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  1. Double Dodge Episode 17 - The Gavle Goat

    Jokes on you guys I don't have a lawyer and I miss most of my goals...BOOM!!
  2. Grange 6

    I struggle with jack as well
  3. Grange 6

    I find her to be a great support piece plus with her playbook tooled up and honest labor she gets things done I was desperate in a game and killed a player and passed for a next activation goal
  4. Grange 6

    I agree I've always been a support captain preference player the goals have been very hard to come by once I learn grange thresher will get his time in the sun
  5. Grange 6

    Millstone is the star in the line up for me when they come out I don't know what I'll do without her
  6. Grange 6

    Currently experimenting with Grange,peck or buckwheat,harrow,millstone,tater,windles Anyone else playing this line up opinions on it would be appreciated
  7. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    I'm sorry you had to agree with botts In the tournaments we've been going to lately we have seen the extreme ball killing. It has frustrated us my personal goal of the episode was to try to say that killing the ball shouldn't be the first solution. The original idea for the episode was how to kill it how to get it back and the benefits for both sides but I especially didn't convey that so that's on me.When we do this we don't want to alienate people we just want to talk about the game we love and maybe help people out along the way. Whenever we have the proper set up if love to have botts Vincent or you on. BECAUSE I DIG TALKING GUILDBALL
  8. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    I must have read something wrong. In all honesty until this podcast I never messed with the forums really I still have a hard time getting where people are coming from.
  9. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    Jake was talking about a rule yeah but Dorian and I both said that doesn't make sense. Slowing the pace is important to non fish alchemist teams what we've been seeing in our area in the Midwest are extreme examples of it
  10. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    If this game was designed for takeouts only why is there a kick stat? Furthermore I have always played teams that can fight, takeouts have never been my main agenda and I win the majority of my games and I don't kill the ball. When we say kill the ball we are talking the extreme end of it not "I'm bringing specific players to hold on to it until I'm ready for a goal" we do that but we don't just kick it in a corner and say ...what ball do you get what I mean? When we're recording we are talking how we always do in front of a Mic are we bad at explaining alot of things yes we're working on it doing this isn't easy.
  11. Hey Andrew thanks for making the shootout for today's listener. One thing I'm learning very quickly about podcasting people take everything you say seriously it's metal dollies. And the episode was really good
  12. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    Crap didn't realize I have to put I'm just joking or lol like I'm a 17 year old girl after everything I type. Look I get why to kill the ball I really do if that's your thing being all about the wins and staring at the trophy rack cool. The cast to me has always been about my thoughts on stuff I even say in the cast that sometimes you have to do it. But when your main objective is kill asap and wait until the end I don't understand that mentality if that's how you do it have at it.
  13. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    We never said unfair or unsportsman like and we're not whining we're looking at the changes in the game how we see it me personally I don't think there should be a rule
  14. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    I agree completely