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    Smoke vs. Burnish

    Correctly answered
  2. MilitaryCoo

    Game Plans

    Correctly answered
  3. MilitaryCoo

    Impersonal Anger

    Correct. Correct
  4. The term "results" is overloaded here. The printed playbook result may be a combined result with multiple individual results (eg. T< is a combined result of a T result and a < result). In your example, Spigot can choose the order of the T, <, >, and CP individually as they are each separate results. Note, however, that processing the T first would make Ball's Gone fail in the absence of Close Control (as the enemy no longer has the ball) and vice versa. Yes, the pushes combine and the dmg combines and so the "results" to be applied are
  5. MilitaryCoo

    Fathom & foul oder for heroic dodge

    No. While Foul Odour is treated as rough terrain, it is not a terrain piece.
  6. MilitaryCoo

    Impersonal Anger

    No. As the damage now comes from the trap marker and Guild Rule, the DMG has not been inflicted by an enemy model. Rising Anger will not be triggered.
  7. MilitaryCoo

    Devana Death From Above

    If Devana is in melee with the target, then she is definitely within 6" of the target. It cannot be used on a charge as an attack mystery be declared; declaring a charge is not declaring an attack.
  8. MilitaryCoo

    S4 Clone

  9. MilitaryCoo

    S4 Clone

    Please treat Clone as reading: "The next time this model is hit by an enemy attack or character play it ignores all effects and damage from the attack or character play."
  10. MilitaryCoo

    Voodoo strings and pack mentality

    Correctly answered.
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    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    Please do not reply to threads marked checking.
  12. MilitaryCoo

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

  13. MilitaryCoo

    Spirit Bomb vs Reinforced Plating

    Correctly answered
  14. MilitaryCoo

    Kraken S4 Questions

    Correct conclusions. To answer the more fundamental question, a model is engaging an enemy model if the enemy model is within the model's melee zone, within line of sight, and the model is not Knocked Down.
  15. MilitaryCoo

    Ikaros S4 clarification

    Correct. Ikaros may choose the order of resolution of the Jog and Flying effects of Take Flight. Once Flying he ignores terrain. Updraft is not a terrain effect.
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    Team Player Question

  17. MilitaryCoo

    Season 4 pass and move

  18. MilitaryCoo

    Team Player Question

    All of the DMG will transfer to Harmony. For example, Tooled up Gutter is attacking Hammer and wraps to her first column, selecting Scything Blow and . Scything blow inflicts 4 DMG and the playbook result inflicts 2. Tough Hide reduces those to 3 and 1 respectively. The Masons player can choose to have Harmony suffer 0, 1, 3, or 4 DMG. In teh same situation, Gutter selects & (she doesn't want to Scything Blow a friend). Tooled up and Tough Hide cancel, and the playbook DMG is combined for a total of 3 DMG. The Masons player can choose for Harmony to suffer 0 or 3 DMG.
  19. MilitaryCoo

    Unnatural stamina + Spirit Bomb

    Correctly answered
  20. MilitaryCoo

    S4 vCinder Grim Vengeance

    The Grim Vengeance action must be performed as the next action chosen by vCinder, after any queued actions such as counter attacks. i.e. the ruling has not changed in S4
  21. MilitaryCoo

    KD and active traits

    Correctly answered
  22. MilitaryCoo

    Are Union Still Fish Legal?

    Correctly answered
  23. MilitaryCoo

    Poised Exhaustion

    Exhaustion increases the cost of a counter attack to 2 MP. If a model does not spend MP to counterattack Exhaustion does not impact that ability. It does not count as a separate instance for Pay the Piper.