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  1. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Will Lucky be available for sale at some point then? Seems unfair that my opponent would have access to a model that I wouldn't due to nothing more than the luck (pun unintended) of where they live. No other model, so far, has been usable only by some players.
  2. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Perhaps Princess sneaks out to attend services when nobody is looking.
  3. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    My take is the Solthecians will have a card similar to the other guilds whuich states which models are members of the Church and may be taken; same as each Guild has a list of Union models that they may take. Saves having to amend player cards if they find/lose religion. As they are Union I guess they can take other Union models unless otherwise stated. As mentioned above, I think these two players will only play for a Captain with Solthecian on their card, or potentially have a trait which grants +1/+0 inf when when whithin 6" of Captain [Solthecian].
  4. Token woes

    Art of War Brewers: https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/collections/guildballcompatible/products/guild-ball-season-3-complete-token-set?variant=34542223175
  5. Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    I've heard she uses the phrase "why-aye pet. Haddaway an shite"
  6. Mason's: a beginning or a false start?

    I'll admit I was unsure about continuing with my Masons after S3 came out - the apparent limitations on team selection when trying to get the max amount of synergy was a factor. However, having given them a game over the NY weekend I've come to realise that the "buffs" they received have outweighed the "nerfs". Yes there is still the initial selection issue but this is minimal tbh and by no means an essential. Marbles "Go Ape!" is potentially useful but I found that I couldn't keep him close enough to Brick as I play Brick quite offensively & Marbles was on the other side of the pitch. The range extension to Honour's Legendary & Harmony's Family are really significant, Flint is less greedy than he was before & can still get work done; Tower is unrecognisable, Harmony is imo more useful & has a clearer role than previously. They have two captains who operate differently but can still allow their teammates to perform as required & make your opponent think carefully about their turn. In S2 they were, mostly, a 2&2 path to victory. In S3 they are, mostly, a 2&2 path to victory. They are still susceptable to character plays & movement debuffs but will hold their own against melee & scoring teams. Are they going to win everything? No. Are they going to finish last in everything? No.
  7. S3 Tournament 9 Man Roster

    My first tournament is not until after Granite is released and I really like the sound of her so my tournament 9 is currently based around using her. It is not finalised as yet though as not fully decided on which mascot to take. Certainties are: Honour, Hammer, Flint, Tower, Harmony, Granite, A&G (feel they offer more flexibility as the Union option than Minx). Then either: Brick & Marbles or Wrecker & Mallet. Saying that, I could actually go pure Guild & stick Brick & Mallet in regardless of mascot choice. I can't seem to get the Emo-Chick to work for me (in S2 never mind in S3) so she's benched for the moment.
  8. Mason sad face.

    Stick with them. I played my first game of S3 with them at the weekend and was really surprised at how well they did. Initially set up for the Brick-Marbles double whammy but after turn 1 just let it slide and they both went off to do their own thing - Marbles helping Honour & Brick protecting OHarmony. OHarmony with Honour is fantastic now it has decent range, and coupled with the double activation can really threaten to get VPs on the board. Try some different combinations of players. I ran Honour, Marbles, OHarmony, Flint, Chisel and Brick at the weekend. Neither Flint nor Chisel got much done but did cause some headaches for the opposition. Tower or Mallet instead of Chisel would have been better I think. I also want to try out Hammer with Wrecker, Tower, Mallet, VHarmony & Flint. Possibly Minx instead of VHarmony. If you have Union models as well, try sticking A&G in; was never a fan but having played against their new incarnation they are totally nuts & would work well in an Masons line up.
  9. Snakeskin OK?

    Can't see her making the 1 Union slot for another Guild and nobody seems to have a place for her in a Union 9. I've only just painted her (a pain to put on a base) and I honestly can't see her getting table time.
  10. Snakeskin OK?

    I think she's the S3 version of "S2 Harry". Have yet to see her included in anyone's list of 9, never mind their starting 6.
  11. Unpredictable Movement

    Please lock post then - asked and answered.
  12. Unpredictable Movement

    Should it though? Seems strange that they'd be able to react out of the way whilst engaged.
  13. Have checked the CC but can't see this covered. Does UM still trigger if the model is engaged? Should it? It seems really odd that they could be engaged by one model but be able to UM if a 2nd model comes in to melee zone.
  14. I don't use my Sunday name for gaming. Can you use Chris on Tiebreak please (keeps my ranking correct)?
  15. Ticket bought. Chris Smith - Union/Engineers/Masons (not decided yet)