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  1. MilitaryCoo

    KD and active traits

    Correctly answered
  2. MilitaryCoo

    Are Union Still Fish Legal?

    Correctly answered
  3. MilitaryCoo

    Poised Exhaustion

    Exhaustion increases the cost of a counter attack to 2 MP. If a model does not spend MP to counterattack Exhaustion does not impact that ability. It does not count as a separate instance for Pay the Piper.
  4. MilitaryCoo

    Well Oiled Machine

    @Siberys is correct. There are no teamwork actions in s4.
  5. MilitaryCoo

    Hearth - Match Experience

    Correct. If either the passer or receiver is in Hearth's aura then both can Pass and Move. Hearth is always in her own aura.
  6. MilitaryCoo

    Well Oiled Machine

    The receiving model cannot perform Pass and Move or Snapshot. The kicking model can Pass and Move as normal.
  7. MilitaryCoo

    Impersonal Anger

  8. MilitaryCoo

    Millstone & Sturdy

    Correctly answered
  9. Correct. Bear in mind that they aren't obliged to advance at all, they can choose not to move, but if they do it must be in a straight line directly towards the source of goad/pinned
  10. MilitaryCoo

    Take a breather - clearing effects.

    Correct. Conditions are limited to those defined in the rulebook (plus disease, but that will be fixed later today )
  11. Correctly answered
  12. Correctly answered.
  13. MilitaryCoo

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    Resolve counter attacks before proceeding with Cinder's free action. The free action must be the next action Cinder makes, so she cannot advance before making the action.