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  1. Which templates are worth having?

    I agree with most of what has been said: Melee zones aren't very useful compared to a 3/2/1 which you can lie on the pitch to show the zone and measure dodges and pulse radii and more. I use the ball path ones more than I thought I would, but the circle is pointless and you don't really need more than the 8" one unless you are going to really carefully lay out your scoring run exactly (the 8" is great for quickly checking for intervening models). Steppers are great! Very useful for those tricky tight measurements. They can take up more time to use, but they also help you keep your opponent onside during those crucial movements - I'd much prefer to take a little longer ensuring I can do what I need to than arguing with my opponent over whether I can. The 1" and 2" ones can be used as melee zone markers in a pinch as well. I don't think you need to worry about 50mm ones. Get the sticks. You need them in your life. I would also, like others, urge you to get one of those 'omniwidgets', the ones with multiple sides of different lengths. Make sure you get one with 1" and 2" edges for measuring pushes, dodges and melees.
  2. Farmers

    I've started learning Farmers, and I am getting demolished by Brewers. It's so easy for them to get the then the wrap, it's disgusting. Hopper is a monster when you have Commanding Aura, Shove The Boot In, Floored, his Heroic up and hitting a 2+ DEF KD'd model - which is all Farmers, essentially. Horrendous. Farmers don't have good low damage either, so Tough Hide is a pain, especially for Windle, as he really doesn't want to be knocked down or pushed on the counterattack, so has to give up triggering Berzerk on the first attack by taking a . Also, Mash just removes Windle from play: charge Windle and you are almost certainly going to be getting 7 hits, which is 2 Howzat, for and an 8" push - Windle only has a 7" threat, so he's going to struggle to get back into the melee (I'd love it if you told me Mash can't use Howzat twice in a single attack, but I can't see anything on his card stopping it).
  3. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Just popping on to say I've found Another Round! very hard to play against (I don't play Brewers, I just get destroyed by them). The bonus movement in T1 is huge, as you can set up to take advantage, while being able to remove conditions from Hooper and pump TAC without having to wait an activation is also very strong. I feel like it needs to be HR3 at least, HR4 is too good.
  4. Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    I'm certainly hoping they produce the goals as a pack, as guild themed goals was the first stretch goal on the Kickstarter, and I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered.
  5. My Hammer matchup opinions

    Is the question of how your captain deals with UM that significant? Can't other members of your team deal with the UM model while Hammer mashes the rest of their team? Also, don't forget Hammer's on 1 and Knockback, which can allow him to dodge his way into their melee zone (my last game against Alchs, Hammer killed Midas twice. I still lost, as low DEF meant I just couldn't stop him getting the ball off my team with Mist, Vitriol and Midas, but Hammer still kicked arse).
  6. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Still disgustingly good. So very jealous!
  7. Mason GIC Theory Thread

    All points toward the Masons being a rather passive team, doesn't it? We sit there waiting for you to fuck up, rather than actively trying to fuck you up. If I knew more about the profession of masonry, there'd probably be something in it to link to that passivity (building structures and seeing how they last/maintaining them? Taking your time piecing together complex structures due to the weight and expense of the stone?)
  8. If the model has already moved and gained the bonus from a friendly model, if you move it again after using Lure/Puppetmaster, the Heroic would endure and so apply (as @WCWW podcast said). If the model hadn't already moved, then the friendly model clauses would come into play (the moving model is on your team during the Lure/Puppetmaster, so wouldn't benefit from the Time's Called, as it is no longer a friendly model to Spigot. So to clarify, Character plays continue after the immediate action if they say Sustain, Heroics are considered to always have sustain (unless otherwise stated) and Traits do not have sustain/last beyond the activation (unless otherwise stated). So if Mist got Cover Of Darkness, moved and then had some sort of ability/card that allowed him to make an additional jog during his activation, it would benefit from CoD, but Second Wind/Kneeslider doesn't as it happens after the activation, so the CoD has ended? I know this wouldn't happen now, but in case of future Plot Cards/players/rules changes, good to be clear.
  9. Tater is overrated

    To the OP, I'd say if you are constantly hitting your own team with Tater's skill/traits, you are probably positioning him wrong. I've never played with Tater, but I've spent all three years of GB's existence playing Alchemists and Masons, when you are playing with counter-charges, it's all about positioning and measurements. Granted, Tater is harder to organise due to issue of harvest markers, but you've gotta think out his threat area, coverage of friends (if a friendly is within 4" of Tater, they can't be attacked without triggering the counter) and charge lines. Don't forget the charge has to be in a straight line, but you have a 2" melee which reaches in all directions, even backwards. Also, about 90% of the benefit of a counter-charge is to make life difficult for your opponent, not to actually do damage.
  10. For me this generally depends on my opponent. Usually, if they mention counter charge, for instance, I'll take out a 6" stick and put it down to help them, or if they seem stressed (due to clock run down or unfamiliarity with the rules), I'll get out the stick and put it on the board anyway. If it's someone I know is good and more competent/competitive than me, I'll assume they know what they are doing, then before they roll for an attack etc say "So that'll trigger my counter-charge/UM then." They'll usually have a little panic moment while they think about whether to ask you if they can take it back, and the more competitive player will beat themselves up and take the hit, while in more relaxed games they will ask and I'm usually happy to let them. Next time they forget, they don't ask for a take back and I don't give them.
  11. How is Windle?

    Quick question in regards to Windle - if I kick off with Grange, who ends his kick-off jog within 4" of Windle, does that trigger Slacking Off to let me dodge Windle 1" before the kick?
  12. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Played my first game with Farmers tonight and got destroyed by Brewers. We were playing with GICs, which didn't help (Spigot giving him +2"/+2" every turn is harsh) but still I felt like I spread out too much and put the wrong players in the wrong places. Bushel didn't seem to do much of anything (I realise now I need to leave to the ball on someone else then use I'm Open to get hold of it) and low defense leaves you so open to and disruption (again, Brewers probably a hard matchup for a first game...). Does anyone have any beginner tips for playing Farmers to get me off to a good start? After that game, I'm pretty sure keeping them together is a must, and I need to work out how to score with Bushel (Jack seems to need more set up on T1 & T2 to get his first goal). Any other tips/strategies to try out?
  13. other farmer models

    Will have to put that box on my wishlist for people going to Steamcon to get me then...
  14. Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    Wargaming tradition and vetrans would hold that it makes perfect sense as is, but I could see people being new to these types of games realising how dodgy the wordings can be.
  15. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Sadly, I can't justify the spend on Steamcon, so Salute is going to be the next event I will be at, unless tournaments count - there is an SFG crew going to Norwich on Saturday, but I doubt they carry around Luckys just in case of scroungers