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  1. Falconers pics

    I’ll definitely be playing both! Unfortunately at tournaments I’ll have to choose though. That’s going to be a tough call.
  2. Falconers pics

    I’m thinking the Harrier effects will cause some kind of TAC penalty since it mentions being distracted, and also do 1-2 damage. Can’t wait for more info! It’s going to be really hard to choose between playing these guys and sticking with the Hunters.
  3. Falconers pics

    Also found this description on a different website. Man these guys sound fun. Can’t wait for them to be released! The Falconer’s Guild focuses on dealing heavy amounts of damage both at range and in melee, a different spin on the hit-and-run play style of the Hunters. Many of the Falconer players focus on placing deadly Harrier effects on the pitch. Enemies within a Harrier effect become distracted and injured by swarms of birds of prey, causing them to suffer even more damage. The Falconer’s Guild is an ideal team for any Coach that enjoys a methodical and slightly tricksy play style, backed up by a capacity to deal raw damage to the opposition.
  4. Falconers pics

    For some reason my phone is not liking pictures this morning, but I’ll try to post a picture later if I can. In the meantime the link below should get you to a place you can see it. http://www.leodisgames.com/shop/guild-ball/the-falconers-guild-daughter-of-falcons-plus-alt-mataagi/ also, the product descriptions are below as well. Really can’t wait to play these guys. Released Friday 15th June The Falconers are a damn mystery to everyone, between the rumours surrounding their origins and their enigmatic ties to the Hunters. One things for sure, though – the Falconer’s Guild represent an unwelcome wildcard for the Guilds; their sudden appearance an omen the feral Hunters are on the rise once more… – Lucky, Free Agent Contents: Devana (Captain) Frelsi (Mascot) Ikaros Mataagi Minerva Rundaas Ball Token (Bunny) Goal Token (Falcon Post) 3D Terrain Piece (Rough Ground) Cards Token Sets Health Dials Plus Alt Mataagi Unlike the older veterans of his clan, Mataagi is possessed of youthful passion, his eyes betraying none of the world-weariness learned by his comrades over their long years. A solitary huntsman by nature, the Eyas has nonetheless quickly found himself enamoured by Guild Ball, exhilaration surpassing his distaste for the baying crowds. During games nowhere is safe from his deadly aim, as he strikes from the flank to draw first blood, before swooping in to tackle the ball away.
  5. Falconers pics

    These guys are awesome. Alt Mataagi might be my new favorite model in the game, so I really hope he is good and plays for the Hunters. Except for the guy with wings I really like all of these models though. The guy with wings is going to have to be really good to not get instantly replaced with Egret or vHearne. Those dice are really nice as well. Will be replacing my Hunters dice pretty quickly.
  6. Game Plan deck discussion

    Are they going for a tap in? Playing Hunters I’ve had plenty of players be closer to the goal than the players on my team, especially when they try to go base to base with the goal to try and get a second chance just in case they miss. Offside Trap might force them into taking a longer range shot on goal. Useful every turn? No. Potentially game changing? Yes. I can see where you are coming from but these cards have barely been out a week. I think we need to give them a chance before we start discussing how a random dice roll every turn is better than this new system. I’ve lost enough +3 and +4 initiative rolls to think this system at least deserves more than a week to cast judgement.
  7. Falconers pics

    Mataagi is the bow and arrow guys name. I knew the clarified that after his name was just Falcon on the original image but couldn’t remember what it was. Those were the first two they showed but I don’t think they ever said those two were the ones who would play for the Hunters. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were though.
  8. Falconers pics

    I’m hoping he is one of the players that will play for the Hunters for that same reason actually.
  9. Falconers pics

    If I remember right from the pulled out picture of the whole group that got posted awhile ago, Frelsi and the glider guy are on 40mm bases and the rest are 30mm. I’m really liking the look of the Falconers. Can’t wait to see the rules and who will play for the Hunters. The cards on the launch pack photo are pretty blurry, but Egret’s and vHearne’s cards looked accurate in terms of plays, playbooks, and HP. The other cards could be place holders but if not, this is what I have gathered so far. Captain: 30mm, 16HP, 5 column playbook, 3 character plays Mascot (Frelsi): 40mm, 10 HP, 4 column playbook, 1 play Flying Guy: 40mm, 13HP, 4 column playbook, 1 play Bow Guy: 30mm, 10 HP, 5 column playbook, 2 plays Two Sword Guy: 30mm, 13HP, 6 column playbook, 2 plays Minerva: 30mm, 15HP, 5 column playbook, 2 plays
  10. Vet Minx in May

    I’m expecting the traps to be the same as Chaska’s since they seem to be the same size and Steamforged probably don’t want to make too many different kinds to avoid confusion. I’d be happy to be wrong though. My main hope is that she provides some kind of influence efficiency. Whether it’s through Furious or some other ability doesn’t matter, but it would be really nice to be able to give her 0 influence like I do with regular Minx and still get solid output from her. I also hope she will bring 2 influence. If she does, a list with 3 models with 2” melee becomes a possibility and that would be amazing.
  11. New releases in metal?

    I’m curious about this as well. I’d really like to get ahold of both of these, so even if I am lucky enough to win one, getting both will be difficult.
  12. Vet Minx in May

    It seems like that is the plan at this point. It doesn’t bother me too much since I really like the other models in the set. I could see why it would be a hassle for people who only want a few models though.
  13. First Sighting of the Falconers launch event

    I think the release date for the launch kit is May 18th. For the Falconers I’d guess June 15th or 22nd.
  14. Vet Minx in May

    I’m glad this box will be out before the Falconers because I was not looking forward to losing Minx before vMinx got released. I really hope she keeps Furious because her current form is our best influence battery. Would be nice to have still have that as an option. Definitely a good time to be a Hunter.
  15. First Sighting of the Falconers launch event

    Really can’t wait for these guys. Bald Eagle mascot looks awesome. I have no idea how I’ll get a hold of both Egret and vHearne, but I’m going to need to figure that out. I really like both of the alt models. These Ratcatchers need to get released so the Falconers spoilers can start!