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  1. TwoBands

    Hello from the New Forest

    Hi there @Southkiltedgamer. We have a good community down in the Solent. Between Portsmouth, Fareham and Southampton, across three clubs. In Southampton there are the Sluggaz who meet at St Denys on a Friday night. In Fareham we meet at Dark Worlds on a Sunday. Solent Wargamers meet in Fratton on a Tuesday. Also, we are part of a wider community. If you're on Facebook, check out the "Guild Ball - South, UK" group. We do some arranging of games in there, as well as tournament advertising and sharing painted models. Good to have another Hampshirite on board
  2. Esters puffed and panted. The whole team had fought hard, but Tapper's boys had struck a bad blow early on, taking Friday and the ball off pitch. It was something Mash would come to regret, very soon. Pint Pot had outdone himself, swaggering past Tapper and sinking in that goal. In the end, it was the Mald's infernal cat that had scuppered them, and she was defeated. "Fine, old man," she spat, straightening up as Tapper hobbled towards her, looking like he was a stiff breeze away from passing out, "the exile returns. But on your head be it! Both the glory, and the shame." She patted Quaff on the head as she turned and made her way off the pitch, followed by the great hound, and her apprehensive husband.
  3. TwoBands

    Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge Results

    Thanks. It was actually a worry that I was using too many established characters and they were overshadowing Crook. The idea, of course, was to have a 3rd party perspective on him. I worried the ending was too abrupt, as I hit exactly 1000 words, so had to speed up his development in a single paragraph, but as long as it didn't come across as trite, I can hold my head up high ? Crook is actually one of the original Farmers I created back in pre-season when I first started campaigning for a Farmers Guild, so he's been waiting in the creative wings for almost 3 years! He was originally intended to be a veteran player rather than a rookie, so it was an interesting twist to fit him into the actual Farmers that you guys came up with. It's great to have had this motivation / deadline to press my writing on, as I've had a lot of GB stories brewing but can't always find the time to put them to paper. Here's hoping this will spark some more work published in this section!
  4. TwoBands

    Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge Results

    *bows to the master* Thank you Sherwin, you honour me. I'll reserve my spot at the front again for your next Steamcon seminar
  5. The team sat around, looking up at the stern face of their captain, his arms folded, staring into space amongst them. He took in a sharp breath, daring himself to speak, but the words stuck in his throat, hesitant. It hadn’t been easy for him, taking on this mantle, and he was doing his best to honour the memory of his predecessor. The assembled figures before him looked on in anticipation, offering their wholehearted support. “I know this is hard, but we’ve come through worse in these few months.” Grange managed at last, steeling his nerves. “We can’t go on short-handed, and that’s a fact. The Guild has sent us a new player, all the way from Castellya, and I’ve been assured he’s capable.” The assorted figures around him gave a variety of reactions, from nods to grunts to intakes of breath, to a stony silence that possibly showed a lack of understanding for the situation. “First and foremost, we’re a family,” he continued, “and we look out for each other, and we get the work done.” Signs of approval began to flourish around him. “The coach says he’ll be a great asset to our mid-field, and from what I’ve seen I’m inclined to believe her.” Turning his head slightly, Grange called back over his shoulder. “Come on in, boy.” The door opened, creaking on its old hinges, as in stepped a young lad, on the cusp on manhood, lanky and tussle-haired. He looked nervous to be presented to the room, and stooped in hesitantly, one hand reaching absentmindedly for the back of his great mop of pale brown curls to scratch his scalp, the other raised lightly in greeting. “This here shepherd boy is dab-hand with his tool of the trade. That’s why they call him Crook. Good at chasing people down and keeping them penned in.” Grange reached up and clapped a hand on the lad’s shoulder, making the boy smile awkwardly, a mix of pride and discomfort. It was Millstone who first stepped forwards to shake the newcomer’s hand, followed by Harrow and then Tater. Bushel led her brother Windle up to do the same, and sensing the embarrassment that Crook was obviously undergoing at being made the centre of attention, wiggled her fingers in a nervous wave, which seemed to bring a genuine smile to his face. “Training begins again tomorrow, and Crook will be joining you. We’ll have to get him used to the animals, and Jack, in due course.” Crook noticed Grange quirk a brow as he added the last part, which didn’t do a lot to help his jitters. *** There was no doubt the boy was nimble, Honour mused to herself, as she watched the practice from the sidelines. He was agile and accurate with his namesake, swinging it with great effect, keeping other players close when they tried and escape, and tripping them when it suits. What worried her was whether or not he had the guts to really lash out. She’d caught him being gentle with Bushel already, and he’d let Windle scare him off of a well-timed trip. He was raw talent, that was for sure. She cupped her hands around her mouth and bellowed “Shepherd boy” across the dusty scrub ground, when it was safe to distract him; although she noted that was another area in which he would need to be put through his paces. As she caught his eye, and waved him in, Crook came jogging across to her, leaving the others to their jostling and passing, a little out of breath from work he had put in this morning. “How are you enjoying your first practice?” She asked, testing him on his honesty, and his diplomacy. “I’m...” he stuttered, taking in a new breath, “I am finding it challenging.” He was a little nervous as he spoke, and Honour reasoned this was something that would fade in time. Currently, he was like a fish out of water, or a Brewer out of cups, as the saying went. If he was to have a lingering anxiety about playing the sport, he would not have agreed to come here. There must be a passion in him that’s buried behind his natural shyness. “That I can see.” The words were matter-of-fact, but as he looked upon her face, she softened to a smile. “What you need to help you overcome this challenge is a sense of your place in the team. It’s obvious, watching you, that you’re unsure of yourself. You’ve only ever played in the sticks, am I right?” “Mostly with the other shepherds, and some other folks from my village.” He leant on his staff, finding a little support whilst his legs screamed at him to unburden them, stooping a little as he did so, bringing his eye line down closer to hers. “I know what this team needs, and I know what you can give them. You’re not a beater, and we’re going to have to work on your skill with the ball,” he blushed a little as she gave her critique, “but you’re a guardian. You need to think of your teammates as your flock. If someone is coming to hurt one of your flock, you trip them. If someone raises a weapon, you hook their hand and stop them striking. If someone is trying to get away, you pull them back in. Those other teams, they’re all wolves, and they’re all after that flock out there.” She gestured to the rag-tag group of Farmers players still practicing. “You are their shepherd. So go, and watch over them.” She nodded, and the boy turned a smile at her, a sign of genuine pride painted on his face. As Crook hobbled back onto the pitch, a pang of nerves hit him again. He swallowed it down, picking up his pace into a stride, taking the weight off of his stick. He’d never lost a sheep before, and now seemed like a bad time to begin.
  6. TwoBands

