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    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    Please don't reply to threads marked checking
  2. MilitaryCoo

    S4 Spending Momentum card

    The gaming aids are not strict rules text and where the rulebook and aids disagree the rulebook wins. I can't answer the second question because I just don't know; i imagine the cards will be updated to reflect the new names of healing actions but can't confirm anything at present.
  3. MilitaryCoo

    Dirty knives

    Correctly answered
  4. MilitaryCoo

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    Immediately means before any other actions.
  5. All correctly answered. Locking thread.
  6. MilitaryCoo

    Overlapping Harrier Circles

    Correctly answered
  7. MilitaryCoo

    New OPD Maintenance Phase

    There is a complete maintenance phase in turn 1
  8. MilitaryCoo

    Windfinder KD off Playbook Eye Spy

    Correctly answered (though Duellist's Lung sounds like a particularly bad Braavosi ailment)
  9. Correctly answered.
  10. Correctly answered. If you're ignoring terrain and ground, then terrain and ground doesn't have any effect, positive or negative.
  11. MilitaryCoo

    Ball Scatter Behind Goal Line

    Correctly answered
  12. MilitaryCoo

    Microspeed Chase

    Touching is within, so yes.
  13. MilitaryCoo

    Pelage and Miasma Aura abilities

    Yes and yes.
  14. MilitaryCoo

    False Start

    An advance of 0" does not start. Please add, "except during an advance" top Pain Response. Benediction will suffer DMG from minefield. Call him Xeno if you must. edit: errata to pain response
  15. Pain Response triggers when the DMG is applied, not after the attack. An opponent reacting to your dodge by using the push they otherwise didn't declare order for is not technically illegal. While not required, if it seems that an opponent does not know about an ability, then as GB is an open knowledge game I personally would volunteer the information. There is also nothing wrong with asking an opponent in which order they will be resolving multiple results.
  16. MilitaryCoo

    Microspeed Chase

    Yes, the quantum of movement is the same in each case. Jackstraw would be able to reengage.
  17. MilitaryCoo

    Second Wind Chicago 64 Man Tournament.

  18. MilitaryCoo

    Instant Gliding

    Correctly answered
  19. It doesn't. The sequence doesn't cover what happens if the advance becomes null after declaration but before beginning. There can't be contradiction where one source doesn't cover the situation. One precedent is in 0" dodges not "ending" for things like Lightning Reflexes.
  20. a) No. Moving 0" is not an advance b) No. See above c) No. Jack Straw most be able to move to gain the fast ground bonus. He would need to sprint or clear conditions to do so. d) Yes, Jack Straw has moved a tiny amount so an advance will start and end.
  21. MilitaryCoo

    Ballista Breach Pride

    The influence cost of a kick has no bearing if you're not spending influence.