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  1. JustinRoley

    So peck is a damage monster???

    Peck, like most mascots, loves sic 'em. The added bonus in a Grange list is the added TAC and damage from Honest Labor is less telegraphed on a 0 influence Peck to finish off a haggard opponent.
  2. JustinRoley

    Harvest Markers and how to use them

    In my experience you definitely receive diminishing returns from your influence past 13-14. Sure you can get up to 15-16, but it generally does very little at that point, barring very specific situations. I do generally reap 2 to get up to 14 if I can without leaving Tater open to early turn abuse. Tater has the most effective countercharge in the game, so figuring out how to keep him live while he is not active, but full on influence when he is active is a key balancing point. Playing with GIC and having the option to put two markers out pre game is very strong as well, opening up more flexibility to use them as influence if the opportunity to cash in arises.
  3. JustinRoley

    Farmers Escalation League Choices

    I had my escalation league experience Saturday and it was certainly a fun time. I will give a brief rundown of my games here. First round I used Tater, Harrow and Grange(remember I restricted myself to actual models, no proxies). He played Masons, using Flint, Honour and Harmony. I received, passing the ball around to score agenda points and made him come to me. I wound up getting the 6 VP all off of Tater kills, but Grange did alot of work. Harrow stood in the back. Next game we added a mascot and I played against Butchers. He was running Ox, Princess, Brisket and Boar. It was a very tight game with me holding the ball deep in his end needing a goal to win(none of his players anywhere near me), but him threatening a returned Grange to win on the takeout. I ended going after Brisket in cover with grange to get my momentum to score, but wound up in Ox's threat by a fraction of an inch(no way around it), but I crucially forgot to put up constitution. Grange died on the last hit (would have lived with tough hide up), while Tater was waiting for a bonus timed tap in by himself if Grange survived. 3rd game was a Farmer off, him playing all proxies from second box except Harrow. I received again, making him come to me(only option against Thresher). I played Honest Land box swapping Bushel for Tater. I sacrificed Grange to Thresher to end a turn, but in return was able to take out his Tater and Thresher. Rest of game was jockying for position. Won 4-2. Last game was kickoff masons against my same lineup, it was a slog with me winning 6-0 when time hit (his first tourney so played pretty slow). Farmers Honest Land had a lot more play in it than I expected, finished 2nd with no one undefeated and my loss being the other 3-1. Really looking forward to the second box now more than ever!
  4. JustinRoley

    Farmers Escalation League Choices

    SATS I should have clarified, this is a one day escalation league so each "week" I actually restricted to one game. I have not looked at the cards yet, I was just planning on playing some GB so I guess I need to do my homework! Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like two smart guys agree, so I will take both of your advice.
  5. JustinRoley

    Farmers Escalation League Choices

    FearLord, thanks for the advice, seems pretty sound logic. That last spot is hard to love because we are so used to playing 6 it always feels something is missing with 3. That said Harrow is a 2" melee, that can always contribute something while being happy to pass his portion of the resources to a teammate.
  6. JustinRoley

    Farmers Escalation League Choices

    I am going to an escalation league event on Saturday and will be using Farmers, proxies are allowed however I am wanting to use painted models only. I have all the released models available as well as Tater and Ben and Grace. Keeping in mind the format (game with 3 players, then add a mascot, then go to full 6 man) and my desire to use real models, what do you think my best option for the 3 would be, keeping in mind the 6 I would building into later. So Grange(and later Peck) is already chosen by lack of options, beyond that I have been pretty sure i want Tater in the three (for his versatility as a scorer, beater and annoyance) which would likely leave one in the 3. If Bushel becomes my second reaper in the 6, some added goal threat and mobility in a 3 on 3 might help cover the pitch better, Windle is right out in 3 v 3 because of pitch coverage I would think. Alternatively, I could add another planter alongside Tater, to either give a goal threat and more active harvest markers OR Harrow to supplement damage until I can get up to a full squad and possibly use Windle. Another option could be adding Grace to the 3 man roster, adding efficiency and pitch coverage, but feeling less fluffy and not as desirable in the 6 man I would think. So there you have it, my dilemma. If you have any thoughts or suggestions I will look back here prior to the escalation league. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. JustinRoley

