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  1. JanosSaramis

    Resin or metal?

    I heard they were going straight to that really cheap-looking plastic that the figures in Kick-Off are made of. I really hope that's not the case...that will turn off a lot of hobbyists and people who just want their stuff to look nice on the table and not like a knock-off, action figure.
  2. JanosSaramis

    High temperatures due to house treatment

    I appreciate it. We're doing our best to protect them. The problem is that items aren't meant to leave the house before or during treatment to reduce risk of recursion from those disgusting pests. Wish us luck, we're going to need it.
  3. Hey guys, My house has a bed bug infestation that's getting treated on Monday. They're doing a heat treatment that jacks the temperature of the house to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for around three hours with temperatures rising for seven or so prior to. The pest control guy says things should be fine just don't have any pressure put on any plastics; but how will metal, plastic, restic and resin models react? I'm a tad worried about them and whether I should leave them in their cases (or put some in cases) and call it a day or if I should inspect and treat (attempt to) the cases and get them out of the house (into a hot, black car which isn't that much better). Anyone with any similar experiences? Thanks,
  4. JanosSaramis

    After playing smoke.

    Did it take much effort to dust the old, golden arm off?
  5. JanosSaramis

    Is Venin a Juggalo?

    WHoa ho....shots fired.
  6. JanosSaramis

    Mississippi Guild Ball Master Thread!

    If I ever go home for a good period of time, I may have to drive over to Hattiesburg and check you guys out. I'm from Mississippi originally (McComb, so I'm around an hour west of y'all); but I live in Charlotte, NC now. I hope you guys have a pretty good group going. I imagine Hattiesburg, Jackson and Biloxi having pretty good metas.
  7. JanosSaramis


    Man, I'm so stoked for those guys! I'm ready for my preorder!
  8. JanosSaramis

    Carrying cases

    Sorry, I was away from my computer. Basically everything Pangur Ban is saying, I can vouch for. Also, they do have a really nice accessory case made out of aluminum. It's not super big or anything, but it fits my dice, templates and such in it.
  9. JanosSaramis

    Carrying cases

    Unfortunately, I don't own a half size; but that does sound about right. Something I noticed on their website is what they're calling the width is what I called the length. So half-width on there is half-length on here. However, Chinos here might be able to supply more info on those. And don't forget, their sales reps are really helpful.
  10. JanosSaramis

    Carrying cases

    Their standard KRU (cardboard case) is Length = 15 5/8", width = 10 11/16", depth = 4 11/16". That is their standard. The Kaiser1 fits one of those in it and from there the Kaiser2 fits two, Kaiser3 fits three and so on. The K-Lite is similar, it holds one of those cardboard cases and it and the Kaiser1 are basically messenger bags. They also have backpacks which I can't speak on because I own the Backpack 4 which holds four of those things, and that's a bit big for Guild Ball.
  11. JanosSaramis

    Carrying cases

    Oh, I know what you mean. I had to ask for help building my first cases (still do on occasion). They do have smaller options, but I like going ahead and getting something with room for expansion. However, if that isn't what you are looking for, you could do something like get a half case for one team and another for a second and so on. But, yeah, I will agree that that website needs a redux.
  12. JanosSaramis

    Carrying cases

    My foam layout is the same as Pangur's GB1, SM47, F3H, F3H, F3H. The guild ball tray, one tray for big guys and three for standard 30mm. The bag is the Kaiser1. You may like one of the Aquila bags or their K-lite. Or if you want even more protection, their aluminum cases are pretty neat. But I'd only get that if you travel a LOT.
  13. JanosSaramis

    Carrying cases

    I use KR Multicase's Kaiser 1 bag with one of their KRU cardboard cases. The foam loadout I did was custom and will fit three teams with room for some future releases. You can also keep buying the cardboard cases and just switch them out depending on what you want to do. I also love how soft and pliant their foam is. Anyway, that's my two cents. I love the stuff.
  14. JanosSaramis

    Otter Welfare

    It's ok, Salt. You can join the Alchemists. We'll give you all kinds of goodies to make you faster, stronger, better :D.
  15. JanosSaramis

    Figo League - Your Local Game Store - Matthews, NC

    Hehe....I'm so infamous