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  1. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    I feel like the range on Bait the Trap isn't really that big of a deal. 8" is pretty long and I doubt there will be many circumstances when the player you really want snared is going to be out of threat range of every model on your team. I don't think Winters Blessing needs changed from "this model" either. It already says all friendly guild models gain it, so the wording is fine I think. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean. OHearne gets another boost from the Winters Training card which is pretty awesome. Now he can pop into a forest and all of a sudden you have a 6/8" MOV Hearne. Makes for some interesting goal threats now.
  2. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'm not sure I'm fully on board with this either though. Having to choose between a cool effect and bad healing/dodging for a game or good healing/dodging and a bad effect doesn't sound like fun anymore. It sounds like which penalty can I afford to live with in this game as opposed to which which effect makes since in this match up.
  3. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    It's also easier to get the most out of him against models that already activated. Those models have a harder time clearing conditions so it's easier to keep them snared long enough to get the Seenah charge. vHearne, oHearne, Theron, and Minx are all really good models to keep him around because they have the easiest access to snared and/or TAC buffs, which Seenah also loves. I tend to keep him in the back, especially against goal scoring teams. It's much easier to keep him from getting bogged down when he is attacking Strikers and Wingers.
  4. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'm not completely opposed to this, but I'm not all for it at this point either. As a Hunters player I already don't have much incentive to move the ball around. You give me a good GIC card with a dodge of 2 and I'm probably not making a single pass all game because one 2" dodge is probably not worth the risk of losing an influence and the ball. I feel like giving the ball moving teams more incentive to pass the ball with a higher dodge and killing teams less incentive to do so with shorter dodges isn't the way to go. I'd be willing to play test this and see where it goes if it gets added, but I feel like it takes more of the ball game away from the teams that already lack it.
  5. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I understand why people would hate some of the difficulty in playing Hunters but I've grown to really enjoy it. At this point I've played Brewers, Butchers, Union, Masons, Blacksmiths, and Fishermen and I come back to the Hunters every time. I just don't have as much fun playing the other guilds anymore because they seem a little too straight forward. They have clear objectives they want to achieve and for the most part are good at achieving them, which can be a lot of fun, but I find them a lot less flexible than the Hunters. I also usually miss the amount of Back to the Shadows and Furious that we have as well.
  6. Jaecar v Minx

    I consider them both pretty much essential to my lineup at the moment. Jaecar is the most flexible player we have in my opinion. He can dish out damage, support other players with his trap, and his speed and playbook allow him to retrieve the ball and score if needed. As mentioned, Minx is very influence efficient. She can do a lot with 0 influence, which allows me to load up other players and not have a dead activation from someone with no influence. If I had to choose though, I'd say it depends greatly on the lineup. If you have a line up with a few influence hungry players already (Seenah, Ulfr, Chaska, Theron) then Minx is probably the way to go. If you could use some extra damage then go with Jaecar.
  7. Mystery box!

    @Pending Forum Suspension I never got a shipping confirmation but my store account has a tracking number for it. If you click on the order number in your store account it gives you more details about the order. In the Order Details section on that page there is a fulfillment date and a tracking number if your order has shipped. If you click on the tracking number it takes you to Royal Mails website, but if you copy it and go to the website for parcelforce you can track your shipment. Mine is currently sitting in New York with customs. Sorry if you knew all of that already. It wasn't clear to me at first and I found it yesterday by accident.
  8. Mystery box!

    Same here. I was kind of hoping to get the Theron and Fahad cards. Having an updated Theron card would have been nice. My son also really likes the Masons so being able to let him paint up the kick off set for himself and then still having a set to demo with was another thing that would have been nice. I'll be fine with whatever I get though. Just wish it was here already!
  9. Mystery box!

    Someone on Facebook said they have received a box containing Engineers and Morticians so there is at least one unique box out there. It seems like they packed and shipped these in waves, which would explain why most of the boxes arriving so far were the same.
  10. Mystery box!

    I haven't received shipping confirmations or anything, but my order on the webstore flipped from "Unfulfilled" to "Fulfilled" at some point this morning. I'm not too worried at this point. Hopefully it will be here in a week or two.
  11. WTF happened to quality of miniatures?

    I was skeptical at first, but after seeing them in person and holding them in my hand, I'm perfectly fine with the plastics. Comparing the Blacksmiths and Lucky to my Hunters, I don't notice any difference in the amount of detail on the plastic models. Maybe I'm just not as good at noticing the type of details others say are missing, but to me the detail on the plastics is great, so I'm not sure what extra detail will need painted on the plastics that didn't also need painted on the metal models. I agree that some of the poses aren't great, but the same can be said about the metal models as well. I probably like/dislike a similar proportion of metal and plastic models so far. I definitely prefer the weight of the metal models, so that is one thing I'm still disappointed in. I can live with it though for the price of these new boxes. I really like the goals and terrain pieces that are included as well. I know it's been said plenty in this thread, but I'll throw it out there again. Wait until you've actually held these models before passing judgement. The pictures online really don't do them justice.
  12. Blacksmiths in GenCon Program

    I'm horrible at posting pictures on here, so I apologize in advance for making you take extra steps for this. I haven't seen it anywhere else so I apologize if this is old news, but the art for the full Blacksmiths guild box is in the GenCon program. I've linked the program below. The interesting stuff is on page 41. http://files.gencon.com/2017.Digital.NoCharts.pdf I really like the look of these guys and really hope I can grab them this weekend at the convention.
  13. Worst Team Lineup

    That's true, but Zarola and Fahad present an actual linked activation that can be pretty dangerous and Fahad in general I feel is more dangerous than Snow. At least in Theron's case you have to activate Snow and then hope you still have someone worth it in range, which I think makes it worth it. This was a pretty interesting exercise to be honest. Even bad line ups have some kind of interaction that at least makes it interesting.
  14. Worst Team Lineup

    Worst I can think of in Hunters is Theron, Snow, Egret, Ulfr, Zarola, and Hemlocke. Only 2 sources of snared and Theron is really the only model threatening take outs. Might have some football game for a Hunters team but I don't think that's saying much.
  15. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I definitely think Seenah's value varies greatly by playstyle. I've played several games without Seenah and ended up wishing I had him, but I can't remember a single game where I played him and regretted it. In most games I've played with Seenah he ends up being the games MVP. Don't always get the Bear Hug takeout with him but he is typically good for at least 2 take outs.