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    I accidentally sent money for this, I suppose I'd better show my face or lose out on 25 quid. Ah well, worse things have happened, I'm sure.
  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Whilst I'll admit I felt decidedly miserable at the time when playing James (making me feel inadequate as a Guild Ball player, and as a man), upon reflection, I think Fillet simply gets my goat in the same way that Hammer does, by the fact that everyone seems to load them up with Maximum influence, and suddenly it's a game about 1 player. Thus, the GB field is turned from a game of equals into some sort of Elite army vs Swam army style mismatch, and that doesn't sit right with me. As Fillet is statted as a striker, my instinct would be to get her, Brisket and Shank going for fast-moving goal setups, especially with Fillet's ability to damage and dodge away from a bleeding target. Get in there, do some damage, dodge out (watch the puddle of blood on the grass) and nip a goal in. She's actually such a 1-dimensional character the way she's been played, it's hard to watch. The same can perhaps be said of Hammer, the giant man-baby who stomps around the pitch dragging his hammer-shaped teddy bear with him, throwing a shiny-headed tantrum wherever he does go. People seem to only focus on the fact that if you give either of these players half the influence pool the team has and they'll get better value for money than spreading it around. Two things I think are dangerous about that presumption: 1) as godlike as these creatures appear, they are not immortal. You have to be pretty damned sure your influence is safe on them. But for one small error in a game against Hammer, Jaecar took him down to 1hp, which would have been gone if I'd have Gut & Strung him on the first hit... pressures of the time-clock and all. As the bugger lived, he went on to stop around the pitch some more and kill three players unabated. 2) what's going on on the rest of the pitch? Reliance on Boar, Rage, Brick and Minx would be high to allow the team to actually function, rather than just flop around like a gaggle of deflating "companion" dolls. Somehow I really kick myself for worrying about Fillet so much, when I could have been making much more of the open field. Sometimes leaving a player to die can be worth it when you can get a goal in, or two take a player of theirs. Not an idea trade-off, but you have to play against the weaknesses of your opponent the best you can. Not how I really want to play my games of Guild Ball, but... ho-hum. Adapt or die, and all that. As a side note, now I've listened to the whole show, Chris made mention of his game against Charles Nurser @orange in round 1. This is another one of mine and Greg's locals, and actually the the other contender for the Engineers bounty, who almost beat Greg to take it in what was one of the closest GB finals on record, as broadcast live via 1308 separate FB messages thanks to Mike "data-allowance-doesn't-scare-me" Bonney. We have some top people down in the Solent area... I'm not one of them, so I can be objective (I'm sure).
  8. Enjoying the podcast as always. Not finished yet, about 1.5hrs in, but I listen to them during my lunchtime walks at away from work. I thought I'd offer out a bit on my experience against James at Vengeance, seeing as he was kind enough not to slate me like I deserved. Firstly, just to clarify a supposition of Steve's, although Greg @kestershero Day is indeed a good friend of mine, and a club mate, I'd actually not faced him using Fillet. In fact, as I paint most of his teams up, Fillet only arrived with him that morning, fresh from amongst my sweaty Brewers and musky hunters, having been painted up a few days before hand. Greg is a real one for not choosing his team until the last minute, to see the lay of the land. He had one practise game using someone else's Fillet the weekend before, liked her, so asked if I could paint her up to replace Ox at Vengeance (I'm so sorry to all of Greg's opponents). But, this is a man who won the Engineers Bounty after a total of 15 games using them, so... he adapts pretty quickly. If he was a virus, he'd have this whole penicillin thing licked and wipe out the human race before lunchtime (possibly so he could steal all the best lunches for himself). So, alas, the sum total of my Fillet experience was played out two games earlier against Marc Williams. I suppose I'd better start with my match against Marc then, before I talk about the horrible things James did to me (ironically, I had to use a Fillet model to show people where he touched me). I famously don't do well against Butchers, and have a penchent for getting multiple Butchers in various tournaments, so by the time I think I'm doing well, I bump into a decent Butchers coach and get my prime rump handed back to me. So, whilst I wasn't looking forward to the game against Marc, I was hoping it might turn out differently to the usual punishment that Ox and Co dish out. Coming up against a Captain that takes all the influence for themselves is certainly a disconcerting thing, especially when you know they are 5+ def and quicker than most other players on the pitch. Still, I held my own and managed a respectable 8-12 loss. Two goals from Esters helped redeem my efforts by the end, as I pretty much felt I had to leave the rest of the team to die. After Boiler kept Swift Stancing Fillet, my changes of neutralising her were slim to none, so I tried to beat my way out of the scrum and snatch some goals. The damage output of Fillet was pretty intimating and trying to come back from it was hard work. It was all Esters could do to keep the bleeds off, only for them to come back on with relative ease. Ultimately, as my tactics and lineup didn't work, I shook things up two games later against James. Day 1 turned into a rollercoaster of "Face Pin Vice, win. Face Fillet, lose. Face Pin Vice, win. Face Fillet, lose. So, after two wins, I was riding high, until I got another Fillet match. Lovely to get to properly meet James, after the casual fly-by-night intro we had