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  1. PositronMike

    Adjusting Encounter Souls

    The scaling of souls is always tricky. I have tried a few different methods and the one I like best is to have the souls per player scale with the level of the encounter and number of players: Souls per player = 5 + level of encounter - number of players this means that in 4 player games the souls for a level 1 encounter is 2 per player still as increasing it beyond this just makes the party level too quickly. It also helps out in single player as it goes to 5 souls for a level 1 which makes the cycling of treasure easier. Mini bosses count as level 3 encounters for this purpose and main bosses level 4 encounters.
  2. PositronMike

    Item prerequisites

    My group has been having this problem as well. We have tried two different options, one is to put the cards in the treasure deck as tiers as @Pending Forum Suspension mentions. The other was to increase the number of cards you turn over when you open a chest/ buy equipment. We are tending to use the latter option more as it can get equipment on more of the party.
  3. Hello, I have recently started playing Guild Ball again and thought I would finally use my forum account. We have got a small community learning the game in the Notts-Yorkshire border area. If anyone is in the Dinnington area and wants to drop by to say hello or for a game that would be great. Anyone who is in the area and wants a demo game is more than welcome. Mike