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  1. MilitaryCoo

    Sun strike vs resilience

    Correctly answered
  2. Yes, 2MOM would be generated in that case. Note that that hasn't changed, and was the case in S3 as well.
  3. Crowding out is listed explicitly as a penalty to dice pool for Character Plays on page 21. Cover and Ganging Up don't affect character plays.
  4. An attack ignored by Resilience is not a successful attack; Skatha wil not expend the on an attack ignored by Resilience.
  5. As previously stated, this is a rules change.
  6. This is a public announcement, in an official medium. We understand that it's not ideal to make rulings that diverge from the text but in some cases where the practice is egregiously different from the intent, it's the fastest way to make a correction. It's not something we do lightly or often. The ruling has been made. We won't entertain any more discussion of the manner in which it has been made, but welcome any clarifying questions on how the ruling affects gameplay.
  7. As previously ruled vHarmony has to absorb all of a single instance of damage. Following discussions with the design team she is unable to transfer any more instances of damage after she has been reduced to zero HP (i.e. she gets to ignore the remainder of the dmg that kills her, but any subsequent dmg she can't take). For Attacks and Character Plays work through the relevant timing sequence for each model affected and transfer damage as it arises. For Traits and other types of Plays, although the damage is deemed to be simultaneous, resolve each instance one model at a time in the order of the active player's choosing and transfer the damage via Team Player if desired. When resolving condition damage in the End Phase, resolve all conditions on a single model, apply the damage and transfer via Team Player before resolving all conditions on the next model. For example, vHarmony has 5hp remaining, and Smoke declares Chemical Shower. There are 3 enemy models within 6" of Smoke suffering the burning condition. The Masons player may only choose two of the three instances of 3 damage to transfer to vHarmony as once she reaches 0hp she can no longer choose to suffer damage. If vHarmony is one of the three players in range, she will always suffer that damage, so the Alchemist player, choosing order of resolution, should probably choose to affect her first. Reopening thread for any follow up questions.
  8. MilitaryCoo

    Battering Ram and b2b obstacles

    Correctly answered. Provided the advance does not end on the obstruction (the are no obstacles in Guild Ball) then the advance is legal.
  9. MilitaryCoo

    Wrapping and harriers

    Correctly answered. Damage modifiers are calculated before resolving results. Results can affect later results through positioning or other changes in board state, but there is no recalculation of damage modifiers.
  10. MilitaryCoo

    Blessing of Old and condition damage

    Correctly answered
  11. MilitaryCoo

    Dark Souls The card game

    I've moved back to Dark Souls the Card Game as it's not a good fit in the GB rules forum. I've left a "shadow" link from there for 30 days, though, so hopefully Bryce or one of the devs might see it.
  12. MilitaryCoo

    Sweeping Charge and Tough Hide

    Correctly answered.
  13. Please do not reply to threads marked checking. Locking until an official response.
  14. Original question answered, locking thread.