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  1. Hazard_Syndrome

    Hello everyone!

    @Jhokalups has summed it up perfectly. A Pundit is a community volunteer who loves the game far too much and promotes Guild Ball in their local community. Welcome to the beautiful game all the same buddy
  2. the ferryman will be pleased by this result
  3. Hazard_Syndrome

    Hello everyone!

    Whereabouts are you based Furnace? There's probably a Pundit near you who can get you into local gaming groups if you haven't already got one sorted.
  4. Hazard_Syndrome

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    The small changed to Ox are going to be HUGE when Blacksmiths hit the pitch. All the damage buffs/armour needs of before and a better playbook ?? Overall I like it, I really like it. Hats of to the design team. the card thing is a bit pants, but it's not the end of the world. Someone on Facebook mentioned they were going to use a card printing service online. I may follow that line for a better finish.
  5. Hazard_Syndrome

    Is it hot in here?

    he is blooming gorgeous!!!
  6. Hazard_Syndrome

    flipping alchemists

    Spacing and Tucked is the normal plan. Cheers guys. I think I'm doing the right things, it's just going to take some practise
  7. Hazard_Syndrome

    Tournament 8

    for me it's Ob - haven't practised Scalpel enough Dirge Silence Ghast Rage Bonesaw Cosset Mist i can football, i can fight, i can pray to never see Midas on the opposite side of the pitch...
  8. Hazard_Syndrome

    flipping alchemists

    it seems that Alchemists are my nemesis. My buddy Pat plays Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol and Compound and I constantly find myself with more conditions than I have momentum to deal with. if I space myself out to minimise AOE exposure, i cant get enough dmg out to KO his players, and if I group up for the kill I end up burning, poisoned and chemical showered. my normal team is Ob Dirge Ghast Rage Silence Mist/Bonesaw/Cosset - depending on how i feel on the day Ob usually activates late to steal momentum on a key turn, pulls people out of position and gets a few good hits in... but it always seems to go to hell for me. how have you guys been handling the Smoke condition party? H.
  9. Hazard_Syndrome

    Assembly: pin or glue?

    i've had to use a 0.6 drill for Fillet's arm. that was fun
  10. Hazard_Syndrome

    Collected Fillet Spoilers

    Fillet- "Can you Bleed....you will" i really hooe hope that unnatural stamina is hers too... I think it fits the book 1 fluff when they where training the Butchers in the yard... But like some one said earlier... Makes for a very full card
  11. Hazard_Syndrome

    Morticians in Season 2

    Smaller box... Mascot casket time... Pet cemetery... ZOMBIE MASCOTS! Put it them in the box and they're yours next turn! Lol
  12. Hazard_Syndrome

    Morticians in Season 2

    Yup, I'd like to see something different. I think someone said about 'wouldn't it be cool if the player buffed the mascot'. That would be awesome
  13. Hazard_Syndrome

    A Gravedigger's Hanbook

    Great stuff. Any help in developing my game is always welcome
  14. Hazard_Syndrome

    Captain Scalpel

    The captain is dead, long live the captain!
  15. Hazard_Syndrome


    And there goes my money