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  1. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    Before vHearne came out and oHearne got his buff, my go to 6 was Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Egret, Seenah, and Minx. Egret and Jaecar each take a wing, with Egret trying to stay at least somewhat close to Theron for a potential blessing. Theron stays towards the center of the pitch with Seenah, Fahad, and Minx fanned out behind him threatening Furious charges on anyone that comes in to him and destroying any strikers that have scored a goal and don’t use Knee Slider. I haven’t used it in awhile but this list was always a lot of fun if nothing else. I imagine it got at least a little better with Theron’s buff. You aren’t forced to keep Egret next to Theron to use blessing and Theron is a stronger piece to hold done the center. It’s not very good at scoring and plays pretty deep in your own half, so it struggles against teams who can pull you into their half and separate Theron from all of the Furious models. Corsair and Obulus are usually pretty tough match ups. I’ve had decent luck against scoring teams if you are able to get the ball out on a wing and up the pitch with Jaecar and Egret.
  2. Your favourite 6.

    Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar, Minx, Egret is probably my favorite. Egret will switch out to Zarola/Seenah depending on what I’m feeling that day. Easily the most fun I have playing this game.
  3. How does the pitch terrain effect your line up?

    Usually if there is a really well placed forest on the board already it will garauntee I take oHearne, which takes Seenah out as an option for me. Otherwise, like ForestRambo, it won’t dictate my line up as much as it does my deployment. I try to keep Egret around cover, Light Footed players near rough ground, and Theron within walking distance of stuff that gets in the way for Pinned.
  4. Teach me how to vHearne

    I typically take him whenever I use Seenah because they are a very effective team in my opinion. Typical line up is Theron, Fahad, vHearne, Seenah, Jaecar, and Minx. Since Minx, Fahad, and vHearne don’t need much influence to impact the game I usually have enough to fuel Theron, Jaecar, and Seenah. vHearne can snare and knock down targets for Seenah to clean up typically with only 1 influence. There is at least one activation in between so there is a weak spot there, but when you can get that off it’s usually pretty bad for your opponent. With a momentous tackle on 2 successes and reach he is also one of the best goal threats in the list as well. I typically don’t go looking for him to score goals, but he can help keep your opponent honest. His counter attacks are typically pretty scary against scoring teams as well. Before oHearne’s errata I felt like vHearne was an auto include since he was a 2 influence player with reach. Now that oHearne can make up for his 1 influence I’ve used vHearne a lot less.
  5. A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    Honestly, if there’s one problem I have with the Hunters it’s Skatha and Ulfr’s speed stats. It never bothered me really until Iron and some of the other Blacksmiths were released. You’re telling me it’s ok for a model with Battering Ram to sprint up to 10”, not including any buffs or abilities except a 1 cost character play, but Skatha can’t sprint more than 7” because she can put down fast ground on herself and maybe get a 4” dodge for 2 influence as long as you can hit a 4 dice pass? I was ok with that at first, but now I’m not so sure.
  6. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I really don’t think there is as big a learning curve for entry as you are making it out to be. It’s there, and I understand it being a concern, but comparing this to Warmachine and saying Warmachine is easier to pick up is not something I agree with. Calling list building in Warmachine just throwing models at a point limit is way over simplifying. You can just throw 10 models on a roster and throw 6 on the table in guild ball as well if that’s all you really want to do. You also brought up Steamforged testing new deployments, but Warmachine has done that in the past as well. Do you remember radial deployment? It’s where you deploy from the opposite corners of the board instead of within X” from the back edge. The last version of Steamroller I played also had different deployment zones depending on who went first. Neither of those were tests for the community either, they were just implemented right away and used competitively. There are less steps to setting up a game of Warmachine vs setting up a game of Guild Ball, but I’ll argue that deploying 6 models compared to 60 models helps make up for that. I understand your concern with complexity, but I don’t think comparing it to Warmachine is the right comparison.
  7. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I think you are way over simplifying Warmachine and slightly exaggerating Guild Balls complexity in this post. You bring up roster creation for Guilb Ball as something you need to teach but don’t mention list creation in Warmachine? In my experience scenarios in Warmachine aren’t something you pick up completely in an afternoon, not to mention the huge number of models you need to memorize or be aware of to avoid an auto loss. The GIC system, plot cards, and initiative are different and something new players have to learn, but I don’t think they are as confusing or game changing as things in Warmachine are for new players.
  8. A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    Nothing to forgive at all. You don’t like it. I think it’s cool. Wasn’t trying to say you’re wrong just pointing out something I like about it.
  9. A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    I can see where your coming from on all of this but I still find the Hunters to be a lot of fun and by far my favorite guild. Theron has been my favorite player since release. The boost he got in the last errata was needed, but he’s always been fun for me. You view his playbook as not being great due to a lack of damage access. I look at it and see access to basically every result you could want. Momentous 2 on 3 successes isn’t bad considering he snares someone with one success. He has single and double pushes and dodges, a knockdown, momentous 1,2, and 3 damage, and a 4 damage. Can you always reliably hit them all? No. But if you need a specific result, he’s got it on his playbook and can probably hit it on a charge. That playbook coupled with his plays and abilities make him great in my opinion. Hunters aren’t easy to run compared to other teams, but that’s also something that appeals to me about this game. In the background, the Hunters are basically a group of players brought together at the last minute to play some ball due to an agreement between Hearne and Obulus. Playing them kind of feels that’s way. Maybe it’s just me but to me they fee like a group of players that don’t really know the intricacies of the sport, but are athletic and dangerous enough to make a game of it against the professionals. I’m hoping as the team becomes more established in the background we’ll receive some more soccer focused players, but for now, I think the Hunters are in a really interesting and really fun spot.
  10. Why I prefer Chaska over Jaecar

