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  1. Hunters-15

    Theron team in season 4

    Also, Speedfreak’s suggestion of Chaska, Seenah, and vMinx as a starting point is accurate as well though. Snow as a mascot has some potential in certain match ups, but I’m usually never disappointed when I bring Fahad. Being able to use his influence to fuel another player while also threatening 5-8damage pretty reliably is always useful.
  2. Hunters-15

    Theron team in season 4

    I have been enjoying Theron, Fahad, vMinx, Seenah, vHearne, and Egret. I think replacing either vHearne or Egret without Zarola might be the way to go though.
  3. Hunters-15

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think this idea has potential and could be done well. I still think the potential for disappointment is a concern though. Even the example of replacing a 4/8 kick with a 3/6 kick and blood scent would be disappointing for anyone who voted for that player based on the 4/8 kick. A 4/8 kick provides a huge snap shot threat that must be dealt with by your opponent. A 3/6 kick with blood scent provides a player that you have to activate before they are useful and forces you to damage someone, disengage from that player, then get somewhere safe enough to provide that same snap shot threat. That’s a very big and disappointing change. Creating a skeleton player that is interesting/useful but at the same time doesn’t provide the potential for disappointment is going to be harder than you think. Maybe this should be a community project at first to see how it goes?
  4. Hunters-15

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I don’t think engagement will drop too much when it’s a 6 or 7 week event that takes place once a year. If all of the new rookies fall flat I could see it being a little less exciting. If the new rookies are fun and impactful I could see it being more exciting. Regardless of exactly what it is I do know I’m looking forward to playing in it again.
  5. Hunters-15

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    If the abilities that the rookies have during the event aren’t necessarily what they will be released with, what if you combine the community event with a full blown rookie league? Before the event you release a scouting report and a paper model for each new rookie. Bonus points to SFG if they release actual rookie models a few weeks before the event for players to purchase. Right before the event starts the first rookie card for each rookie gets released and players use it for week one. Then each week, alongside the standings/popular model updates, they release the next level rookie cards for each rookie. Probably too much work to pull off, but I think it would be awesome. The rookie league has been engaging at the conventions I’ve played it at and this community event was pretty engaging across the entire community. Combining them into one massive event would be pretty spectacular.
  6. Hunters-15

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    If you aren’t going to gaurantee that the model will have the one ability or general stats you are testing it with, and you make that VERY clear, then it would probably be fine. I still think it leaves the door open to have some people frustrated that they spent all of their votes to get Goad into the Butchers, only to have it be some other ability that might be like Goad, but still isn’t Goad.
  7. Hunters-15

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    So I had a much longer post, but I think o can sum it up as this. I think this sounds really fun, but limits the end design too much to be worth it. Trying to force certain abilities into certain guilds could result in some pretty poor models I feel so I think the generic scouting reports that players can read into are the way to go. Maybe next year they might give more information or be a tad more specific to give some players a little more incentive, but this years event was awesome, so if it stays as is I’d be fine with that.
  8. Hunters-15

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    At this point have we really heard about rookie Seenah’s availability? If not probably should at least wait until this weekend before getting too angry about it.
  9. Hunters-15

    Resin hunters help

    Someone might have more updated information than I do, but last I heard they were addressing some quality issues they had with their resin producer before moving forward with the resin models. I haven’t seen an update with expected release dates though unfortunately. I’d hope they would be released on time for the holidays maybe, but I don’t think anyone knows for sure.
  10. Hunters-15

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    The guild ball player in me wants Edge and wants to get out of the last spot. The fluff junky in me wants to see the Hunters stay out of all this political positioning, keep the last pick, and just trust the Sun Father to provide us with the right player. The ambitious part of me wants to report the rest of my games towards players and teams who are going after Edge so that she is the player that ends up falling to us and I get both.
  11. Hunters-15

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I think the answer there is “it depends.” You could ask a similar question about the midfielders as well. With the number of strong central models we have battling for spots in the line up, will another midfielder be used? It’s all going to depend on what they do in the end. I feel like a winger has a better shot at making into my line ups but it’s hard to say for sure.
  12. Hunters-15

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    At this point I feel like the center of the pitch as well as the defensive middle is getting crowded in my games. Theron, vMinx, Seenah, Minerva, oHearne, Zarola, Chaska, Fahad, and Snow tend to default to the middle for me. Some of those can get some work done on the wings but I feel they are more effective as control pieces, support pieces, and beaters if they stay near the center or in the back. The wings I feel like is where we are lacking right now. I feel like Ulfr, Egret, Jaecar, and Mataagi are our models who will get some work done on the outside. You could probably put vHearne in this category as well but I feel like he would end up near the middle at some point as well. Of those right now, Jaecar, Egret, and Mataagi are currently outside or on the bubble of a lot of 12 man rosters that I’ve seen. All that makes me lean towards Edge. Like other people have said though, we’ll need to get out of the last pick to make that happen. I think I’ll be happy with Flea if that’s who falls to us, but first choice for me would be someone who could help on the outside.
  13. Hunters-15

    Minerva in Hunters.

    I agree that Minerva is definitely still in the running for a spot in most Hunters line ups. Fortunately (Unfortuantely?) for us with these season 4 changes there seems to be a lot more competition for those 4 squaddie spots in a line up, so despite still being a really solid pick, she might not see the pitch as often in the Hunters as she has been.
  14. Hunters-15

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Got a game in with Theron, Fahad, vHearne, Seenah, Egret, and vMinx this afternoon and it was a lot of fun. Best Ratcatchers 12-7. I had a really hard time picking which 6 to try and settled on this mainly becasue it’s the models I like the most. Theron’s forest placement is much easier now which helps a lot. vHearne’s new teleporting ability is great. It out him in position for a potential snap shot on turn 2 but the pass from vMinx failed. The teleport allowed him to adjust at the top of 3 though and it turned into my only goal for the game. Swift Strikes going to 2” isn’t a massive change, but you notice it with Egret. Seenah got 2 take outs as well. Her having Crucial Artery is amazing. I was disappointed to lose Furious, but the free attack was much more flexible in this game and that made a difference. Not to mention having that extra influence all game since she is 1/2 now. Can’t wait to try out Zarola now that she is a 2/4 influence model. Ulfr essentially being a TAC 6 striker with a 20” Goal great also seems really good. S4 Hunters are going to be fun.
  15. Hunters-15

    Hunters Turn 1 Practice

    Isvan’s turn 1 is a solid one. If I’m playing Egret I’ll typically give her 2 influence and kick off with her. That should put her in range to Flurry a model and put out 2 damage and poison on at least 2 enemy models. Then she dodges back 5”. It makes for a fun first activation, but puts you in a pretty big hole if you miss the Flurry.