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  1. Veteran Gutter Speculation Thread

    Drag so there is finally a reason to have changed the name I will never not call it harpoon though. #HarpoonLife.
  2. Organized Play Update

    So Pure. So innocent.
  3. Organized Play Update

    Schrodinger's Competitiveness.
  4. Organized Play Update

    I don't really think it matters if it is "fair" or "unfair". For me it is a perception of where the game is going. If we've designed something to be competitive it shouldn't need an edge, any edge, be it a +.5% increase or a +25% edge. To me it is essentially an admission of an unsolved design challenge. Does lack of roster diversity hurt win rates? It seems SteamForged is saying Yes. So by definition minor guild's are not competitive. So the challenge becomes how do you intrinsically correct that imbalance? Is it even possible without adding more models to minors? Restrict everyone to 8 man 1 captain 1 mascot rosters - Seems bad for list diversity / captain play rates. Also bad for models which are really strong in some matchups but terrible in others. One idea thrown out early was the thought of the 12 man roster. I thought this was pretty cool because it allows for a major/minor split in the same roster. But I do concede this may be... an expensive choice? Not sure how much that really matters to most folks who play that game. I'd say its a new/low budget player problem, but it's really more of a "competitive new/low budget player" problem. I am not sure that really exists. When you want to be competitive at something you generally invest in it. Maybe it exists, but not in a sizable enough manner to cater a competitive document to a small population. Any non-roster based solution is likely going to have impacts outside of roster-based problems. It's a tricky puzzle. Honestly I think the moving forward solution is going to be to design Minor Guild models in a way where they deliberately attempt to avoid polarizing matchups, captains are reasonably equipped for all comers, 1 or 2 models are strong tech pieces for the guilds the minor will suffer against.
  5. Organized Play Update

    Long form thoughts regarding +1 kickoff roll to minor guilds. https://wordpress.com/post/momentoustackle.wordpress.com/309 TL;DR. Not a fan. The Homogeneous roster means even if their average win rate is competitive, Minor Guilds are likely to have wider match up variance. That is to say their results will be more polarizing due to good/bad match ups. This rule adjustment will simply increases their global win rate, it does not correct for the actual variance. You make the bad match ups a little better, but you also make the good match ups stronger in the process.
  6. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    Fangtooth tech is legit. Tried it out last week vs blacksmiths last week and won 12-2. Odd part is Corsair doesn't even care about the foul odor because he just sits in his little bubble the whole game anyway. List: Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, Fangtooth. I imagine the Season 2 Shark list will still be reasonably effective as well. If memory serves it was Shark, Salt, Angel, Sakana, Greyscales, Fangtooth. dunno bout that Angel slot anymore tho.
  7. Salt ftw!

    We're not on the same side. I bought the salt shirt
  8. The Rookies are here!

    Fangtooth clear winner here. Dem Chainz.
  9. Salt ftw!

    The vote was a 3 way. Pro-Salt was united, but the people who hated salt were divided between the other two.
  10. Guild ball ball

    I always theme my balls to a team. My fish ball is has a small water trail coming off it. my mortician ball is being held by a hand coming out of the ground. Butcher ball is nice and bloody. Farmer ball is a spooky jackolantern with a working LED.
  11. Fish influence spread

    Odd you found shark complicated as he is the much simpler player. Fish you can never really go wrong with loading your captain up with 6. Both get work done with a full stack. For the team's you've listed out here are some general thoughts and *default* allocations (which should always be adjusted based on board state) 1) Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, oSiren & Hag This team is all about who is in position to make something happen. Shark is almost always in position to make a play on the ball, and even if he's not, can most reliably pump up your momentum count. Sakana is 2nd in this regard. Greyscales almost always likes at least 1 inf to keep WDTG available. But you should always try to anticipate who, between Sakana and Greyscales, is going to be able to make the most out of their allocation. Usually depends on where the ball is. Osiren is a bit weird because she's normally going to take either 0 or 3 for seduced. Tentacles and Hag are fine with zero 90% of the time. Default: 6/0/3/1/3/0. 2) Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Jac, Gutter & Hag Corsair and Gutter are going to take the majority of the influence on this team each turn. Sakana will take some each turn as well, but how much depends on his relative board state. He's your premire striker here, so does he want to support fighting or score? Jac normally takes 0, but may want 1 for the goad option or try to generate his own momentum for trident tested. Hag and Tentacles are just fine with 0. Default: 6/0/2/1/4/0.
  12. Greetings from Bilbao.

    Greetings! Keep up with it. Persistence is key!
  13. Fresh blood

  14. What was your first Guild and why?

    Bought Fish and Butchers 3 man packs to get a feel of the game diversity. Shortly there after bought brewers and morticians 3 man starter boxes for the same reason. Then quickly found out the game was supposed to be played with 6 on a team. All of my friends in the beginning loved murder ball. I rolled shark to be different. Never looked back from fish and still main them.
  15. Hello from Leicester, England

    Greetings and good luck!
  16. Guildball wiki

    try this? http://guild-ball.wikia.com/wiki/Message_Wall:Mira_Laime
  17. Greetings from Aldershot!

    Greetings from the states!
  18. DC area Guildball groups?

