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  1. Do you get to reroll on counter attacks?
  2. Hey I am writing a journey blog leading up to the Australian Nationals and the World Team Champs: https://freecitygames.com/blogs/news/the-freecity-road-to-nationals-and-the-wtc-part-1
  3. Hey guys, I've just chucked up an article on my site/store giving some of my brief initial thoughts on Season 3. Check it out via the link below: https://freecitygames.com/blogs/news/guild-ball-season-3
  4. Cheers for the shoutout gents! Was awesome meeting everyone in Brisbane
  5. Jesse H

    "What's Kraken?"

    Hey guys, Check out my mate's in-depth painting guide / tutorial on how he tackled Kraken! Part 1: https://freecitygames.com/blogs/news/how-to-paint-guild-ball-tutorial Part 2: https://freecitygames.com/blogs/news/what-s-kraken-an-exercise-in-painting-part-2
  6. Jesse H

    First game with Fillet

    Handy tips - Cheers!
  7. Jesse H

    First game with Fillet

    I'm keen to try Meathook with Fillet for the above reason, but she also has Scything Blow which means she is close to unplayable against Midas led Alchemists. Definitely in the 8 for but also definitely situational depending on opponent.
  8. Jesse H

    KS sculpts for sale

    Is Honour or Ox still available?
  9. Great report, awesome work with Jac!
  10. Jesse H

    Adventures of a Corsair

    I had my first game with Corsair the other day and thought I would share.... and I really like him!! As someone mentioned earlier, he forces you to play GB better as you don't have Shark to just do it all. I ran him with Salt, Angel, Sakana, Greyscales and Kraken. I was playing against Masons and used Angel and Sakana up front, one on each side with Greyscales sweeping back and forward between them and Corsair who sat in the middle punching opponent players. Kraken sat in the back line to help defend which he held the line wonderfully! Corsair is a great passer from the midfield and is handy to generate momentum and KD a heap of players. I used 'One Legged Stance' to get off a Snapshot with Sakana who had just scored and dodged out of base range, he missed the shot on a 1,1,2&3 but it was still worth the attempt. Won the game in the end with 2 goals from Greyscales as well as the 1 from Sakana. It was so good spreading out the influence to other players and not having to load up Shark to make something happen. Will miss Shark but very happy with his replacement for the moment.
  11. Jesse H

    New guild idea

    ^^ Really like the Miner's Guild idea!!
  12. Jesse H

    So the Veteren player for the fishermen....

    Very cool profile but loads better than current Salt - meaning he would never be taken again. They won't make a veteran better, just different
  13. Regarding the prizes for the World Championships, thinking that the winner may be able to create a new Guild Ball character! I feel that the person that is able to win probably has all the GB minis and accessories that they could ever want/need especially as they've been able to win! That's why I think Steamforged will go all out for this prize making it highly sought after. Would be hard to justify this as a National Championship prize as a lot would go into creating a character but seems feasible for the World Champion. What are your thoughts?
  14. Jesse H


    Looks awesome! Really, really like the sand swipe on the bases for the name!