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  1. Clarifying character play rules

    @Spinsaneis correct
  2. Correct -- a model that becomes friendly and is the same Guild is a friendly Guild model. As such in the example given Greyscales would benefit from temporarily-friendly Corsair's One Leg Stance.
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    If you asked this is in the rules forum, I'd probably say no in line with other similar rulings -- the extra dodge is a new action and Tidal Surge/Puppet Master only allow one action. We're not in the rules forum, though, so do whatever you like
  4. Attacking for Nonexistant Plays

    No, as the entire attack is ignored for Gluttonous Mass.
  5. Attacking for Nonexistant Plays

    Hoist can select the or icon even when he has no valid CP to trigger. Further, any player may select a or result on their Playbook and opt not to use any Character Play. Momentum will be generated as normal even where no CP is used, as the effect has not been ignored.
  6. Kick Distance and Scatter

    Correct, the kick-scatter immediately follows the placement of the ball on the target-spot
  7. Burrow gives Mother the option to make an attack ("This model may immediately make an Attack..." emphasis added). As the Attack is optional the controlling player must declare the Attack, which allows for a Counter Attack in response to that declaration.
  8. Kick Distance and Scatter

    Correct, if it never reaches the final landing spot due to interception then it can't be snapped from there. Thanks for the disambiguation.
  9. Kick Distance and Scatter

    Yes, ball movement is always measure edge-to-center. Note, however, that there is no opportunity to snap before resolving kick-scatter -- it can only be snapped from its final landing spot.
  10. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Deeply disappointed in the schedule for this -- 11am start with 5 rounds and only 15 minutes between each? Gamers need to eat and at least breathe between games Where should my ire be directed?
  11. Nature's blessing

    Correctly answered -- "within" includes touching.
  12. Blacksmith GIC Theory Thread

    If you think the enemy has a certain plot card then switching captains can throw off their investment maths too. Way more corner case than the dual legendary but it can limit the payoff of you losing a "captain".
  13. Is that a Trap in your Pocket?

    Only models on the pitch can be chosen for this effect.
  14. Mortician GIC Theory Thread

    From the model suffering the taken out condition. There is no mention of a friendly model on the card, and enemy models can be taken out without a friendly model being involved.