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    The forum will be sorely missed, both as the core and original hub of the community, and as a huge resource base for SFG games. Facebook and other social media just aren't organised enough - FB is just like a massive lucky dip bin you have to rummage through to find anything of value, or even something you saw last time. The forum is more like a library, organised into easy to find section on the topics you need, with places to sit and have a long conversations, rather than the shouting matches that FB threads end up in. I'm going to especially miss the Goal Post Thread, the single answer to the weekly "I need inspiration: show me your goals!" posts and a shared project log for everyone that I loved trawling back through (if no-one else can collect the thread images somewhere, I might have to try individually saving them to my hard-drive for posterity), @Gauntlet's break down of almost every Union member, their roles, how they work with others and everything else I needed to know to start playing them better, and even dealing with them when playing other teams, Mako's Winter painting contest that encouraged me to track down Christmas Buckwheat on the Trade groups, base him and paint him up as my first painted Farmer and so kickstarting me into finally getting the whole team painted, and of course the very first thread I made here, during the pre-season, where I documented all the playtest games I played with my wife and the paper dolls, all the questions and suggestions we had, the conversations with John Snape and the other playtesters over how the rules would develop, and how that lead to the day I opened up my S1 rulebook and saw my forum name printed on the inside cover with 15 others, under the header "Guild Ball fans who have helped much more than they could imagine...", alongside @james ewing, @Mako, @Far_Traveler, @Nix, @BrandonMata, @Sheijtan and more. Such a waste of data, learning and art. I could be harsh and say it's a little like a book burning, but that might be going too far. If a new forum arrises, either in standalone or part of another forum (I used to like Warseer, myself...), someone tell me so I can get back on it. And many thanks to @Mako for keeping the forums under-control, fun and a great place to communicate with others.
  2. S_A_T_S

    First Game with alchs against Navigators

    I haven't played Alchs for a long time, so this is just thinking aloud: You probably want to take Smoke, for the conditions to slow them down and get the pain on them, not to mention catching up to the buggers. I'd also be tempted by Naja, for the 2" Unpredictable Movemement, 5+ DEF and occasional Hypnosis. I love oKatalyst, and he has a nice low and good speed. He'd probably go well with Crucible, for more 2" melee and Great Balls of Fire. Is Compound good in S4? He's a battery to give everyone else INF and he'll protect your goal. Which leaves Vitriol, cos why wouldn't you take Vitriol? Compound near your goal, only needing 1 INF for Horrific Odour if you think they'll go on a goal run (heh). Get fire spread about with Smoke and oKat, use Crucible to retrieve the ball and get it to Vit or Smoke to score back. Naja is a place to hold the ball to make life harder for them. When the chance occurs, Kat, Compound and Vitriol can go into someone for a beat down. Hopefully someone will be along to give some more up-to-date info soon.
  3. S_A_T_S

    S4 Farmer Preview

    They didn't play vFangers? He makes a BIG difference vs. Windle - Resilience plus early pushes/s hurts Windle lots, plus once Windle is down, every point of INF on vFangers is a Ground Pound, which IS momentous damage on Windle and batters everyone Harry can push into vFang's melee. I've had a hard time facing off against vFangers, so much so I don't think I'd take Windle against him but swap in the donkey and possibly Harrow for the Marked Target to hunt down strikers and pop Resilience (Thresher captain).
  4. S_A_T_S

    Kick scatter discussion

    I suppose the new Tap In rule goes some way to mitigate missed passes, in that they are less likely to happen, even though they are worse when they do. If every scatter just went to the person you were aiming at anyway, there would be little to no risk in passing at all, and there should be some risk.
  5. S_A_T_S

    Minor League Rules

    Looking at your list of examples (I'm British, the entire idea of university sport being a big deal beyond anyone directly involved is bizarre to me), I'd suggest trying out Cage Ball with just the 6 from the minor box available, possibly expanding to adding the crossover players if 6 feels too limiting. Cage Ball 2'x3' pitch, goals and lines as marked on standard pitch (basically, lose 6" from the two flanks of the pitch) 4 players per side - 1 captain, 1 mascot, 2 squaddies Play to 8 points As this would be Minor vs. Minor, ignore the +1 on initiative roll, probably drop the extra card as well
  6. S_A_T_S

    Kick scatter discussion

    You're not wrong...
  7. S_A_T_S

    The Character Design for this Game is SO Good.

