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  1. S_A_T_S

    The Free Cities Draft

    Pretty sure all the 10 are going to have names that are appropriate for each of the 10 Majors. They are all free-agents who have trained with the Majors so it wouldn't be surprising. They'll have to be a little careful that the names don't contribute unconscious-bias (that each is conceptualised as for the team relevant to their name) so guilds vote for who they want/need, not who they think SFG want them to have.
  2. S_A_T_S

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    and gains new ability Exhaustion:
  3. S_A_T_S


    I think the farmers could do with a ball holder/retriever/striker, to support the pitiful job Bushel does currently, but Amber seems too similar to Bushel in the report to me. I wouldn't want to have two players who look and feel so much the same, so let's wait and see who else turns up (she may not BE very similar at all, but all we have to go on are the reports and at the moment I feel there may be a better option).
  4. S_A_T_S

    S4 Ploughman

    ... and Harrow. We're looking at almost a complete redesign. I'm a little concerned, as if too much gets 'simplified', they will be a dull and bland team to play. True Path + Cracked Earth is a nice combo, especially when you can pull people deeper into the aura, so let's hope we see some good stuff
  5. S_A_T_S

    S4 Ploughman

    Ploughman is certainly looking much more interesting than before. If the farmers are being more homogenized, Ploughman is looking like the 'pushes' planter, the guy you take to pull people into your trap, or counter dodges. I imagine Millstone will be the 'defensive buffer' planter, Harrow the 'aggressive buffer' (maybe assist like Chisel? Lend a hand/Close ranks?), Jack surely will stay the same except a little clean up on his teleport-3x-a-turn-but-worded-differently-for-each-time stuff, and I'm really hoping vHonour get more definition, as I don't really know what her role is or what she is for at the moment.
  6. S_A_T_S

    My Guild Ball Terrain :)

    ?? Also, nice crate, Kueller. Where's it from?
  7. S_A_T_S

    S4 Granite

    Give her the thing Fallow has that makes people attack her. Maybe at the start of every turn, she gets a free jog. Basically, she needs increased movement, maybe 2" melee. When is she going up? Am I gonna have to wait until next week?!
  8. S_A_T_S

    The Goal Post Thread

    Thread hasn't seen any action this month (hopefully not those PVC goals making people lazy...) so decided I needed to pull my finger out and get another picture up: My Union goal. I had a set of Ristuls Market treasure pieces for Frostgrave but the skelly on throne was too big for that game, so I thought it's be good as a big pile of gold for Union. It didn't quite sit on the 50mm base, and it just didn't look imposing enough, as in not enough height or presence on the pitch. My Union have a few models mounted on slate to give them extra height (so KS Blackheart and oRage are the same height as vRage, and Benediction looks awesome on a big lump of rock) so I thought "rock pillar!" Gives it height, ties it to the rest of the team and looks a little religious, like a shrine or cairn, as if the Union worship/hold sacred all that loot... Only played with it in one tournament so far, but was lucky enough to come away with a Best Goal award (the only one I can ever win). Starting to feel the pressure to keep on winning now, as all three of my goals so far have got one. Masons one is done, but gonna hold off posting until I've taken it to a few events.
  9. S_A_T_S

    Tournament Trays

    Couldn't care less what they have. For me, the tray is to make it easier for me to move my models and widgets around the room during events. The first 2-3 I went to without a tray was a pain in the neck, as I don't want to put all my models back in and out of my case every time, and I had to repack all my dice back in their little box. I was a complete faff having to shift them every game, wasting time and getting me stressed as I rushed to pack up so the next round could start. With a tray, everything is contained, has it's space, is easily accessible and the models can quickly and easily be put on the top, ready for me to choose which to use and displayed nicely for the painting judges. If something other than a tray suits you better, that's fine. Whatever makes you less stressed and more organised.
  10. S_A_T_S

    Momentum for a missed goal

    ALWAYS Bonus Time a shot on goal - if you have the momentum, it's not really an option, it's an essential. @Gauntlet is exactly right. The odds of scoring are pretty high (even with just 2 dice from max distance it's still 75%), and you should be playing to maximise the chances of success (Bonus Time, Tap In, striker with high kick stats) and minimising the negatives of failure (last activation of a turn, player able to retrieve their missed shot with a move, being within 1" of the goal, INF for Acrobatics/Where He Go, striker in cover or safe distance from reprisals, back up player to retrieve the ball - to be honest, if you're going for a 3-0 game, you should have about half your team capable of retrieving the ball with dodges, 2" melee and low tackles). That alone is a reason not to refund.
  11. S_A_T_S

    Ideas about minor guild

    But Masons ARE stonecutters! https://giphy.com/gifs/oVvLbBLBW6ebe/html5 <img src="https://media.giphy.com/media/oVvLbBLBW6ebe/giphy.gif" height="#" width="#">
  12. S_A_T_S

    Tournament Trays

    Yeah, wanted to make sure they matched my teams' basing scheme. Too much water & PVA makes the MDF warp though, so had to be careful.
  13. S_A_T_S

    Tournament Trays

    Memory and Greede will easily sit in the spaces between the other 30mm holes, especially if you texture/base your insert. I usually put a ball in that space, or you could just put them in the side compartments or model something on the insert to hold a 30mm base still. As @supertzar said, you can just ask Dave to make a different layout for you.
  14. S_A_T_S

    Tournament Trays

    Yep, 13 on Wolves Glade, always has been. Double checked mine when they made that announcement as I have 2 inserts for different themed teams. Rings and flat discs included so you can fill the holes you might not need.
  15. S_A_T_S


    Yes please. Pretty sure the only information before the players get assigned to the teams is a bio and position, no rules or stats, so all we can really think about is what position does the team need more of. Striker is probably most important as Bushel is weak and it's too much to expect Thresher to score AND kill all the time.