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  1. tehlon

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    FWIW https://momentoustackle.wordpress.com/2018/06/08/sakana-means-fish-snacks/
  2. tehlon

    Teach Me To Paint

    I wrote an article on this topic a while back. Perhaps you will find it helpful. Other than what is written here the #1 most important way to get better at painting is just to do it and keep doing it! https://momentoustackle.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/painting-on-a-budget-and-not-looking-like-a-total-noob/
  3. tehlon

    Veteran Sakana

    I dunno if it needs to be quite that intense of an effect. Sakana is actually a model who should be fairly easy to design a veteran around given his flexibility. You just pull him a little harder in one axis or another. It's not hard to imagine two great Sakana models, one being more flexible and one being more dedicated to a certain role. I think SF's vet design has been fairly on point lately. It's likely both models are viable. For your second point - Tons of people use Jac and Kraken now. Frank, who is the top Fish player in the Americas, Ran Vet Siren several times this weekend at Spring Fling. Yeah another model will always further endanger less played models, but remember season 4 balance pass is coming. #MAGA - Make Angel Great Again.
  4. Thought I should go ahead and post this here for my fellow fishes. TL;DR - I went 5*-1 with Fishermen to win 4th place at Spring Fling, winning best in guild in the process. I ran Fangtooth in all 6 matches and he had a several awesome highlights. https://momentoustackle.wordpress.com/2018/04/30/fangtooths-big-adventure-at-spring-fling/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. tehlon

    Veteran Sakana

    *queue fish civil war* My hope and dream is he provides a little bit of extra melee support for Corsair. Seeing as to how we are losing our Union access sooner than later, and Navigators will likely be a speed/positional based scoring team, I hope he tilts a little more towards the Damage side of his character. That said, I was really thinking about Sakana as a Veteran the other day and damn... that is going to have to be a hell of a card to see play over the original Sakana. I think I often take his flexibility and massive striking potential for granted. Tac 5 anatomical momentous dodge on 1 with crazy speed / goal threat / inf efficiency. Free counter attack. So many great things about Sakana 1.
  6. tehlon

    The Navigator's Guild

    A while back I had theory crafted a Navigator's guild based on some loose astrology/mythology, specifically the Zoryas and Simargl. The idea was the characters would be stronger/weaker based on when or where they begin their activation. We've seen models which explicitly benefit from early/late activations, such as old bonesaw and fallow. We've also seen models which benefit from being near the pitch edge. I think these would be pretty interest concepts, but perhaps too design restrictive. Based on what we know of Rats/Falcons I firmly believe Navigators will be movement/scoring focused. If I had to wildly speculate on mechanics: Windfinder is more of a support striker who directs her team where they need to be. I'm imagining abilities like Quick Time, Second Wind, and Midnight Offering. "Follow that Star! - Target other model gains [+4/+4] MOV. The Target Model's controlling player immediately places a destination-marker on the pitch. The target model may only move directly towards the destination-marker during an Advance" I think this is pretty interesting because it creates counter play for both players. Use it on an enemy to divine their intent and interrupt it, but at a risk. Use it on a friendly to take your goal pressure to the max, but the opponent might have a chance to get in your way. However if paired with an ability like WDTG, it becomes pretty hard to stop. My one wish list item is for at least one of the cross-over models has some sort of brawling capability. This might fit in with Horizon because he seems like kind of a back-ally smugger type. Why a brawler? Well Fish already have an abundance of strikers, big guys, and control models. If the cross over models exist in the same space they are simply competing for the same role on the roster versus creating a new/interesting decision. I guess I worry about fish becoming too one dimensional with the loss of union.
  7. tehlon

