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  1. Sadly cancelled by the organisers 😞
  2. Cancelled by organisers 😞 Hoping for a redo, probably in the new year. Can't see this posted here, so thought I'd stick it up for anyone who hasn't seen it on GuBS: The long awaited return of an event by The Heroic Play! This event is all for Charity though, one of our own Max Siliprandi bought a cause to us that we couldn't turn down. Max's niece is partially sighted and as she gets older will need a guide dog. Max's family have been raising money for The Guide Dog Association, and asked for us to help with that as well. So here we are returning from our absence in running events for a great cause. All of the profits from this event will be going The Guide Dog Association, we'll hopefully be getting a team painted by Max as well to raffle off along with a bunch of other cool prizes that you won't want to miss. Now for the usual stuff: The event conditions will use the latest organised play document. We will update the link to this closer to the time as we expect to see a new one with the release of Season 4 of Guild Ball. Timings: Arrival: 09:00 Registration: 09:05 1st Round: 09:30 - 11:20 Break: 11:20 - 11:30 2nd Round: 11:30 - 13:20 Lunch: 13:20 - 14:00 3rd Round: 14:00 - 15:50 Break: 15:50 - 16:00 4th Round: 16:00 - 17:50 Break: 17:50 – 18:00 5th Round: 18:00 – 19:50 Results, Prizes & Thank you’s Things to bring with you: Rulebook Models & Stat Cards Chess Clock & Stop Watch – or smartphone/tablet with equivalent apps Tape Measure, Counters, Tokens etc that you may need Venue: The Games Table 86 Magdalen Street Norwich Norfolk NR3 1JF https://www.facebook.com/events/1656400384469186 (I'm not organising the event, but it's at a new local venue for me and for charity, so thought I'd push it on here)
  3. S_A_T_S

    Card Errors

    So, as several people have pointed out, for some reason the S4 card packs have several errors in them: Falconers Rundaas - Dirty SHOULD BE SUS & Not OPT Farmers Peck & Honour - Cocksure SHOULD BE SUS and OPT Masons Mallet - KD SHOULD be Momentous Granite - Between A Rock SHOULD BE Does NOT work during Parting blows Order vFangtooth - Swap T and 3 results Engineers PinVice - Alternator SHOULD BE SUS Hunters Seenah - The Mauling SHOULD BE range S Union Vet Rage - Quick Time SHOUD BE Range 4" not 4 Butchers Boiler - Axe Throw SHOULD BE not SUS (Thanks Chris Tamplin) Bizarre that there are correct files for release to the media partners, but the printers got incorrect ones. Are we sure the physical cards are wrong? More importantly, how are SFG intending to correct this? As pointed out elsewhere, if people were OK with printing out replacement cards or using the app, they wouldn't have bought the card pack. Is email to customer services/'support' the prefered route? Will send one in tomorrow, myself.
  4. S_A_T_S

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I really love the fabrics on the Farmers. The blue looks like a cloth, and the armour looks just like a well worn, slightly fading leather. I am building up to painting those two models myself, and although I am nowhere near your level, I'll have to use yours as a guide to what is what, and where to highlight. Amazing.
  5. S_A_T_S

    Card Errors

    Recycled a load of old cards over the weekend. Stickers could be workable if they are done well and not too thick paper. I hope SFG resolve it. The replacement Minerva was barely any more defined than the original muck-up. Hoping this 3rd/4th issue in a row has kicked them into gear to sort out their quality control system. I've sworn off any more non-metal SFG products until I see a massive improvement, but I never thought I'd get problems with printed product.
  6. S_A_T_S

    New Farm Hand

    If you're playing casually with friends, don't worry what the 'net says, just have fun and get to know your models. I would definitely get the Honest Land box, as it has more planters, including Jackstraw, who is great fun, and Peck, who dishes out Cocky, which can be very useful. Tater and Millstone are great from the box you have, and Ploughman is looking good in S4. Buckwheat is cool, but is an active mascot (who wants to eat your harvest markers) which is pretty unusual - most mascots are support pieces but Buckwheat just wants to be a squaddie! With S4 you can probably make a decent team with either box, as SFG has tried to balance all the players to make them all worthwhile.
  7. S_A_T_S

    Wreckers New Battering Ram

    That is a very relevant point, had not considered that at all.
  8. S_A_T_S

    Traveling with Terrain?

