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  1. The second cross-over player: Minerva

    What I'd like to see is some idea of how these two will work in Hunters - who would you drop for them? Would you build a Hunters list around Harrier? Also, how does Harrier interact with traps?
  2. Can't see Farmers or Ratchater updates on the card pack page. Any idea when they might be available? Much prefer the looks and feelof Tooled Up to Scrum or Manager.
  3. SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Need to know price point soon as possible so I can weigh up whether it is better to buy the metals or wait for resins. Don't like the name Legacy Collection. Instantly makes me ask "Are major guilds being phased out/no longer the core teams of the game?". They are called the MAJOR guilds, as opposed to the MINOR guilds but are now considered 'Legacy' models, which in generally used to refer to old, OOP products.
  4. Veteran Chisel

    Have you seen vHonour and vGutter? I think you need to add "...but just as likely to be dull and uninspired" to that last sentence.
  5. Model distribution needs to change

    Are you advocating that everyone stop purchasing any SFG products until at least SteamConUK, as well as dissuade prospective new players from purchasing, @Mako? Cos SFG have been awful at communicating where they are going with this for a long time now, and I don't expect them to come out with a solution (or tell us of plans for one) before SteamCon. The most we got out of RIch Loxam on a similar Facebook comment stream was essentially "we're making lots of sales so far, so it's all good". He didn't say where these sales were coming from (new markets only, global, UK only, etc), or what products (minor guilds, all guilds, metal 6-player boxes) and that was before Exile and Faithful were released. I'm not impressed, and have myself had to dissuade prospective players from certain products (local FLGS still has S1 starters and a few singles). I'm lucky in that I have almost all of these teams so the boxes aren't too bad for me, but I still have a couple of models to try and shift, and I don't like the hassle of trying to sell online. As far as I can see, SFG will have to sell the major guild's dual pairs in paired blisters at some point (a la Grace & Benny), almost certainly the alt sculpts from the release pack to make them more appealing to people who already have the original teams. Buying the minor for your major shouldn't be too much of a hardship, as it's a self-contained team with no additional models planned for release, so worst case you have a spare team you can trot out for the occasional casual game for a change of pace, for a not-too-bad price. Singles for those who didn't complete their teams before the change is on SFG. They should have provided a way of getting those models after they prevented LGS from getting hold of them. It has created bad feeling toward the company, which will not help it's growth when longer term players vent and moan to prospective newer ones, and reduce future sales across all product lines. There is clearly (especially with the two new mixed boxes and Pride) still a massive market for singles, people are essentially begging SFG to let them buy product from them, but SFG are making very difficult for them to do so. Guild Ball is the only 'proper' minis game I now play due to budget restrictions - Frostgrave, Gaslands and Pathfinder are very cheap because them require no specific miniatures so I can mix and match, scavenge from my old collections, convert and bodge for a very low price to play them. If keeping up with Guild Ball gets too pricey, my only real option is essentially to drop out, as there is little opportunity to play casually locally, as the player base is small and very spread out. Events are my only chance for a decent number of games, and they are becoming fewer and further between (3 cancelled locally in last 2 months, last Farmer's release had 2 people turn up). This is a bad patch for Guild Ball and I'm hoping (but not convinced) it will come out the other side soon. TL:DR: I agree, SFG should sell singles on their webstore, and clearly state what their long term plan for Guild Ball is, specifically plastic majors and allowing players the opportunity to complete a single guild if they choose to do so (access to singles of Exile and Faithful + minor guild duals).
  6. Bases

    In my experience, that only happens if you are lucky (for me, most of the first Farmers box). The majority end up needing to have their bases destroyed with clippers, piece by piece.
  7. That's the biggy you really want to get right. The key thing is fun for everyone, not just the competitive players. Inviting and friendly venue and pundit, also a TO who knows the rules well and keeps the players informed on timings etc is great. Spot prizes for different things each round are quite fun as well. Don't have to be 'proper' prizes, sweets and treats are good. The challenges can be fun too - first kill/goal by a mascot, first missed tap-in, etc. Those things appeal to me, anyway.
  8. Vet Honour?

    Realised this about 10 minutes after posting, but had turned the computer off by then so too late to edit... Like this idea. Pseudo TAC 5 seems alright when she clearly wants to be doing 2 hits. She certainly needs something to make her worthwhile, preferably dog based. Probably needs a fix, but I hope they take their time like Thresher and consider a buff to make her better when they errata. It is very disappointing that the First Lady Of Guild Ball is now not even a bench warmer for the Farmers...
  9. Vet Honour?

    Yeah, I wasn't impressed when I opened the box to check the card. 1 more TAC at least, don't see why she isn't 2 ARM, Sow The Seed's would probably be better, would have liked a 2" melee for the dog biting at peoples heels. Does make me want to make some sheep harvest markers now though...
  10. Which Kat?

    vKat is very much a finisher, an assassin - he needs to wait for the right moment to strike. He works best with Smoke in a control game, when you can use your AoEs and pushes to get a target set up for him to take down. Don't send him into combat until you know he is going to get points/Witness Me! off, or he risks handing your opponent a lot of MP and you losing control of him (due to engagement, KD, etc). I'd consider playing him in any game where I am playing Smoke and intending to kill someone, so Masons for a start, probably Butchers too. Tough Hide is his enemy though. oKat is your brawler who GIVES you control in a Midas team - the , pushes, fire and speed help him to keep your goal scorers free to make shots (plus giving Vitriol her 2" dodge). He can take a beating, generate you MP, and even score himself (high speed and supporting strikers means I've found him close enough a few times). I'd consider him against Brewers (, burning and pushed 4+" away is nasty on a slow team), maybe Fish.
  11. Stripping Paint?

    Acetone is probably easiest to get hold of (in the UK at least) as it is just nail polish remover, so available at any supermarket/most chemists. Be careful with any chemical as some are not good in the water supply - think the bottles will often tell you if they are dangerous/how to dispose. Beware anyone who says brake fluid! Nasty, horrible stuff. FPS (Fairy Power Spray) was what I used to strip plastics a few years ago, but I'm pretty sure they changed the recipe a while back which made it weaker, and I haven't seen it in shops for a while so it might be discontinued. It was amazing, though, and could be disposed of down the drain. Youtube has several videos showing you how: this guy recommends methylated spirits on plastic and metal, but not resin.
  12. Brick, when to leave him on the bench

    I also would like to see some opinion on this: I love Brick and Marbles - with Mallet there are in every Masons list I play (since Marbles got Go Ape). I don't play enough, however, to have the experience to know when not to take him. Gutter I have learnt is not a great much up, but also Hammer is probably not going to be good against her either, but then an Honour list without Marbles (is he good enough without Brick?) doesn't seem amazing either. Maybe vRage is a bad matchup for Masons. Smoke doesn't seem a good match for Brick either, as the burning AoEs neutralise his threat, although when I played Alchemists I always found Masons my easiest matchup.
  13. Veteran Decimate

    She seems really good, and I can't quite imagine a Brewers player NOT taking her. Miles more significant for her new guild than Gutter (who should have gone to the Fish anyway). Here's hoping Minx and Hemlocke add excitement and power to the Hunters and Morts like Decimate appears to be about to...
  14. Counter Charge Discussion

    The power of Counter Charge isn't in using it, but just having it. Think nuclear weapons in the Cold War - never used, but deterred both sides from going too far.
  15. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    He also has a dick, which Brisket likes to slap when he tries taking the ball off her. I agree with @Marbles at the moment though, in general Mist does ball retrieval better and doesn't really need faction buffs. However, when he flies the coop, Chisel is replacing him for me.