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I think this conversation has sufficiently evolved to warrant a recap. We're talking about different groups of people as we progress. New shoppers - people looking to spend money and get into the game. I don't think minor guilds are going to stop these folks from perusing guild ball at all. New flashy things, more pre-assembled plastics, more choices. Net Positive. Rookie players - A dozen or less games under their belt. Still exploring and learning play styles. These folks might find the game a bit more intimidating when they realize the breadth of models available. That said, this is the honeymoon period and learning new things is cool. I don't think minors should have a huge impact here. Guild ball is not a "Gotcha" game by design. I don't think minor guilds are all the sudden going to make new players feel they can't get better. Net Neutral. Competitive Hopefuls - I do think there is a plateau in Guild Ball and I do think the release of minor guild's may make that plateau a little bit steeper. However, minor guilds are merely a small part of that equation. Understanding Patterns and recognizing board states is going to be far more important that knowing a specific rule on a specific card. Sure, the first time Zarola hit me with a UPM I was a bit salty, but I never forget she has it now. Did I rage quit the game because of it? No. Is it too much to keep up with? No. Folks looking to break in to the competitive scene need to realize the only thing that is going to prepare you for higher level opponents is practice. This is true with everything in life. If a player expects to get good fast they need to re-evaluate their expectations. Potential Net Negative, but more to do with individual attitudes. Top Table caliber players - These folks have already put in the work to learn the deep strategy. A player will look at a new card and have a solid feel for how that model will perform on the pitch before ever rolling dice. They've likely played the same teams so many times minor guilds are going to be a very refreshing change in pace. Net positive. In Summary, I think it is worth taking a look at your local scene and understanding where folks are. Especially for pundits such as myself. The most important thing a community leader can do are build hype, set expectations, and help folks work through their frustrations. Minors are coming and they are going to be awesome. It's up to us how we deliver that information to our player base.
  8. tehlon

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Player going 2nd starts the turn with 1 momentum. In season 2 this was a plot card called home crowd. Tap-In was also a plot card in season 2.
  9. tehlon

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    No sweat. That is generally true at least at during the hobby stage. Now we're cooking with Gas. So for you, it's not so much about people getting into the game but staying into the game. Got it. That is a bit of a different discussion than what I think most people here thought. I think I would personally define this as more of an issue for intermediate players, the ones like yourself who have a healthy grasp of the core rules, but may still struggle second level concepts as they apply to guild ball (tempo, board state, positioning). We're talking about the players who want to show up to a tournament and approach a 500 day. Now we can hopefully agree on audience? It sounds like these are the people you are concerned with rather than the guy who has 2 games under his belt. I do think it may be important to further define what you consider "rules bloat". Are we talking core rules or every drop of ink? I think you'll find the core rules of Guild Ball have changed surprisingly little since it's inception. Sure you have things like plot cards, the OPD, card erratas. In fact, the core rules have changed so little I can specifically tell you the 4 things which changed from season 2 to season 3 in a short sentence. They changed Mascot VPs, added Tap-in, added home-crowd, and altered Icy-Sponge levels. It's now been almost a year and a half since those changes, so I think it is safe to say Guild Ball has a very established and static set of Core rules. It does sound like we will see a reasonable revision in season 4, but I'd venture to guess they make updates on the fringes again. This leads me to consider you define every additional card to contribute to "rules bloat". I do think it is worth repeating open source / freedom of information cards really help with this. I know I'll see a rare model sometimes and be like "Hey, how exactly does Locus's pull in thing work again?". I don't think there is anything wrong with that, and it's certainly a plus that SF really seems to love and promote 3rd party card apps. I think that is a big plus for the game over a codex and hopefully trims down the feeling of "bloat". If a new model comes out, welp, update your GB app of choice. You don't need to torrent a PDF or buy a text book. Another item I mentioned earlier, which I think is worth repeating is players in this game tend to follow some sort of template. I doubt anyone with 6-12 games under their belt is going to see a new card and just have literally no idea what the model accomplishes on the pitch. Actually, you know what? We can do this exercise and get a feel for this right now. This is the third week in a row we've had a brand new exile spoiled. That's going to be a 6 model box just like minor guilds. How have you felt for the last few Thursdays? Worried? Excited? Dreading learning a new card? I for one have been theory craft land. Spoiler season is fun for me. Do you think when that box releases your player base will be upset?
  10. tehlon

