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  1. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    Hi all! Only a few days left until the big day! Plenty of room for some last minute entrants, if you want to get your Guild Ball on! Neil
  2. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    One week to go chaps! Plenty of room for a few more entrants! Who wants some Guild Ball action? Get it going on! Neil
  3. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    Plenty of room for some more entrants guys - get involved! Neil
  4. Neil Peckett

    pundit woes

    I appreciate being a pundit can help with getting launch packs, but you know it has no impact on your ability to run tournaments right? You don’t need a little badge or a garish t-shirt to be allowed to promote your hobby or run a tournament - I have run several, without going anywhere near applying to be a pundit! I bet your northern pundits would even sort you out with the tournament packs and whatnot. TL:DR - I’m sure your pundit status will be verified or whatever the term is eventually, but don’t let it stop you promoting the hobby in the mean time! Neil
  5. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    Roll up roll up to the greatest show on earth, plenty of room, come and get your Guild Ball on! cheers, Neil
  6. Neil Peckett

    Hunters Muse On Minis token set

    I spotted that one, thanks Zyper - I just picked up all 3 packs from steamforged direct, seeing as they seemed to have them in stock. I suppose I should paint some hunters now.
  7. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    Guild Ballers The Caledonian Cup is back! A loosely connected series of tournaments, all with ‘Caledonian’ somewhere in the title. Don’t tell me I don’t know how to ride on the success of other people’s marketing strategy. Come and play toy footballers. Info below: Sunday 17th June 2018 Common Ground Games, 40B Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JR We will be using the standard Guild Ball Tournament Guidelines - Regional Cup whatever is valid at the time and the most up to date card errata We will be using the Guild Ball Gameplan Decks - these are a rather good addition to the game. All models, with the exception of the plastic teams (Farmers, Blacksmiths, Ratcatchers and Falconers) must be painted - please get in touch if you can't get stuff ready in time someone is very likely to be able to help with a painted model/team. Tickets are £16 and payment should be sent to bigbaz6969@hotmail.com - please state your name and preferred team (don't worry you can change) on the email, names added to the list below on payment. Sorry won't be able to give refunds after 1/6/18 as I have payments to make. Names added to the list on payment, first come first served. Lunch is included in the ticket price Space for 16 players We will use the Swiss system – if we get a full 16 there will be 4 full rounds, fewer than this will be 3-4, depending on how the pair down goes. Approximate timings set out below, we will try to make up time as best we can to finish earlier. Any questions please post here or on Twitter @Trimcontrols 09:00 – Doors Open & registration 09:30 – Game 1 11:20 – Break 11:35 – Game 2 13:25 – Lunch & Best Painted/Best Goal Voting 14:00 – Game 3 15:50 – Break 16:05 – Game 4 (if required) 17:55 – Finish & Awards Player List Neil Peckett Trev Moffat Iain Torrance Fraser McFetridge Adam Bynoth Martyn Nicol Mark Watson Calum Todd Kenny Hall (to pay) Stephen McCormick (to pay)
  8. Neil Peckett

    Hunters Muse On Minis token set

    Thanks for the heads up 👍
  9. Neil Peckett

    Hunters Muse On Minis token set

    Quick question - does the token set from Muse On Minis include all the tokens you would need for the winters moon hunters as well, or does it only cover the original 8? Cheers, Neil
  10. Neil Peckett

    Model distribution needs to change

    I’ve just read that linked article... being out the game a little while can really make the whole thing seem like gibberish 😂
  11. Neil Peckett

    After the bloody master starter box

    Did I miss something? When did people get the Farmer's Guild? Or is this just people using paper tokens? Neil
  12. Neil Peckett

    Sakana...why use him?

    3/8 Kick and a bloody fast mover. He is your baby shark option, when you are going to get the player killed in return - who cares when Shark is still on the table?
  13. Neil Peckett

    So quiet here..

    Summer months are Munro bagging months
  14. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Cup 2017 - 25 June - Stirling - Sold Out

    Hi all, Space gone Cheers, Neil
  15. Neil Peckett

    Caledonian Cup 2017 - 25 June - Stirling - Sold Out

    Hi all, Me again! Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday - please do be there on time - I would very much like to stick the timetable so we can all clearly see when we are finishing etc. Should be a good day, see you all around 9am on Sunday! Neil