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  1. BillyZeKid

    National French Championship 2018

    Hey After a talk with the cottage we can increase the place for the tournament. 5 places are remaining but you have to subscride before the 3rd June.
  2. BillyZeKid

    National French Championship 2018

    Yup Longtime without anu news here. First, qwe've reached 42 participants, and normallt we'll be 48/50. (Si it would be the biggest GB event in France). We can be up to 52, so still some places but not a lot. We have a lot sponsors which help us to make that event huge. And here the first cast of our exclusive ball marker.
  3. BillyZeKid

    National French Championship 2018

    Hi long time without comming here! So to help us in our forecast, with open a T3 link : https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=21548 As you can see, there are 20 participants, and 16 more would probably come. For those who don't have Facebook let me inform you about the news : First we made an exclusive ball for the NFC as you can see ! ( Yes we assume our froggy style!) We reserve you a lot of more surprise! So join us if you can
  4. BillyZeKid

    National French Championship 2018

    Hi, Here is the international topic for the National French Championship 2018. It will occur from the 29th June until First of July in the "Domaine de la Grande Garenne", 18 330 Neuvy sur Barangeon. It will cost 120€, includin 2 nights ( Friday, Saturday), 2 breakfasts and lunches (Saturday and Sunday) and 1 diner ( Saturday). For an extra 10€, you would have the friday's diner. The Championship will respect the applicable Regional Cup Document. Each participants will have to bring his own material (miniatures, mesuring tools, clock, gameplan deck, tokens etc). To register, please send us the participation (120€ or 130€) per paypal to adrien [point] orsier _ at_ Gmail (point) com (please use the sens money to a friend option) In paralell, send an email to billyzekid81 at hotmail point fr, Your application will be total as soon as you will your name on the event longshanks page. http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=919 Timeline : 10/03/2018 : begin of application 03/06 au 18/06/ 2018 : send us your roster 25/06/2018 : we will diffuse the rosters. 29/06 : Afternoon - reception of the participants 30/06 : please be carefull, it is only a draft agenda basing on a 5 round tournament, if we are more than 32, a sixth round will be needed. 9h00 : begin of the tournament 9h30/11h30 : 1st round 12h00-13h30 : lunch 13h45-15h45 : 2nd round 16h00 -18h00 : 3rd round Frol 18h00 : free time and more, diner 01/07 : 08h30 -10h30 : 4th round 10h45-12h45 : last round 13h00 : lunch 14h30 : award ceremony 15h30 : end of the NFC Other information FB Event page https://www.facebook.com/groups/737535526436833 Topic on our french forum http://www.guildball.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=848 More information coming soon
  5. BillyZeKid

    [France] let's go for a team tournament

    Thank you so much, I hope you Will invade us
  6. BillyZeKid

    [France] let's go for a team tournament

    And bring up your family To visite the Eiffel Tower and everything else
  7. BillyZeKid

    [France] let's go for a team tournament

    Hi, We've an opportunity To rent a great place (arount 200 participants) organize a GB team tournament in Paris itself. Please could you help us by filling the following form please ? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSflXKfZYm3zs5Hzwahru7KdRQfYSsbkXQs1-hcsnkKSxyuw/viewform?usp=sf_link If you have any question dont hesitate. Regards BzK
  8. BillyZeKid

    [PARIS-FR] 23/04/2016 : Uchro Cup #1

    Aybarra and I are proud to announce our first Guildball tournament next Saturday at Uchronies Games. 4 plays 12 Vp to win 45 min per player. More information there : https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/fr/t3_tournament.php?tid=16581
  9. BillyZeKid

    New French Player (Fishermen)

    Welcome Goupil, Nice to see new players in France! With Aybarra we're trying to grow up a community in Paris! Hopping we will be able to make some tournaments!
  10. BillyZeKid

    Guild Ball in France

    Hi, that's great! We're also trying to build a community in Paris. We've translated the quick start rules, and we're in touch with the official translator. We'll do some demos during the JFJ from Sartrouville the 19th and 20th March, we hope it'll the community building. Don't hesitate to join the fb group, and we can organize a little tournament in June it would be great
  11. Hi, My real name is Guillaume, 28 years old, from Paris area. We've decided with friends to build each a guild. I chosed the brewers for myself. Otherwise, I'm used to play Malifaux, Eden, Alkemy, Firestorm Armada ( and other Spartans games), Infinity and more. So if you want to see the eiffel tower, drink wine, eat smelly cheese don't forget to bring your guildball team in paris!