    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    I kind of felt like the Blacksmiths were easy targets in my two games against them. Between Honest Labour and Tooled Up, they can overcome the tough hide and feast upon relatively low HP apprentices. The crowd outs help to generate enough dice to overcome the armor on a few models. Farmers, in my opinion, are all about setup and with the low basic move stats and desire to be close together, the Blacksmiths play into the scrum Farmers want to create. You do need to make sure to commit the players to the fray in the right order. Windle is always the last one to bring in, and until he is in the scrum he needs to be shielded by your crew. Tater is happy sitting a ways out on a wing, but still in range to hit a massive charge attack(even if you have to hit a Farmer 3 extra damage sure helps take down a blacksmith model). My biggest issue was protecting the ball against them because their kickstats are good across the board and Farmers aren't great at protecting the ball. I used my bodies and 2" melees to keep the ball on a high def model, Peck, Bushel or Jack, behind my team. Then if they still go for the ball you can sufficiently punish them for doing so. In our own football game I found Grace to be a sneaky return goal threat. No influence on her? Safe to leave the ball ? Nope gain 2 sprint, shoot, bonus time. 3 die goal from 16" out on a model sitting with nothing just behind the scrum. Keep at it, you will figure out the Blacksmith puzzle.
  8. JustinRoley

    First game with hunters

    I played my first game with Hunters since early season 2 yesterday. I actually quit playing them because my two opponents told me they were frustrating to play against, which was probably why I enjoyed them then! My first season 3 game was against one of those opponents that asked me to not play them before, so he had incentive to get some revenge. I played Theron, Fahad, Minx, V Hearne, Chaska and Seenah. He played Seasoned Brisket, Coin, Mist, Snakeskin, Grace and Hemlocke. We were playing the new GIC 2.0 cards, I took the snare one and he took the super home crowd one. I never remembered to apply the snare... Doh! I found a lot to like in Season 3 Hunters. Theron was great as a control piece against a football based team, and offered good momentum generation and chip damage(amazing how often Momentous 1 came up), and blessing was much more flexible than before. Chaska had always failed me in season 2, but this game was different, he killed a model turn one, knocked the same model off the table turn 2(while they had the ball), and generally was a nuisance. Seenah's Bear Hug kill seemed very attainable given some setup and I was very pleased with her 6 VP off 2 takeouts(also knocked a ball loose by KD turn 2). Minx is a ball hawk and good at applying snare on the cheap, though she did miss a two die goal to win the game early. Vet Hearne probably should have been O Hearne, quad box is cute but I only did it once, but I was never unhappy leaving no influence on him. Fahad was basically a non factor which was fine, I left the ball on him once for his high def. Overall I liked the performance, won 14-4(he missed a 4 die goal to be fair), but not sure such a takeout focused list would work against a less fragile team. I will probably drop V Hearne for O Hearne next game and see how that works. Happy hunting!
  9. JustinRoley

    Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    Played a game last night against Blacksmiths. I ran Grange,Windle,Jackstraw,Peck,Grace(first time) and Tater(first time). I was pleasantly surprised by Grace all game, there was never a time that her 2 influence wasn't significant. She scored a goal, sped up Windle, and tackled the ball (then missed a one die tap in!) in three turns. Never felt like she was deadweight. Tater did Tater things, including wrapping on a Honest Labour charge to make Sledge consider finding a different line of work (9 damage charge). I didn't miss Harrow and I am not sure he is necessary in a Grange team. He is one more set up piece in a team full of set up pieces. I think that was the best part of Grace, she was autonomous and very flexible. I was very happy with the lineup, also wound up with a 12-8 victory so there is that.
  10. JustinRoley

    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Bushel can be deceptively tanky. If you can position Harrow 4" behind her, she can be the forward model that absorbs the first wave. If needed you can stand her up with Peck, give her sturdy or tough hide with Grange,etc.... But even "just" a 5 def 1 arm model with all the farmer heals is pretty resilient, jackstraw can jump in and add a crowd out then you can send the team in to the tarpit and finish a model. Of course I was only able to do this because I received and passed the ball around between peck and straw behind my front line. Being able to entice your opponent to engage is half the battle.
  11. JustinRoley

    Mystery box!

