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  1. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    Here you risk 10 influence on a single pass. Albeit a 87.5% chance of success, you effectively lost your early game advantage right here. Think about what you could have done differently to minimize risk. You could have had Corsair dodge off the pass from Salt. You could have had Salt pass to someone else or into space. The reason I want to highlight this particular part of the write up is Corsair's #1 strength is the ability to dictate *where* a fight occurs. However, despite what folks may think, his team is not a great long term brawling team. Corsair needs to play on his side of the pitch, isolate someone, and kill um quickly. The missed pass resulted in a loss of pitch control, now, instead of being knocked down and almost dead, flint is running circles on us. One more note - I never really find A&G worth taking a lot of inf on T1. Even with harpoons they rarely get into the action. I tend to load um up for a top of T2 activation.
  2. Sakana...why use him?

    Sakana is probably the one model I run (these days) most often. I run him with both captains. With Shark: - Awesome kick off pressure if you don't want to use Shark. - Extremely fast and efficient goal threat. Especially when you can use terrain to your advantage. - Probably the Most reliable momentum generation in the guild. - Above average defensive tech. With Corsair: - Really great gang up buddy - Premier goal scorer in most Corsair lists. - Actual momentous damage - Useful TO support.
  3. Hello from the frozen North!

    Welcome! Nice team picks. Those were my first 3 as well.
  4. Hello!

    Howdy! Post your stuff up in the display cabinet!
  5. Need Help !!!!!

    How to build a new GB meta in 5 easy steps: 1) Buy some GB stuff. At least 2 6 man teams. PAINT EVERYTHING TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. 2) Recruit a good friend who is also interested in the game. 3) Find a local store and ask if they wouldn't mind you and your friend played for a few hours once a week, preferably on a night which hosts other war games 4) SHOW UP EVERY WEEK! seriously, keep showing up. People will see the cool painted minis / low model count and start asking you questions. 5) PROMOTE AND RUN DEMOS for these interested people. Before you know it you'll have a small little group on your hands. After that I'd talk to the store about carrying product / having an official GB night / running events.
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  7. New to it all

  8. Hi Everyone!

  9. Gutter is debatably better than A&G for Fish as it stands. I've personally been known to run Fangtooth along side Shark and Angel. But these days I am not sure I would opt for that. You want Corsair in the majority of your matches and they do not work well together at all. Hemlocke would be good, except tentacles has her best character play already. Basically if I can't take A&G or Gutter I am probably pure guild. If I could take *any* union model, it very well could be rage.
  10. SFG at BonesCon!

    Animal Ball?
  11. New PVC Teams

  12. Hi, from NY (no, not the city) lol

    Greetings fellow east coaster!
  13. New Home Field!

    One of my Locals