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  1. Rocanegra

    W: Alt Piper (found one)

    Ok thanks, as I saw that the ratcatchers' box has already arrived on friday, I thought that maybe someone would like to trade their alt Piper. I'll keep on eye on the fb page and elsewere. Regards
  2. Rocanegra

    W: Alt Piper (found one)

    Hi there, still looking for Piper's alt sculpt, if anyone wants to sell it. R.
  3. Rocanegra

    W: Alt Piper (found one)

    Hi there, I'm looking for an alt Piper, as they're not available from my LGS ... Regards UPDATE: Found one, thanks!
  4. Rocanegra

    [Spain] Guild Ball Open Nights Bilbao

    Amazing! Buen trabajo!!!
  5. Rocanegra

    Salute 2018 offers/sales?

    That would be amazing, I hope to arrive on time so that I don't miss that chance, I'll go directly from HT airport to the venue hehe. I'll try to wear my green pundit t-shirt, just in case we could take a pundit photo
  6. Rocanegra

    W: Steamcon Skulk (found one)

    Hi there, I'd like to know if there's an Steamcom Skulk sculpt available at a reasonable price, I had to cancel my travel to last year's Steamcon, and now I realized that I've falled in love with the little scumbags, so ... any one over there? Regards edit: already got one, thanks!
  7. Hi there, this year I managed to schedule a flight for Salute, and I'd like to estimate a budget so that things don't go crazy on the shopping expedition Does anyone knows if there will be any special offers or limited edition miniatures sold during Salute? or even better, a pre-sale of the Ratcachers Guild for those of us that pre-ordered it? (huge amount of hype you know... hehe). Anyway, I think I'll spend most of my day on SFG's stand, It'd be cool to meet people and take some photos of the GB community Regards
  8. Rocanegra

    The Goal Post Thread

    I made this goal marker some time ago, maybe someone remembers it from Vengeance 2016 I made it from plasticard and some spare cogs.
  9. Rocanegra

    Vengeance 2016 - Manchester 14th & 15th May

    Count me in too, I'll be at NWGC as soon as possible, look for the spanish guy with engineer googles
  10. Rocanegra

    Hi from Igualada (Barcelona)

    Welcome Blanca, it's good to know more people from our country
  11. Hey welcome, there're more players in BCN too, I think they're plying @ ironforge. I'm from Madrid, and started a guild ball whatsapp Group with players from Bcn, Madrid and Málaga, so that we can coordinate tournaments and move people, send me a message if you wan't to be added to the group, more people, more games!
  12. Rocanegra

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Great!, I was working on my own, but you made the work hehe, congrats, and thanks for the effort! Have you considered the offline mode? I've used the installable web app kit some times, it could be interesting to add it if you want
  13. Rocanegra

    GBKeeper: iOS app that tracks damage

    I'm currently working in an installable web app, that's independent on the os, and works offline. I did this some time ago for warmahordes (kovnik.firebaseapp.com), maybe we could join forces?
  14. Rocanegra

    Pin Vice spoiled

    May anyone please help me understand her Heroic Play? does it means that it'll last till the end of the game, if she's not taken-out?
  15. Rocanegra

    Rocanegra's Engineers

    Thanks mates, I wanted to give them a colorful theme, and thanks to the excellent resin sculpts these models are my favorite ones