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  1. Working with "Green Stuff"

    One thing I don't see mentioned yet, are you trying to work the putty right away? It's best to let it cure for a little while before you jump straight into molding. Once you mix the green stuff together get it into a manageable shape let it cure for a good 30 minutes before trying to mold it. This will make it so it has less give and is overall easier to manage. Here is an example of a "farmer basket" i tacked on to the back of Benediction (about half way through sculpting) Basically I just tacked an oval shaped ball to his back, waited a good 30 minutes until it was sturdy enough to work with, and proceed to shape the basket with my fingers and some modeling tools. After this was done I waited a little while longer before adding more putty/details. It's a bit of a process.
  2. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I think this might be a bit of results oriented thinking because the math doesn't really work out on a few of these. Happy Hour: On a Ferrite open field shot your odds of hitting the goal drop from 93.8% to 80.2%, this is a decrease of 13.6%. This means Happy Hour only impacts 1 in 7 shots. On an Iron Tryhard shot your odds of scorring drop from 97.2% to 88.9%, this is a decrease of 8.3%. This means Happy Hour only impacts 1 in 12 shots. Tracer Rounds: Using your example of Blast Earth - Hitting a Def 3+ Model changes from 88.9% to 96.3%. This is an increase of 7.4% or about 1 in 17 Blast Earths. Hitting a Def 4+ model changes from 75% to 87.5%. This is an increase of 12.5% or about 1 in 8 Blast Earths. Hard to talk about strict odds on some of the others. I can see World Burn giving Cinder/Sledge some fits. I think a more likely explanation, rather than the GICs, might be your local opponents may be more in tune to blacksmith's overall weaknesses after seeing them for a few weeks now. I know I struggled against them in my first game or two, but now actually feel like they are a little on the weak side.
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I see. Its another brand new 2" dodge. Not +2" to the current dodge. Makes sense. I did go ahead and post a similar question though.
  4. Say I'm in a mirror match and am considering using a Character play which make an enemy model temporarily friendly (Lure, Seduced, Tidal Surge, Puppet Master). If I were to use such a character play on an enemy model who happens to also be a guild model, would the enemy temporarily gain applicable benefits of "Friendly Guild" effects? Example: Player A controls Siren, as well as Corsair who has activated his legendary this turn. Player B Controls Greyscales, who has the ball, as well as Angel. Angel B, while friendly to Greyscales, is standing within 1" of him. Corsair is engaging both the enemy Greyscales and Angel. Player A activates Siren and hits a lure on the enemy greyscales. Greyscales jogs away from Angel, who during the jog is an enemy. Angel opts to take a parting blow and rolls a tackle result. Does the ball change possession or would the temporarily friendly Greyscales have close control? He meets the criteria of being a friendly model, and he is also in the same Guild, so it would seem the One Leg Stance aura would benefit him.
  5. GIC General Theory Thread 

    GUT REACTION TIME!!!! Overall – There are not really any “terrible” ones per say anymore and a few of the bonkers ones are just “really good” now. Things have evened out a bit. I do think there are a few of these SF has not considered very carefully, but overall I vote this batch a successful improvement. Alchemists – Acid coating could create legitimate kill lists. Anatomical is a vastly underrated ability in this game. It’s probably worth heal rate 2 against armored teams, against unarmored teams you just don’t take it. Chem Resist is still a good default choice for Midas and World Burn can get out of hand quick for smoke. Blacksmiths – All of these options are pretty reasonable. Now that we’ve seen Hearth I think passing the mantle might be the default pick, but I can see tough as nails against some teams. Strike here doesn’t strike me as solid as the others, but certainly could be good in dream activations with Sledge and Iron. Brewers – Still pretty big winners in this. Bring it on is arguably better. Heal 5 is great in Brewers as they love to heal. Hang Back, while good, seems like the one you don’t take. I still think another round is basically an auto pick in almost every matchup. Free Heroic is just superb in guild. Butchers – “Butcher players, we heard your feedback regarding your GICs being bad. So we gave you some possibly game breaking ones instead!” – Steamforged. Take it to Em is super strong and presumably stacks with wingback/Support from the wing for a free charge. Blood Thirst still strikes me as the runt of the litter. Minor Rant: Crushing Force… Might be the only legitimately upsetting one of these we’ve seen. I’d like to personally welcome Season 2 fillet back to the mix since counter attacks no longer matter. For all the positive press of “permanent home crowd” and how stupid Fillet was with her blood rain dodge… you’d