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  1. 2 names on Longshanks.

    Contact @RedSam
  2. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    That sounds and looks great. On a short notice I have seen some errors: - Brisk3t Mom T< is shown as non mom - Tappers non mom is shown as mom - Stokers mom is shown as non mom
  3. Release Schedule - what we know

    I haven't heard any rumour and haven't seen any evidence. So I would have done the same and order them as mentioned. But they are mentioned the other way around. First Falconer and then Solthecian (just skipped through the YouTube video to be sure). That's the reason I was confused and hoped SFG had something said somewhere ;-)
  4. Release Schedule - what we know

    Do we now the order of the minor guild releases? (QnA US?) Or is it just an assumption? Because of the order shown (Ratcatcher - Falconer - Solthecian) I would have assumed this order.
  5. Steamcon USA Keynote

    Found this on Facebook. Maybe the exact think you are looking for. Hall of Legends
  6. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    All Farmers and Blacksmith are on the Resource page. (it say last update August, but they are there nevertheless)
  7. What about Bolt?

    Gaven't realised this. Needed the KD on an engaged Minx, for going into tap-in range. Instead I have thrown it with 1 die at a KD Theron, which missed and then the 4 (Bonus Time) dice Goal Shot while Minx engaging me failed... This was my last Chance for a comeback. In another game vs Pin Vice he went mad. The enemy thought that I'm far off the goal. So 3 Inf Bolt: Walk 4", think effectively 2" towards the goal. The rest was needed for coming to Hearth. 1 Ing pass = 4" Dodge for Him and Alloy, Tutelage I'm open 4" Dodge for Bolt and Alloy. Sprint 6" and a goal range of 6" = GOAL!!!! So I'm really happy with him. He can do a lot of things and can easily adapt to the field situation. As with other apprentices I tend to give him to much Inf or two less. Once in a while I though that I need the 2 Inf he had for a Character Play but also the sprint. Other times he has 3 Inf and tutelage. But he couldn't engage someone and only use 1 Character play...
  8. OPD Changes November 2017

    There's a simple reason: The rulebook discripes a standard casual game. The OPD changes the standard to a format, which fits more for tournaments. The tournament pre-match sequence is only listed in the OPD. And all rules are for free, 'cause rulebook and OPD both are for free. It's just not free in the same document.
  9. Least errata impacted players

    Important is the question, what impacted mean? If we speak for direct impacted for my Brewer's it is (as mentioned) Scum, Hooper, Spigot (despite Ball's gone) and of course also Stave. When you also look at a 2nd degree Change, Tappers Tactical Advice [Scum] has changed. At there is also a 3rd degree. Stave for example got a worse def, because every other 2/0 model got better. So impact by meta change. 1st and 2nd degree are very obvious and there's little to discuss (despite how critical they are). 3rd degree is highly dependable on your own meta and your own point of view.
  10. He looks like jumping. I'm really interested in how the actual image looks. Has it a flight base? Clear or not clear? Has something happend with the render? Should it be (partially) on the base?
  11. Rulebook page 14: So she is effected by it. For the charge: There is no order how to resolve them. You don't have to resolve the first chosen result (out of complete playbook), before the wrap result. You select them immediately and as an active player you can resolve them in any order you like. in this case T and then KD. page 35 under the topic Wrap:
  12. Wanted to open a thread on my own, but this is perfect. And the second case: 1. Successful Kick 2. Perfect Scatter, so decide that I don't want a Re-roll 3. Match Fixing is Played 4. Bad scatter is rolled 5. Can I now re-roll the re-roll?
  13. Again a game against my brothers fish. This time I had spend to much time between the game and the report. So this time I may have forgotten some details. It's again the Steelforged six, this time against Corsair, Tentacles, Jac, vSiren, Greyscales and Sakana Round 1: Ferrite kicked the ball. With an ramming Iron and while the Iron is hot, everyone went forward. I'm not sure but I think Ferrite or Sledge was able to get the ball back and doing some harm to Siren. Round 2: Iron and Sledge nearly finished Siren and Jac. Ferrite activates and kill the two with one attack each 0:4 But Greyscales sent the answer right back 4:4: After this everything get a little blurry in my memory. Corsair went into the trap and was surrounded by 4 Smith's. So he had only three dice too attack against Arm 2. Yeah^^ Eventually the big man left the pitch. 4:6 Siren went into the Scrum for Dread game, but due to missing mom she was still on low health. So Iron killed Siren for 4:8 lead In a desperate final attempt Greyscales shot the second goal It was desperate, because it must scatter really, really bad or Anvil or Sledge could snap the ball and get it to Iron either by dropping or passing. It doesn't scatter bad and Iron got the goal for a 8:12
  14. Yesterday was the very first game, where I could switch my Brewsmith to Blacksmith. No more proxy YAY! I played against butchers and the very first time against this player. He played the first time against Smith. As a prelude: the butcher dice were dominated by 1s, espically while attacking Iron and Anvil. I played the original six with Ferrite as Captain, who kicked off. On the butchers side where Minx, Meathook, Truffles, Ox, Boar and Shank. Round 1: After the kick off Minx got the ball, ran back and kicked it to Ox. On the Blacksmith part everyone went forward. Iron rammed all his friends, Anvil called While the Iron is hot. Cinder shot at Minx for M2 Dmg and burning. Furnace tooled up Sledge who eventually can't reach anyone. Meanwhile the butchers passed a little bit. Ox couldn't reach Cinder by 0.5" and Boar could not charge because Ox base was in between. So Ox moved a little bit and but Butchery and they ain't tough on Cinder. To prevent the charge on Cinder, Ferrite engaged Boar and disarmed him. Boar wasn't friendly and hacked a little bit at the poor woman. Round 2: I won initiative. I could go for the goal with Ferrite, but then Shank could get a return goal if the scatter is ok. I had match fixing, so I took the risk. 4:0 and a Knee Slider. No everybody went in a big scrum, leaving the ball behind. Nobody else killed in this round, but many where harmed badly, espically Ferrite and Boar. Round 3: As the opening Move Ox killed Ferrite (no picture taken) and went into Furnace. The Answer was immediately. Cinder shot Boat for his last two health, hit Ox one time and put on Decoy 6:2 Against the combined might of Furnace, Anvil, Cinder and Sledge Ox could hold the ground any longer. 8:2 Round 4: No it was Shanks time to say good bye. Anvil charged into him to set things up and Seldge finished him off. 10:2 Iron and Cinder got to Minx and done some harm there. Anvils new position gave Ox and Boar the opportunity to game right back into the game and left Anvil with 2 health left. Unfortunately for him, I already used Take a breather lad to heal 4 HP after Meathooks attack. So 2 HP left, the bleed condition and end of the round... Round 5: Nobody expect this, but the round starts with an dead Anvil for a 10:4 Minx started, and attacked Cinder to dodge away and then leave. Sadly she forgot to use the Mom to heal herself. Iron Impestus himself back into melee and was able to kill Minx with her remaining 2 HP. 12:4, win for Blacksmith
  15. I had shared all union in chains models within a WhatsApp group. Hunter Hemlock looked absolutely the same as now. But interestingly now I realize that the feet/shoes looks more like "forgotten to sculpt" then anything else...