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  1. Knighthammer


    Princess better with Fillet and Porky here better with Ox? - mainly due to bleed etc from the dawg - but smell blood is nice here, knockdown on him is really nice
  2. Knighthammer

    Otter Welfare

    Hmmm, checks name and avatar pic..... Nice pun #InSaltWeBelieve
  3. Knighthammer

    Otter Welfare

    As you may know, a recent traumatic event has caused a certain Otter we all know and love to spiral out of control. It all started with rumours in the locker room, players talking of a "squid" like mascot who would be brought in seemingly to replace poor Salt, after a while these rumours stopped and things went back to normal with Salt eagerly playing Guild Ball with his team succesfully winning game after game. A few days ago a picture was shown around with a name "Tentacles", a squid!!!, the rumours were true..... horrified, Salt fled from the Guild House believing himself to be unwanted and unloved and was not seen since. Today, pictures were sent in, some so horrible we cannot show them on a family friendly forum, only 3 were suitable to be published Please, save an otter today and forget about squid-kind
  4. Knighthammer

    The new mascot

    "Please let its stats be really bad, i have a wife and 8 kids, i have to play with my team"
  5. Ive seen some very well painted non-caucasian skinned Angel aroud, she looks good like that. Your looking at a brutal sports game where people can get killed and mauled/injured on a regular basis, takes a certain person imo to play in such a sport (unhinged, ex soldiers, people who just love to kill), you are never going to have a 50/50 split of male/female characters but it does have a good amount of female players - which is really good at what 30ish%? My favorite character in the background is Brisket, such a fantastic strong character with a great attitude and humour
  6. Knighthammer

    The new mascot

  7. Knighthammer

    The new mascot

    Salt is an unhappy Otter at this news of this monster thing, its..its.. not even cute
  8. Knighthammer

    Fillet Card is released

    Its going to shake the whole play style up from straight out fight to fight and play goal scorers, and make a mess of the pitch in a blood filled funtastic awesomness
  9. Knighthammer

    S2 Captains on Vassal

    She can have a 14" threat range against a bleeding target, the girls an absolute quick monster - the new captains are so nice, poor Ox
  10. Knighthammer

    S2 Captains on Vassal

  11. Been looking forward to reading season 2 ever since i finished 1, just to see how it all plays out with the characters - its the thing i love about the background for GB, all the interesting and individual characters
  12. Knighthammer

    Superior Customer service!

    They do, its true, Steamforged have one of the best CS in the industry today, ive allways had swift replies to my messages and any problems i have had has been sorted out very proffessionaly and very well. Ive dealt with that company (rhymes with night rodels) , been emailing them back and forth since the 8th Dec about a misscast model
  13. Knighthammer

    I-Spy Season 2

  14. Knighthammer

    I-Spy Season 2

    Just Hammer's Legendary to go, Fillets one is the best for me so far with Smoke second (Good job i have Fillet - and Hammer - on pre order, shes going to find a lot of nasty use in my fast bleed team)
  15. Knighthammer

    I-Spy Season 2