think someone would learn here lesson here. It’s not even the “first counter attack” its Every. Single. One. This one really misses the mark of “don’t shore up weaknesses”. Even if it isn’t all that good (it is), it is horribly un-interactive. Engineers – I’ve come around on rebuild them given a lot of engineer models take multiple activations to kill. Seems you’ll get a few off. If you are running a team without a lot of character plays this could be pretty reasonable. Tracer rounds are obviously still sweet. I really don’t get clockwork. Do you really take all that many snapshots as engineers? Just seems weird to me. Farmers – The honest lads have a suite of nice options for a variety of matchups. Killy team? Eat Hearty is still awesome. Spirit of Coop also gives a pretty nice edge. Unsure? Crack of Dawn and start the game up 2 inf or don’t feel quite so forced to take as many planters. I think the farmer ones are on the strong side, but are about the level of balance/interesting/flavor I’d like to see every guild receive. Fishermen – Welp, never need to bonus time a shot ever again with pay to win. Just bonus time after you’ve seen if you’ve missed. This one *maybe* brings shark back into the fold because it is an insurance policy. 3 goal teams, at multi-round events, suffer from consistency issues and this helps out with that. I don’t think you even really care about the heal 3 because you aren’t planning on healing much on a goal list anyway. You either die before you have the chance, or want to die so you can set up another bombing run. Slippery fishes is *insane* utility. It is so much more than adding to a playbook result. You don’t use this on goal runs or even tidal surges. You save this for single dodge counter attacks and RUIN DAYS. I think this might actually be far too strong, which makes me sad as a fish player. I'd say this wasn't really thought through well enough. It’s also hilarious if Shark can tidal surge an enemy 6” in the mirror match (paging @MilitaryCoo). Ground work is a solid middle of the road choice, if somewhat uninteresting. Hunters – Bait the trap is still real cool. The VP from the original didn’t matter anyway. It is nice there is at least a range restriction now too, but it is still really good. Go to Ground is always nice and a good choice for a lot of matchups. I had to be talked into Winter Training being good, but it is. Stacking with Light Foot/gliding, and a forest being rough ground, means Theron is spitting out fast ground wherever he wants. beware bears/bald guys poking around near trees - objects are closer than they appear. Masons – Rapid response was probably the best card in the previous set. Probably good it got toned down a little. It’s still a decent choice though. Built to last is still good, although I still think it is probably overrated. I just don’t see it coming up or mattering all that often. Greater Good is weird and hard to evaluate. It seems to me like there should be something broken you can do with this and superior strategy, but I haven’t thought of it yet. Seems like you could set up some funky double flint goals pretty reliably. Morticians – Misery. I think morticians are feeling it with the new batch. I think obby and crew are the big losers here. Inheritance tax is obviously more useful now, but still isn’t great. Near death Experience is useful, but only situationally. Misery is a plus, but it’s easily the weakest of all of the 4s. I think all three of these could go up a heal rate and be just fine. Union – Someone at steamforged is spying on the GBZ discord because I am pretty sure we said all of these at some point. There will be a game where gutter activates and hits 8 scything blows and it will be the most hilarious activation this game has ever seen. That said, I don’t know if this card is particularly good, but it is super interesting to think about. Pirate’s ransom is a pretty good hedge card (and hey you can CA fillet…). Glad to see Brisket gets a useful card in Raise the Stakes, but Blackheart probably still does it better.
  6. So Ferrite could feasibly chain her GB result, gaining momentum, on the same model even if that model is already suffering both debuffs? She just takes the momentum and opts not to use the character play? Neat.
  7. Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    Yeah I would talk with him. There is really no such thing as "Sanctioned" anymore. Pundits/Stores buy prize support now, SF no longer sends it for free. And honestly games with Tater are already recorded in Tiebreak/Longshanks, so its not like you have some sort of unfair advantage. It really boils down to your local pundit's personal preference. Nothing official about it.
  8. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    Yea i just did it to save space. Also double GB doesn't matter much anymore since s3 midas and true rep is guild only. The def change is bc of what a retiarus wore historically. Pretty much just a loincloth. But yeah Retiarus was an odd ability to design just right. I almost went with melee zone, but its a similar issue. I didn't want it to be tied to attacks bc I wanted an enemy to be able to push or dodge out of it.
