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  1. Cynfawr

    A tournament day with the smiths.

    nice reports It seems like you've been taking fairly balanced teams for the most part. Have you tried to skew hard towards goal scoring or takeout? Just interested as I haven't had many games with them and have mostly played similar lineups to what you've described In this thread. Keep them coming, they're a good read.
  2. Cynfawr

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    It seems people tend to agree that Minerva is more generally applicable. She looks like really good setup for mataagi to me. Along with Theron she can help you get the most out of him at range on turn one and eye spy and Harriet can aid his hotshot/dmg potential. having the two harriers seems super handy. it allows you to use it as a tool to pressure activation order and still have another to put down for your big activation if they move away from the first. Anyone planning to run both in a 6? I definitely think I'll end up taking Minerva much more often, and rarely take mataagi without her. a super aggressive Theron list would be my most likely place to run mataagi without Minerva I think. In a matchup where you're trying to pressure the ball, have a lot of movement and have some dmg potential without a ton of fear of getting crumped in melee. maybe against engineers where the high def would help too? goal oriented blacksmiths? CPs should be reliable and bleed on apprentices would be brutal. obulous morts? help with UM and bleed on low health targets.
  3. Cynfawr

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    Is anyone thinking about running both mataagi & Minerva in a 10 or 6? maybe it's just too many setup pieces. Really starts to cut into your number of blessings and other hunters specialties too. was thinking of a line up like theron/fahad/Hearne1/minx2/mataagi/Minerva. some decent ranged pressure, lots of set up and hopefully enough almelee prowess to capitalize on said setup? not a huge amount of ball pressure or jank but you can't have everything
  4. Cynfawr

    Who to kick with?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I tried minx again and was really digging that. She has a decent chance to snare 1 or 2 targets and maybe drop a marked target before dodging away with some momentum. I'll give egret and Theron another try. Ulfr I don't have much faith in though. Maybe I'm too used to the likes of vitriol and mist but he just seems to require a lot of resources for seriously mediocre results. Not much upside either. He can maybe do 2 momentous a couple times if you snared his target? The take on the new formations is neat. I haven't tried them yet but I'm keen to see what it's all about. Hunters seems like a bad team for the format but you're excitement has me interested
  5. Cynfawr

    Who to kick with?

    Hey guys, glad to see all the recent discussion I've had a few games lately and am struggling with who to use for the kick off. Particularly with Theron as the captain. A couple ways I've tried are: Theron kicks, threatening a 6 inf activation on anyone who comes in. Zarola can theoretically reposition him to line up better against opponents threats. Jaecar kicks. Use minx to try a marked target for extra range on a late turn charge. Minx kicks, goes for an early charge + retreat. Combo of marked target and midnight offering let jaecar follow up. Egret kicks. Fire off some poison and sit back for hard turn one denial. None of my plans so far have felt great. I've pulled a few gotchas but that's all I can call them What have you guys been trying?
  6. Cynfawr

    Southern Ontario Open May 5-7, Hamilton Ontario

    Tournament was a lot of fun. Thanks for making sure it both happened and ran smoothly @Frostmane ! It was really neat to get a chance to play against a whole bunch of new people, hope it runs again next year
  7. Cynfawr

    Thoughts on Granite

    2" would definitely be nice on the super slow protector model. It seems to me that a huge part of her Identity/utility is applying KD &/or G&S to several models momentously to enable/protect your other players. With 1" melee, poor movement and no dodges that seems incredibly unlikely. That "relentless" idea sounds cool and thematic to me as well.
  8. Cynfawr

    Sorting out the tournament nine

    I'm looking at a similar 9 to @NoSorumbo. Using minx as union, and chisel swapped for mallet. My reasoning is that I'm thinking to run something like honour/harmony/brick/marbles/flint/minx into most matchups but hammer/brick/marbles/chisel/tower/minx into heavy football teams. To me, Chisel sounds way better than flint as a return goal/dmg piece(+2"). That I can consistently put influence on and activate opportunistically. Hammer can KD on the charge to mitigate counters and tower can toss the tooled up on him or chisel. I love mallet but don't know where to fit him in. The speed on him and granite is killer. I haven't felt good playing beat down with anyone other than honour. How do you guys balance the lack of momentum high in the playbook? I tend to just want to score goals with the mason playbooks. What matchup specific picks are you guys making?
  9. Cynfawr

