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  1. Taking a Dive

    The controlling player of the active model performs the scatter, if the ball is placed behind that player's team's goal line then the team will no longer generate momentum.
  2. Parting Advance

    It is resolved after, but repositions can never result from a parting blow (see previous rulings on Swift Strikes and other related abilities).
  3. Jaw Bone - Rising Anger

    Correctly answered
  4. Negative kick distance

    No statistic can be reduced below zero
  5. Negative kick distance

    From the Collected Clarifications: Smashed Shins:- A model with a KICK range of 0" could Pass to a friendly model in base to base contact with itself.But it would not be able to make a Pass to empty space. To Pass to space you need to centre the ball-marker at a legal point up to the range of your KICK stat. As this cannot be done legally with a 0" range (the ball-marker would overlap the kicker's base), such a Pass cannot be made.
  6. Devana - Death from Above

    If the target is within multiple harrier aoes, remove a single harrier AOE.
  7. Can locus intercept remote control?

    Correctly answered; models in the ball path can intercept. Locus is ineligible because he is the kicker.
  8. Crowded character play

    Changes in TN can affect the number of dice in the dice pool, but not vice-versa. Crowd outs will reduce the dice pool to 1 and no lower, and have no further effect.
  9. This is correct - see page 42. Momentum would be generated. At the point MOM is generated neither of the conditions to prevent momentum generation are true: 1. A model in posession of the ball is within 6" of the back of the pitch 2. A free ball placed by the team's player is within 6" of the back of that team's side of the pitch
  10. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Any pointers on reasonably priced yet palatial accommodation?
  11. Two Men Enter Two Men Leave

    Doing this is legal by the text of the rules. We'd recommend that everyone engaging in a fun launch event play in the spirit of that event (which may be exactly like this, who knows what excites you weirdos?).
  12. Can locus intercept remote control?

    Locus is the kicking model and is therefore not eligible to intercept his own kick. He can snap to as normal if the ball scatters to a position within 1". Good luck!
  13. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Also, it's towards, so if the Rat player chooses the right model Piper might get to go where you don't expect by moving in an arc/spiral.
  14. Locus: Where and When?

    We may never know.
  15. Correctly answered. The resolution of Bear Hug follows the sequence of a Character Play, which includes its own "check for taken out", separate from the check for taken out in the Attack sequence. Resolving the push first would trigger the trap damage, and then the Bear Hug would inflict damage and a check for taken out (and an additional VP). Performing the Bear Hug first would not result in the model being taken out by Bear Hug.
  16. Swarm's Obedience question

    Correctly answered
  17. Alloy’s Arsenal[Hearth] Timing

    The benefit must be chosen at the start of activation, and the decision cannot be deferred until later in the activation. If forgotten and no benefit is selected, the benefit is lost.
  18. Two Men Enter Two Men Leave

  19. Harrier and Puppet master

    Correct Please don't add unrelated questions to open rules threads -- we like to keep one question per thread to make searching easy. That said, you are correct; Hot Shot can only be used during Cinder's activation.
  20. Scoring a goal and Disease

    Correctly answered. Bonus points for using Collected Clarifications
  21. Hauting Melody

    Correct. If Piper is moving, then the chosen enemy model is still enemy when Piper ends his advance, so Unpredictable Movement will trigger as normal.
  22. Seductive Dread Gaze

    The Aura is friendly to Veteran Siren, and will remain friendly to her regardless of any temporary changes of affiliation.
  23. Honour2 - Fields of Wheat

    I'll just lock this then...