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    WTB: LE Veteran Graves

    Looking to get the good ole rat boy if anyone has one they’ll get rid of. Have PayPal.
  2. Hello fellow masters! I was hoping you could help me track down an image. I once saw a set of our beloved guild’s dice that had been altered to where the pips and logo looked like molten metal a la furnace’s sword. Has anyone else seen this image? If so I would appreciate it being dropped below in this thread if I don’t find it first myself. I’m planning to do my dice this way and could use the reference pics. Thanks All! Also, I’ll update with how my day at ball hog went yesterday soon.
  3. My 2-2 is fine. Usually what happens though is I end up at 2 goals, and one takeout. My opponent then attempts to avoid the second takeout and I manage the third goal.
  4. I play that exact lineup as well, and boy does it get the goals. It’s a solid lineup, it just struggles for takeouts if you need them in the clutch.
  5. Come check out my article on the Smiths you should be starting! http://mountaineersguild.com/wp/?p=499

    Non-Ferrite Blacksmith captain

    Ferrite's main strength is into teams where you could decide to play either 3-0 or 2-2. Anyone who wants to fight you is where she shines. You use her and/or Iron to put the ball on goal turn one, and then either the other of the two, Alloy, or someone who happens to be moderately neglected to set up the second goal. You use Furnace, Cast, and Iron to deal with weak pointed enemies in the mid game. If not Ferrite then I'd say Burnish. His control element as well as condition damage game allow you to dance between a 2-2 and a 4-1 game if need be. Make sure Furnace and Cast are both along for that ride. As always, make sure Hearth and Alloy are in both lists. Then season to taste. Best of luck all.

    'smiths experiences so far?

    Not sure how I haven't posted here yet. I got my second box this past week and have been proxying since we've had enough cards to field a 6 player squad. I come from a brewer's background. Playing the blacksmiths is great because you always have an option based on the jank they provide. I've played into Skatha hunters and Ox butchers mostly. I was capable of 2-2 outfighting the hunters and 3-0 outscoring the butchers. We just seem to have a great deal of Flexibility.

    Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Chris is right. Run a fast and furious list, Ferrite, Anvil, Hearth, Alloy, Farris, Bolt. With the exception of Hearth that whole team is fast enough to make things happen. go for 3 goals. You can make three faster than your usual Theron crew can.

    Blacksmith basics

    In agreement with Todd, Score goal one as soon as you possibly can, even if your opponent can return fire. We need that thirteenth influence. As someone who has the second box I must also echo that the second box fixes a lot of problems. The biggest thing I can suggest is to embrace the jank. We have some amazing movement jack and some crushing debuffs. You could describe the blacksmith style as delaying tactics until you hit your last goal. I have never played in. game with them, win or lose, that I have felt helpless in (and I've felt helpless in guild ball a lot having played brewers since release).
  10. FUSEWV

    Who is your favourite ball handler?

    To echo a few others, Hearth is your ball killer sturdy and a KD on 1 FTW. Iron is also not terrible for this purpose given Close Control, >> on 1, and his ability to go from hiding mid to back field to slamming it into the post almost at will. That being said, I think a lack of substantial ball killing ability is one of the intentional weaknesses of the guild that allows us to have the level of strength we get in other areas of the game.
  11. FUSEWV

    Blacksmith tourny 10

    I'm amending my earlier statement to I need 9 models and Burnish is one. He has some good corner case utility.
  12. FUSEWV

    Blacksmith tourny 10

    I still think ferrite is the go to captain. She can cripple 2-3 models a turn with 5 influence, plus the legendary. Everything Furnace does he can do plenty well with a stack of 3. I usually put searing strike on 2 models and then either tool up cast, do more damage, or knock someone down. I could probably play most tournaments with the following 8 models: Ferrite, Iron, Furnace, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Ferris, Bolt.
  13. I realize I'm really late to this party, but my go to six at the moment is Ferrite-Iron-Farris-Bolt-Furnace-Cast. It wants to play 3-0 but has the versatility to comfortably switch to 2-2 if need be.
  14. Once the second 6 man box is in hand I cannot think of a reason to play them. The biggest loss when losing them from your 10 is singled out on Anvil. There's a lot of movement jank all through the guild and there are plenty of better masters with sentinel. Losing Anvil is not that big a loss. Without Anvil sledge isn't very useful, and frankly Iron is just a better beater. In a guild that wants to play a 2-2 or 3-0 game there just isn't much use for a pairing that is based entirely around combat. I'd rather have furnace and cast to fight with anyway. They are more versatile and do more consistent damage without having to spike up the playbook.
  15. Hey all, check out the latest edition of the Quench which sees some paint go on my modes! http://mountaineersguild.com/wp/?p=482