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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    As long as they are talking it out, I find an awesome tricksy goal run entertaining. What I don't like is when the ball gets ignored or killed and the game turns into just another skirmish game, all about two sides battering each other into submission. At least in Blood Bowl, the ONLY way to win is Touchdowns, so just hitting your opponents won't mean you win - it might help, but you have to get the ball and run it into the end zone at some point. Balance is the key, as you say - we have struggled to get to that point since release, as early S2 seemed very TO focused, and then the game swung the other way (at least with Fish and Alchs) in S3. I feel like the majority of the teams at the moment are weighted toward TO's - there are not many teams made to win 3-0, and I'd like to see more football orientated teams introduced.
  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    To be honest, I did this immediately after reading this post and ended up spending ages looking at all the Ankh Morpork stamps that came up in the image search. So beautiful! Complete opposite for me - more footballing teams is the way I want to see the game go (if I just wanted to hit stuff, I'd have stuck to Blood Bowl). Wasn't interested at all in Ratcatchers, but if they are going to be footbally, and add better strikers to Morts, I will certainly give them another look.
  3. Non Thresher Farmers - Anyone trying this?

    I'd like to try out Ploughman more. How do you use him with Grange? I imagine you can't rely on his AoE's, due to him having to go before Grange and Millstone for bonus HM. Where do you position him/what role does he play for you?
  4. At last I have finished! I tried using just natural light for photos this time, with some auto-enhances from Windows to compensate. I can never get the whole model in focus! So frustrating.
  5. Weird Forum error?

    I have a different issue I wanted to ask about (and there is no section on the forum for technical issues) - I can see my old signature on my posts again, but there is no way to edit it (the links are oooooooooooold), either in post or via profile. Are signatures coming back (yay!) or is this just some bizarre glitch due to the forum update (only noticed it last couple of days so might coincide)?
  6. Winter Painting Contest

    Done! Just waiting for the PVA to dry so I can take photos, but it's late so will have to do it tomorrow morning. Snow always looks better before you shake off all the excess ...
  7. Winter Painting Contest

    Argh! I'm so close - only 2 parcels and highlights on several patches to do, and now I remember I need to base and add snow to the damn thing!
  8. Non Thresher Farmers - Anyone trying this?

    For Grange, I tend to go Grange, Peck, Fallow, Jackstraw, Harrow, Tater. Fallow can just delete people, and her speed and kick compared to Windle make her a reasonable goal threat as well. Tater because obviously; he is a secondary damage dealer and has scored more goals for my Farmers than anyone else. Jackstraw for goals, ball holding, getting HM where you need them and a little damage. Harrow gives Tater or Fallow Tooled Up and can go in to finish people of/crowding out, and he's got a goal or two for me before (also, that on 4 isn't too hard to get). Peck is in general more useful (Heroic + Cocky), but for fun or if I want to score goals Buckwheat might come in. I'm torn over Millstone - I like the bonus damage and more 2" Harrow brings, but you can do evil things with Millstone, and I've been destroyed by Grange sitting in her bubble with MP for the counter. She might be one of those players that makes you feel like a dick for playing them, like S1 Obulous.
  9. Granite should have Protective Instinct - Discuss

    It's be pretty great, but as you say it'd feel a bit like Fallow transplanted to Masons. Granite does have different playbook, stats and DAM I suppose (6 TAC with on 2, compared to Fallows 3 TAC). Sturdy might make a difference there too. But then again, anything to get her playable right? This would get her on the table, and that low MOV and lack of countercharge would keep her non-auto.
  10. GB resolution for –18?

    In order of priority: Finish painting Farmers. Finish last 3 Masons models and goal. Get hold of, base and paint a Masons insert for my Wolves Glade tray set. Buy metals I need before they all sell out - Hunters of Winters Moon, Strings Of The Spirit Weaver, Pirates Return. Finish off my Union and their goal (deciding how to paint Coin has completely destroyed my progress on this). Work out how to play on clock/get through an event without timing out once. Find a way to persuade my wife to finish painting her Hunters (using the Falconer's box as a bribe might help...) Paint Crucible. Base, put together and paint Morticians. Ideally I should squeeze in painting a Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team in there as well...
  11. Next Errata?

    Granite and Chisel fit that bill as well. Let's hope they get something too.
  12. My daughter's favorite present

    That's awesome. Is she gonna paint them?
  13. New PVC Teams

    Guarantees a 6 year life span for Guild Ball though. Have they finished with Major Guilds? We'll have to see how this develops, but SFG have said they see a finite existence for Guild Ball, so it will die a death at some point, and that could well be when all the minor guilds have been released.
  14. Saw someone discuss how they wanted to expand their Kick Off teams in another thread: how is that going to work with 12 player boxes for the original teams? "Wow, love the two teams I got for £50 in the Kick Off box, I'll go and get the rest of the Masons models first so I can take them to an event!" "That'll be £70, and half of the models you buy you already have in plastic." £20 more for half the models. Massive rip-off, is what that player is going to say, then stop playing. Surely 6-player boxes are the only way to expand Kick Off, and it makes no sense to have Brewers and Masons in 6 player boxes and all the others in 12, it just looks mental, like they have no plan. I'm hoping that somewhere it will be revealed that SFG were always going to release 6-player boxes, this whole exercise is just to see if people would like 12-player boxes released as well.
  15. All goals, all day

    This is tempting me to put together my sBrisket and Snakeskin and actually play a Union game!