    These are the reasons why I feel Jaecar is better than Chaska. 1.Speed and maneuverability. Speed 7/9 is better than speed 5/8. Yes, with a 4” BoomBox Chaska threatens further than Jaecar on a base move and attack. That is taking a very linear view though and does not include a single Dodge result on Jaecar’s playbook. Chaska has a max threat range of 12”. Jaecar will be able to dodge around his target and get to other targets if he needs to, something Chaska cannot do. Once Chaska ends his movement for the turn, he is basically stuck in place. Jaecar can end his movement and still be 6-10 inches from that spot at the end of his activation pretty easily. This allows him to set up for the next turn while staying safe. These dodges also make him a threat with the ball. If Chaska is going to score a goal, he has to be within 14” of goal. I’ve had Jaecar tackle the ball off someone, make 2 attacks to dodge out of melee zones, walk 7” to get in goal range, and score a goal, all in one activation. It’s something Chaska just can’t do. 2.General utility. Chaska is going to deal some damage and offers some control with pushes and snared. Jaecar is going to deal some damage, offer control with Gut & String and snared and provide a goal threat while dodging around almost anywhere he wants to go. He threatens more players and provides more options than Chaska. 3.His damage is reliable and consistent. I know you make an argument that it’s easy to make sure you don’t miss any Boom Boxes by offering some knock down/snared support from other players. That makes sense, but you don’t also apply that to Jaecar’s attacks in your arguments. If you support Jaecar with knockdowns, crowd outs, and snared, that 5/0 player you mentioned Chaska making light work of also goes down pretty quickly to Jaecar as well. If Jaecar hits 6 successes, he does as much damage with 1 influence as Chaska does with 2. I’d also argue that if both are completely unsupported Jaecar has a better chance of doing 4+ damage to a 5/0 player than Chaska does. Hitting a 5 on 2 dice is definitely not a guarantee. On a couple of your other points: You make the argument that the 8” push protects your other players better than Gut & String and snared and I don’t necessarily agree. It definitely does better if you are pushing that player away from all of your other players, but if your players are spread out around the pitch you could be pushing those players closer to your other players, putting them in more danger. Gut&String plus a trap being within an inch of a player is a straight -6 movement. Chaska’s push could be increasing someone’s threat against a player on the wing or someone attacking the goal on the other side of the field. Pushing them 8” also assumes you were able to get base to base with that player, which in my experience isn’t always possible with Chaska’s 5” base move. Chaska is a good player, I don’t blame you for liking him. You have shown he is better than Jaecar in some areas, but I still think Jaecar is the better player. Jaecar is almost as good as Chaska in the areas you mentioned, but then outshines Chaska by a pretty wide margin in maneuverability and goal scoring, which makes Jaecar the better player in my opinion.
  11. Why I prefer Chaska over Jaecar

    after you posted that I had to go back and recheck because I really wasn’t sure. That’s when I realized I’m really not sure I’ve ever made an attack with him that wasn’t a counter attack. Maybe that’s a reason why I prefer Jaecar to Chaska. His character plays are really good though, so I always want to use them over his playbook.
  12. Why I prefer Chaska over Jaecar

    I agree with most of what Anudem said, except Chaska has a 4 column playbook. I’ll also try to type some more when not on a phone. Thanks for posting your thoughts though!
  13. A new spiritual home

    I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Jaecar. The areas I feel Jaecar outshines Chaska in are momentum generation, survivability, and general flexibility, which are big deals to me, so i’m curious to see how you feel Chaska beats Jaecar in these areas. I like Chaska, but Jaecar brings more utility I feel.
  14. What vets do you want to see

    Now that Hearne is a priest for the moon goddess I’d like to see a Vet Theron who has taken on the Scion of the Sun Father mantle. I also think it would be cool if he was a goalkeeper who could support the team from the back. Instead of counter charge he could have an ability that lets him use a character play for free whenever someone ends an advance within 6”. Let him keep Snipe or give him Arrow to the Knee back and that could make him pretty effective. Maybe an ability like Good Marker to extend his range on character plays if he is near the goal. From other guilds, I’d like to see a vAngel and vTower. I was also thinking a vSnakeskin could be cool. It wouldn’t be the same person but another member of Snakeskin’s assassins group (I don’t think the story said she was in one but it seems like she could be), or maybe a sister who has taken on the Snakeskin persona and is trying to find out what happened to the original Snakeskin. Gives Avarisse & Greede someone to keep an eye out for as well.
  15. Vet Minx?

    Obulus thinks he has gotten one over on us by giving us a player that he already promised to us, but are you sure he is the one who came out on top? Hemlocke has been working with the Union since season 1. If she was truly a chosen one of the moon goddess, why would she be spending more time in the cities, concerning herself with trivial matters like Union guild ball? Hemlocke may say she has a disdain for the Solthecians, but yet she has been playing for a team backed by the church for at least 2 seasons. At best that means she was naively tricked into advancing their interests. At worst she has knowingly been using knowledge of the sun father and moon goddess to aid the Solthecian church. Neither scenario helps her case. Even if we had stayed united and won the rights to sign her, would she have been able to stay with the team if she is not a chosen follower? She may know the ways of the sun father and moon goddess, but that seems to come from study more than following. Obulus thinks he has beaten us by winning a shadow game that we didn’t even know we were playing. In the end, we managed to rescue a true follower of the moon goddess at the cost of signing rights to a player we wouldn’t have signed anyway. We might not have known we were playing the game, but I feel like we came out on top.