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  1. Dear Guild Ball Fans, we are proud to announce the next big event: The German Nationals 2019 This year it is one big tournament instead of multiple qualifiers. Here the best German (or foreign) Player will earn the trophy, endless glory and the chance to represent Germany at the World Championship. The German Nationals will be part of the Guildmachine Warball Convention in Hamburg. All attendees need to register via t3, the German tournament Orga platform. (Link below) After registration you will get a webform where you can submit your preferences (food, sleeping arrangements,...) and get the payment informations. Page5 (german forum) t3 (Registration) Longshanks If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask Martin 'El Cid' Rockenfeller Sebastian 'Sonny' Sonnhalter
  2. No I assume. Your question is not 100% certain. If she declares a charge on Ballista and can engage him, she have to. Independently from Minefield. So dying in the attempt. If she declares a charge and can't reach Ballista but can reach the minefield she can charge in any direction. But the reason you die during the charge (minefield, trap,...) doesn't make it a failed charge.
  3. Sonny

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    The push is an action, which defines it as active. Passive traits do not have any actions. (S3 ruling, might be different in a few hours)
  4. Sonny

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    The Dot doesn't stand for OPT. It stands for active trait. And Big Belly is an active Trait. Traits without an dot are passive traits
  5. Sonny

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    I love the sculpts, I love Roast. Important: For Big Belly there's no where stated OPT! It is one or more Playbook damage results, so you don't bounce off multiple times from one attack EDIT:To slow...
  6. Sonny

    Apply sturdy after KD

    Collected Clarification: First Time/Next Time: This means the first or next time after an effect was applied (remember that this does not overrule any Once Per Turn limits a play or trait may have). So it is the first time after playing Stand Firm, therefore Spigot would ignore the KD on the parting blow
  7. Sonny

    New Player, need help

    There will be resin. But it is not clear when. A short history lesson (excluding some KS runs and special stuff): - Guild Ball started with metal - with the release of farmer all new major releases are PVC. Limited models and some boxes (Faithful, New beginnings) are still metal. - SFG tried a crowd funding for old Guilds PVC. This crashed for various reasons. But SFG learned that the risk of high costing PVC molds is to great. - Because of this the solution are the resin models. Resin is more expensive then PVC, but the molds are far cheaper. So for small numbers the resin is more cost efficiency. The Plan is to release the major guild resins alongside the corresponding minor guild release. - The Order (minor guild) do not have a normal release, therefor it is not clear when the Union-Resin release is about to come. I'm not sure if they said something during British nationals. But some sneak peeks of resin Benny (?) was seen.
  8. You are correct. Dodges, pushes and advance is movement. Dodges doesn't have to be in a straight line, pushes have to, this is also correct. Every movement does trigger a trap a d there so no differences between a dodge/push from a playbook or Trait/play. But a dodge is defined as "up to 1 inch" so a 0" movement meet this definition. But it is ruled that 0" dodge is NO movement and therefore doesn't trigger the trap. There is no difference where the dodge comes from. If you use a trait which allows two things, one of them a dodge you can choose not to move, as you can choose not to move from a dodge playbook result. Important: a mom dodge playbook still gives you momentum, because you were allowed to dodge, nevertheless you do it or not. Fun fact: same counts for pushes. If you don't want to trigger the trap (maybe you kill him anyway and the trap is for somebody else), you can select a 0" push, which is also no movement
  9. Sonny

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    This version is realy great. I don't like apps for playing, but always used them as a library. Now the tracking of games is really great and my main feature! Love this app. Two comments: 1. The Falconer cards looks great on my iPad mini. Can't recognize a smaller resolution. Maybe my beloved Pride will also do in the smaller res? 2. I think the "manage opponent" button is a little bit hidden. I have quite searched for it. Maybe it can be on the same page where I add an opponent. cheers Sebastian
  10. Sonny

    Ball's Gone

    Yes. The pass is part of the character play, which is part of the attack. Step 2.5 is select playbook results. Step 4 is "After the Attacks Ends", where counter-attack comes in. But the ball is then already gone ;-)
  11. Sonny

    sBrisket / Solthecian Ten

    For me Decimate is a Key Piece. With Brisket, Coin, Mist and Decimate are set against every opponent independent from kicking or receiving. And with Blackheart, Coin and Decimate are set against every opponent independent from kicking and receiving. (Have a Blackheart model only since Dark Harvest and not played very often yet. At the moment Mist was also in every line up, but here I can imagine without her). Decimate is such a versatile tool and espiacally with Brisket, sometimes your only hope against killing the ball. And if the enemy is killing the ball, she can switch from Football to beat down in a heartbeat. Yes she is very Inf hungry, but convert every Inf into MP. Would love to take Minx with me, but have no clue who to leave. Tooled Up so crazy good on Blackheart and the others I need for Brisket...
  12. Sonny

    sBrisket / Solthecian Ten

    I used to have Rage as a back up captain. But I'm not sure why, but Veteran Rage and I will never become friends. My ten at the moment are Brisk3t (Number 1 Captain), Blackheart, Coin, A&G, Benediction, Grace, Mist, Decimate, Harry and oRage. Pride will hopefully subtitute Coin. If Pride is a no go with either Blackheart or Brisket and have no clue, who must stay at home.
  13. Sonny

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    This is clearly stated as a Union Box and so it should be playable as a Union Box. Nothing else makes any sense. Releasing Pride with no ability to field him till August or even later (assuming a (pre)release for GenCon as earliest) would be crazy. But Skulk had a Spooks Card from SteamCon. So until release of the minor guild they are all Union and them Brisk3t, Pride, Benny & Grave switch to Solthecian with B&G/Harry and Mist as dual players.
  14. Sonny

    2 names on Longshanks.

    Contact @RedSam
  15. Sonny

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    That sounds and looks great. On a short notice I have seen some errors: - Brisk3t Mom T< is shown as non mom - Tappers non mom is shown as mom - Stokers mom is shown as non mom