    Unfortunately the communication issues were the same with the Black Friday debacle last year. I love SFG products, but they need to avoid direct sales because they aren't capable of coming close to meeting the expectations that they set. They have a history of overpromise, under deliver on the direct sales end. Ordering Black Friday I was still waiting on models in January with multiple missed expected dates and no explanation. I had to drive all communication with the issues as they weren't proactive or good at follow up. They make fantastic games and models, unfortunately they have been lacking in servicing sales in my experience. On the bright side the one or two times I have had model issues, they have gotten me taken care of effectively. Their customer service issues all seem to stem from direct sales. SFG you are too promising a company to have this hanging around your necks. Either step up your game, or don't handle sales directly, your distributors do a fine job on their own. Just my opinion.
  12. JustinRoley

    Sell me on Zarola

    I think of Zarola as just a support piece, never expect much personal output and you won't be disappointed, but adding 7" of threat to Minx or Jaecar turn 1 is something, and she is probably the best option Hunters have to protect a ball (mobility, defense, and unpredictable is a good package). I played her a lot when Hunters first came out and I feel like she is still worthy of inclusion. That said, haven't played my Hunters since season 2 so there you go. (though they are the team I will take to Steamcon)
  13. JustinRoley

    Fresh Fields

    Sunny, Windle did tons of work for me as well, but I always felt like it was because I took what my opponent gave me. Did you feel like your opponent could have taken Windle out of the game by better positioning and focusing on other parts of the pitch? This is an honest question, I felt that way but wanted to see others opinions because Windle surprised me a ton with his output.
  14. JustinRoley

    Sell me on Zarola

    Linked with the cat can offer some interesting options as well. With Midnight Offering you usually have an intervening activation if using it to extend goal or charge threat, using it on herself or the cat(with linked) makes it an immediate move. Gives the cat a reliable and not expected 18" (22" if you can spare the dodge momentum) tap in from linked. It won't work often, but will be amazing when it does.
  15. JustinRoley

    Fresh Fields

    Just finished my first game with Honest Land against the Blacksmiths(his first game with smiths, but my regular opponent for 2 years). I won the roll which helps a ton obviously. There was some cover in the dead center of the board and on the left of my deployment, where he kicked the ball. I got it with Bushel and left her in cover out front as bait near some fast ground. I passed the ball around building a bunker to hide it on Jack behind and providing crowd outs for Bushel. He went in with Iron ending up on Bushel but no damage due to counter attack and def stance. I was able to benefit Windle with Honest Labor AND Tooled Up T1, and he ate Iron with snack break. Next turn was more posturing hiding the ball and setting up. He put 8 dmg on Bushel with Sledge, but then Windle came and killed Sledge with just tooled up. He was huddling up in the center now benefitting from cover and trying to crowd out(1" melee against 2" makes that tougher). I went in on Ferrite with Windle and came up 3 hp short after fluffing a roll to get 0 dmg on 7 dice. Ferrite died to Grange, Cinder got a ranged tackle on Jack (3 5+ out of 5 dice), Windle ends up killing Furnace (with snack time up), Cinder scored and Anvil died to massive crowd outs and Grange/Bushel setup back to back. So first off, I realize this was a perfect setup for Farmers to shine, an opponent that walks into the meat grinder of models and low defenses to tee off on... But still they were easier to set up than I expected. Windle was FAR better than expected, yet seems incredibly easy to play around. If I didn't get to receive probably sad times for ol'Windle on the wrong side of the pitch trying to catch up. But boy can he take advantage of being set up. And who is a setup king? Grange is everything you want in a set up piece with some resilience to his schtick even(double crowd out, sturdy, tough hide). Bushel was a nice bait piece... 12 hp with 5/1(near Harrow) and tough hide from Grange the turn you want it as well as threatening goals off dead balls is something. Fast ground helps her goal threat alot. Jack was my goto ball holder as he has good kick range and high def, as well as good mobility and a tackle on 1 for counter attacks. Peck ran with Jack for crowd outs and gang ups and to block space. Harrow added crowd outs and tooled up others. The harvest markers were far better than expected I always had enough and converted some for influence (usually 1) each turn. Very happy with the way they played and the overall direction of the guild. Great job by SFG here.