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Of course the two things are fundamentally different, but you're not talking about the skill set needed or the actual activity involved. You're talking about (at least initially) is Barrier to entry. I'm replying I don't think increased variety in the form of minor guild's creates a barrier. If anything quite the opposite due to more pre-assembled plastic boxes. The main barriers to Guild Ball, or any game really, are rule set, community, and frankly cost. It's actually quite identical to music in that way. The complexity, availability of instructors, and cost of the instrument are probably the main drivers your decision. Maybe next time, rather than simply being dismissive, take the moment to elaborate or provide an alternative. But here. I'll mix it up. Perhaps this will be more to your liking. If I walk into a game store and want to buy a new card game here's what I want to know What's the cost of getting started? How's activity in the local scene? are there other new players? Is the game balanced / competitive? How hard are the rules? Does it have a lot of replay value? What I don't particularly care about is What are the best decks and why? How many expansions have been released? Do I need to memorize cards? How's that? Pivoting real quick. What I suspect you actually intend to talk about, based on your responses, is not new player buy in at all. What you intend to talk about is new player retention. It seems as if you are concerned with the fact newish players could be easily frustrated due to an abundance of losses, and may feel a lack of knowledge is what creates those losses. You're seem to be worried increasing the amount of content in the game will somehow be tied to that feeling of hopelessness. "Oh man. I lost to Rat Catchers because I've never played Rat Catchers before. That's no fun". It seems you believe the increased instances of this will hurt the rookie player base. Does that sound about right? If so I'm sure there's a subset of people which will, in fact, find this to be a negative. However, I would challenge those individual's expectations and possibly even their attitude. Any competitive undertaking will have a learning curve. I'd also challenge you, as someone who obviously cares about the game, to step up and help those individuals understand why they're experiencing frustration. Are they mad they are losing? If so do they need to find another newer player to practice with? Do they not like their Guild's play style? Maybe match them up with a more experienced individual who can walk them through their decision making? I really don't think you'll find a new player who says "I'm frustrated because I can't keep up with all this!". I think you'll find it much more common a player will be upset about a troublesome matchup or something specific they perceive as "broken". Folks are generally stoked about new things, and even when something doesn't go their way, still enjoy the new experience.
  11. tehlon

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Yes minors will increase the number of player cards/strategies/situations for which folks will need to be mindful. Will this turn off new players? I really doubt it. Think of learning an instrument. You don't get intimidated by the number of possible songs there are to play. I don't pick piano over guitar because "Rock is too much to learn". You just pick up what you see other folks enjoying and what peaks your personal interest. More variety inside the game doesn't strike me as a turn off for new players. They might not even realize that variety exists. Now it could be a turn off from making the jump from intermediate/casual to tournament-level, but even then it's more or less just improved clock management. Just like the music example there are patterns in everything despite the number of combinations. I consider myself to be pretty decent at this game, but I certainly don't make an effort to memorize every bit of text on every card. Examples: I know Mist has one of the longer goal threat ranges in the game. What I don't memorize is exactly which abilities move him how far. I know fillet will mess me up. I know she wants to hit her 4th PB result for blood rain. I have almost no idea what the rest of her PB looks like off the top of my head. Theron is going to try and pin me. How far away can he feasibly do so? I wanna say 16" but again I'd have to check the card. I don't think that minor guilds will sufficiently disrupt the patterns we see in Guild Ball. Ultimately they still need 12VPs through some combination of take-outs and goals. Strikers will still generally be low TAC and HP, but faster and decent DEF no matter what guild they're in. Your big bruisers will still be slower with less DEF and some sort of damage mitigation ability. Think of player cards like sheet music. You don't need to memorize it because you'll always have it in front of you, However over time you'll grow to be less reliant on them.
  12. tehlon