    I have magnetised quite a bit of my terrain, and the rest is mounted on cork tile, so is pretty flat and solid. Then it's a case of stick it to the inside of a biscuit tin, shove in some left-over lumps of foam from KR trays to protect them, and stick it in my bag (my tin fits flat on top of my KR half case and Wolves Glade tournie tray in my bag, which is nice). More details in my terrain plog, Terrain Tales, and picture of tin from the plog below. Crates on right have magnets in the bottom so they stick to the sides as well, the brick wall on the left is mounted on magnetic strips, which were about the width of the bricks, so perfect). I have a few more pieces now that sit on top of the forest base (muddy patch and a chicken coop, both based on cork) with the space filled with the foam.
  9. S_A_T_S

    Free Cities Draft

    Kami? Interesting. A ranged play might be cool in Masons, and Kami doesn't seem to fit with any other guilds. Dunno how a pistol duellist fits with Masonry, but there you go... Maybe I'll throw some games her way.
  10. S_A_T_S

    Water: obstacle, barrier, or rough ground?

    Not sure I'd call slippery mud "water". If it's actual water (so, a pond), I'd say rough ground or obstruction, barrier if you want it to be to be deeper than say knee high. I imagine if it's shallow, you could run through but be slightly slowed down (rough), above ankle-up to knee in depth would prevent you running into it (obstruction) and above the knee is just too deep for any footballer to risk running into due to massive reduction in speed and risk of twisting an ankle or falling when jumping in (barrier). Small water features let you have some fun though. You could have fish peeking out, lilypads, bullrushes, kingfishers, No Fishing signs, a fishing rod and stool next to it, even a corpse floating facedown if you want to be a little grimdark...
  11. S_A_T_S

    Free Cities Draft

    So the blog the other day said "well done Masons, you finally picked a player!". I waited until today to see if they would show who was the top pick for each guild, but nothing doing. Anyone got any idea who the top pick is?
  12. S_A_T_S

    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    I'm excited to see how Alchs get changed, hopefully to make them a good footballing team like they used to be. I don't really see the issue with control, though. Beat-down, goal scoring and control are the three ways to play, and plenty of other games have control factions. People enjoy playing control, and if other players don't like playing against, SFG could have just added counters to those other teams, like Grace's removal of AoE's and vHarmony's Field Medic, the free Encourage/Come On Mate's on Minerva and Miasma, or even just clever play with dodges and removal of Goad-throwers etc. Control factions have weaknesses to compensate as well. Ah, well, I suppose control players will just have to stick to Morts and Hunters (control is still here, just not in Alchs apparently).
  13. S_A_T_S

    Alchemist ball ideas

    Very cool.
  14. S_A_T_S

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    @Mako https://scoringforfun.blogspot.com/2018/10/never-mind-podcast-heres-morticians.html?m=1
  15. S_A_T_S

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I haven't played Farmers for a long time, so maybe I don't see the changes so well, but I'm underwhelmed. A lot of things that made Farmers interesting and fun seem to have gone (Honest Labour, Big Breakfast and Stop Slacking! key ones), and they seem to have been pushed into being generic big hitters. No set up boosts, just 'walk to enemy, hit enemy for damage'. No tricks like Tooled Up or Assists. Cabbage Punt seems very situational and finicky on the positioning... but maybe that's just my lack of experience with the team post-errata. A podcast contribution from SFG explaining their reasoning and how they intend the new Farmers to be played would be very welcome (I don't listen to podcasts, but that one I would make an effort to try). At least vHonour seems to have got something to make her vaguely playable...
  16. S_A_T_S

    S4 Masons - what's your 12, what's your 6es

    Liked @Mr. Grumble's suggestions. To me, going to 12 with 14 players available (not bothering with Union, no point as they have a limited lifespan in the team) means this is really a question of which two get dropped, rather than which to take. Currently, my most obvious drop is probably Lucky - vHarmony's Field Medic is great, plus DEF 5 and on 2, and the ability to take a hit for someone else at a crucial moment is great, while Lucky has similar playbook and a couple of abilities that are so-so (OK, the free INF is great, but is it worth taking him just as a battery? I don't think so). I don't want to drop Marbles (Goad can win games, the threat of the assist on Honour is great, and if I do take Brick, the double counter charge is still nasty), but I now am tempted to take Wrecker more, as an 8"/10" mascot is pretty damn good on its own, plus the pushed on friends means I can do the Millstone thing on turn one, and potentially makes up for Hammer's bonus move play now requiring him to spend his own INF. Brick is a maybe for dropping - that 1" melee is actually a big hit in a team with few 2" melees, and limits his counter. But he is a good battery and powers up Marbles... I'm pretty OK with the reduction, as it's clearly there to stop him being an auto-pick and so boost the chances of other players in making the grade. Mallet... I spoked to CN³ at an event last month and he said he'd dropped Mallet completely as vChisel is just a better option pretty much every time. I don't know if he will have changed his mind with the change to Forceful Charge, but I'm not sure he will. It would be a shame to drop the old man, the legend (I have a Snotling in my Blood Bowl Ogre team named Mallet, Football Legend after him...), but it could well be the way to go, with both Chisels competing for the 2" melee support beater role. At the moment, it's looking like Flint is going to be the only auto-include for my Masons, and even then, I could see a Chisel replacing him against some teams!
  17. S_A_T_S

