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  1. MilitaryCoo

    Minefield and failed charge

    If a charge without touching the spout can reach the target model, then that path must be taken. If the only legal charge path(s) to the target would touch the spout, or if a spout is reachable that would allow the model to complete the charge, then the model must move through the spout and resolve the random effects. The controlling player must choose a scatter-spot that allows a chance for the charge to succeed if it is possible to do so. If after resolving the random effects and any remaining advance it is not possible to reach the target, then the charge fails and the activation ends immediately. The remainder of the advance must be taken along the same vector as the initial advance.
  2. Player has meant the person playing the game since the heady days of Season 1 Locking thread as answered.
  3. MilitaryCoo

    Contributing to Vassal module - GB Clock

    Most of the work is done by Sid over on the Guild Ball Zone discord channel (https://discord.gg/ne6QNbR), or was last I knew (apologies to any other contributors I've missed). I know there's been talk of implementing a clock before but there were latency issues or something that made it impractical. Ask in the #vassal channel on Discord, I'm sure the guys there will be happy to take input
  4. MilitaryCoo

    parting blow and least disturbance.

    Correctly answered
  5. MilitaryCoo

    I'm Open and unsnapping

    The sentence "A model that has given up possession in this way may not regain possession during the same activation" should be treated as "A model that has given up possession in this way may not snap the ball during the same activation."
  6. MilitaryCoo

    I'm Open and unsnapping

  7. MilitaryCoo

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    Models suffering a condition cannot suffer it again.
  8. MilitaryCoo

    Noxious blast not sus?

    Correctly answered
  9. MilitaryCoo

    Minefield and failed charge

    moAfter internal discussion, we're reversing this ruling for consistency with previous rulings. If any known effect will prevent the charging model from engaging its target at the end of the advance, the charge move may be taken in any direction.
  10. MilitaryCoo

    Double Protective Instinct

    In the case where a model is engaging two enemies with Protective Instinct, the controlling player (i.e. the attacking model) may choose between those targets. It may not attack any model without the Protective Instinct rule as long as it is engaging one or more models with the rule. Note that this isn't a direct literal interpretation of the rules, but rather one based on the rarity of the situation and the need to preserve fun.
  11. MilitaryCoo

    Double Protective Instinct

  12. MilitaryCoo

    Breach +0/4” kick

    The +0/+4" kick is restricted to Ballista's activation. His kicks ignore intervening models until the End Phase (when all legendary effects end).