9. Hylo

    Who Cares Who Wins Episode 10 - Is out

    Loved it again lads, gj.
  10. Hylo

    3rd game, a few questions

    1, The character cards take precedent over rule book rules, as such puppet master can grant you an additional movement over your normal movement. Just as an addendum to what Korak said, Second Wind allows you a jog after your activation has ended. 2, Directly quoting the legend of the laywers guild, ' After the attack is resolved means after the enemy team gains an MP for Taking Out Dirge ' I found that by searching Dark Doubts within the rules forum. Rulings by the lawyers guild are gospel. 3, Learning to handle the heavy scoring teams is a primary skill for the teams that want to beat them up. If you think Flint's bad wait for some of the fish. To try and save you some heartache next game the key is to punish the nice squishy striker when they come forward and to try and cage the ball, keep it safe within a net of your players. There's also a concept of trying to create a 'dead ball'. That is trying to get the ball into a position where the opposing team cannot recover it.
  11. Hylo

    Cacklad's Morticians

    Jesus Christ man that is some ridiculous painting, i love it. Bonesaw and Silence especially. I also, weirdly, love that goal token you used but i think its just the lovely colours.
  12. Hylo

    Byronthebear play's Union

    Fair enough, probably a difference in our groups, it was just the initial shock factor to it. For what it's worth there's a few situations where you guys could use cover more efficiently with the dodges available, decimate and BH for instance could start moving towards their next target or into cover or even just into a better CA position. A word to Mary if she's on here would be that remember the attack and move steps aren't locked into an order. She doesn't move Midas, you call Don't touch the hair and then she spends the next 3-4 influence making ranged/self plays and not moving further. She could have walked after you to kill mist at the expense of a free strike or gone for black heart. Actually thinking about it, you do it later with fangtooth on cloned vitriol. Another situation there where Vit could have been hugging the cover. she benefits most of all to be fair. Other than that, with a double blind team, use blind more! I believe at the point BH is making attacks on Midas you decide not to CA and then later Hemlocke takes a free strike which i think you count CA for, minor of course but just so you know. You're also completely right at the start that Merc making a 7" move not in a straight line could not be where he ends. Also i'm not sure if you guys do this but a strong first turn play can be to pass the ball along the line as the reciever, generate 5-6 influence and position in a way that your opponent can't engage you that turn. That way you have a guaranteed (practically) the first activation next turn when the lines are closer and you have possession of the ball. Whether that's a striker positioned ready to score (both mist and vitriol are fast enough) or BH ready to CA, Midas ready to HB a slow dude and clone himself etc. On team selection i primarily play alchemists and i think taking Unmasking is asking for trouble. I prefer it's damage causing ability over scything blow because of the 3" radius. You'd likely be safer taking gutter and spending the first turn with her behind the line if you had to take one of them. Anyway, a decent game in the end, good job.
  13. Hylo

    Byronthebear play's Union

    What is that monstrosity, you sat there waiting to gotcha with gluttonous mass into true replication. That's shitty 2nd round man. Wait for her to end her advance if you want and then tell her she cannot get unmasking because of range on Heavy Burden not being enough to proc GM but man that was cold.
  14. Hylo

    Ltd Edition Sculpt Resin Kraken

    If you're looking at selling i believe @clotoro was looking for one.
  15. Hylo

    Midas Ball?

    I think it's widely held that engineers and alchs could use a little something something, saying that I'm like 35-1 with mine, won my first tournament with a vp score of 45-10 across 4 rounds but conversely I use a heavy union build as I think the condition game is far too weak.