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    @Enazel put a lot of effort into getting all the S4 reveals into one place and easy to print. Thanks, Dave!
  18. S_A_T_S

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    ...and not at all hugely telegraphed 😉 The changes are looking pretty interesting so far. I can see why Brick is 1" melee (even with that, the double-counter charge is still a good option, but 1" melee will make people think more carefully about Granite and Mallet in that slot, also making Wrecker a more appealing option) - basically he's been brought down a bit to stop him being an auto-include (which he always has been for me since Go Ape!). Really interested in oChisel - would love to see her with Hammer and Tower, but might be overkill, and you'd still need a battery (Brick). Mallet's change to Forceful Charge brings him back up a little, as vChisel has outclassed him rather, and I think Lucky is getting dropped for vHarmony (Field Medic is awesome - as long as you have targets in 4"...)
  19. S_A_T_S

    Free Cities Draft

    I like Egde, and has been said Masons have a lot of support characters already. Need more fast beaters/retrievers, with a side of striking ability. I'd like to see a more aggressive option for Masons. Not keen at all on Cutlass for Masons, as we already have Brick and Granite as defensive models, plus a lot of support players like Mallet, Tower and vHarmony.
  20. S_A_T_S

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Hoping they are going to be viewable/downloadable like GB Tonight did, as I have an event on the 13th and I don't think the card pack will arrive in time...
  21. S_A_T_S

    Rookie Draft, pick a player!

    Can't see much co-ordination around here, so can someone tell me who we are reporting our games for? I favoured Edge, but the poll above shows she clearly ins't anyone elses pick. Do we have a top three? Which players should I be voting for? Nomad is tied here, but Alchs are going for him as well. Are we going to stay ahead and take him?
  22. S_A_T_S

    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    They don't look as bad as I thought they might be (the free Charge can effectivly mean Vitriol is a 2/5 INF player, and the new Chemical Breeze is not bad at all IF you have some brawlers, like Kat or a Cloned Vitriol in the middle) but I am certainly going to miss the control game. In a collection of 10 major Guilds and (currently) 3 minors, what are the control guilds? Morts and Hunters. 2/13. Punching and scoring shouldn't be the only strategies or the game will be less interesting. Some players get enjoyment from the careful placement and organisation of their teams - getting a Burning AoE in just the right spot can really turn a game around and create a challenge for the opponent. We don't want Guild Ball to go the way of Warhammer (here's my bucket of dice, remove your dudes, now you roll a smaller bucket of dice and I'll remove my dudes, ad infinitum), there needs to be challenges and puzzles for both players. Let's hope the Alchemists changes maintain a challenge for the opposing team as well as for the Alchemist players themselves.
  23. S_A_T_S

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Farmers DO come with harvest markers, though, as part of the cardboard counters the PVC sets come with. Do the resin sets come with cardboard counter sets? But SFG want to make the game simpler and easier to get into. A new player is not going to have spare 30mm bases hanging around (I'd never played a game that required 30mm bases before GB), and it's more work that someone spending £60 on a resin set wants to do, to make 5 30mm circles out of paper/card.
  24. S_A_T_S

    Starter set sales

    Athena Games in Norwich still has some. They aren't marked down as much as I'd like, but pretty sure it's a good 20-30% on top of the store's normal 10%.
  25. S_A_T_S

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Maybe this is a contributing factor to the Hunter resins getting delayed - they need to change the traps but didn't want to give away the fact they were being changed. I personally am not keen on the fact that it screws people who don't have vMinx, as with only Chaska you only have 3 30mm traps. If Jaecar can drop more than one, now Hunter players REALLY have to buy a £50 box for a single player (yeah, yeah, eBay, trade forums, split with friends, whatever - still more work than it should be to get the models to make a team work).