    Mercury and oKat were the models that made me decide to play Alchemists first, and the KS Midas is also awesome. Of the latest models, Granite is very characterful and my favourite Masons sculpt, Benediction has a very elegant look, rather classically posed too, so he's up there, and rookie Windle is another characterful piece I have to buy at Salute - I've added a fox walking past with a rabbit in it's mouth to emphasis how lazy and crap at his jump Windle really is (standing around eating turnips while the farm's produce is being stolen literally right under his nose).
  8. S_A_T_S

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    It's been that way since they dropped the single metals, and it's just got worse, with the resin and PVC problems. What really annoyed and upset me was that the quality of the casting on the metals from the Exiles and especially the Faithful was amazingly good - no flash, almost no mould lines, some of the best casts I've ever seen from anyone. To think SFG have picked a production partner that pumps out messes like the Falconers instead of the one that produced the multi-guilds beggars belief (and I believe it was a Netherlands based company, so really close in comparison to China - less tsunami issues, at least).
  9. S_A_T_S

    Season 4 Paper Dolls

    It's great all players are available at Longshanks, but they are all different heights, which looks weird, and just not as engaging visually as the original/official dolls. I love the first concept artist, it's a major reason why I backed the game, so I much prefer the official style. The Longshanks proxies are practical and useful, but I feel like the others would be better to engage a new player (if you can't get miniatures).
  10. Generally the cross-over models have been some of the traditionally less played models for the major, so I'd certainly say Mercury is up there. I doubt Vitriol is going over (she's been burnt before...) but Crucible would make some sense.
  11. S_A_T_S

    Grenoir's New Guilds

    Very nice. Got to say, I love your basing. The cacti and crackle paint is fantastic! Where did you get them from?
  12. S_A_T_S

    Season 4 Paper Dolls

    @orange did an unofficial set of S2 paper dolls with links in this thread. Covers pretty much all but one of the models from each of the 1st 7 majors when combined with the official dolls (no vOx, vChisel, or other S3 models). Hunters are in there, but just the S2 releases (no Winters Moon). Other than that, your best bet is to dig around in the file sections of the various Facebook groups.
  13. S_A_T_S

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    She is simpler, but SFG themselves admitted they messed up with the original release of Chisel - her rules got designed before the designers had seen her story, which was completely different from the S&M monster she was. The original intent was more innocent and footbally. S3 the story got tweaked a little to make the rules fit, then S4 it looks like they went for an in-the-middle redo. I want to play her, but I think vChisel works better with Hammer, and I love Hammer...
  14. S_A_T_S

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    I doubt it, I'm afraid. The metal teams we've been told are now OOP, so if it's out of stock on the site, it will be forever. SFG themselves have said go to local shops to get hold of them. I wanted the Spirit Weavers myself, but had to settle for just Pirates Return (which was luckily for me restocked as they claimed to have missed some items in the rushed build up to the sale). The mat will probably be back in stock in the next sale, whenever that is - you may have to wait until next November. If you're lucky they might find some to sell at events - keep an eye out.
  15. S_A_T_S

    Best Wishes for SteamCon UK attendees!

    Would you describe God Tear as a board game? That's certainly not my impression of it. How similar to God Tear is Redline?
  16. S_A_T_S

    Best Wishes for SteamCon UK attendees!