    Do you have twitter? Hit up @wanderson603 Ashburn Virgina, your backyard, is home to one of the largest GB tournaments in the country!
  19. ANIMAL BALL (Created by Lon Sims) Special thanks to everyone in the Guild Ball Zone discord channel who provided playtesting and feedback for these rules. Ever wonder what your creatures are up to when not with their teams? What Fun does Fahad have in her free time? How does Salt spend his Summers? Well… They play Ball of course! WELCOME TO ANIMAL BALL!! The next evolution in sport which is taking the Empire of the Free Cities by Storm! In this ferocious show of fang and claw - onlookers come to realize just how essential and talented these balls of fur (or scales) can be. The speeds are blistering, the teamwork is crucial, and the brutality is downright lovable. Never so quickly have you seen a crowd go from “aww” to “ouch”! Draft your squad from ALL AVAILIBLE mascots and use your limited resources to pilot your critters to victory. Rules: Animal Ball is played on a 2ft x 2 ft pitch. The proving grounds mat has this built in (demo) If you are using a standard mat, square off the center 2 feet. The front of the goals are placed 4 inches from the back line. Deployment is 6 inches from the back line. Each team is comprised of 6 MASCOT models chosen via Draft (See Draft Section). The game is played to 6VPs. (mascots are still worth 1vp per take out) For a slightly longer game, you may opt to reduce goals to 3VPs. All friendly models count as friendly guild models. NO HEALING via “take a breather lad” or “come on mate”. You may clear conditions as normal. Plot cards are not used in this format. Unless mentioned above, all standard rules from the core Guild Ball game apply. For a slightly more action packed game, you may opt to increase each team’s influence pool by 2 during allocation. (see standard rules for goal influence) Proxies may be necessary. Ensure you and your opponents are clear on exactly which model is what mascot. Write it down if necessary. Drafting: All Mascot cards from the Guild Ball Universe shall be available to draft. Place all of the cards on the middle of the pitch. Roll off to determine who goes first. Bans: Banning a Card/Model removes it from the pool. It may no longer be selected. The first player will Ban a single card. The second player will Ban a single card. Draft: This is a snake draft. The first player will pick a single model, followed by the second player picking two, followed by the first player picking 2 until each has 6 models. Player 1 picks 1. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 Picks 2. Player 1 Picks 2. Player 2 picks 2. Player 1 picks 1. After the draft is complete. Roll off to determine Kicker/Receiver. The kicker deploys their entire team and nominates a kicker. The receiver deploys their entire team. Kick off and enjoy the game! Tips: The Small field and generally high MOV of mascots make for an extremely dynamic game. Use it to your advantage. The combination of low TAC and high DEF/ARM make crowd outs EXTREMELY important. A low INF pool means Mascots which have free abilities are at a premium. Goals, while worth proportionally more points, are also much riskier due to low KICK stats. Not all Mascots are created equal. Some may seem highly effective versus their counterparts. If you are worried about a particular model – use your ban or make sure to pick it first! HAVE FUN! This is Animal Ball. This is a living rule set hosted here: http://www.guildball.zone/animal-ball/ http://animalball.guildball.zone (coming soon)
  20. I'm pretty much with Sam. The few times I've played this out it seemed to me Naja had to be kicked out or else would almost certainly be picked first every time (one folks learn how to min max). It's not like regular UPM where a good mix of characters can shut it down. It's literally maybe 1 character on your team can even touch the Snake, and they require such a relative large influence investment. Tentacles is almost equally as bad, considering how insane it is to get the ball of a 4+/1 with close control when the best TAC you got is 4. Wrecker is real strong though you are right. His Armor makes him a virtual tank. One thing to look out for, though, is Wrecker tends to like to get crowded super hard in this format. Once the # of dice get to a certain point it is real easy for "damage dealers" like scum and princess to put him in the dirt. Mother, along with a few others, is a solid choice purely due to being able to do something for nothing. In a format with extremely limited influence free abilities are worth a lot. Coin, Fahad, Quaff, Strongbox. All of these are excellent picks.
  21. Never don't ban Naja. OPOP Kinda have to remove healing because low inf pool and high DEF/ARM relative to TAC make doing sustained damage difficult. Things would never die if they could pop 4 a go. Glad you tried it and had fun!
  22. Fishermen binary?

    Tons of game variety in fish. Possibly more so than any other guild. You can build insanely high tempo goal lists. You can build incredibly grindy tough hide lists. Everything in between. You can even do wacky shark sumo-shove lists.
  23. Hello from MIchigan

  24. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    Here you risk 10 influence on a single pass. Albeit a 87.5% chance of success, you effectively lost your early game advantage right here. Think about what you could have done differently to minimize risk. You could have had Corsair dodge off the pass from Salt. You could have had Salt pass to someone else or into space. The reason I want to highlight this particular part of the write up is Corsair's #1 strength is the ability to dictate *where* a fight occurs. However, despite what folks may think, his team is not a great long term brawling team. Corsair needs to play on his side of the pitch, isolate someone, and kill um quickly. The missed pass resulted in a loss of pitch control, now, instead of being knocked down and almost dead, flint is running circles on us. One more note - I never really find A&G worth taking a lot of inf on T1. Even with harpoons they rarely get into the action. I tend to load um up for a top of T2 activation.