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  1. Protect Your Balls

    Maybe I'm not explaining what I mean correctly/clearly -- forcing a KS with the template such that what would normally be the ball path is pointing directly down the pitch/towards the far board edge, that way the scatter will always put the ball nearer the enemy's half than the simple drop would. The only "weirdness" is if the ball scatters off the pitch, but that would put it even closer to the enemy's goal, so...
  2. Protect Your Balls

    That works. If you want to discourage voluntary movement behind the line a bit more you could force a kickscatter with the template parallel to the goal line; the randomness/loss of control would act as a disincentive.
  3. Protect Your Balls

    Sounds really interesting. One immediate question: How does this interact with (1) dodges, (2) pushes, (3) placement?
  4. Black Friday Sales

    I actually think not doing this is pretty smart -- yeah, you make a small number of people happy, but the larger population is disappointed when they don't get them. Worst case is a repeat of last year, where demand can't be filled, the company ends up having to spin up production unexpectedly, and people don't get stuff until February. Avoiding that is a Good Thing even if it means half a dozen people don't get shiny Blacksmiths two months early.
  5. Shoemerang interacting with Clone

    Correctly answered. The model chosen to suffer the KD effect of Shoemerang is not targeted, so any defensive tech predicated on targeting (Mechmage's list is a good start) is ignored.
  6. Unsnapping the ball

    A model can only unsnap the ball during its activation.
  7. Bolt's Shoemerang

    Shoemerang can target any model in range. Character plays targeting friendly models do not need to roll to hit. In short, you are correct.
  8. Take Out With The Ball

    Correctly answered
  9. Mother Burrow and Line of Sight

    Correctly answered
  10. Placement off of the board

  11. Correctly answered.
  12. Yes. Any Advance can trigger Unpredictable Movement. A counter charge is, aside from the odd timing, a standard charge which includes an Advance.
  13. Unsnap ball off the pitch

    Checking.... Centred is the correct spelling :|
  14. Strictly the Worst: Episodes 27 & 28!

    Where's the thread for Ep29? I have opinions.
  15. Correctly answered