    Miners looking cool, Shark looks good (shame she's in the Entertainers), also interested in Redline. Hoping it's nice and simple, more board game like.
  17. S_A_T_S

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think if it stays the same, engagement will drop significantly, due to it being the same. The alternatives ARE ways to increase engagement. Bloat is a real concern, and I don't want to encourage unrestricted growth, as it is unsustainable and causes fatigue.
  18. S_A_T_S

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    Do we need another draft? If this starts becoming annual, it will lead to bloat in the majors. Maybe if it's for the Minors (which will lead to OPD changes and probably controversy) it might work, but even for Captains or Mascots, it leads to difficulties because of the limits on both and the way captains and mascots often are paired so there is almost a given mascot for each captain (I know it's not a locked in "you have too" pairing, but each mascot does tend to work better with a certain captain). Hoping for something more interesting/new.
  19. S_A_T_S

    Best Wishes for SteamCon UK attendees!

    Any one going to post some collected stuff from the keynote/draft?
  20. S_A_T_S


    I always thought there was design space to have a beekeeper type guild with a large hive as the goal, and some way for the goal to attack in a swarm-like way. Maybe a 'goal keeper' who buffs the goal so it deals damage to anyone who score (the swarm don't like people kicking balls into their hive...). Would buy any guild that had that, regardless of material or playstyle (probably regret it, but want so much).
  21. S_A_T_S

    Let's start taking tactics

    😉 I was of course meaning that it can't be sub-optimal if that style has a higher success rate than the traditional 'beater' style.
  22. S_A_T_S

    Let's start taking tactics

    If it's sub-optimal, why are they winning more playing that way?
  23. S_A_T_S

    S4 Farmer Preview

    Interesting take. So Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, vHonour and ?? (Ploughman, the new auto-include?). I'd certainly like to try this team out. I assume it's best against more footbally teams, or do you go for it against everyone (except Butchers or Union, as mentioned)?
  24. S_A_T_S

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I played a couple of games with Farmers today, and they weren't too bad at all. Against Blacksmiths, I went Thresher, Peck, Windle, Tater, Ploughman and Jackstraw, against Hunters I swapped Windle for Millstone (in hindsight a mistake probably, as he was playing Skatha, but I wasn't sure how many conditions I was going to face). The 2 planters produce 4 Harvest Markers between them for 1 INF, and Ploughman's 2nd can be placed within 4" rather than 2", which is awesome. All 2" melee is also great. Jackstraw scored a T1 goal (receiving) both games. Ploughman set up a kill on Anvil by activating all the Reapers abilities with his 2 HM then charging Anvil in cover and pushing out and toward the Reapers. He got battered in return, but then the Reapers came in, Thresher blooding Farris and Anvil, Tater charging to kill Farris and badly damage Anvil, then Windle finishing him off (although I did need a Bonus Time or two). Game ended when Alloy scored him a goal, and the kick out ended 3" from Tater, who could just about sprint back to retrieve then move forward enough to get in kick range for a 2nd goal (Tater has scored more goals for me than all the rest put together). Skatha is a beast, and bounced through my team to score T1. so low made it easy to finish her off, but 's are high enough that it was hard to kill the bear without pumping a lot of INF into her. I made a massive mistake by rushing to kill the bear in T3, forgetting to heal and move Jackstraw, who got killed by Minx (such a powerful player), putting him on 8 and, in control of the ball, threatening a goal with Skatha when she returned to play. I got baited into counter-charging Chaska (should have stayed near the goal threatening a counter on goal run, but forgot Skatha and thought big damage and MP would set me up for T4 - managed to stuff the dice roll and miss with everything...). I'd be tempted to play Windle into Skatha Hunters next time, as the Snack Break will keep him alive, and Empathy really dissuades a beat down from some players. That 2" melee and damage threat could be good. Really liked the simplicity of the 3 Reaper team but Grange has gone too simple (boring), and I think SFG might have made Ploughman and Jackstraw too good - they both seem like auto-includes to me, and with Grange being dull, Thresher is going to be a very common captain I think...
  25. Sadly cancelled by the organisers 😞