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  1. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    That's a pain in the neck, you'd hope the TO would be able to read the card and give you the right answer. This is a reason I quite like having Tooled Up on a phone at an event as I can then look at all the cards quite quickly and check what I want to know.
  2. Finding Single Figures

    Not all stores know everything about every product they sell. My FLGS is predominantly MTG, YuGiOh and board game based. Not all staff play miniature games, and as far as I know only one has played Guild Ball, but they still stock the game. They have a lot of starter boxes still available, almost all the team boxes and very few singles at all. Caveat Emptor very much applies, and if SFG want to keep buyers buying the onus is on them, as buyers will be angry with them for making the choice to drop singles, not the stores who have absolutely no say in the matter.
  3. Organized Play Update

    No. This would just further favour players who play more games and plan more, and pile more pressure and stress on newer or less frequent players, creating more turn off from the game. Some people just naturally process faster or slower. We want more players to keep the game fresh and interesting, not to make events restricted to the core 100 or so regulars/'VIPs' (talking UK rather than global here). Just keep to Wheaton's Law.
  4. Salute 2018 offers/sales?

    I'm guessing Rookies might be on sale as well, considering they are a webstore only (no FLGS) thing and are due for release exactly one week later, there's no loss except stand space in them selling them.
  5. Salt ftw!

  6. Salt ftw!

    Yep, clearly rigged from the beginning. Conspiracy by T&G and their inside assets to increase the odds of a vSalt captain. We need an independent judge-led inquiry into this scandal! Heads must roll!
  7. The Rookies are here!

    Not hugely impressed by several of those sculpts - Fangtooth, Ghast and Jac are exceptions - and unfortunately for me there is no club that does Guild Ball round here so not gonna get a league organised. Like the idea though, and alt scuplts always interesting (squarely aimed at vet players though). Hopefully they'll be available at Salute (14th April) so I can have a look and be tempted...
  8. Vet Honour?

    What happens when YOU play fetch with a dog? In my experience, the dog tends to run toward the ball...
  9. Vet Honour?

    Rather than Rough Seas (we already have a dog that does 'Fetch'), I see the doggie herding people, so a ranged push/group push, maybe AOE, to represent the Sheepdog aspect. You seen those dogs? Even untrained, they naturally try to herd everything. I've seen them herding ducks, children and (trying) adult walking groups.
  10. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Masons are so easy to hit I always play Smoke into them. Even when Midas was at his S3 height, Masons I always went Smoke and as far I I remember did not lose a game against them. Hammer hits hard, but burn his mates and he either come in alone and dies or hangs back and doesn't do much. UM protects Smoke and you can weaken and slow them with conditions enough that vKat can go in and take several out in an activation for the win. Farmers have way too many HP to make Smoke/conditions worth it, plus Grace, Millstone and Peck, so Midas & goals is where I'd go. I don't have any experience against Corsair (1 game more than a year ago) so I won't comment on that.
  11. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I said it in another thread, but here is more pertinent: Mist heavily competes (at the moment) for the ball retrieval job, if not quite supersedes Chisel. Mist has an easier (ignoring Crazy), 5+ DEF (very important to survivability and retaining the ball), a buyable dodge (no risk of counters or parting blows taking the ball) and a 3/8" KICK, meaning once he has the ball he has a better chance of being able to do something with it. With Cover of Darkness & Acrobatic, he has a much higher threat range as well. I see what you are saying, however, and it really does make me want to try out Chisel in this role, as you make some great points about all the dodges, being female vs. Charmed, Sadism (I didn't realise it was an aura...), and once the minor guild drops, I'm pretty certain Chisel will come in to replace Mist (Brisket is the bane of my Masons, it's next to impossible to get the ball off her without a specialist retriever like Mist), but 13 HP, Crazy and particularly 3/1 DEF/ARM, leaving her vulnerable to and back, plus the 2/6" KICK, make Mist the safer choice for me at the moment. 4/1 and a couple more HP (and a tweak to Painful Rage) and I can definitely see her in my 10, though.
  12. New Errata

    So... this errata is just for Farmers (and A&G in Fish)? Is that it? Yes they needed something but what about the rest? Granite and Chisel specifically, still with nothing. I am disappoint.
  13. Number one thing above all others, for me, is the 'host/s' have to be entertaining/have some charisma. I watch battle reports for entertainment, only very occasionally just to see someone else play a team for ideas on how they play, so if I don't enjoy the dialogue/commentary/presenter, I won't watch. My top two are Battlehammer and Hot Gates Gaming, cos I find them very watchable. Beardminis, they aren't bad and he can be funny, but the repeated catchphrase (such as you are) drives me mad, plus it perhaps goes a little fast for me, as I'll often be painting while I watch. Guerilla Minis got the rules wrong too many times for me and felt almost too competitive so I stopped watching (might have improved a bit since then). T&G has some great production values and are probably best I've seen for that, but Tom's not quite up there with Parker and Jamie.
  14. Finding Single Figures

    @Selfy Used the search function on the group, couldn't find any posts relating to Shank & Boar except one person wanting to buy, and went a long way down the posts and couldn't see any either. Got hold of both at my FLGS in the end, as they still have a few singles left.