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    Also not a fan of the scatha sculpt. I'm worried her rules will be great and I'll end up only playing her instead of the awesome looking Theron lol. I'm ok with/like the other 3 Wolf is awesome Orc berserker is amusing Vet Hearne is ok Definitely not on the same level as the original squad but ok. I'm fairly positive on Vet Hearne's rules, been trying to figure out who to field him with for the last two days Main things for me are that I'd like to put him in with chaska(can be a super activation when stacked + buffs or a flex with little to no inf but potential buffs) but am worried about dropping zarola(would hate to lose that mobility). Jaecar and minx are pretty much locked(i think) Also, would he work with Seenah? and what would that team look like? Hunters with two 2" melee would be sweet Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Seenah, Vet Hearne?
  10. Cynfawr

    Sanchex Cup 2 Sign Ups!

    Name: Jacob Skype: Jacob.d416/monster cereal guild: Hunters Theron Fahad Jaecar Egret Chaska Hearne Zarola Seenah minx
  11. Cynfawr

    First Tournament

    Rozyncrantz summed it up quite well. I think you should stick with minx too. I generally play her over A&G as I love her thematic and gameplay synergies and on the field flexibility. She can be a battery but also a decent action player. Her threat range, debuffing and threat range extension all help. For clock, I'd suggest trying to move along fairly quickly. Better to make a mistake or two but keep the time pressure on your opponents than agonize over the perfect play and end up scrambling to finish activations in 1 minute/giving up free points. Make the other guy win it, and offer him the chance to give you the win by failing to manage his clock. Look back at mistakes and think about how to fix them after games/the tourny, try not to fixate on them mid game. That can tank your mindset pretty quick Have fun!
  12. Cynfawr

    Guild Ball Tournament - Mississauga, Ontario

    Sounds like a good time. I'll be there
  13. Cynfawr

    Strictly the Worst: Episode 12

    You guys talked a lot about the kickoff and threating with the kicker witch was cool. A ways back my brother was getting frustrated at how hard it was to deal with a vitriol kickoff while playing brewers. It can feel very oppressive to be under such huge threat range from a striker (regularly 13" from vitriol, more with dodges if you have something to bounce off). You need to be able to counter that threat somehow and/or play very defensively with respect to the ball. At the time he was playing tapper and the play we came up with was (if the ball ended up near tapper) tapper could go get the ball pass back to the line and dodge into engagement with vitriol and KD, maybe CM, + a few attacks. Hooper (and perhaps others) could also pull it off. He did less damage, had a worse kick and a harder to hit KD. He did however have a good parting blow to scare vitriol off the goal run. That was a good step, forcing vitriol to kick differently as she had to worry about plays like that. The weakness was that vitriol could stand up and push/dodge 4 inches back to her line to start farming tapper. Other players are potentially even better at it though, like scalple push/dodging you back to her lne with some damage. She also faster than tapper, has voodoo strings and is harder to hit back. Now that's not scalples ideal activation, but she has potentially mitigated your threat while getting "some" work done. Assessing threats and trying to figure out how to come out ahead at the end of the turn is one of the most interesting parts of the game. There will almost always be counter play, and walking the line between taking ok activations to check your opponent vs greedier ones to get the highest payout is very tricky I will say though, I think one of my most common play errors is making greedy plays that I can see the counter-move for, but hoping my opponent won't see it....terrible strategy lol. P.S. nice cast
  14. I've run a few small events in Toronto, Canada. I could look into compiling the matchup info if you're going to give this a go.
  15. Cynfawr

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    Goalkeeper Hearne would be pretty sweet. Total opposite of his first incarnation. I wonder if any of the new models will give out/interact with snared or if they are all in on the new condition. I could definitely see a huge Ice themed Hearne goalkeeper "snaring" someone with spear/frost. Don't think he can really get much more range themed. Maybe a trait where he harpoons goal scatters? Would make it hard for strikers to walk right up to the goal and take multiple kicks. Maybe a new mirror for Blessing of the Sun Father? Blessing of the Moon Mother: Grants +2 spd and +1/+1 kick?