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  1. daner0023

    Placing Bases On Obstructions

    We had 7 Pundits at a tournament where this came up recently. I think there were 3 or 4 different interpretations of how this should work.
  2. daner0023

    S3 games

    I'm confused how a Pin Vice team, with her Legendary and "free dodges" couldn't get around Counter Charges... Would you elaborate?
  3. daner0023

    S3 Chisel Advise please

    You played 4 games with her at the tourney. How many VP's did she score vs. how many VP's did she concede?
  4. daner0023

    Veteran Siren

    I am sure vSiren could be helpful in a Shark lineup, but not optimum. The reason is that Shark wants a spread out field, not a scrum, which is better for ogSiren. vSiren provides Momentous Damage & Crowd Control in a small area of the Pitch which is a huge asset to Corsair. She also subs in as a back up Striker.
  5. daner0023

    How've you been doing in S3?

    I went 3-1 in a tourney this past weekend in a pretty tough Meta. We had 20 Players. My only loss came on clock points, largely because I'm new to Fish against Midas. I had a chance to close it out and did my activation order incorrectly. I ran Corsair, Salt, Jac, Kraken, A&G, Sakana, Greyscales, Shark, vSiren I mostly ran Corsair, Salt, Jac, Greyscales, A&G, vSiren except for one game against Shark, where I plugged in Sakana over Jac. I beat Shark, Corsair & Tapper. I would have done a recap, but I was pretty sick during the tourney and my memory is a little spotty.
  6. daner0023

    Season 3 Team Overview - Masons

    Knowing your opponent's game plan before they do is a high level skill. Its really good for Counter Punching teams like the Masons and necessary for Control teams like Obulus led Morticians.
  7. daner0023

    Obulus, need advice to unlock him

    It's an interesting thought to make Obs a Battery. I think giving him 4 might be the right level to threaten PM and still have him as a Battery with his other one. Then, when you do activate him, you can do a PM, or a Misdirection, Confidence, Sprint or Confidence, Charge, Pass or various combos of those abilities.
  8. daner0023

    Harmony's animosity to Honour

    Singled Out has a new Podcast with Sherwin, the chief author of the fluff, and he takes you through the story.
  9. daner0023

    Corsair vs vRage

    Most teams want to get their 2" Reach models into Corsair's scrum to grind through some Take Outs and get their TAC to a reasonable level with Crowd Outs. This makes Greyscales often immortal, because few Players can catch him, and then they have to base him with 2" Reach and be able to do enough Damage before he Dodges away.
  10. daner0023

    S3 Chisel Advise please

    I think at this point in time, it's really hard to have Players that don't make the cut. In Seasons 1&2, it was very easy to plug in one to three Union Players to fill out 8 man rosters. Also, a lot more buffs targeted friendly models without Guild only restrictions. One of the most viable lineups was Obs, Dirge, Silence, A&G, Rage, Mist and everyone would have been delighted if they could have taken Coin. Now, in Season 3 with the one Union Player per roster and most buffs being friendly, Guild only if you have a couple of Players that they miss in Playtesting it really can affect the power level of the roster and severely limit playstyles and choices. With that being said, I love the Union restriction, I think it should be a Core rule. I just really hope they single out these models and make some quick changes, unlike Obulus, because I think it will make S3 more balanced, fun and competitive for Players of all Guilds.
  11. daner0023

    S3 Chisel Advise please

    If you listen to the GBT episode with Jamie, just about everything he said about the other models with Crazy, they completely ignored with Chisel. "Long Playbooks", "Taking models to the extreme of their design", and the killer for most people was "we looked at how she performed in Season 2 and thought she was fine where she was". Alex, that doesn't sound like Playtesting, to anyone. While Chisel had a small, somewhat effective role in S2, that role has been mitigated by changes to Honour & Decimate. Also, the Icy Sponge change to Recovery Levels changed her ability to contribute something after she was inevitably Taken Out the first time(a 3/1 model with no backfield utility, ineffective Counter Attacking, no Defensive Tech and 7-10 HP is a really juicy target). If she was Playtested in 5 games, the fact that she's a VP vending machine would have to become obvious at some point. Without stacking multiple buffs on top of her, she can't reciprocate the production of VP's that she so willingly concedes. Again, this is something that becomes obvious after a few games. Whereas, some Players are clunky, like Venin, they aren't likely to outright lose you the game like Chisel can and will, if your opponent is savvy enough to grab the easy 4-6 VP's that she provides.
  12. daner0023

    S3 Chisel Advise please

    I think at 3/8" she would be a slower, less accurate, squishier Vitriol. The upside is that instead of Hidden Damage once per turn, she would have the upside of Painful Rage. We do have a spot in our lineups for that, because we have to rely on Flint so much, and I wouldn't want to drop him into Fillet, Smoke, Esters or Scalpel.
  13. daner0023

    Battle Report vs. Engineers

    If they have the ball and are intent to pass it around I suspect we might have to adjust our stratagem. I try to use terrain and distance to Kick the ball in a tough spot for them to retrieve, keeping in mind that Salvo has 14" tricks.
  14. vSiren wants to go first, usually. Then, A&G, then Corsair. I have found so far that I have enough control of the game state that I can activate like this, but not always of course. Greede rarely hits the table though?
  15. The biggest thing that I find A&G bring is Momentous Singled Out and Momentous KD. This makes Corsair's Damage potential increase, because it gives him chances to wrap, lowers Defense or it costs them their movement or Momentum. Gutter can more reliably provide 2 Influence, another long stick and a possible Harpoon into the Death Pit.