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    No sweat. Depends on your definition of "strong". There really are few few "weak" captains in the game. Since the start of the year Shark and Midas are clocking in 51.7% and 46.3% win rates with 385 and 121 tournament games respectively. It's hard for me to discuss personal anecdotes of what folks feel is strong. Personally, I hate Ballista with a burning passion. Doesn't mean I think he's strong/weak. Resource Investment of scoring vs take out? Maybe as far as raw influence is concerned but your statement seems to downplay every other facet of what a "resource" is in this game. Sure, strictly speaking you can score a goal with what? 3 to 4 influence? Where as a take out is going to take maybe 6 to 10? That's true, but that omits all the positioning, set up, and planning it took to get that goal. Then you miss it. What do you get for it? Absolutely nothing except an exposed striker. Now contrast that to a flubbed take out. Maybe your target is still alive, but you still have them on low health *and* you likely racked up a good pile of momentum to boot. Your board position is still strong. When you do take out that model your board position is even stronger! Yes scoring might net you more VPs, but it almost always sacrifices board position and *always* sacrifices the ball - a resource unto itself. Scoring teams go for high tempo early in the game, but at the end of the day 8vps is worth exactly the same as 0 VPs if you lose. Now, one thing I will say I do believe. Guilds and Captains which can flex between strategies on the fly are the strongest on average. This is true for opponents as well. Being able to pivot where your VPs come from is crucial. This is actually part of why I love playing Corsair and why I think he's remained strong throughout season 2 and 3. Corsair has no problem aiming for 2-2, but when the situation is advantageous can easily flex in BOTH directions. He can go 3-0s or 4-1 too. A lot of teams can flex between 2-2/4-1, but not many teams can flex in that 3rd 3-0 or 0-6 option. One thing I would recommend you (and everyone really) is trying out is playing around with the teams that give you the most fits. Once you start to pilot those troublesome models it becomes a lot more clear where the weaknesses are. I think this is especially true for Shark. Anyone who really wants to excel in this game really needs a half dozen or so shark games under their belt. It opens you up to such a different style can make you appreciate spilling a little blood on the pitch.
  13. tehlon

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    This is largely a carryover from other combat-based gaming systems. When folks take the time to learn to play the game for a few months they will realize how much of a terrible strategy this is. The ball is a resource to be used, just like momentum and influence. Yes, even for a fighting team. Honestly I'd challenge you to figure out a method to overcome. If you are having difficulty, perhaps next time this happens to you take a snapshot and we can provide suggestions? All striking teams have the ability to weasel a ball away, but it does take planning and foresight. I agree with most of what you said, however this part is just not true according to recorded tournament results: 3.1 Meta. Yep this is the last time we really see primary goal scoring teams super taking advantage of the field, but this era existed between 8 & 15 months ago. As you statement says "right now" I think it is fair to ignore this. Also big nerfs happened. 3.2 Meta had fish on top of win rate followed by union (mostly Corsair/Rage). While Corsair can run a scoring list, if scoring was "top of the meta" would we not expect shark? I doubt we can consider Vet Rage to be a scoring list. Tournament wins were lead by Masons, and believe it or not, followed by Butchers then Union. Admittedly the Butcher wins are much more focused around smaller events, but this doesn't hold true for masons. 3.3 Meta largely dominated by Thresher. Certainly not a scoring team. Had the highest win rate and tournament wins. Yes fish and alchemists come in behind him, but those teams saw Corsair and Smoke leading the way versus their more score-focused options of Shark and Midas. 3.4 Meta what about right now? Less than a month of data to go on, but take a wild guess who is the top performing guild/captain... go ahead and pause and guess.... Did you guess Butchers/Fillet? They're leading the pack right now (blame @Slothrop). Then you've got Corsair beating people up as always, followed by Hunters in 3rd??? Wild. Simply not enough space on the pitch to really "Run Away" with any degree of reliability. Smoke's team can do this for a little while, but she's not really a scoring team. Overall - I think the comments in this thread are largely a symptom of experience. It seems most emerging communities go through these growing pains really since the game began. Butchers are always kind of an early days power house. Eventually folks figure things out. Killing teams work on how to stall the ball. Scoring teams learn how to deal with it. Eventually you'll come to realize how balanced the core of this game actually is. Seems most groups follow this path in some form or another.
  14. tehlon

    Veteran Gutter Speculation Thread

    Drag so there is finally a reason to have changed the name I will never not call it harpoon though. #HarpoonLife.
  15. tehlon

    Organized Play Update

    So Pure. So innocent.