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    Truth. That numbered list distracted me. Thanks
  2. A question came up that I couldn't answer. What rule stops someone from playing two mascots on a team? Captain, mascot, mascot, player, player, player. Or even Captain, mascot, captain, player, player, player. Page 10 of season 2 actually says captain, mascot, and fill out the roster with other models that play for the same guild as the captain. Page 7 of the Organized play document uses the term eligible model. I suppose since type isn't limited by either the rule book our OP document on how you fill out the team you could but I'm still of the firm opinion that that was not the intent.
  3. Announcing the Whiz Store's first Guild Ball Tournament $15 /entry Tournament length - ‘A Champion is crowned’ Match Win Conditions - ‘Play to the final whistle’ - 12 VP win condition Round Length - ‘Team Tactics’ - Chess clocks are set to 45 minutes per player Team Roster Selection - ‘Strength in Depth’ (X = 6 models) - Captain, Mascot, plus six other players Match Roster Selection - ‘Hide the team sheet!’ - Active team revealed simultaneously One match each round will be streamed to http://twitch.tv/WhizStoreTV Tune in and watch! Registration @ 10AM Dice roll @ 11AM https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/the-whiz-march-steamroller/feed