at Salute on the early watches, although I was worried when he seemed to think I was going to teach him a thing on two about playing Esters, knowing full well I was going to get creamed by anyone who had the slightest idea of what they were doing. Having reservations about my previous tactic, I thought I'd try something different, and took Stave, a player who sees very little action on my team (who is usually a high-footy team of Stoker, Mash, Friday and Spigot). I felt Hooper was needed to bring some 2" melee to the table, and Mash too (along with his enhanced armour from Mrs Mash, and some ability to escape Fillet with his UM trait). James, to his credit, had a very cagey first turn, keeping back from the template fire of Esters, who likes to control the board space in turn one, trying to encourage people around her two AOEs to the Brewers' advantage. Seeing Fillet as a late-activation player, ready to swoop in once I'd gotten too close, I was a little cagey, but had to try and gamble to see if I could break the oncoming tride of blood and slaughter. Stave comes up and lobs a barrel in a desperate attempt to keep Fillet down and back. I have a vague recollection of bonus timing it as well, possibly through a single momuntum gained from a turn 1 pass. It still missed, and that was pretty much my one new gambit ruined. It was back to struggling to get out of the same pattern as before, only I'd just thrown Fillet the biggest, juiciest bone I could... 2+/0. I'll spare the gory details for those of a nervous disposition, or for devout vegetarians like myself... but Fillet ate most of my team. By turn two I felt so utterly locked down, I didn't want to put influence on my players, for fear of making them target, and considered throwing it down the room as a decoy. The one consolation was being able to kill Fillet as revenge, as James didn't take Boiler, so no 6+ def for her this game! It was my worst game of the weekend, by far, and I felt a little bad for letting the despair squid get to me during it, but it wasn't, in all honesty, a fun match. Even my game against Marc was actually fun, because I felt like I had opportunities, and James' masterful use of Fillet tied my hands amazingly, and it will require much thought and practise against her before I can understand how to play around her. So, that can't get any worse, says I! By the sequence laid out thus far, I'll be on for two more Pin Vice wins and a Fillet loss on the Sunday! Well, no such luck, as I got re-drawn against Marc for round 5... which pleased neither of us (although to be fair, we had two cracking games). We decided to switch our teams up from the day before and play as differently as we could. I decided to bring my A-game kicky team, and ended up getting 3 take outs... which was counter to the day before, where I brought my A-game hitty team and got two goals. Fillet seems to have a way of upending the way I play! Actually hard to feel bad about the way things went, as I had two ridiculously enjoyable games for the final two rounds. After playing Dustin @DrillbossD (as featured in the pod-cast) in round one, finally (and getting a sneaky win in, which I was amazed at), and a nice man called Jeremy in round three, I then went on to face James Bryce (also featured in the podcast, for better or for worse) in round 6 and Alex Horn in round 7 for two really fantastic nail-biter games, that I lost both 10-12. Had I the choice, I wouldn't have faced Fillet once, let alone three times in the weekend. But, in two cases, I did better than I'd normally do against Ox Butchers, so hardly real room for complaint, in the retrospective. I feel her single-handed damage output feels very over the top, and yet, as it's just her doing it, proportionately, it's possibly not more than several Butchers under Ox's watchful gaze can put out in one round. The hard thing to overcome is that it all comes at once, rather than in two to three portions. Reaction time between attacks is negligible. One thing that really opened my eyes was dodging Mash out of Fillet's melee, whilst I was given a knowing look of "I didn't forget" by James, for him to lay down blood rain, score damage off of it, and blood dance back into Mash's melee and gut him like S2 Butchers mascot. That was a terrible moment for me when I realised, stopping her is really, really hard. Laying a finger on her with 5+ isn't easy, so direct assault seemed wrong, but escape was even less likely. Usually, 5+ characters seem to be delicate sorts, strikers and the like. Having someone hit so hard and be difficult to stop is very new, and very scary. I feel a little better to hear James got in some 12-0s, so the 12-2 against me feels like a massive victory, in the cold (and mostly blood stained) light of day. I'm used to digging in and playing a very long game with my Brewers. I don't win fast, and I don't lose fast, but once in a while, something comes out of the woodwork to sweep me off the table within 30 minutes. Interesting new challenge, although for Season 2, I'll be attempting it with Hunters, so... see how that one goes!! Hemlocke on stand-by, that's for certain.
  9. TwoBands

    Kickabout at Colours, Newbury, 10th Sept

    Looking forward to this event. Interested in seeing what else is on at Colours, as I've never been, and it's so close!
  10. This is the same day as the tournament at Conquest in Brighton, which Greg and I have tickets for, so can't make this one, I'm afraid.
  11. TwoBands

    Canadian Qualifier Won With Esters!

    Great to see another top-notch Brewers win, and a fellow Esters disciple. Big congrats on making it to the world final. I hope to see you there in glory!
  12. TwoBands

    Models - Painted or Otherwise

    I started with my Hemlocke https://twitter.com/erhchurchman/status/714462829072486400?s=09
  13. TwoBands

    I-Spy Season 2

    Dirge, cool name. Very apt, scans well. Tentacles, terrible name. Too obvious, sounds awful.
  14. TwoBands

    I-Spy Season 2

    I'd rather not Still hoping it was a late April Fool's joke. Added out of respect for the noble tradition of I-Spy, not the Mascot itself