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  1. Wolfchild

    Tokens after S4?

    Wtf?! /s?
  2. Wolfchild

    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    I’m reading that Brewers are really strong since vetDecimate appeared. It sounds like we’re using a crutch. I hope season4 brings the rest of the team in line n perhaps her down a peg, to balance this.
  3. Wolfchild

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    For me it’s social anxiety and a bit of agoraphobia. Of course I fear losing and I’m slow at making any decisions, so I’d definitely clock out if I attempted a timed game. Id love to really engage more fully in this community as it seems the friendliest I’ve come across anywhere...... but busy, sweaty rooms full of strange faces, timed decision making and making clear my failings in evident ineptitude and ‘those’ scorelines is a sure way to push me into an anxiety attack. The tournament scene, no matter how welcoming isn’t for everyone unfortunately. I’m struggling just to go to my local club to play across from guys I’ve never met before (or maybe once or twice). Sweating just writing this! Hopefully I can get past all this n join the world eventually
  4. Wolfchild

    Tokens after S4?

    I’ve already cancelled all further purchases til s4 drops. It’s not worth wasting money on something so temporary
  5. Wolfchild

    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    Love your attitude @Malritch. I wish I could do the same, I don’t have that kind of self confidence in anything, never mind a new game. Im finding the learning curve ridiculously steep tbh. It’s not just about learning your own team, it’s needing to learn your own team AND all the other teams, their players, their tactics n tricks. If u play regularly and have played since the start, you’re only learning lil bits as u go along, adding to your encyclopaedic knowledge of the game. As a noob, there’s just too much to take in. I doubt Steamforged realise just how much of a burden that is on newer players, or like myself, folk returning after a year or more hiatus. The fact that in GuildBall we dynamically select a team on the spot, rather than preselected is so strange and adds yet another layer of challenge. With only 7 players (tho I’ve just picked up Vetcimate, she’s not assembled), I can’t even make a roster of 10 and wouldn’t want to yet. Then we add in the Gameplay cards (thankfully simpler than Plot cards) for another layer of complexity. Im far from stupid, with 2 degrees and a bunch of other qualifications, loads of ‘life experience’, common sense and 3 decades of war / board gaming experience. But Guild Ball is one of the biggest if not THE biggest gaming challenge I’ve ever faced. So far I’ve set myself the mission to play thru 10 games and see if I can spot a light on the horizon. Without any noobs around, I fully expect (as you have stated of your own experienced hand) that I’ll be annihilated by all-comers. All I can hope for is 1 or 2 take outs. If I score a goal without receiving I’ll be amazed, but even then I read that Brewers are best to ‘kill the ball’ until they just need the goal to win.
  6. Wolfchild

    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    With vetcimate? Why are they absent/failing online? Is it perhaps an amazing player managing to get results out of a poorer team?
  7. Wolfchild

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    What’s a TCG card?
  8. Trying to get myself back into GuildBall, I’ve been refreshing by watching game reports/videos on YouTube and noticed a couple of things: - There aren’t many Brewers games on there compared to many other guilds. - The Brewers lose almost all the games shown. So I have to ask: - Are Brewers a bottom tier team? - Can they be played and expect to win? - Which Guilds are our best match ups? It seems just about every other team has longer threat ranges for both attacks and goals. Our lack of dodges reduces janky manoeuvres for reaching goal threats. We are out manoeuvred by all the faster teams, many also have ‘where’d they go’, ‘acrobatic’ etc to escape our grasp. Small 4” aura abilities that rely on our team being close, yet making goal threats against us easier. Heavy reliance on Heroic abilities when we are low on Influence and often Momentum. Only generating momentum in melee. Have the Brewers been left behind (being one of the original few)?
  9. Wolfchild

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    I printed out my player cards and laminated them, but accurately cutting out gameplans so that they can’t be recognised by lil imperfections etc isn’t gonna be quite as good, hence I may need to either buy a deck, or buy some opaque backed sleeves. Thanks for the suggestion tho
  10. Wolfchild

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    Thanks guys, cheers @Malritch for the link. Think I need to pick up a deck soon.
  11. Is that Ash who works/ed at GW? I’ll have to check that out thanks
  12. Wolfchild

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    I’ve seen the Gameplan deck appear and they apparently replace stage Plot deck? This isn’t apparent in the downloadable GuildBall rulebook tho ...... So are we supposed to use one or the other in future games? -I’m returning after years away from the game hence my ignorance to current events.
  13. Returning to GB after about a year away (only had a couple games then) after not really playing since s1 with Brewers (basic team plus Stoker). Even back in s1 I only played maybe 8 games, so I was never an accomplished player, but my team is fully painted and I loved the system. Recently bought back in with Falconers (pre order), some terrain and a pitch on the way. Hoping to not get blown away with 12-0 and 12-2 results vs a local meta full of tourney types. Any tips? Anyone in the Nottingham UK area that isn’t already a tournament goer? Dont get me wrong, I know it’s good to learn from someone better than u and that means losing a fair few games, but it’s harder to draw learning points while getting annihilated.
  14. It's gonna be faff to get the link n time as it was almost 2hrs long, but he definitely had not moved. As I said above, his activation ran: A starts activation w KD condition; Removes conditions (Take a breather); A tackles B (B declares counter) A's tackle whiffs; B's counter gets KD on A; At this point the players decided A could not forego advance to stand up due to having already used Take a breather. And thus his activation ended with 3 INF still unspent. ...... I believe he should've been able to get up, sacrifice his advance and use the rest of his remaining INF.
  15. Watching a video game report I saw a player use Take a breather to remove the knockdown condition at the start of his activation, then without moving tackle a player. He whiffed the attack and the counter knocked him down. In the rules there's no where that states (since he hasn't moved yet) that he can't now forego his move, to stand back up and continue to use remaining influence, yet in the video (Battlehammer - yes I know they get loads of stuff wrong but it's where I learn a lot b4 clarification) they decided he couldn't forego move after already removing effects. Q: Can you clarify if he could have got up or not AND if not, what wording have I missed that would preclude him doing so?