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  1. Couldn't find anything current on this. If I hit with an attack from a model and select the guild ball playbook result, assuming the selected result is something like Eye Spy or Deadbolt that actually targets, would it trip traits that hinge on "hitting an enemy model with a character play" like Stormwind and Momentous Inspiration? Or because there's no actual rolling of dice, it doesn't count as hitting for those purposes.
  2. Like the title says, does vOx actually need to roll to hit everybody with his Whirling Chains? We're wondering because while the ability "does stuff" to everyone within a 4" pulse, the actual *target* is self, so when he uses it, the target is himself and he doesn't need to roll to hit, right?
  3. Clement

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    But if you don't kick them to the curb and smash their teeth in 20 minutes of silent, joyless, eye-rolling play; how will they ever learn to be a better player? /page5 /sarcasm
  4. Clement

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    It's worth pointing out that the banner for the last blog on Vet Graves and Bonesaw did seem to have different posing then normal. I don't keep very close track of many guilds, but these poses aren't "the standard". Hopefully they will pop up as online specials or something.
  5. A lot of this thread seems to imply that playing "casual" isn't actually trying to win. I'm not actually convinced that's the case. Me and my tiny meta (there's like 3 of us, it's cute) keep guild ball as our 2nd/3rd string game that we can fall back on when other games end up with odd numbers. Since we're pretty infrequent players, we don't normally run a clock since we'd spend a good deal of time pausing it to dig out rules, make sure cards are up to date, talking about that funny thing, answering rules questions for other games in the same space, etc. Having said that we are still very much trying to win and our games are still absolutely headed toward a conclusion in timely fashion. It's just that "timely" there is based on number of turns/actions rather then real time.
  6. Clement

    Vet Honour?

    But only some dogs bring it back :). My dog growing up was great at chasing down the ball/frisbee/whatever, and would normally happily sit next to it and stare at you from across the park.
  7. Clement

    Vet Honour?

    Was there a dog that fetched? I was wracking my brain for one and the closest I could come up with did the opposite. (Snow runs TO the ball)
  8. Clement

    Vet Honour?

    <Wild Speculation> She has a very low move stat but a very high kick. Her dog is represented by a character play somewhat like Rough Seas from Corsair that lets her steal the ball at range, with a harvest marker down she can do it out of turn when strikers get too close. She also has a Lure like ability called Belly Rubs! (because the Dog is adorable, he has one floppy ear). </Wild Speculation>
  9. Clement

    Game plan deck revealed

    I would suggest printing the backs also, at least of the rules page. A TON of the questions that keep popping up about how to play these rules are clearly answered on it and no one seems to be looking. Do your club mates a favor.
  10. Clement

    Farmer Errata has landed

    Time will tell if these changes pan out and Thresher still sees regular play. I've got flashbacks from earlier this season with Alchemists when Midas turned up all over and Smoke was barely ever dropped, now Midas is relegated to Smoke's backup dancer.
  11. Clement

    Defending against Striker Pincer attacks

    Also curious on the answer here. One of my local players plays fish and I cannot seem to stop the scoring train no matter how hard I try. (Shark fish obviously)
  12. Clement

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hurray update dropped! To add to your list of fixes: Crucible is on a 40mm base, you've got her listed as a 30mm.
  13. Figured this out based on the december 2nd pack. Thresher is missing his captain flag. He's in there. Hopefully it can get fixed on the next round of card updates.
  14. Clement


    Eh. From a fluff perspective I'm glad we lost now. The hat is apparently haunted or some nonsense. Engineer Harry is 'sad teen girl being possessed by headgear'. I'd be sad if we lost Calculus down that particular rabbit hole.
  15. Clement

    Fallow is up

    Jebus, talk about burying the lead... they'd been progressively showing more and more of her card all morning, but "With Age Comes Wisdom" is just... wow. Her 1 inch melee is kind of a big deal in this guild, but I suspect people will make an exception.