  9. Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    Tournament "Legal" heavy emphasis on quotes. Almost every tournament I've seen lately allow him. WTC is letting him in and that's probably the largest event until steamcon.
  10. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    Veteran Shark 2.0! The idea here was to emphasize imagine how a Retiarius Gladiator would look in Guild Ball. Shark is already not too far removed from this idea. What's the same? He keeps his Reach, Speed, and his ability to up his teammates movement. Also, should his captain fall, Shark will step up to fill in his old roll as one of the game's premier strikers. His playbook is fairly similar to a shortened version of his Captain PB. What's new? Shark drops his Armor to move up to DEF 5, but his health is also lowered a significant amount. However he makes up for this a bit with his new signature character trait Retiarius. Whenever an opponent is near Shark's net he will automatically use it to entangle his foe. This is represented by a reduction in their ability to both dish out, and avoid attacks. Along with this defensive tech he gains a powerful offensive play in Skewered. This lets him do reasonable damage as well as further lower his opponents' defenses. Shark can also use his Trident/Net to Shove his opponents around on the pitch, which is represented by retaining his KD as well as the momentous push result on his 2nd column. Veteran Shark. should you manage to keep him protected, is an offensive powerhouse who can support a take out game with his damage and debuffs as well as score with the best of them.
  11. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    Lol no sweat guys. He took me all of 15 minutes. I mainly like to throw out nonsense then @Ik-tornado normally tones me down in discord. I actually have an EVEN BETTER VShark idea now.
  12. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    2 damage GB Lots of vets change their melee zone. I also think the massive dodge capability deserves to be more easily counterattacked. I have a post on this somewhere. Without going into too much depth, I beleive this idea is fundamentally kind of silly. Yeah tracking is a bit odd. Might need to think about that. Might need to think about that. The damage is there so it pops swift strike. Overall, just a fun little idea! Demoted shark turns into a mean squirlly dude.
  13. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    Just some random musings. Wanted to keep him the super mobile guy we know and love. Gave him a bit of damage output, but toned down his survivability. Basically kind of thinking of him dropping his heavier gear to be a bit more nimble. (note even though Ebb and Flow isn't once per turn, named effects don't stack. You can still do damage to the same model, but then it's effectively the same as a momentous 1 damage dodge. You cant keep lowering their TAC or buffing Shark's. You can bounce off and hit someone else though) I think I'd be pretty fun to Charge in for 9", hit the GB result for a dodge, Heroic, then hit them again for a non momentous 3" dodge. It's kind of like a Pseudo Tidal Surge .
  14. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Yeah Absolutely. It is super crucial and interesting! Much more novice than you folks obviously, but whenever I am trying to design a system I like to think of Complexity versus Tactical Depth. If Complexity > Tactical Depth then the mechanic is probably garbage. No need to needlessly complicate things if it's not going to give players an interesting choice to make. Conversely if Complexity < Tactical Depth then you've got a mechanic worth exploring. If the system is simple relative to the amount of decisions it allows, it is probably a good one. This is probably true for card design on characters too. If it takes the whole back of a card to explain an ability, its probably not so hot. Completely aside from "balance", which I think you guys will nail down eventually, this is why I think the GICs area good idea. It's really not a ton to explain, but adds a whole extra layer to the player's decision making process. It's also why I think the 'dodge level" is worth at least exploring. Understanding the idea is minimal versus the amount of possibilities it can open. That said, the "balance" aspect of dodge levels is probably much more difficult than heal level. You'd hate to make slow teams slower/fast teams faster, but at the same time you wouldn't want to homogenize threat ranges either. If there's an argument to be made for setting the idea aside - balance is probably much harder to nail down versus it being incrementally more complex.
  15. Strongest Lineup with Honest Land and Tater

    Windle... he just too abusable as a 2+/0 and not fast enough to keep out of trouble, even with his dodges. I mean if he was like a natural 6"/8 and could hang back without telegraphing his plays maybe its a different story. But yeah, crowds are super duper important to chew through dudes quickly. Also kills dice off any potential attacks back. Farmers don't like being hit. I ran that line up into brewers last night and won 12-8 after a total schlog of a match. Stupid tough hide.